Neuroscientist on New Mind Reading Technique

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Fregenet Asseged(VOA) | March 26 2007

The VOA Amharic program’s Fregenet Asseged talked to Ethiopian neuropsychiatrist Yonas E. Geda who comments on what some world-leading neuroscientists call a powerful technique. Dr Yonas is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and a researcher as well.

Listen to Interview with Dr. Yonas Geda Part I audio clip [audio:]
Listen to Interview with Dr. Yonas Geda Part II audio clip

The technique, recently discovered by British and German researchers, allows looking deep inside people’s brains and reading their intentions before they act. The research breaks controversial new ground in scientists’ ability to probe human minds and their thoughts. It also raises serious ethical issues over how brain- reading technology may be used in the future.
According to Dr Geda the report on the research has been exaggerated and adds that there is no way a machine can read one’s intentions.

Dr Yonas’s main research interest is mild cognitive impairment, MCI. MCI is the gray zone between normal aging and dementia. He is particularly interested in developing an early prediction model of dementia by utilizing neuropsychiatry parameters in MCI. He also talked about the difference between dementia and Alzheimer and ways to combat these problems, specially referring to the diet of Ethiopians.

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