Genocide Watch calls on UN to initiate action against Meles

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March 30, 2009 [Washington DC.] Genocide Watch, the international campaign to end genocide, has called on United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Justice Navanathem, to initiate an investigation against the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. (more…)

March 30, 2009 [Washington DC.] Genocide Watch, the international campaign to end genocide, has called on United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Justice Navanathem, to initiate an investigation against the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Genocide Watch cited the atrocities committed in Gambela against the Anuaks and ethnic Somalis in the Ogaden as examples of the crimes that have not been seriously investigated by the UN body.

In an open letter Genocide Watch President Dr Gregory Stanton wrote to the Commissioner, he commended the International Criminal Court for indicting the Sudanese President, Omar Hassan Al Bashir, but noted that “one of the first leaders to defend Omar al-Bashir and condemn the warrant was Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, whose government has also been implicated in a pattern of widespread perpetration of serious human rights atrocities in Ethiopia and in Somalia.”

“He and those within his government may be keenly aware of their own vulnerability to similar actions by the ICC in the future that could upend a deeply entrenched system of government-supported impunity that has protected perpetrators from any accountability,” Dr Stanton noted.

The Genocide Watch President asserted that a UN investigation was justified due to the culture of impunity that existed within Ethiopia and underlined that “extensive documentation is available to examine the violations, most of which has been compiled in independent investigative reports completed by international human rights organizations.”

“We also believe that the Ethiopian people have been waiting long enough for genuine justice and relief from the harsh oppression and brutal tactics committed by a government that purports to be a partner in the War on Terror, while terrorizing their own people,” the letter noted.

Dr Stanton said that Genocide Watch and Survivors International confirmed that the atrocities committed in Gamballa against the Anuaks in 2005 “fit the definitions of genocide and crimes against humanity. Human Rights Watch also conducted two investigations of their own and determined that the crimes against the Anuak meet the stringent definition of crimes against humanity.” He also indicated that Genocide Watch was willing in providing assistance to the Commission in carrying out the investigation.

“We in Genocide Watch, and other human rights organizations are determined to pursue justice, even long after violations have occurred, as part of our mission. Investigative reports, contacts and other information can be provided should you need them,” he said.

  1. Jungle Boy
    | #1

    The world heard the cries of the Darfur victims of Al Bashir. The world will also hear the cries of babies, mothers, fathers who were slaughtered by Meles Zenawi’s killing squad known as the Aggazi in Gambella, Ogaden, Addis and the rest of the country. Ethiopians deserve justice!!!

    Free Birtukan!

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    ya time is come , now it is ethiopian time not for woyane . you will deserve what u committed .

  3. Belai Zelleke1
    | #3

    Nobody will get away with the crime he/she commited against innocent people. The Innocent people did not die in vain. They died while they are fighting in-justic, They died while they are fighting for their freedom. They died for a purpose not with out purpose! It is true,Justic mite delay but it will come. The Question is, who is ready to bring this crimnal Families to justic? International community or Ethiopians? The crimnals are free at large and the crime continues. The crime must have to be stopped by all means! In my view, we dont have to expect anyone to come from outside and do justic for us. We can bring the justic ourselves. Historicaly we have done it in the past, and I do believe, we can do it again. If we have conviction to bring justic,Yes we can do it !

    we will prevail !

    | #4

    The blood shade of tens of thousand innocent Ethiopians by TPLF and EPLF perpetrated by the brutal dictators Meles and Isayas will not remain unpunished, at the end of the day criminals should come to face justice and our beloved country Ethiopia would be FREE!

  5. tewbel
    | #5

    In Ethiopian Genocide has been committed deliberatly on the people of Ethiopia for the past thirty four years by Derg and the TPLF regimes. The crimes committed in Ogaden and Gambella are just the recen ones.
    It is commendable that Genocide Watch has raised this long neglected issue at this time. I would also to compliment The Ethiopian for Justice grouip for the substantial work they have done to bring this matter forward.
    On my part together with some colleagues we intend to establish an ETHIOPIAN GENOCIDE RESEARCH AND VICTIM ASSISTANCE CENTER (EGRVAC)
    to compliment and publicize world-wide these tragic happenings.

  6. Girum
    | #6

    This is one of the best news I have heard in a long time. I hope and pray they will succeed.

  7. Aba Jaffar Aba Gobbu
    | #7

    It is time if not late for the world to take the butcher of Addis, meles zenaw, to ICC or ICJ for genocide he committed in Gambella, Ogaden, Oromos, Amharas and murder. He is nresponsible for murder and crime against humanity and war crimes, Somalia.

