Guideline Letters for HR 5680

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Dear Ethiopians and Ethiopian-American

On September 5, 2006 Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy (EACA) posted through Ethiomedia the first of five sets of sample letters that can be used to write your senator or House representative to urge them to vote YES on HR 5680.

Herewith EACA is posting the 2nd set of sample letters. Please see the the previous posting for “˜frequently asked questions’ on writing your Congressperson. Based on reactions to the first set of letters, we include below a few additional remarks:

Contact both your senator as well as your representative in the House now!
While the bill must first pass on the House floor before it proceeds to the Senate, it is imperative not to await the House passage before making your voices heard in the Senate as well. For more details on how the legislative process affects HR 5680, see Prof. Alemayehu Mariam’s remarks <>.

How to use EACA’s sample letters

The sample letters EACA composed are just that, samples. Please feel free to adapt, modify, keep as is, or write a completely different letter. The most important thing is that your voice gets heard! The letter should to be sent in your name (not in the name of EACA or any other organisation, unless you are positioned to speak on behalf of that organisation). The name and address of the sample lauthor on the letter should be replaced by your name and address.

Similarly, the address of the congressperson are only samples, these should be replaced by the address of the House member who represents your constituency (in the case of a letter to your House representative) or by the address of one of the senators for your state (in the case of a letter to your senator).

Here find a version of the second sample letter for a Liberal and a Conservative congressperson.

Whom should I write to?

There are three individuals in the United States Congress who represent you:

- Your Two Representatives in the Senate: Go to ; click on “Senators”?, From the drop down menu, choose your state. You will find displayed either a web form or an email address by which to contact your two senators. To learn more about the senators (the issues they defend, their voting record, etc.), click instead on their name.

- Your Representative in the House: Go too , and in the first box enter your 5-digit zip code, then click on “Go”?. This will give you a link to your representative’s website. To find the address or the webform to contact your House member, go to , choose your state, enter your 5-digit zip code, and click on “Contact My Representative”?.

Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy
(703) 665-4042

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