Legislation promoting democracy and human rights in Ethiopia are moving forward.

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March 24, 2007 Mesfin Mekonen

1. Efforts to introduce legislation promoting democracy and human rights in Ethiopia are moving forward. Representatives Donald Payne and Chris Smith are working together on a bill that will be similar to H.R. 5680, but will be updated to reflect the worsening human rights and political situation in Ethiopia.

Last year the bill was blocked because of opposition from the Republican leadership, largely because of lobbying by former Majority Leader Richard Armey. The legislation has been delayed this year, again because of opposition from the Republican leadership on the International Affairs Committee.

Representatives Payne and Smith seem to be working together. They do not agree on all points, but they have agreed on the basic outline of legislation that everyone can support. While the legislation might not include everything that it could, its enactment would be a tremendous step forward. It is far better to get good legislation passed quickly than to waste time negotiating over the detailed language.

It is worth noting that the Meles regime is still employing Armey and there will be continuous efforts to sabotage legislation. Armey and other lobbyists will take advantage of any divisions between supporters of Ethiopian democracy and human rights.

To keep the legislation moving forward, Ethiopian Americans should contact members of Congress who co-sponsored H.R. 5680, as well as other members of Congress. It is important to stress that this is a bipartisan effort. When you speak with members of Congress emphasize that the situation in Ethiopia is desperate, that political prisoners are being held under terrible conditions, and this is an opportunity for the United States to stand up for the values that American believe in.

2. We continue to work closely with the State Department to get medical treatment for Engineer Hailu Shawel. While we hope that he is released quickly, he is in urgent need of medical attention for his eye. The State Department has negotiated with the Meles regime and agreement for a physician from South Africa to travel to Ethiopia to treat Hailu Shawel.

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    Dear Ato Mesfin Mekonen
    First of all I would like to thankyou so much for
    your continous effort on the HR 5680 and the diaspora.
    we are all desperate to hear something form the United states
    congress and We all have to work together to pass this bill.

    keep up the good work.
    Wasington D.C.

  2. king david
    | #2

    dear ato mesfine i wonder how much you are interesting to forwarding the bill that was throwing in to the floor do you think the united state of america can pass the bill to the melese dectator ruling party i dont think so i think melese will prepare to do some thing to bend the action against his party he may kidnape the diplomatic ,or invation eritria, or ataking sudan or any thing to save his party and gating untachebel action from united sate but one thing make me laffing melese can cheet united state but he can not cheet ethiopian poepel even the chillderen that have studing in the elementary school .

  3. JAKOB
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  4. Lesson to TPLF and its supporters!
    | #4

    TPLF and its supporters needs to know the muddy political game they are playing has to stop before it is too late, still for them.

  5. Mesfin
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    Meles has all the qualification to be called Nazi. He is a curse not just for Ethiopia for the whole world. He needs to be contained as soon as possible. Now, it is a positive step forward that the US congress is trying to address this treat on human rights.

  6. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
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    P.M. Meles Zenawi is a breath of fresh air. I thank Jesus Christ every day for his kindness in placing such a visionary as a leader of a nation whose people are largely extremly backward and difficult to train. As the crazy-hate filled extremists in the diaspora continue to have ULCERS because Ethiopia is moving forward, I urge our dear Prime Minister not to abandon us because of buffons masquerading as patriots. Mr. Prime Minister, I am sure you have heard of the Funchionally Mehaime Ethiopians in D.C. Could you please send some of the instructors from the Amara Kilil to help these Functionally Mehaime Patriots learn the freakin English Language. Well, Mr. P.M., I will see you in a few months as I celebrate the African Millenium in the AFrican Medina, ADDIS ABABA. I am sure the Mehaime Patriots will follow along eventhough they say you are a Nazi. If I thought you were a Nazi Mr. P.M., I wouldn’t even mention your name, let alone get drunk and dance the night away with you in Addis Ababa. But then again, they say Nazi, just to make their 18th century mentality satisfied. They actions are quite different from what comes out of these hypocrites mouths. I am really sorry that wonderful individuals like Dr. Birhanu actually trusted these MEHAIME MORONS. ta ta.

  7. Mimi
    | #7

    That depends on how your brain functions Mr. 21st-Century-Ethiopian”¦How on the earth Meles can be a breath of fresh air after more than 16 years dictatorship? The backwards are the once that follow Meles with no question no matter what he does. His followers are blinded with ethnocentric; they can’t even see Meles is half Eritrean.

