Insurgents Down Helicopter In Somalia and Zenawi’s still lying!

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CBS News | March 30 2007

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Thursday his country had successfully accomplished its mission in Somalia. He said extremists were no longer a “clear and present danger” to Ethiopia.

A helicopter bombing insurgent positions in Somalia’s capital was shot down Friday as government and allied troops battled hundreds of gunmen in the streets, a witness said.

Government soldiers and troops from neighboring Ethiopia, who are in Somalia to protect the fragile government, were under severe attack for a second day as they tried to quash a growing insurgency by Islamic militants. “The helicopter looked like a ball of smoke and fire before crashing,” said Ruqiya Shafi Muhyadin, who watched as the helicopter went down in a residential area near the airport.

At least 10 people died Thursday as military helicopters and tanks opened fire on apparent insurgent positions in the capital, sending residents running for cover.

Witnesses have reported seeing the bodies of soldiers dragged through the streets of Mogadishu for days.

The military operation which began Thursday was meant to be a three-day push to restore order in Mogadishu, as the Ethiopian contingent prepares to withdraw from the country.

The capital has been under near daily attack from Islamic insurgents, said Mohamed Mohamud Husein, spokesman for the Somali president.
“The operation will take at most three days, and it’s aimed at rooting the terrorists out of the city,” he said Thursday.

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Thursday his country had successfully accomplished its mission in Somalia. He said extremists were no longer a “clear and present danger” to Ethiopia.

“After breaking the backbones of extremist forces, our defense forces have started to withdraw,” Meles told his country’s parliament. He said “more than two-thirds” of his forces have returned to Ethiopia, but gave no figures.

Meles added that his government would continue to train Somali security forces.

Somalia has seen little more than anarchy for more than a decade. The government, with crucial support from Ethiopian troops, only months ago toppled an Islamic militia that had controlled Mogadishu.

Insurgents believed to be the remnants of Somalia’s Council of Islamic Courts have staged almost daily attacks against the government, its armed forces and the Ethiopian military. Last week, a cargo plane carrying equipment for African Union peacekeepers here was shot down by a missile during takeoff, killing the 11-person crew.

The United States “” which has been involved in the fighting militarily at times, particularly in the south of Somalia which was the rebel’s stronghold “” has accused the Islamic group of having ties to al Qaeda.

The U.N.’s refugee agency said 57,000 people have fled violence in the Somali capital since the beginning of February, including more than 10,000 people who fled the city in the last week.

The figures were based on information provided by non-governmental organizations in Somalia, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said in a statement released late Wednesday.

“There has been a steady exodus from the city since the beginning of February, when armed groups clashed with forces of” the government, the agency said.

  1. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #1


    As to the Diaspora Hodam Banda’s who clap everytime an Ethiopian soldier is killed. You will still die of ULCER because Ethiopia is the inevitable winner. JUST WAIT A FEW MORE DAYS BEFORE YOU STARR RUNNING THAT STINKING MOUTHS OF YOURS. WAIT A FEW DAYS AND SEE.

  2. fish
    | #2

    Those are not Ethiopian. They are tigre mersinaries who fight for money. They don’t have any moral value when they went and kill childrens in their own home country.There is a lesson for ethiopians,they have to fight back like somalies.These soldures are ready to kill any one, as we have seen even their own contry mens for money, the desirve to burn and their familly should fell the pain of those who perish for peace ethiopians and somalies. For tigree ppls they are commiting a crime by not condemning the woyane atrocity. When the time comes yo will pay dearly.

    Ethiopian and Somalia ppls. Unite against tigree

  3. Kemal Tufa
    | #3

    21st Century:

    Just stick to the point. Did the man born serevant of the West and made of threads of lies and murder(i.e henious Meles) lied as usual or not?

    Don’t curse the people just like your masters do in Addis. You have to realize sooner or later the people will win. No didcator in the world existed for ever.

    Thank you!

  4. casanova
    | #4


    It is going to take u centuries to know to whom we r fighting in Somalia just b/c u r big time dumb.

  5. j.p.h
    | #5

    Thanks for the poem you liked last time,
    I read it in some other web sits.
    It works for this article as well,
    Please invite “21st century bla bla”
    and enjoy together:

    People’s sword

    “Ageazi”? army think before you kill children
    The mighty people sword is far better than gun
    Don’t kill either women the old the young men
    Tyrant will not save you on the land of foreign

    “Weyanne”? “Agazi”? don’t rape females at all
    The mass will burn you live before you go to hell
    But why you do all this for some pay or some meal?
    When tyrant gets wealthy should you bleed for his foul?

