Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of March 29, 2007

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March 29, 2007

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  1. casanova
    | #1


    Andargahew has told u very well how u and all other Abugidas r dumb. U got to read and do researches instead of spreading rumors. But i don`t think ur have empty brain can do that. That is why u have to quit.

    Everybody can c that u lack confidence. You got no confidence at all. That is why ende chic ye miti shko re memew. Atsh korme mebin.

    But all the kudos u r getting from your likes on this message board r making your half empty brain more empty.

    cc: To all advocates of Ashebir.
    Kill Zenawi.

  2. | #2

    dispora..you know what is funny about u that u ppl call’d the court is ashangulet court and kangaro court. the same time u want a faer jugement from kangaro court.kkkkk what a mesakya ppl. god bless coungaro court.kk

  3. Ato Mamo
    | #3

    dear casanova

    After i read what you wrote about the interviewr . what you dont understand is
    he is a hard working guy . but you are the one who is empty head and you brain
    think like a doneky. i fully support Abogida TV and i ask every body to help
    this internet TV to be bigger than what it is now . instade of talking garbage

    i hope you “casanova” change your donkey brain .

    God bless Abugida TV

  4. Ato Mamo
    | #4

    dear casanova

    what you dont understand is Asheber is a hard working guy . but you are the one who is empty head and you brain think like a doneky. i fully support Abogida TV and i ask every body to help
    this internet TV to be bigger than what it is now . instade of talking garbage

    i hope you “casanova” change your donkey brain .

  5. teklalaw-hizb-Ethiopiana
    | #5

    ashebir , you r the hero of the year of 2006-07. i really really apreciate the fact that you did a good job to the point woyanees get scared of being exposed. Poor woyanees! ,,, you know, they r barking like an old dog. so do you care? i hope you r not! Don’t even take it personal for you know that they r almost dead and gasping on the ground trying to make it. They stink like a dead flesh. Alkolachewal!
    good job abugidas! keep it up!
    yours – Teklalaw-hizb, Ethiopia

  6. casanova
    | #6

    Ato Mamo

    If my brain is a donkey`s brain, u don`t have a brain at all. First get to write and express yourself properly…ha.

    Ashebir, Abugidas, and all other medias around kingit r just good for nothing except spreading rumors and that is proved by a person from your camp/Andargahew. He has clearly stated it. If u have got listening and understanding problems, try to listen to it again and again until you get the point.

    Ashu was expecting the usual kudos when he was asking Andargachew about medias. Ha ha ha. But he was told to do research instead of spreading rumors. Poor Ashu.

    CC: teklalaw-hizb-Ethiopian
    All advocates of Ashebir
    Kill Zenawi(where u at man?..i missed u)

  7. Mimi
    | #7

    Once again, a well done job the abugida guys”¦ One way of knowing that you are doing a superb job is that you seem to trigger the weyannes inferior complex. That is why stupid weyannes such as casanova and kilu MAMO forced to post their meaning less ideas on this site.

  8. ONE OF U
    | #8

    The man , who interviewed Ato Andargachew Tsige is not comptent or didn’t prepared him self well. It makes me very sad to experience such a poor Professionalism. But i wonder Ato Andargachew Tsige. I think he has substituted an acceptabele Position. Thanks also to abugida. Make it better further.

  9. Tullu
    | #9

    what a lier

  10. Kill Zenawi
    | #10


    I am alive and kicking. It seems you got plenty of time in your hand and nothing in your plate to worry about. How much do you get paid to write your nonsense?
    As for Ashu, Shut up!! What have you done for your country lately but complain and kiss Zenawi’s ass? You do not seem to have heard the word “experience”?. Unlike you, a grumpy old man somewhere from US or Europe, Ashu is a young bright man who has a great future ahead of him. Give him time. He will mature. Did you see how he took the criticism from Andargachew? Unlike Zenawi, He admits and drifts away into another subject. I am impressed that you went through the whole interview and have something to comment. All the other woyanae supporters, Ignore you!! You are too stupid to have a dialog with.

    Join Intellectuals’ Club, Kinijit.( Learn how to spell it too)
    Kill Zenawi.

  11. Kill Zenawi
    | #11

    By the way, It seems MAMO is having multiple personality problem.