  8. Tigist
    | #8

    It takes only moron weyannes to call Meles “Kind”. Meles is known for his human right abuses in Ethiopia by all international human right organizations. The primitive weyannes yet think he is a kind person. That shows how primitive weyannes are. They have their own different world. It seems that they have awkward values regarding human rights and life in general. I just hope all weyannes are not like that”¦

  9. Addis
    | #9

    Well, as the saying goes “those who did not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” in that note, cadres of Woyane are in full force to make the best out of Woyane. it is no indvduals who fish and put out propoganda like the above but a paid loyal cadres.

    The time has come cadres should be exposed every were they hide.

  10. woyanae
    | #10


    I got two words to describe you “Moron” and “Retarded”.
    Who cares that you plan to get drunk and dance the night away with Zenawi in Addis Ababa. You can even get in bed with him and Al Amoudi. It is typical of Woyanae to flirt with whomever they come in contact.

  11. theFre
    | #11

    Dictators and their sub-human dependants like “21st-Century-Ethiopian” shall diminish and die disgracefuly. It is only that we should work to shorten the days they fill their bellies in expense of the the blood and flesh of the poor Ethiopians.

    Time will come ……..till then we remain hunting you the enemy of Ethiopia down…u know who you are damn well…..

    | #12

    This is a noble cause to participate to advance H.R. 5680, because the only thing our home grown dictators afraid is to lose the support of white house, therefore by extending my personal admiration please Ato Mesfine never give up your fight against the tyrants of our country. I know it is not easy bringing freedom and justice using a peaceful venue.

  13. Netsanet
    | #13

    “Meles is a Nazi” – “no, Meles is a fresh breath” ….. People, why do we waste our breath over an individual? The main thing is that Ethiopia is in trouble. This situation may continue, even worsen, with or without Meles. Let’s not make Meles the decisive factor in Ethiopia’s future. Can we please focuse on how we can find a solution rather than cursing or praising an individual? Let’s not forfiet the fate of 70 million people to the hands of a single individual, and try to find ways to make everybody an asset for his/her own betterment.

    God help us!!!

  14. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #14

    Mimi: Mimi, my Konjiteye Bole Crossiant eating, cafe latte drinking Politician, listen, Meles himself has stated that he is half Eritrean. Who am I to question that. He is half Eritrean. It doesn’t excite me. It doesn’t blind me either from the productive actions. Or unproductive actions. My concentration is more on his deeds than his ethnicity.

    I did not call Meles Kind. I called him visionary. I called Jesus Christ kind for giving us a visionary like Meles. That is not a minor difference. So read carefully Tigisitye, ye Gojame abeba.

    You are right. We should not repeat the mistakes of the past. Because it is the past that has made our present misreable reality. I agree. 100%.

    woyanae :
    Woyanne, stop proposing that I have a a three way with Meles and Alamudi. I am not that kind of person. Meles has a wonderful and eloquent wife. Alamudi has, well, let us just say there is long line. You know, adnakeche and them, are all lined up for him. So no grounds for your suggestion. Stoping using words like hunting down, killing all. Start using words like huging all woyannes until they say I love you too. How about that. I want you to go and Hug as many woyannes as you can. You will feel a lot better. We need to have Hug a woyanne day in Ethiopia and D.C. It must be a national mandatory holiday. Sometime in Ginbot maybe. There should be a fine too. You don’t hug a woyanne on hug a woyanne day, you will be given a fix it ticket. You can fix the violation by hugging 5 woyannes the next day. If you fail to Hug five woyannes the next day, then you must hug 10 Agazi troops everyday for a month.

  15. Sirake
    | #15

    Now you are talking trash! So what is your point? When you fail to convince us with your crazy ideology, you start to talk trash. I didn’t know that you are that frustrated the wonyane guy.

  16. woyanae
    | #16


    I am not proposing but suggesting.
    Meles’ wife eloquent ? No …NO…NO ..On the last interview she had she looked really retarded.
    When I first saw her interview I thought I was watching an ugly porn star. Al Amoudi ….mmmmm….we don’t know what he is ….he seems to be confused on his sexuality.
    I am not hugging no woyanae….you can hug them all day.
    I want to make one point clear ..woyane does not equate Tigrean.
    Woyanae means a retarded or dumb person.
    By the way my mother is from Adwa. That does not make me Woyanae but Ethiopian. I detest whatever Meles is doing to my people.

