Helicopters fire on Somali market

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BBC | March 29, 2007

Ethiopian helicopter gunships have fired at a market near an insurgent stronghold in the south of the Somali capital, Mogadishu. (more…)

BBC | March 29, 2007

Ethiopian helicopter gunships have fired at a market near an insurgent stronghold in the south of the Somali capital, Mogadishu. The BBC’s Mohammed Olad Hassan in Mogadishu says hundreds of insurgents armed with rocket launchers and machine guns are battling Ethiopian troops. Zenaib Abubakar a Mogadishu resident said “This is the worst fighting Mogadishu has seen since the Islamists were ousted”

Government spokesman Mohamed Mohamud Husein says this is the start of a three-day operation to restore order.
Meanwhile, Ethiopia says two-thirds of its troops have withdrawn from Somalia.
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi told parliament the rest of his troops, which are deployed in support of the interim government, would leave in consultation with the African Union.
Ethiopian troops helped install the government last December but have been gradually handing over responsibilities to the AU force that was deployed to Mogadishu this month to try and bring stability to the city.
Some 1,700 Ugandan troops are in Mogadishu as the advance party of a planned 8,000 strong AU force.
No-go zone

In a dawn operation, at least six people died in the fighting which broke a ceasefire declared a week ago and was brokered by elders form the Hawiye clan – the biggest in Mogadishu – but Ethiopia denied reaching any deal.

Ethiopian tanks, troops and helicopters are trying to take control of five key junctions.
The militia responded with heavy artillery fire.

The southern part of Mogadishu, where the fighting is going on, has become a no-go zone.

Dozens of injured civilians are stranded, as heavy fighting has grounded public transport and other business activity in the Somali capital.

“This is the worst fighting Mogadishu has seen since the Islamists were ousted. Explosions can be heard all over the city and many people are just holed up in their homes,” resident Zenaib Abubakar told the BBC Somali Service.

Ms Abubakar said heavy shelling is taking place near the main stadium, where Ethiopian and government troops are battling with insurgents who are putting up heavy resistance.

“It’s difficult to tell how many people have been injured or killed because fighting is taking place in several parts of the capital and communication today is not very good,” said another resident, Ahmed Noor.

The interim government has blamed the escalating violence in the capital on remnants of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC).

Somalia enjoyed a six months lull in the insecurity that had dogged the country in the past 16 years, when the UIC took power last year.

But insecurity has returned to the city.

The UN estimates that 40,000 people have fled Mogadishu since February.

  1. Woyane II
    | #1

    so what scabiya ?

  2. TATEK
    | #2

    According to reports an Ethiopian Military Helicopter was shot down in heavy fighting during fighting in Mogadishu. The fighting in Mogadishu is driven by the decision to wipe out the remaining terrorists who went there after losing in the battle field. Our sources informed Hagerfiker that a decision was made based on the fact that the cost now in both human and material was cheaper now than waiting for this to fester for many months. The fighting is not driven by an imminent threat but by the fact that the cancer needed to be rooted out now before it spread into the society. This surgical action unfortunately requires sacrifices by our forces and we salute and honor these great children.

    We also would like to remind those idiotic Shabian and pro Shabian websites such as ER that having a helicopter shot down does not gain your terrorists victories. We all recall that Shabia shot down a few Ethiopian helicopters before the brave Ethiopian armed forces chased them out of their holes. This will be repeated in Mogadishu. The cancer in Mogadishu will be weeded out and stability will rule the day. This will happen before the champagne glasses you enemies of Ethiopia are drinking in celebration will be emptied.

    Let it be known that those who celebrate this helicopter being shot down are the same people who saw their hopes and dreams get wiped out when the Ethiopian armed forces evicted their Shabia led OLF, ONLF and other lesser groups from Somalia. They are bitter angry folks.

    We also would like people to not be fooled by lies being reported ER and other anti Ethiopian websites. The Ethiopian backed Somalian Army is winning this battle. Not the other way around as is being reported by these Shabian agents.

  3. | #3

    Bro TATEK,

    Do think conflict could resolved through military means? I wouldn’t think so.
    TPLF used to be chased and killed by Derg – cos derg use the wrong tool to solve the conflict and once again TPLF follow Derg’s footpath, use the same tool. Would you think this is a wise trend? fighting …bragging…begging are the main attribute of African.

    Instead of siding and bragging, let us pray for peace to happen so that begging will extinct.

  4. casanova
    | #4


    I would like to appreciate for the articulate text you wrote on the current Ethio-Somalia issue. I share all the analysis you wrote. Ethiopian govt took the action on a right time. If that was not done on time,it was going to be a Ethiopia`s survival question . That is very true.

    To loose a helicopter is a sad situation. But we r in a full scale war. It is not a game. Somalia is the only country where arms are sold in an open market side by side with potatoes and tomatoes. Taking this into consideration we have to expect the worst. But it has to be done. Ethiopian govt had exhausted all possible solutions before going into a war.

    Most oppositions are against this war. But sorry for them b/c they are in a confusion. They are totally against Eritrea independence but they want to work together with Shabia. This is nothing but confusion. Kingit is totally against OLF core target but they want to work in an alliance. Again another confusion.

    Shabia knows all opposition are totally against Eritrea independence. But Sabia is trying hard to bring those opposition into a power b/c he knows that the alliance of all Ethiopian oppositions can not form a strong government like we have know.It is easy for Shabia to make those alliance a puppet on a string.

    The current govt we have in Ethiopia is a very strong govt. Ethiopia`s geographical location has got so much problem. So what we need is a very strong govt. To withstand all internal and external threats and score 10% economic growth is a big achievement.

    Cold war is finished. There is no one for Ethiopia to stand. The slightest mistake can risk our survival as a country. So every Ethiopian have to be smart, try to know the real situations rather than only praising the intellectuals or stay out of the game.

  5. casanova
    | #5

    Bro Selamu

    U r absolutely correct. War is something that should be avoided at any cost. But Derg never tried to solve it`s internal problems peacefully unlike our current govt, who exhausted all peacefully options with UIC before going into a war.

  6. | #6

    Dear casanova

    I would say you are not rational when you say “But Derg never tried to solve it`s internal problems peacefully unlike our current govt, who exhausted all peacefully options with UIC before going into a war.”

    As far as I know no african have exercised ‘The principle of conflict resolving’. I wouldn’t blame either the people or the leaders. Since we are operating under the command of westerns. 200 years ago westerns, they used to sell and buy africans as a commodity then after robbing our reasources and now arming us to extict generation of africans brothers. The worest and last step is, they will evict the whole african from africa into air.

    Therefore, you and I have to leave legacy of conflict resolving doctrine instead of paving the way for our prediators.

    Do you feel me?



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