  12. casanova
    | #12

    Kill Zenawi:

    Good to know that u r still alive. I was worried that the walk of shame u had was going to drag u out from posting.

    It is better to talk something we know about rather than speculating irrelevant issues like my contribution to my country, my age, my where about, my earning and my personal life. It makes me to think that u r tera ye buna bet character.

    I wish if i can meet the Kinijit`s intellectual club b/c i have got so many things to ask. R u a member there? Since i start to post on this web i have been very busy asking questions. No one tried to give an explanation to those questions. So is that what u call a dialogue?

    As of Ashu`s case, it is not only experience he lacks, but also confidence. And if he lacks experience u(all Kinjit`s sympethizers)need to get some one with a better experience. Just raise some money and make the TV professional. That is the list u can do 4 your people and your party. Woeyanes have paid their life to achieve their goal.

  13. casanova
    | #13


    ….triggering someone`s complex….., is that the definition of a free and informative media? Let the others judge us who is stupid.

  14. e
    | #14

    Yemeserach Abebe I am in love with your poem like News ..really U are good at it and I love to hear your news brife!!!

  15. Hagos
    | #15

    Thank You Abugida once again for a great job and for doing interview with Andargatchew. And Ashber although as Andergatchew said researching and asking different question will give listener more broad knowledge about the issues, the organization, and the person you interviewing I believe you did a marvelous job. There are many important questions you asked which helped a lot of people to know about the condition. Of course the CUD international now well organized and work very effectively but the question you asked him regarding why they did not join the parliament was very essential. I am very proud you brought specially that question because a lot of people think the situation could have been better. Again Andergatchew did answer very well that the CUD leaders did not refused to join the parliament. Andergatchew answered my questions and many Ethiopian puzzles. EPRDF/TPLF/MELES is the one who close the door not the CUD leaders. As we remember until last minutes the CUD leaders tried hard to prevent crises. Even at one point I remember when the security forces were surrounding them while in their offices the CUD leaders were telling the people not to take any action. They knew purposely EPRDF/TPLF/Melese was trying to trigs the people and want to kill them. Of course that is what they did. However, the CUD leaders until the day they were arrested they were trying to give all the chance to the EPRDF/TPLF/Melese not to jeopardize the Ethiopian people future. But the saddest part was like Andergatchew did in 1992 they did not consider EPRDF/TPLF/Melese character whether knowingley or by mistake they tried to negotat to bring democracy with narrowed minded Melese. Once when I was talking to one US officials regarding the negotiation process he told me that when he found out Berkit Simon was the one dealing with the negotiation he said he knew it then they were playing. Of course they planned this from day one. Look what happen to Sey. If Melese did not have his plan I do not think all this thing would have happened. Melese if I am not mistaken the year but I think 1995 in EU calendar TPLF meeting in Tigrai he was not happy how the people of Tigrian feeling toward him and start digging a solution. That is why he traps Sey and come up with ridiculous fabricated charge and put him in jail. And when the court found him not guilty and let him free he sent his puppet guys like Casanova(similar who live for coined not for his freedom and right born to serve because of fear or money) took him back to the prison. As I said the CUD leaders dedicated for peace but did forgot EPRDF/TPLF/Melese did not know peace. They have been living their life for more than 30 years by killing people just to gain the power. I do not forget what Abby Tsaie said once when he talked about EPLF. He said that “we did not say anything when EPLF close the food delivery to the starving thousands people of Tigrian children and mother because we saw our main goal”. HA! Do you think if they didn’t care for thousands of Tigrian children and mothers because they need EPLF support to gain power do you think they will negoatiot and give power to CUD leaders. I know the CUD leaders want to demolish our historical forced power transition. However, if they continue the peaqcful demonstration in stead of the negation I think they would have showed more about the ignorance of EPRDF/TPLF/Melese. You know so many of us now learned and changed from our thinking and wishing good for our people and our country to be more democratic. But the EPRDF/TPLF/Melese are still thinking with the same mentality continue to act as they are ruling but the people mind and heart is away from them all over the country. By the way Asrat G, Aregaish, and many other former TPLF members applied for their new party and Melese denied them a permit. He is panicking because he knows they will mobilize Tigrian especially in all Tigrian regions. Abugida please learn more about this and bring some news for next week.