  17. Mimi
    | #17

    Well, Well, Well, I am so glad that you know Meles is half Eritrean. I assume that you are weyanne. What is your logic of supporting an Eritrean guy that says working his butt of to liberate Tigray? Don’t you smell something fish there? Come on! How do you expect Meles, as Eritrean, would fight against Eritrea for Badema? The answer is, he doesn’t. He jailed Siye Abraha and fired some other Tigreas from TPLF just because they oppose Meles on the Badama war. You brag about Agazi troops. The way I see the Agazi troops is as slaves from Tigray that work for Eritrean Meles. They don’t even have a clue about what are they doing. If Meles tell them to shoot their brothers they would do it without any question. That is not a source of pride. That is an embarrassment. The truth is that you weyannes are so stupid and weak; you can’t even stand up against an Eritrean guy that has been using you as animals. The rest of Ethiopians know Meles for who he is and working against him every day in and out. You stupid weyannes, you have not even figured it out that Meles is a very dangerous enemy for all Ethiopians. He is still working for Eritrea and tricks you easily. What a bunch of stupid you are?

  18. Mimi
    | #18

    The above message to the so called “21-Centuray-Ethiopian” weyanne guy.

    Mimi from Bole!

  19. Goytom
    | #19

    If we agree he is half Erterian, he should have been deported as many half Erterians had been deported. I remeber that once he was asked ” Mr Z., you are more favor Eretrians than Ethiopians”. You know what he said ” I am not favor both (Lehuletum Aladalam)”. This would have been correct, if he was a judge. So long as he is leader, he should favor for Ethiopian than Erterian. But what we can do? We have a foreigner leader. Our country is the first in history by having a forigner leader. He might be visionary for himself as well as Erterian but not for us.

  20. casanova
    | #20

    To all ignorants patriotic diasporas/Prof Al,Kingit,AFD,Mimi,Mesfin and etc

    If u think there is no democracy in Ethiopia,go and fight 4 ur people. Don`t expect the US to bring democracy in Ethiopia. Democracy in Ethiopia can not be achieved by corresponding with some US congress men. The Woeyanes did`t expected anybody to get rid off the most undemocratic Derg. That time some leaders of Kingit were working hand in glove with Derg. Some left their countries 4 a better carrier and personal life. know they are doctors and professors in different foreign countries and they want to talk about democracy in Ethiopia. Most never said a word during Derg time. Can anybody tell me what Prf Al did during Derg time while thousand people were dying?But the Woeyanes current leaders left their bright future personal life to fight 4 there people. Meles was a medical student. If he followed others like this Prof Al,he could have been a lecture in Harvard University.

    Speaking of democracy, it is your leader/Hailu Shawel that needs to learn about democracy. Do u know how dictator he was in his party? Read Dr Berhanu`s book.

  21. j.p.h
    | #21

    I support H.R 5680 and all Ethiopians who do so!
    It is sad moment that some congress men are lobbied for money and denied the truth and democracy to prevail in Ethiopia(the Worlde).Any way no matter of the outcome it is better to stand for the trueth rather than horendouse atrocities perpetrated on Humanity!
    By the way I have read the folowing poem in some web sits and am happy to share it with you;

    People’s sword

    “Ageazi”? army think before you kill children
    The mighty people sword is far better than gun
    Don’t kill either woman the old the young men
    Tyrant will not save you on the land of foreign

    “Weyanne”? “Agazi”? don’t rape females at all
    The mass will burn you live before you go to hell
    But why you do all this for some pay or some meal?
    When tyrant gets wealthy should you bleed for his foul?

    “EPRDF-HODAMS”? you should think of the case
    While Ethiopia dies you can’t sit and relax
    Elected wise leaders being in dungeons
    History will judge you soon for all atrocities
    Jump from sinking ship and Leave”? parliament seats”?

    “AGEAZI”? had brothers, wives and young children
    Like all people on earth they were known as human
    But now worship evil-cursed soul of a man
    Who just rob a country to hide some where and ran
    Leaving you all behind to save his rear alone

    Hear advice “AGAZI”? ,”?WOyanne”? gangs as well
    Force is not only way to reconcile to heal
    Free elected leaders who bring hope to us all
    Repent your sins and leave let justice come for real
    Any way you’ll be judged by the mighty people
    When Ethiopia rises with her sword to prevail!

    (Anonymous Ethiopian 27/03/2007)

  22. casanova
    | #22


    “Congress men lobbied for money”…OMG..r u out of ur mind? U need to go to kindergarten again.

