The incredible hypocrisy of the west

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EZ | March 17,2007

Almost all of today’s broadsheets in England carried Zimbabwe’s human rights abuses on their front page. They have stories about the brutal dictator and the world’s response to the recent violence. Morgan Tsvagari was lionized on The Independent. Since the violence, the BBC has opened most of its news with Zimbabwe, its top correspondent Orla Guerin reporting from South Africa. Other European media outlets have also extensively covered the story in hostile ways to Mugabe.

The man has to go. He is a classic African dictator who has no regard for the wishes of the citizenry he is supposed to serve. He is corrupt and brutal. Yet the same scrutiny which is afforded to this liberation hero is not given to another dictator a few thousand miles north of Zimbabwe. Meles has killed more people in recent years. His soldiers and policemen have tortured more opposition activists. He has imprisoned more opponents. While in Zimbabwe, the opposition MDC has its offices all over the country, the main opposition in Ethiopia is unofficially outlawed. Mugabe’s three months ban on demonstrations was received with abhorrence by the west. In Ethiopia, demonstrations have been prohibited since May 2005.
Two striking issues differentiate Ethiopia from Zimbabwe. While Mugabe told the west to “go hang” long time ago, Meles has chosen to be the pawn in their hands, their SOB. Mugabe’s defiance was met by sanctions from the furious west. Meles, an equally fierce dictator, is being showered with financial gifts from the World Bank and the west.
More importantly, there is “the white factor” which has made Europeans and Americans to act differently in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Meles killed his own people, unemployed youth(as Donald Levin shamelessly put it). Mugabe’s dictatorship started to become unacceptable when he confiscated white-owned farms. When Mugabe murdered 20 thousand people in Ndebele in 1980s, the opposition from the west was largely muted.
let me save the racism jibe for the moment. The very least I could say about the reaction to Mugabe is hypocrisy.

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  1. kasso
    | #1

    dont blive in democracy blive on god and leave very thing to him unles he will leave you you dont know eropian and america they are relye democrate and standing for justes only in the hooly hood films in the reialty they are standing for the property ,income, profete,from any country they dont care wather you have kiled by dectatorial government or not they dont care they care for thair on country so my frends dont be full all the time spending on the road or ebasses door and squier no one lessen to you the only way is to aske god to frogiving the dectaters and you will see the result if not dont blive in god

  2. Mesfin
    | #2

    I totally agree with EZ’s assesemet. We Ethiopians have been proving that we are not less than anybody. We are still struggling for vibrant democracy in a peaceful and very civil matter. To have a democratic value, to demand it and achiving it is so human and civil. We Ethiopians are working for it, and we are not less than any body. In other hand Meles and co. are backwards. They are so primitives in thinking and happened to be a big chanck of obstacle on our march for vibrant democracy. Meles and co. are liveing explanation for Africa being so dark and misery continate.Meles and co. act like monkeys no wonder why some want to treat as with less respect. it is just because of Meles and other Africa’s dictators.

  3. Fasil Abera
    | #3

    bbc hipocrats

  4. Fasil Abera
    | #4

    wow I didn’t think you will post it. I thought you will throw it as usual and decided just to erite one line. As i mentioned eralier on mu unposted message. I totaly agree with EZ’s observation and i couldn,t say it better but i wan add one more example of the wests hipocracy, When the threeten ppls kidnaped in Ethiopia the british ambasader and even the foregn minster was talking loud to the extent they were treatening to send their failed military commandos, As every body knows They faild in Iraq to bring pease, i belive it is throught bribery they managed to get realesed only the Europian ones and the process shifted to candle light vigile rather than sending Commandos. The most surprising thing is that even the captives they don’t want to do anything even give any comment on the other ethiopiansho remain behind. Those who were cooking for them. The same thing happen in Ruwanda you may watch the movie Ruwand even the europian priest left his own african childrens.

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