An Interview with Artist Telela Kebede

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An Interview with the renowned Artist Telela Kebede is brought to you by International Ethiopian Women Organization Radio Program. Telela Kebede is one of the very talented and well known artists in Ethiopia. Her contribution as an Artist as well as her contribution to the struggle for freedom and justice since the time of Prof. Asrat Woldeyes is something that our community needs to know and cherish.

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  1. tsehai
    | #1

    Hello! Merone!Keep up the good job. I am so impressed with all your questions. You are not only a good interviewer you are a good listener too. I never imagine Telela Kebede to be such a knowledgeable lady I used to think she was just one of our vocalist not a freedom fighter.

  2. Tekle
    | #2

    I’m very glad to hear from Telela. Gees! She is one of the legendary artists of Ethiopia. Her oldies are marvelous. “Ashker aynamaw naligne” now clicks in my ears. She indeed was extraordinary when she played “Etege Tewabech” in the theatre – Tewodros.
    “Lomi tera tera” was for many of us one of the very first opposition to the brutal Derg. Few people might not have understood the real meaning and message of the that famous song. But, for many Telela was a great hero to speak out her mind in that song.
    Now, let me send a message to Telela, Telela’s kids, those famous music producers like Afro Recordings, Nahom Rec, or anyother ones, please, please produce Telela’s Oldies ASAP.
    Cheers to all!

  3. Amlakie
    | #3

    Well, I have heard a lot about the legendary artist and civil rights activist TELELA KEBEDE but i have never gotten a chance to hear about her from herself. Now that i have listened to her interview i can proudly say that she is one of the few Ethiopians who should be considered NOBLE for what they have done.
    She has always been one of my favorite timeless classic Ethiopian singers. I really appriciate her stand/opinion towards the Ethiopian politics. One can surely say that she has always loved her country so much that she even risked her life so many times….

    Amlakie, MD

  4. | #4

    Telela Kebede is one of Ethiopian iconic artist in our mellinum.Fox let us not foget her .

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