    The 80 mn Ethiopins must take the judgement by their own not wait for the foreign. 80 mn can do.


  8. tamiru
    | #8

    This is the best new I have ever heard in a long time
    Haleluya Haleluya Haleluya

  9. Danuel
  10. Danuel
  11. Danuel
    | #11

    Meles& his agazzi gang killed more ethiopian than Bashir killed souther sudan. Meles shouls also face ICC.

  12. atuba dolla
    | #12

    Once upon a time,Iaias Afework and Meles Naziawi were inseperable and oneblood;they ate from the same plate,took bath in the same river,and sang sentimental songs and danced and celeberated as a family;they then split and went their way,one with anger and contemept and the other with a wounded pride;but,both were despised evils.When they were together,they sworn by the name of those dead,half-dead,and the living-dead and collaborated with historically known enemeies of Ethiopia and planned to conquer Ethiopia early in their infants stage of their lives,soon after they were hatched from the rotten and venomous eggs that were laid under burnet stones and covered with soil and left in the cold and harsh heat by the previous enemeies that lived before them;then they followed the footprint left by the enemies and remained together with the same heart contents until one day when they came on eachother because they disagreed on who would be the headboss in looting the vast resources of Ethiopia. They were parented and mentored to hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians and then eventually they became what and who they are today;what they are today is what they have been inherited from those who lived before them.Today,both are fugitives wanted in Ethiopia.

    Today,both are working individually toward common objective,to destroy Ethiopia.At the beginning,shabya followers and supporters were deeply worried that the fight between the two siblings would jeopardise the family,and after a quick,yet hard look at what is good for them and better for the babyeri that was born prematurally and still crawling into this world struggling to survive,they made a hard decision and told Isaias Afework,”you no longer papa for us,” Then,he got mad and told all of those followrs and supporters in diaspora this”You stay where you have been to.” Today,those who are with Meles Naziawi are enjoying lives to the fullest while working against Ethiopians as spies and hitmen.

    One is down,two is left.Al-Bashir is on his way to life imrpisonment for having committed crimes against the citizens he opressed and suppressed for years;as the last meal of his choice the killer eats before put to permanent sleep,so is Al-Bashir with Isaias Afework for the last-leg visit as a gift extended to him for all those years of helps given to Iaias Afework while he was in nakfacave cnducting distructive activities agains Ethiopia.Meles Naziawi has been in debted to the regimes of the sudan help and support offered to him in invading Ethiopia;now he too has committed crimes against Ethiopians,Meles Naziawi is on his way to grabbing and kissing his fate as Al-Bashir did.

  13. Belai Zelleke1
    | #13

    I have many questions regarding ICC or ICJ . I dont have confidence if they are treating all cases around the Globe in a fair manner to all countries, where ever there is sign of atrocities,genocide and crimes against humanity. I have a big daughts about that. Look the case of Isreal and Palestine, Look what is going on in Afganistan,Irac and many hot conflict areas around the world. Did the court make accountable those powerful people who committed genocide ? I dont think so! when we talk about Justic,I see very clearly that there is in-balance, special treatment, in the world justic system inplace. It is imposed to the people of the world based on color,race, religion,wealth, power… But, I do support International organizations like Human Rights, Amnesty, Genocide Watch etc… this are the foundation,platforms,pads to lounch a genuion justic system and a true hope to the future of our world. This is just the beginning… we are just warming up…we didnt reach our dreams but we are starting to see a little light at the end of the tannel….

    peace to the world and fair justic to all !

  14. Anonymous
    | #14






  15. falk
    | #15

    We are waiting Justice from International Crime Court(ICC) hopefully.
    The main Stalinist Jungle Communist Melese Zenawi and his folowers must invite as soon as possible.

  16. Egal
    | #16

    the topics above have a good sense,but the question is will it be heared by the concerned leaders of the world,i don’t think that no one will give attention at all,that is what has been happing in the world.

  17. yikerbelen
    | #17

    ICC should not play doubl game like the westren leaders who have been condmening mugabe as a dictator ,but they are not couragious enough to considered melese zenawi as the worst dictator on earth. So ICC should not follow the feet steps of the westren leaders.Their decision against albashir will not credible if they are not going to take the same decison against the worst criminal melese zenawi and his cronies for their crime against humanity [genocide in different parts of ethiopia like ogaden, gambella, addis ababa, awassa,gonder ,baherdare, somalia and other parts of ethiopia. Melese must be faced the same fate like sadam husien. amen

    | #18

    IS IT REAL??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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