  16. Kemal Tufa
    | #16

    Mamo always laughs a blood laugh called KKK. He knows Meles is a killer and he understands he stands with a killer. He also knows he will be tried with Zenawi one day. Until that time let him say KKK at the blood of Shibre, and others who were victims of Agazie, his uncles.

  17. GQ
    | #17

    Good job Abugida
    I Think you should give the other side the same opportunity to give as there side

    Thank you

  18. Tezera
    | #18

    Great admiration for Andarigachew Tsigie.

    Dear Ashebir…..you are doing a great job. Keep it up. You are contributing a lot to bring about a change in the current situation of your country. That is something worth appreciation.

    Do not listen to those idle guys doing nothing but discouraging good guys like you.

    Great job Abugida.

  19. kill zenawi
    | #19


    You damn fool. I did not ask you about your earning. I am talking about the money Zenawi scams from poor people of Ethiopia and used it to finance your dirty work.
    The only reason you, woyanaes, hate “Ashu”? is the fact that he knows you hot spots. Your alarm goes off whenever he hits it.

    You ask about Kinijit Intellectuals? “¦”¦”¦shshshshshshshshshsh”¦.let no body hear you say this “¦”¦..whom shall I start with? “¦Eng. Hailu Shawel, Prof. Mesfin, Prof. Yakob, Dr. Berhanu, Judge Birtukan “¦and the list goes on.

    Woyanae officials are a bunch of high school and college drop outs. The highest education completed is college drop out, i.e the crime minister, Meles Zenawi.

    Your idiotic comments make me think you are a “tere debtera”?.

    Ashu….kick some woyanae ass!!

  20. casanova
    | #20

    Kill Zenawi

    Some how u r right. Woeyanes leaders were university drop out. Actually some were already first degree holders before going to fight against Derg.

    They drop out to fight against Derg for their people. That time Eng Hailu was serving the Derg. Prof Mesfin was serving the Derg. Dr Hailu was serving the Derg. The others left their country to pave their way to a better carrier and personal life. That is why they r now doctors and professors.

    The Eng and the Prof left Derg b/c they start to think that their life was in danger, not Ethiopians life but their life. Any derg member can kill any one of them. Let me tell u a fact. Eng Hailu was slapped infront of peoples by a tera abyot tebaki woman. I swear to God all the things i am telling u r facts. By the way ,again i swear to my God i was not even born at that time. He had a Ministerial position in a govt office called Ethiopian Sugar Enterprise. U can ask anybody who watched his interview with Steven Sakur on BBC`s Hard Talk.

    Prof Mesfin was a member in the Investigation Commission: a commission investigating the later executed 60 Minsters and higher officials from the King`s royal regime.

    So all those intellectuals did`t said a word during Derg`s time when ten thousand people were being killed. So what good is their intellectualism.

    It is only Dr Berhanu who was concerned for his people and his country from the very beginning. Not only him but rest in peace, his brother who lost his life during Derg`s Red Terror, was also active in the political struggle against Derg.

    So all your intellectuals have got some personal or group issue against Woeyane. But a person like u r praising those intellectuals with out question or u also have got an issue like them.

  21. kill zenawi
    | #21


    It seems you got too much stereotypes going on.
    Serving Derg and working for Derg are too different things.
    These people were serving Derg, so were millions of Ethiopians. What is your point?
    I hope you are not accusing all people who are in Ethiopia at the time and held government Jobs.

    You are contradicting yourself also. First you tell me Hailu Shawel was a Derg. Then you tell me he was slapped by a “tera abiot tebaki”. These two statements just don’t coincide. If he was a derg it would be very difficult to believe he was slapped by a “terra abiot tebaki”. I wasn’t born today…Don’t gimme your white lies.

    Derg was a dictator. However, Derg was not a traitor.

    Derg did not call our flag “tera cherik”
    Derg did not divide us across tribal lines.
    Derg did not kill us because we are from this tribe and that tribe.
    Derg did not arrest 40,000 youths within a week.
    Derg did not let Eritreans take away our two ports and our beloved Afar People.
    Unlike Woyanae, Derg did not ask its enemy to bomb its own people in an open market.
    ( Did you know woyana infilitrated and forced the Derg to bomb “Housein” so that a woyanae invited foreign journalist could take a good picture of it?)

