Stalker spills acid on young beauty

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By Victoria Inganji and Mesrach Ayele


Please check at the bottom to find out how to help.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia- Kamilat Muhisin, 21, lies at theYekatit 12 Hospital, her face, chin, neck and chest severely disfigured from acid burns, a result of an acid attack by a man whose romantic advances were not reciprocated by Kamilat.

Kamilat Before

Kamilat before the incident

Kamilat After

Kamilat after the incident

Kamilat’s hands were also badly burnt and subsequently deformed had a wonderful life and saw a bright future ahead of her. She worked in a private company of her parents, graduated from St. Mary college in 2004 with a diploma in secretarial science. Her life was on a roll but today she suffers in agony due to the battery acid that was spilt on her face and chest region about one and a half months ago, by a young man who told her repeatedly, “I am in love with you.”?

“A man came from nowhere, and spilt acid on my face, and some of the acid touched a part of my sisters’ face, as well’, Kamilat says explaining how she and her sister were attacked while returning from work late one night.

Kamilat had known the assailant for about five to six years, as a friend. But with time his attitude started to change. ” He used to stalk me all the time, by following me everywhere I go, sometimes he even knew what I ate and drank,”? she said.

Her assailant with his friends would also assault her after she rejected his romantic approaches. “He even threatened me by grabbing my hand one day and placing a bomb in my hands, to show me the extent of his madness and then he calls that love,”? she sobs among the constant pain from the acid burns.

Besides the constant physical abuse, her assailant would try his knack at imparting mental pain as well by beating her in front of her friends, especially young men, the particular young man, would put her to shame by beating her up in public and then beat her friends, so that they too could suffer the consequences of being associated with her. Describing that fateful night she said, “The moment the liquid was spilt on my face, I didn’t know that it was acid until it started burning my eyes. It just happened within a matter of seconds. So my immediate reaction was to try and clear it from my face, with my hands and that was when it burned my eyes entirely.”?

“When my parents arrived, they put some water on my face to cool the burning and rushed us all to hospital,”? she said.

The next day Demesew, her assailant came to the hospital she was admitted in, to see her. When he insisted on visiting her, a nurse came in and told her that someone by the name Demesew wanted to see her. Upon knowing of his identity, the nurses told him to wait outside as Kemilat called her brothers, so they could call the police. He has been in custody since then.

She has gone through the first surgery in her eyes, and is still waiting for the other surgeries to follow. She was not able to see during the interview due to the surgery she had.

Kemilat now lies in her bed feeling miserable, about what had happened to her and is constantly disturbed about what will become of her future. She often finds it difficult to express herself because of the pain she was having. She does not want to think about the past, but has left it to the judgment of God.

“Though the worst thing of all is I’ll never ever have the same face again, I just want to get rid of this pain I’m feeling right now and leave the rest to God”?.
Dr. Yohannes Demissie, Kemilats’ doctor, is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Yekatit 12 Hospital. Regarding Kemilats’ case, he says that he knows she has undergone a great deal of pain, physically and mentally, though unfortunately psychotherapists are what most hospitals lack in Ethiopia. “The main problem is when we tell patients to go back into the society, they start judging them with the way they look due to the physical scars on their faces and on the rest of their bodies, and that is usually a big trauma for them, and most of all a challenge they would have to face.”?

According to the doctor, Kemilat’s whole face including her forehead and chest region were burnt. So if you consider the levels of degree of her burns they were of about 5%, which were not high if you look at it in terms of percentage. Though considering the fact the face is the most important part of the body, and the whole of it was burnt, it will definitely affect her psychologically for the rest of her life.
The acid disfigured her face and caused a discoloration in her skin, and he said that she had also lost her hairline on the forehead, therefore the hair would not grow again. Another problem was that the acid destroyed the function of the eyes. He said that the only way they were going to give her surgery is when he first control the infection in the eyes. When he was treating the eyes from infection, both eyelids could not come down due to the scarring of the face. As a result, she could not close both her eyes.

After the incident, she went into surgery on the 5th of March 2007 ,on both her upper eyelids, so she could at least close her eyes. He says he still would have to perform another surgery on her lower eyelids. Another effect was her nose, which will also need skin grafting, and her ear was infected as well. even though the skin heals, there will always be deformity in the face.

The doctor did raise hopes that plastic surgery would put her back into shape, though she will still need to have multiple surgeries, and that would be extremely costly.

Mrs. Shewaye Takele, Coordinator of Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) said that the association was following kamilat’s case, the trial system and are thinking of organizing a fund raising program. She also said that the association is making sure that the case is going according to the law and if not they will inform the public prosecutor about it. According to Shewaye if prosecuted the perpetuator might face between 15 to 25 years of imprisonment. The case was adjured and would reconvene on March 12, 2007. The charge brought against the assailant is attempted homicide and the law is clear about it that the public prosecutor is in charge. She has also said that they are working on creating awareness on people particularly on women and girls.

