Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of March 24, 2007

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March 24, 2007

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  1. Yibiqan!
    | #1

    U Guys are doing so good. keep it up please! Though the woyanie hirelings are doing hard against you, your fruits are growing much better and better.

  2. Arefe
    | #2

    What a talented Ethiopians! we proud of you keep it up!
    Ethiopians will remain united. God will safe Ethiopia.

  3. Mesfin
    | #3

    Once again good job Abugida! It is great to see Ato Angargachew Tsege on the show. I have had the opportunity to read his book “Netsaneten Yemayawke Netsa Awchie”. It is a great book. In my personal experience level, the book helped me to change my prospective on a lot of issues. It encourages openness, rational thinking and consistency among Ethiopians. It teaches how our character, in personal level and as people, has been affecting our country’s political and social issues. I recommend for those who haven’t got the chance to read the book to read it. The book has a power to change our character for good and we really need that for our struggle and to have sustained democratic society. We need to know that what we want to see in Ethiopia is highly depends on what we know, how we act and how we interact and work together in harmony. That comes down to each and every one of us character and determination. Pleas see Ato Andargachew’s book for the details.

    When Ato Andargachew wrote that book, I am sure he was reflecting his conviction. And, it is vital that a man with such right values and conviction is among the Kinijit leaders.

  4. casanova
    | #4

    Abugidas r so confused about the 11% economic growth in Ethiopia.Heeeeeeeeeeeeha.But why?I think u guys r praying 2 c the economy going down.But don`t u think it is our miskin people who is going to suffer.

  5. Mimi
    | #5

    Thank you abugida for being there all the time.

    We love you!

  6. casanova
    | #6

    Ashebir the doma ras,”IMF zegyet bilo bawetaw report” can u explain on that? Where did u get this info? When was the time to release the report?Do u know how kebatari u r?And Reporter “afkari EPRDF”, 4 those of u who do not know about Reporter,here r some facts.

    Reporter is owned by a person called Amare Aregawi and this guy was a senior Weyane from the very beginning to mid 90s.He was kicked off from the party by Meles.

    Reporter is well known for criticizing Woyanes.But he has been doing this based on facts.It is a highly professional news paper.They have a very good access to information. In fact it is the best news paper in the country. Even though he was kicked off by Meles all his critics toward Woyanes is not personal.

    So Ashebir is quoting Reporter as a source and at the same time he discredit it as “afkari EPRDF”.U c how Ashu is a big kebatari?

  7. Sintayehu
    | #7

    I love your effort in informing people about the current situations of ETHIOPIA.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. casanova
    | #8

    Ashu go and visit Reporter`s web.There is a very good news 4 Abugida.There is a severe shortage of water in Addis.Put some terrorizing spices on it and broadcast it on the next program.I mean it is even o.k to say like many thousand people r dying or Woyanes r exporting the water to Adwa.Anyways i don`t need to tell u this b/c u r good at it.U r born ashebir.I hope u r going to thank me 4 the info.But please just do me a favour. Don`t don`t quote Reporter as your source of this news.Even if u have to quote don`t they the “afkari EPRDF” thing.Thanks bro.

  9. Sintayehu
    | #9

    All these manifests there are hard working ,bright future-looking and hopefull Ethiopians,you are making them believe this.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. Tigist
    | #10

    Good job guys! Would you please talk more about Ato Andargachew’s book? I have read it, and I wish every Ethiopian to read it as well. It is enlightens a lot of issues and critical material to build civilized society that would up holds the democratic principles. I encourage every body to read the book “Netsanetine Yemayawke Netsawichi”

  11. kebede Ahemed Areru Megerssa
    | #11

    keep it on you are giving us all sided information.simply you are great

  12. sewyew
    | #12

    kinijit is a sprit. no jail can hold it, no nation can stop it! it is the will of our people. may god save our leders in jail and protect Ethiopia from woyane and her enemies.

  13. tewodros
    | #13

    we ethiopians are special people of this world ,we are neither africans nor whites or asians ,we are unique .We have also unmixed culture .But we are lagging behind in our development ,our growth is hampered by the stupid adiministration of meles and his freinds.We have to shout against the dictators ,we have to shout agianst the killers .No more being slave for white s,we need our people and we need to do something humble for our nation.please let`s pray for God to make our country peace and stable.

  14. Africawe
    | #14

    Tewodos, do you seriously believe what you wrote? If your intention is to provoke people, I ask you to to reconsider what you just wrote. i have yet to meet an ethiopian who doubts his africaness. Many ethiopians have fought along side their african brothers to liberate our continent from colonialism. Have we africans done ourselves any good since then is another thing.

