Associated Press (AP) gives a pink slip to Leslie Neuhaus for being “unethical” reporter.

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March 14, 2007


A year and 52 days ago, Antony Mitchell, working for the Associated Press, was forced to leave Ethiopia after his impeccable journalistic works angered Ethiopian officials who accused him of “tarnishing the image of the country”.
The man who replaced Antony, Leslie Neuhaus, is expected to have a less dignified exit from Ethiopia. Leslie who called “some” opposition supporters in DC “scumbags” is forced to resign from AP in connection to the infamous comments. “Forced resignation” is the diplomatic parlance for being ” fired”.

  1. JAKOB
    | #1

    A great news for all ethiopians. The firing of an Excuser and devoted supporter of the brutal-Tyrrant regime of Ethiopia.

  2. kill zenawi
    | #2

    Mr. Neuhaus,
    There are couple of Job openings at Walta Info and Aigaforum.

    The last time I checked the criteria are:

    Highest Education : 4th grade

    Being dumb like woyanae
    Know how to kiss Zenawi’s ass
    You should really pronounce the word “neftegna”…it does not matter how you pronounce.

    Now there are couple of people who would compete with you …One has been confirmed to be “MAMO”

  3. geremew
    | #3

    Kill Zenawi,

    What was the jornalist supposed to do??????? every report is from the reporters point of view, and I think he was able to see what Anna Gomez didn’t, that is you and your types are nothing but TEBAB TIMKIHTEGNOCH.

    I’m 100% sure that if he was reporting pro CUD articles, you could have tried to change his name to AMHARIC like HANA GOBEZE.

    I would rather kiss Zenawi’s ass forever than to go back to the NEFTEGNA era,,,,by the way did I pronounce the word good??????? ha ha ha
    Maferiawoch hulu.

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