Help Kamilat

The family of Kamilat Mehdin has opened a bank account for those who are interested in helping to pay Kamilat’s medical expense abroad:

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
Paulos Branch, Addis Ababab, Ethiopia
account number 27645.

Those who want to contact her brother, his name is Ismael Mehdin, his mobile no is +251911211190.

Source: The Sub-Saharan Informer

  1. Tasew
    | #1

    Sad story. May God be with her!

  2. fikru
    | #2

    This is not expected from the very honest people of ethiopia.This is a historical madness and mistake.His action was doing at the early stage of the concept of love in the 14th century when people were killing each other via stones,otr tyraditionsl material.
    May God bless his soul,i think he is a dead man.

  3. tsai
    | #3

    Please punish the criminal,death punishement.

  4. DeGafe
    | #4

    Strong punishement should be in place to at least reduce such barbaric action against our poor Ethiopian women. specially, women are living in the state of fear. Any type of crime against any women has got to stop. According to the current law, the man who committed the above crime may face 15-20yrs of jail time, but this is not enough. He deserves death penalty. we cannot express your romantic desire violently. Love is suppose to be the expression of good/care. Further more, love is like the beauty of a rose, with the softness of its petals that caresses our lives and the fragrance that fills two people with warmth and compassion for one another. It works nicely when it’s based on mutual interest. How can we call “love” by destroying the life of others?

    I’m so sorry guys but I’m a man who doesn’t tolerate violence aginst our women, any women. Without them, we are nothing but bunch of gays.

    May God Bless Ethiopia!

  5. | #5

    God bless De Gaffe I wish all men think same as you think I felt something inside me what a cruel person he is I don’t suggest death penalty they have to do the same thing as he did to her and let him suffer without any help and support I heard the same thing happened in India usually the men do like this but this guy he has Ethiopian name how come he did this kind of thing.
    Egziabher indale afer yasbelaw.

  6. | #6

    Demsew Egziabher kemdre ges yidemssh kesew yaltefeterk chekagn aremene neh.
    you don’t get love by being cruel.

  7. Getachew
    | #7

    Young lady;

    I am so sorry for what happened to you. Be strong, God will show the way to bring you back to where you were.

    Let Almighty be with you

  8. Arefe
    | #8

    This is not a sign of love but true ethiopian rather than keeping their
    wonderfull culture they watch a garbage movies.
    no school, no life,no future what a hopeless generation!
    realy ethiopian criminal law exist or democracy makes us stupid?

  9. DeGafe
    | #9

    You don’t know what you are talking about, please shut up. Your statements are too general. Aren’t you one of us who ran away instead of contributing to make a differnce? “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country”, president Kenedy. What have you done for your country? Do you think every confort that life has to offer comes out of no where? There are rutheless criminals everywhere on earth, no matter what. I wouldn’t think you would do better than the culprit, Demsew, himself.

    Please educate yourself

  10. winne
    | #10

    I am very sorry be strong .may god be with you .we will pray for you and hope is on the way. god be with you

  11. | #11

    De Gafe yesterday I liked your suggestion but today what’s wrong with you? Arefe mentioned that up to now we never heard this kind of thing before like Demsew did It is true we have a very good down to earth manner now a day we
    learn from different Kind of movies killing is normal all over the world but this kind of cruelty is totally different thing. I think he is trying to mention the acid. That he watched on TV in India.

  12. sweety
    | #12

    I am wishing no life for guys in the world. The don’t need to be hear in this planate. Becouse they are chekagn and aremene nach hu

  13. meselal
    | #13

    let us do our best to raise money. contributing ours and asking organizations and whome we think can help.
    may God be with you my sis.

  14. DeGafe
    | #14

    I guess you are right, I probably misunderstood Arefe’s statements. He may be acusing of the generation that is leading the country to a disastorous condition. As a true Ethiopian citizen, I would like to apologize whom ever I might have offended. I’m trying to separate the good from the bad once.


  15. Robel
    | #15

    i hope the someone will make that monster eat the acid.

  16. Mark
    | #16

    This is a deeply troubling story and I am moved to assist in any way I am able. Does anyone know where Kamilat will be treated? Will it be in the United States? If so, what area? There are numerous individuals and organizations that would lend a hand with this case. Please, if you have more information, please email me. I would like to help. I am going to attempt to call the brother, Ismael Mehdin.

  17. jonjo
    | #17

    hi every one, look at the pic of that pritty women and look her spolied face after the incedent , and think wt if u are the one who face this incedent,,,,,,,so don’t u thinke that evry single indevidual ethiopian have to conterbeut at least a dollar for any medical help that may help her to maximem recovery?

  18. tsg
    | #18

    I was so shocked, I am so sorry I don’t have a WORD HOW DEPLLY SAD I WAS when I so your photo (picture) in the web .I hope your pace will be ok Soon rather than later.

  19. tsg
    | #19


  20. afree
    | #20

    This is a real devil who comes to the earth. Demisw ante yeteregemik egiziyabiher satimot yesuwan aynet mekera wisit yikitetih.kemilat every thing is gonna be alright. be strong my sis.

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