    Meles may be anything but stupid. Whether one likes it or not, I don’t think most people doubt his intellect. How will his government and his policy be judged is a matter I will leave for discussion. Let’s discuss issues and refrain from hurling insults at people. This is ethiopiawwe chewanet even though all of us may not be chewa. Let’s grow up folks.

  15. | #15

    To the Abugida website
    I am very excited and thrilled with your
    programs and most of your programs are very interesting.
    Keep up the good work

  16. Hana Gobez
    | #16

    Abugida you guys are the greatest keep up the good job. we’re so proud of you
    your beloved ehtiopian sis

  17. mulu
    | #17

    hey u guys their is a lot’s of born agin ethiopians who pary and want to see great thing in thier country, also muslims it looks like u are focused only on orthdocs so try to get every body get involved espacially when meles tries to say our muslims are tererist and tries to divide us please show the world reality as we are one ppl and as we do not kill each other as muslims and chrstians thanks
    good job

  18. Alex
    | #18

    I’m proud of you to find true poltician. Once again good job Abugida! It is great to see Ato Angargachew Tsege.
    Keep up the good work!

  19. Hagos
    | #19

    Why you are on Asabre case. I know he is doing his job and presenting the fact. Of course the fact is creating a tornado in your backyard. When people continue to be in human and doing the same thing again and again until the situation they created get them out the media will present their condition. Those days are past Casanova. We used to be by ourselves and our voice was not much. Because we were the only one who knows about EPRDF/TPLF/MELESE. But know Ethiopian people around the globe knows about him and his puppet around him. We struggle for Ethiopian people freedom but because we did not know about freedom ourselves he took an opportunity to become a dictator on TPLF party and on Ethiopian people. Know him self is not free either. He freak for everything. Well what can you do unless people are not freed themselves they can not create a free environment for others. So Casanova do not even bring the puppet reporter to this free media to use it as example. We know him very well. He has a similar mentality like you. He is not a good example to the free media. It would be a good idea for you and your reporter to be staying with Aiga as a dedicated servant for Melese until you free your self from oppression. We do not have to repeat our mistake again. We fought for years and tigrian children killed for sake of freedom but their strugle against the dictator derg replaced by another dictator. Only free people fight for people freedom. Casanova first you need to know your right. And our right should not be teritorial, controled by money or oportunity. When we believe that our right is equally as those people on power then we know that we can stand for other people right because we don’t do anything to make any one happy. We will do what is right for the other fellow human being.
    So long

  20. casanova
    | #20

    Hagos wedi Shewa,it is Ashebir who is quoting the “puppet reporter”.Do u know how many times Ashu has been quoting reporter?So tell him not to bring it to Abugida “free” media.Not me.

    Is Abugida a free media?U don`t have the slightest idea what a free media is.

    Ashu needs to learn how to read.Read read,just read Ashu Bro.

  21. Tullu
    | #21

    Again a trash programme. It seems as if Ethiopia is only a christian nation with Amhara population. Your reporters do not even know how to read. That is wird to me. I will never recommend to friends to listen to your stupid propoganda. Tullu

  22. Mimi
    | #22

    I was watching your show with my friends. We love it! keep it up!

  23. Biniam Taddese
    | #23

    All this people criticzing Ashebir r known to be as woyanees buchilas. Ashu don’t pay attention to what they say . All you have to do is keeping up the good journalistic approach as usual.
    thanks Ashebir and all Abugida’s stuffs aswell!

  24. casanova
    | #24

    “Ashu don`t pay attention”,that is true.Just pay attention to the reading.

  25. abdulkadir Mohamod
    | #25

    Casanova and Tulu, you r typical woyanees. You are not suppose to pretend as if you r from the oromo region, muslim, independent,…etc…We already know you. If you choose be just woyane-tigrai not proud to be Ethiopian citizen, then mute yourself and let other couragious and proud Ethiopians such as Ashebir and all abugida crew do their honest job while they r serving their beloved country volunterly. As much as i love people, i hate such an “aqattai” person like you and such a jeolousy driven trash comments like yours.
    keep-up the good job Abugidas! we love you!

  26. casanova
    | #26

    Abugidas,u r doing so good.Keep it up. Specially the way Ashu is reading the news is so impressive. If he can read English,he will get a good post on CNN or BBC.R u happy know,Abdulkadir?According to your Woeyane`s definition i am no more Woeyane b/c i am great-full on Abugidas performance. Your democratic character is so astonishing. Anybody who is not pro Abugida is Woeyane.By the way it is a shame to share Ethiopianity with a crap person like you.U better go and kill yourself.