  23. kill zenawi
    | #23

    You should read Dr. Berhanu’s book more than once to get it”¦we know how stupid you are.
    It is Zenawi who is a dictator and a terrorist.
    Zenawi did not leave medical school but was kicked out. He was there through affirmative action in the first place. He then joined TPLF( A terrorist organization). check it out here http://www.tkb.org/KeyLeader.jsp?memID=5959

    This guy named Fesseha Tella, an ex-member of the TPLF Intelligence Unit got it early on and left TPLF

    He claimes that the TPLF government has no true intentions of accepting peace.
    Never is too late”¦Repent your sins and join the people’s struggle.

  24. casanova
    | #24

    Kill Kill Zenawi:

    I told u that u r only street smart. U r passionate on that. So u better stick with that. Otherwise i will trap u on a corner like i did many many times. 18th century`s Giacom Casnova has been always smart ,beside the fact he was a womanizer.

    O.K guys ,here r some facts:

    Prof Al`s HR 5680 project has failed for the second time. The first time he failed ,he shifted the blame to the mid term elections in the US. So know we will see how he is going to shift the blame again.

    So again the some idiot from Kinigit is trying the same thing/a bill similar to HR 5680. This is just a technical madness:trying the same thing again and again expecting different outcome. Anyways it is not going to take as long to see the same out come.

  25. casanova
    | #25

    Don`t read the first “the” on the last paragraph`s first line. B/c i am not referring to the Prof. It is for the new idiot guy who is working on the “new” project.

    Sorry for the typing error and thanks.

  26. Woyane II
    | #26

    you are still crying.In the mean time Ethiopia is making remarkabel advance in democracy and fighting against poverty.
    I personaly invite you once more to wards positiv devolpment of the on going ethiopian democratical pocess.and hope against all evil hops that you may find an approprate sight angel for looking to find a healthy solition for all your problems.

  27. kill zenawi
    | #27

    Gigim yalik gegema,

    Not responding to your post does not mean succumbing to you.
    It is just a sign of ignoring you. You don’t get it. Do you ? Dirom Gegema….That last time we chatted I gave up on you when you brag about dancing the night away with Zenawi and Al Amoudi. That’s when I told you to go to bed with them.

    To all woyanaes here:
    Please try to come to your senses. Don’t drag us into your perverted talks.

    A joke on Woyanae:
    A woyanae goes to an ice cream parlour in Addis and orders two scoop of ice cream. He got offended that the ice cream is too cold and ordered the waitress to heat it up for him.

    The moral of the story is that all woyanaes have inferiority complex. What ever the truth one says they object. This is out of inferiority complex.

  28. casanova
    | #28

    Kill Kill Zenawi

    I swear u r big time ye arada lig. But again i swear to my God we never chatted b4. In fact i never chatted on any of Ethio rooms. This is my first time i am writing comment on this “forum”

    OK my friend, let me update u with some infos. Tensae radio is getting much broke from time to time. Their financial status is very critical. They r about to close their station. I don`t want this to happen to Abugidas. We got to do something. I don`t want to see Ashu sleeping on the street. I am serious.

  29. kiil zenawi
    | #29


    Whay are you so hooked on calling Ashu’s name so often. He gives you a good dose so that you go through the day..ha?. There is a theory in psychology…if you call a person’s name so often whether in good or bad terms then you must be admiring that person.
    I swear there is a freak in you that likes Ashu. Come on, Admit it, bring it out!! Don’t be ashamed.
    MAMO took overdose of Ashu and he is dead now.
    Have you ever heared the saying “No one ever kicks a dead dog”. Ashu is doing something. Hence, all these nonsensical woyana criticism.

  30. casanova
    | #30

    Kill Kill Zenawi

    To be honest with u, the guy is so tebtaba and big time kebatari. I started to watch this TV very recently and this Ashu has made so much fouls. Can u imagine ,only on the last two programs. Remeber how he is contradicting himself about the Reporter. Just a very simple example.

    And honestly speaking he has got some kind of Gegema look on his face. Only `dress to impress`doesn`t work. He got to read properly. But u know, he is like following the other rule:`read to miss lead`

    CC: Ato Ashebir
    Information Minister of Kingit.

  31. casanova
    | #31

    Kill kill Zemawi,

    By the way, according to your psychological theory, it seems that u r in a kind of love with Woeyanes. There is no single post of yours with out the word Woeyanes.

  32. kill zenawi
    | #32


    I do not love woyanaes. I love to hate woyanaes.
    It seems we are the only fools here. No one is commenting. As the Amharic saying goes “Ke Ahiya Yewalech gider fes temira tigebalech”…You dragged me into this and made me one of you fools.

    Let us shake hands and call it a day.

  33. casanova
    | #33

    Kill Zenawi:

    Thanks and c u another time. Respect.

    Your best.

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