Court Adjourned again!

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Friday, March 23, 2007 EZ :.The trial of CUD leaders, civil society members and independent journalists is adjourned again today. The trial was over in three minutes.

Judge Adil didn’t appear today and the other two judges raised the complexity of the case as a reason for not finalizing the decision before today. The court was adjourned until March 30.

  1. kill zenawi
    | #1

    Where is Judge Adil? this is one of the things that makes you go …hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
    Is he maybe revolting against his boss, Meles or Meles ordered him not to apear?

  2. Brook Asfaw
    | #2

    Did you know that Adil is cousine of Kemal Bedri, the head of NEBE and the president of Fedral high court. It is bad enough that the Justice vice Minister is married with Kemal’s sister. It is a network injustice.

  3. Bedele Beza
    | #3

    army is essential and that is the only option left to get read of meles. To get dimocrasy through dialogue is nightmare and that will be confortable for woyane’s game. Force is the only option that should scare them, It is waste of time to talk about peace, dimocracy and conciliation with woyane. everyone knows them now. They are enemy for every ethiopian. Every ethiopian and all political parties should unite to destroy woyane for once and for all.They are not ethiopian because they told us and the are colonist they should leave our country.

  4. | #4

    The judge Adil was may by ,with his husband Melse for som advise for about their empet charge agenist this people .The is the only reason why this postpond this issu every time . Any how we will see Mr Meles,s dimocracy after the discion of kangaro court.

  5. Tigist
    | #5

    The whole world is watching this trial. Meles is proving again and again what kind of guy he is for the entire world to see. He is so animal, no law can bid him. If he was a regular kind of guy, he would have been on a death row. Unfortunately, he is leading a country. I am convinced that Meles is an evil possessed guy, but what I don’t understand is the guys that are working for him. Why would they serve an evil man?

  6. Degafe
    | #6

    “Why would they serve an evil man?”, you asked. Simply because they are evil too. what else could it be?

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