  27. kill zenawi
    | #27


    Hold off your name calling. Here is a place to dialogue and not to dump your garbage. There is “Aigaforum”? to dump your garbage. Ooops”¦.there is no forum in “Aigaforum”?. My bad “¦..The guy who created that site must be the stupidest person in the planet, very stupid “¦really stupid”¦retarded. He should have called it a “kangarooforum”?.

  28. casanova
    | #28

    Kill Kill Zenawi

    U r the garbage one. That`s why u got yourself dumped on this web. First get 2 know the difference b/n forum and message board. There is no forum in Abugida`s web. Yene dingai ras. This is a message board. Forum has got so much complications. Ashu can`t handle it.

    21st century`s Giacomo Casnova.

  29. kill zenawi
    | #29


    You dumb woyanae. Today Your IQ seems to be below MAMO’s.

    The Webster dictionary describes
    Forum: a public meeting place for open discussion

    As far as it is a place for open discussion it is a forum.
    Forum …Message board …It’s all the same. They both are a place for discussion.

    I am working with Webster Dictionary to have printed “woyanae” to be synonym of “retarded”?.

  30. kill zenawi
    | #30


    By the way Abugida had forum the way you understand it …
    Just like cyberethiopia …http://www.cyberethiopia.com/warka4/
    They later removed it….

  31. Ewnetu
    | #31

    You are I think misgided like your boss Meles Nazi as KIll Zenawi told u I think you have more options to express your openion in Abugida than your nazist tabloid aigaforum this what forum means Can you tell me that if I can wright like what I did in Aigaforu.

    Naziw go and fight for aigaforum


  32. casanova
    | #32

    Kill Kill Zenawi,

    U think u r genius b/C u know the literal meaning of forum, Everybody knows that. Don`t waste our time. We don`t need to go through Webster`s web.

    So do u think we are discussing know? What are we discussing about? There is no discussion with out a topic. Is there a moderator? Don`t tell me that an administrator is the same as a moderator.

    And the dictionary does`t say that any open place/as long as it is open 4 discussion is forum. An open place 4 discussion is one def. But there are other criteria to be fulfilled in order to categorize an open place 4 discussion as a forum. But dictionary gives only a brief definition.

    So this the third time u r posting a comment to prove how idiot u r. U better take care or kill yourself. Drink some kind of poison.

  33. casanova
    | #33

    Kill Kill Zenawi,

    You said Abugida had a forum. Thanks a lot. U yourself knew that this is not a forum. Had, past: no more present. You r contradicting yourself. That is why u need to kill yourself.U r kebatari like your friend Ashu. And why did they removed the forum from their web? I think it was difficult 4 Ashu to maintain it.

    Casnova will not be available 4 the next 24 hrs. Thanks.

  34. casanova
    | #34

    Ewenetu/ Weshetu,

    U asked me to if u can comment on Aigaforu. What is Aigaforu? Is there such a website? I can`t tell u about something that does`t exist. Sorry.

    I will be back after 24 hrs. Till then Ashus`s advocates can open up your mouth as much as u want.

  35. kill zenawi
    | #35


    How many posting or slapping does it take to bring you to our level of understanding?
    I prescribe you take two dose of “Abugida” TV three times a day.
    See if that works and come back after three weeks. We will try restructuring your brain.

    Ashu is like a burning fire …. you can’t handle him. Do you ?

  36. casanova
    | #36

    Kill Zenawi:

    At least u r street smart. That is also impresssive. I mean it. Much better than to be a gegema with 0 knowledge like Ashu. Dumbness on top of gegemanet, can u imagine that? But u know i was impressed from the first time i start to read your response toward comments on this “forum”. I mean u r good at shitting people. But, many times, u were too fast to give response and u got yourself on a corner. That is ur idiocy. May be that was caused by watching one Abugida`s TV more than a time. U got to improve that instead of talking so much about Woeyanes.

  37. | #37

    good job

  38. engida
    | #38

    too much music-and very littel time for so wonderfull interview with precious person like Ato Andargachew-please improve this thing-tnx

  39. Woy Nuro
    | #39

    Hi Abugida,

    good job…thx for being an alternative source of news and information for us. keep up the good work. To make your program much better, you can do the following things (my opinion of course):

    1. Reduce or remove the moving texts and pictures on the information bar of the screen. It distracts the viewers attention..
    2. Shorten the intro of the program. Specially the part where the voice of child is used. It sounds like childrens program not a serious news and information TV
    3.prepare tough questions during interviews.

    I hope you will not be offended by this suggestions.

    Woy Nuro

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