Nine Members of Congress of the United States call for release of political prisoners

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Dear Secretary Rice,
We are writing to you to express our strong concern about the continued detention of elected parliamentarians, human rights advocates, and independent journalists in Ethiopia. It has been reported that thousands of prisoners languish in prison across the country and many prisoners have been tortured. Some of these prisoners are senior citizens and are sick. We encourage you to use all means available to ensure that the Ethiopian government is participating fully in active negotiations for the prisoners’ release.
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  1. selamfelagi
    | #1

    This is great. Thanks to members of the congruss. May God give heart to Ms Rice. We have also to continue our struggle. Do not forget, weyanes are trying to divert the attention of the poeple in whatevery way they can. The somalia war was one, the mellenium is the other, now they seem to start another war with eriteria. The poor ethiopians will die of hunger, varies diseases, war etc. The stupid, shameful TPLF puppets enjoy their lexury sucking Ethiopians’ blood. we have to feel what is going on there.

  2. Mesfin
    | #2

    Yes, this is great indeed. The letter includes all the important ingredients for positive change in Ethiopia. It asks the release of all Kinijit leaders and other political prisoners and start meaningful dialog. I hope the Meles would realize that he has no choice, but to face with his challenge and deal with it in a very civil manner. That would benefit all Ethiopians regardless ethnicity, creed or political affiliation or believe. Let wait and see what is going to happen next. One thing that Meles should know is that we Ethiopians are not going to rest until we see vibrant democracy system placed in Ethiopia.

  3. DeGafe
    | #3

    I’m not going ot thank anyone yet, not yet. I have to see some action, positive action, that everyone of us are eagerly waiting to really happen. As time goes by, the health of our genuine leaders’ is deteriorating. what will be the point if EPRDF complies with the request after all prisoners of consciece disappear. As it happend to Professor Assrat. I don’t beleive westerners. They stand for their best interest, not for the real democracy.

    But I will say this, I will have to be thankful for those, such as congress Pyne, who are trying their best to bring peace and reconciliation to our nation.

    May God Bless our poor nation!

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