Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of March 17, 2007

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March 17, 2007

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  1. casnova
    | #1

    Ashebir,u r so Teba.U don`t have the slitest passion to do what u r doing know.Better try some other thing.

  2. Tasew
    | #2


    This is not the right place for you. Go and vomit this type of trash on AIGA, Ethiopiafirst, Walta, Addis Zemen or Reporter. Those are the Napkins of ruds like you and Meles Zenawi.

    Ashebir is a hero.

  3. | #3

    aye ASHEBIR ewnetem ashebary..sheber fetary..shebertghena a.k.a neftghena.kkk. u need to learn how to read correctly and unestely.since u are irish happy st patrik’s day.kkkkkkk.W4LIFE.

  4. | #4

    aye ashebir the name fit you

  5. kemal
    | #5

    good job abugida ur improving ur programs. i wish u could play comedys from derge and habet or laebachew and lemeneh.


    long live ethiopia

  6. dani
    | #6

    You guys are doing great job, keep it up.
    God bless Ethiopia, and destroy Wyane.

  7. Tigist
    | #7

    Good job abugida! I already miss you. I can’t waite to watch your program next week.

  8. nEKE
    | #8

    Hi Abugida,

    I have no hesitation about the Kidnaping of forigners, its the work of Melese.
    I know melese and his tricky deeds.
    He will do more worst things ……lets stay and keep an eye watch.
    Abugida keep your nice work, i do apperciate ya…

  9. kill zenawi
    | #9

    Bravo Ashebir,

    Mamo, Casanova and all woyanae sympathizers are on their last nerve. Strike again and they will all be dead. Woyanae …what you gonna do…what you gonna do …when they come for you ?

    Kill Zenawi aka kill woyanae sympathizers.

  10. Alex
    | #10

    Bravo Bro Ashebir and all Abugida members;

    You are doing great work, thanks for every week news and true informations. Please don’t lesson or hear who has or have small brainwash dirty mined. Your great what you are doing, to tell the truth, that means free massmidea or free opinion.
    I wish you good work and God bless you what you are doing.
    Cheers, I wish a nice spring sunny days.
    I apprciate your work!!!!!!!!!!

  11. CALEB
    | #11


  12. jose
    | #12

    I appreciate your dedication and love for your countery.Your programme very informative and educative, many of us enjoyed it very much.keep it up

  13. Hagos
    | #13

    Casanova and others you are barking dog feed by Melese. Soory you don’t have your own mind and you do not stand for freedom because you don’t even know what is your freedom and how you have to practice it. Please leave Ashebir alone. Even if you try to bark I do not think he will care because he knows what he is doing. He is a free person and he does not serve any one like you. If you are a free person you do not care for stupid mistake like you guys.

  14. | #14

    Dear Abugida
    I am forwarding my appreciation for your hard work and effort
    to report all current news of Ethiopia. Zenawi’s funeral is not very far and please don’t give up.
    Keep up the good work

  15. casanova
    | #15

    All guys trying to deffend that Tebtaba Teba,it is better to tell your friend to learn how to read a written text properly,at least.Ashebir i wonder if u attend Meserete Timhirt during Derg`s era.Don`t tell me that u were in the States during those days.

  16. shemakiw
    | #16

    Folks, why we are using slur word ? Is that a good to critisize someone or institution ? Tell me the benefit…………

  17. casanova
    | #17

    The benifit is Ashebir has to leave the reading part to some other people who can do it much better than him.I know 4 a fact that there was a concerned person who is working as a narator in one advert Co and this guy was willing to handle the reading and part 4 free.Ashebir refused.

  18. jhonny
    | #18

    cosanova ,we know the way ashaber reads scares you vy much,becouse you have weyane Virus.Dont ever try to inject ABUGIDA with your virus again.
    Asheberrrrrrr keep on scaring the weyanes.

  19. Baheilu
    | #19

    I love your choices of music, it took me back to Ethiopia and makes my heart bet with happens.


  20. | #20

    selam all …pls haw do i get the american ethio tv program ,,i am living in australia..is that possible to get if yes haw do i get and what i have to do tnx ,,,god bless ethiopia.tnx

  21. mekellena
    | #21

    u really Ashebir, u r scarring not only 2 me , but 2 many people who know a voice of hayena….you should better to use your damn voice to cry at ze time you watch a success of my hero and smart MELES. K????
    ” telba binchacha Band Mokecha”
    success 4 meles!!

  22. Biniam Taddese
    | #22

    ashebir , you r the hero of the year 2006-07. i really really apreciate the fact that you did a good job to the point woyanees get scared of being exposed. Poor woyanees! ,,,you know, they r barking like an old dog. so do you care? i hope you r not. Don’t take it personal for you know that they r almost dead and gasping on the ground trying to make it. Alkolachewal!
    goold job abugidas!
    yours Bini

  23. mekellena
    | #23

    what’z up Ashebir and what’z wrong with you biniam taddesse? not even him can be the hero of the year 2006- 07, the persons who thought them selves like more skilled, but not, could not being hero. They are in one rench like Dogs with rabis. you should better to say yeguaro hero, ruther than hero. And let you know that the heros who passed away some years ago on behalf of us, known as weyenti tegaru and as a holl EPRDF. so try to know the name “hero” to whom should request.
    continuing peace to Ethiopia and success 4 meles!!!!!

  24. teklalaw-hizb-Ethiopiana
    | #24

    i would’nt call heros to those people who passed way some years ago on behalf of you. i would rather call them victims of betroyal of woyanee. I would like to call Ashebir a hero for he is speaking and eccoing our (ethiopian people’s) truthfull words louder than any body can do. And that’s even volunteerly,unlike you guys are paying illegally out of our ppls tax money for doing such a trash and immoral job againest our people.
    Teklala-hizb, Ethiopia

  25. mekellena
    | #25

    be smart, and then come down, have kindness of human being K? y u be emottinal person. Is it really fair to say “ppls who passed away some years ago are only on behalf of you” means of Me? nop. there is one thing that you got it, you know what? yea, we some damn ppls are like ‘ESIST’ means, by having nothing knowladge to know what and how happened, we just love to follow the way of crazy persons who put them selves an an enough skilled but not.
    think more k?
    success 4 meles.
    continuing peace to ethiopia.

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