    Woyana went to the bush because they wanted power. Nothing much “¦nothing less.

    You have absorbed too much of woyanae propaganda “¦.Some form of cleansing should be in order.

    Kill Zenawi aka “Zenawi must die”

  22. casanova
    | #22

    Kill Zenawi:

    Take it easy my friend. Don`t get so much angry.

    General Teferi Benti was a top Derg official. But he was killed by Derg itself. Is there any contradiction about it? Know i am sensing something. I don`t think u know so much about Ethiopia.

    Did i said Hailu Shawel was a Derg? If u have got reading and understanding problem try to start from KG.

    I think u have got your own definition of dictator. Don`t u know that a dictator is a traitor of it`s own people?

    According to you, Derg did`t do nothing wrong except it was a dictator.
    Ha Ha Ha. That will be rated as joke of the millennium. Thanks for making us lough.

  23. kill zenawi
    | #23

    Not angry at all …just trying to get in the minds of a woyanae..finding your hot spots …what makes you freak out and keep you calm.

    It is you who lacks basic English writing and understanding skill.
    I thought you were the smart one amongst woyanaes. You are sounding more like MAMO right now or Berhane who got mad at me because I told him his sentence needs at least a single period.

    Two Basic English grammars:
    1) Did I said Hailu Shawel was a Derg?
    Should have said – Did I say “Hailu Shawel was a Derg”?

    2) Derg didn’t do nothing
    Should have said – Derg didn’t do anything

    You need to attend Pre-KG

    You are still making a very stupid analogy:
    Here you’re quoted verbatim saying “General Teferi Benti was a top Derg official. But he was killed by Derg itself.” and “Eng Hailu was slapped in front of peoples by a tera abyot tebaki woman.”?

    The former is the case of two high ranking officials and the latter, between a Derg official as you claim and an ordinary women. Try again. This just does not make sense. I don’t think you know about compare and contrast.

    As for Hailu Shawel, You were saying implicitly all along that he was a Derg member. If you are saying now “he is not derg” then “Iseyehu”. We got one who has the right mind.

    No one is fool here and we’re not born yesterday.
    “Kill Zenawi”? aka “Zenawi must die”?

  24. casanova
    | #24

    Kill Zenawi aka Mengistu.

    Thanks 4 the grammar correction. But if u go back and check ur grammar, there r many mistakes. The issue is not about our English. It is about Derg and your current leaders. U r trying to tell us that Derg was o.k. Well, u have got the right to say it.

  25. kill zenawi
    | #25

    casanova aka zenawi

    It is you who started questioning about my English. Why don’t you check it for me since I checked yours? You guys always drag us down to talk rubbish. Talking about nonsense is not my style.

    Read my lips …”I DID NOT SAY DERG IS OK” Derg is better than woyanae on many points.

    Kill Zenawi aka “Zenawi must die”

  26. casanova
    | #26

    Kill Zenawi aka Mengistu:

    “Derg was dictator but not a traitor” that was your lip.

  27. mekellena
    | #27

    why you guys are talking to much about meles, y u guys r blemming on him every time. i know you guys are some of those damn ppls who are walking emotionally through the trash way. but you already know that he a realy realy smart man, he is one of those proud of our african leaders. min waga alew, what even God gives him intelegent mind he borns among us mehaymoch. so plz leave him alon.
    success 4 him. continuing peace to ethio.

    | #28

    MEKELENA,,kkkkk abo gedelkenko! Aho ho! wey chinqrat!~ endih nuw enji chinqrat malet ,,MEKELENA,,thank you for the nicest english usage,,by the measurement of woyanees standard,, your profficency is an*excellent one..kkkkkk. Where did you learn all that? mekele city? oh! is that what you call it “tigro english”? wey gud~! kkkkkkk uh besaq motinko!!! Mekelena,,no wonder your brain is as new as brand new,,we think it is because your brain never been used.right-right!!kkkkkkkkk Ato meles needs to use your brain before the total shut down comes. kkkkkkk
    Whatever your message supposed to mean,,, you may keep it up just 4 the change man!! KKKKkkkk uhh!
    Mekele yemitbal sew lezelalem nur- egna endinsiq,,kkkkkkk

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