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Prof. Mesfin W Mariam

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  1. Astatke Haile, PhD
    | #1

    Everything happens for a reason and the massacres that took place have consequences, your being in prison has raised public awareness nationwide and world wide, thanks to the Internet. What is happening has been happening for the past ~14 years, which has only reached a climax, by imprizoning elected officials, who could have taken over the leadership, had there been a willingness to transfer power through an election.
    With these awareness, the tax payers of the donor nations and the citizens of Ethiopia, now know/realize, what kind of regime they are supporting with their tax money that enhance atrocities of peaceful demonstrators, poverty, mass arest of supporters of oppositon parties and libration fronts and repression through their Public Media. The current crisis will be reversed.
    Be stedfast for the causes of individual fredom, justice, equlity of all ethnics, unity of all Ethiopians and democracy, that majority of Ethiopians are aspiring for.

  2. Tigist
    | #2

    The letter that Prof. Mesfin wrote tells a lot about him self and the whole Kinijit leaders. They are courageous, so they give all they have for the cause they believe in. They put themselves in the front line of the struggle, and the Ethiopia people are behind them. Not the other way around. They are visionaries for their beloved country and for the Ethiopian people. They are faith full and their root is deep. Now, history is in the making the kinijit leaders are the founding fathers of the Ethiopian people march for peace, unity and democracy.
    In other hand Meles and co. they have no country that they love. They are incapable of loving and they can’t be loved. They have no faith that makes them rootless. Their legacy is blood shied and betrayal. That is what Meles and co. will leave behind for their children, if they have any at all.

  3. Mimi
    | #3

    Eritrea and Ethiopia: allergic to persuasion
    By Martin Plaut and Sally Healy | March 13, 2007
    Meles said to Issayas: “If there is any difference between you and me, it is based on who is doing the best for Eritrea.”?

    Prior to Ethiopia’s victories during the 1998-2000 War, Eritrea turned down numerous requests to withdraw its forces from occupied Ethiopian territories and resolve the crisis peacefully. Clearly, it opted for a military solution. Ethiopia’s victory that came at the cost of 70,000 lives was aborted when Prime Minister Meles Zenawi made a bold decision to save his native Eritrea from being overrun by Ethiopian forces. He declared the war would end within 24 hours. It was the first time that the “leader”? of a victorious party intentionally flew the white flag. The outside world was startled. Ethiopians were shocked but never surprised. They were all along whispering that Meles Zenawi was an Eritrean agent who sneaked through Tigrai – turned TPLF into his personal weapon – and grabbed power in Addis. Was Meles Zenawi on Ethiopia’s side during the two-and-a-half year war? Many doubt. But that’s another issue. Zenawi’s crime against Ethiopia by paving the way for the Algiers Fiasco was aptly described by Prof. Christopher Clapham in one sentence:

    “Ethiopia was forced to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”?

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