Zenawi #16 on World’s Worst Dictators Chart – By David Wallechinsky (parade.com)

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16. Meles Zenawi


Age: 53
In power since: 1995
Last year’s rank: 15 (more…)

16. Meles Zenawi


Age: 53
In power since: 1995
Last year’s rank: 15

A former guerrilla leader, Meles shows no signs of sharing power with anyone. In January, his government passed a law forbidding any NGO that receives more than 10% of its budget from abroad from doing human rights work in Ethiopia. Despite Meles’ excesses, the U.S. considers him an important regional ally and continues to train his military.

  1. mateos
    | #1

    Whoever did the ranking must got it wrong; I believe this evil and his mafia family are the worst of the worst Africa and Africans ever witnessed. Their aiga jungle dream had made Ethiopia and Ethiopians as the most dangerous country in the 21st century; their divide and rule, their tribal rules, their ethnic rules, their hatred toward Amaras, their avenge revenge against Eritreans, their unnecessary blood shed against Somalians, their back stabbing against their big daddy (Issayas Afwerki), their lies, their guns, and above all their willingness to be the puppet of the puppets in modern history. This guy and his mafia should never be allowed to escape the Ethiopian peole; he must rot in the prisons he built instead the innocent Ethiopians!

  2. Jungle Boy
    | #2

    He should have been placed rather closer to the top. This guy is one of the worst Africa has seen. Few dictators in Africa have gone so far to defend their power. Meles is willing to kill to protect his power. That, in my view, makes him the worst of the worst in human history. At least history is catching up to him. He is being portrayed for what he is by the whole world, not just by Ethiopians.

    Free Birtukan!!!!!

  3. ya,ii
    | #3

    i am wondering the blood trusth wayane leaders until when they killing our nation pls let we organized and deafet evil wayane

  4. ya,ii
    | #4

    i no word to change for wayane ms males was evil every body recogonized that.

  5. ya,ii
    | #5

    the blood trusty males zenawi was sell ethiopians blood to the western to make lipsit from black people blood

  6. democracy
    | #6

    Meles/Milas is the first killer, rascist, dictator in our world and even in mars and venus if some one is living there !

  7. አንድነት
    | #7

    Isn’t it supposed to be since 1991, the law of the jungle, tplf occupation apply ruthless, primitive jungle rules?

  8. ነጋሽ
    | #8

    እኔ የሚለው መለስ 16ኛ ከሆነ አሰልጣኞቹ ጆርጅ ቡሽና ዲክ ቼኒ ስንተኛ ሆኑ ማለት ነው ? የምእራባዊያን ሰብአዊ መብት ነክ ዘገባዎችን ማመን ከስህተትም በላይ መጃጃል ነው :: እራሳቸው እያስታጠቁና እያስገደሉ ዞር ብሎ ደረጃ ያወጣሉ !!ሴይጣኖች !!!

  9. yared abissiniya
    | #9

    March 24, 2009
    peace for Ethiopia and Ethiopian people except the monkey and his sidekick.
    usa out manufacturers had found a specialt monkey in the world and in Ethiopia for the first time and it was Meles Zenawi! . I do not think about a kind of monkey to watch and to listen and now I have a solution for him that is my best solution for him. it is that he should remove his 18 years kimal and leave the power and start school with our children if they are not afraid to go to school to meet him!!

    death and torment to the specialt (kimalam) gurela Meles Zenawi …..

  10. Danuel
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