Who kills more? Barbaric Agazzi or Diabetes – Yared Tafesse

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I would like to express briefly why I am composing this note. I need humanterian Ethiopians understand that I am writing this NOT for the sake of defamation but I want:

1. My fellow Ethiopians NOT to be cheated or mislead once more

2. The Ethiopian Television Net Work (ETN) to survive and thrive

If you have watched the ETN Health Section this past week and search who the guests were, you would have difficulty of differentiating ETN from the useless Woyane Television in Addis. The two brother guests asserted that something human and important health programs are running in the country under the dictatorial rule of Legese Zenawi.

And who were these guests?

The first guest was Dr. Elias Seid Siraji, (Wodi Adwa). He was educated in Ethiopia, and sent to Germany for further education. While he was in East Germany, Woyane took power to produce and spread misery in the country. Immediately, Woyane Cadres were dispersed through out Europe to brain wash the Diaspora. In one of the meetings Dr. Elias suddenly departed from his former dear non-Tigrean friends and sat with the uncombed primitive cadres who hailed from his home town to convince Ethiopians that the cessation of Eritrea and ethnic federalism was the right thing to do. Until that day, I do not think anyone knew that he was working for the dedebit gangs. Then he migrated to USA and asked for asylum as if he was not working for TPLF. Now he is sneaking around ETN to start his under ground work again.

During his interview, he talked about the end results of diabetes such as kidney problems and other life threatening complications. Who kills more in Ethiopia, Dr. Elias? Adwa based barbaric Agazzi or diabetes? And which one is more preventable? TPLF induced death or death from diabetes whose actual causes is unknown? To whom you give priority? For those who die form bullets and prisons of your party or for those who die from complications of diabetes.

The second guest was his brother, Dr. Daud Seid Siraji. He stated that treatment of HIV through out the country is booming. He also said people to people organization, an organization which was praised several times by Kassahun Ayelle (the Toy ambassador), is doing an excellent job.

Both of them informed us that there are lots of things to do with the universities in Ethiopia at this point. Perhaps they might have thought other Ethiopians are not doing any thing because they do not want to do some thing for their people. For them it could be simple, unlike the rest of Ethiopians who are not even allowed to cry in stadium when their loved once get murdered. The Ministry of health is Dr. Tewodros Adhanom, and the medical director at Tikur Ambessa medical faculty is Dr. Zeru; all from close proximity of Dedebit. Hence every thing is simple for them. The Siraji’s were trying to sell woyane’s propaganda that something good is happening in the country unlike the Diasbpora rhetoric shout (as they call our cry for justice)

Although, they should not be blamed for what their father did, Ato Seid was hand picked by Zenawi at earlier time to be the Minster of “Mineral and Natural Resources Minister” although he did not have qualification in the subject matter. Under his rule, many have been fired based on ethnicity “Gimigema”.

Therefore, how many times should we Ethiopians be fooled? Wake up Ethiopia! Wake up!

Dr. Daniel, the host at ETN health section is performing a disastrous job. Before he talked to the Siraji’s he talked to a lady who had good time and pictures with Dr. Adhanom (Zenaw’s Minster), President Girma and Al Amudin. Just like these people, she was telling us something good was happening and the government was very cooperative to do something important in the country.

As any means of communication is vital for betterment of the country, I want ETN to grow. I do not think ETN did these intentionally. I believe they do not understand these people and their motives. In addition, as ETN is trying to attract Diaspora customers, it has to fulfill the Diaspora interest. I think more than 95% of the Diaspora population understands and feels the misery of our people unlike these ETN guests. ETN should be able to feel and talk about the suffering of the destitute people as well. When they start talking about the people’s agony under the Agazzi rule, they will get more than 100, 000 customers not only 5,000.

God bless Ethiopia!

Yared Tafesse

  1. lema
    | #1

    I say Agazzi

  2. Mekdi
    | #2

    Me too, Lemma.

    AGazzi kills more than diabetes and HIV combined.

  3. Danuel
  4. falk
    | #4

    The Headline- Who kills more? describes, The person, who has considered in nonesense mind. Two persons or more died in brutality has been the same. There is no question about…

  5. Lemlem
    | #5

    Slow down read it properly Falk!

    The writer did not say killing one person or two persons is different. Nor did he say killing one person is better than two. Did he? What he trying to show is Aggazzi kills more than the diseases do and therefore those doctors or ETN should have given priority for the major problem that is killing our people.

    Falk, if you have understanding problem, you may get help from others. Do not call someoneelse nonesense before looking in to yourself.

    Thank you!

  6. Eritrean
    | #6

    I don’t think Aggazzi kiiled more than the diseases does.
    so don’t try to make accusation you don’t verify.

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