    “EPRDF-HODAMS”? you should think of the case
    While Ethiopia dies you can’t sit and relax
    Elected wise leaders being in dungeons
    History will judge you soon for all atrocities
    Jump from sinking ship and Leave”? parliament seats”?

    “AGEAZI”? had brothers, wives and young children
    Like all people on earth they were known as human
    But now worship evil-cursed soul of a man
    Who just rob a country to hide some where and ran
    Leaving you all behind to save his rear alone

    Hear advice “AGAZI”? ,”?WOyanne”? gangs as well
    Force is not only way to reconcile to heal
    Free elected leaders who bring hope to us all
    Repent your sins and leave let justice come for real
    Any way you’ll be judged by the mighty people
    When Ethiopia rises with her sword to prevail!

    (Anonymous Ethiopian 27/03/2007)

  6. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #6

    Please my D.C. Functionally Mehaime Hodame Banda’s. I see your ULCER is getting worst. Go to school and read to decrease the your funcitoinal mehaiminet. The Brave Ethiopian Soldiers will eliminate the Islamic-Terroistis within DAYS. As always, you will sit in the side line, talking about the usual Weyanne, your imaginary enemy for your imaginary functionally mehaime life. You remind me of Hay Chewing Red Necks in Georgia. You really do.

  7. | #7

    The so-called 21st-century, I don’t understand why you always talk about “Functional Mehaiment” many of them left thier home because of you Agazi-killers,at the same time we are a nation of very poor economy thanks to Woyane misrule,don’t just forget to see the maine issue of the problem, whatever you get from TPLF,for the majority of Ethiopians TPLF is trashed and rejected, only it’s a matter of time ????

  8. casanova
    | #8


    Woeyane`s rule has scored 10% economic growth. Can you tell me if there is a single diaspora Kingit`s leaders talking about Ethiopian economy?

    There is a big inflation problem in urban areas of Ethiopia. This is a very current burning issue for Ethiopians leaving in Ethiopia. But no Kingit has addressed this problem, no Kingit criticised Woeyane`s way of tackling this problem and no Kingit proposed a solution. But Kingit has got many doctors and professors.

    So me, as an Ethiopian leaving in Ethiopia, no political party is a party standing for me as long as one of my major problems, which is economy, is not mentioned.

  9. fish
    | #9

    Mehayem Omer there is no economy in ethiopia to measure the growth. That is why we are not talking about tigre economy. Its budget is projected on the western money which is stolen from africa. dummy tigree. We have to condomn woyane and its supporters.
    “Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may equally be outraged by silence” Tigree is our enemy there is no other ways.


  10. Abdi
    | #10

    Shame on Tigree mercs. They have been paid their dues right in Somalia. They could in now way be able to recover their deceased.Their trash bodies are spread all over the city streets. They died with mercy money on their pockets saved for their impoverished home. Pockets full of money has been a gift for the Mogadhishu freedom-fighters. The bloody tigres remaining will be swallowed down. They will never make it home.

  11. fish
    | #11

    We are not afraid of changes. Why are we fighting Somalies? If they want to be muslim let them be it is their choice. Meles and his followers are playing with fire and they are already feeling the heat. That Omer there is no economy with out freedom of right dummy.
    “Mehayem sew Kepolotica wichi new” Lennin therefore, you have to leave

  12. Mimi
    | #12

    Take a look at what I found at

    “Ethiopia now the number one target for al-Qaida
    The al-Qaida terrorist organization has issued a call for Islamic extremists around the world to come to the aid of Somalis fighting the country’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG)”

    That is a big truble for poor Ethiopia. Look what Meles is bringing to us. I just hope and pray that nothing happens to the poor and peaceful Ethiopian people. If any body has any problem, it should be with Meles not with the peaceful Ethiopians.

  13. geremew
    | #13

    I see a lot of short sighted TEBABOCH in this forum, War is not a game of throwing mud, Eritrean soldiers were spoted handing out anti aircraft arms in the streets of Mogadishu just before the city falls to EDF, so until they are all rooted out of the city the offensive will continue and the whole world have seen what Ethiopia is capable of.

    I remember Ethiopian review and all other “opposition” websites were reporting that “Meles was sending NON-TIGREANS to the front line to die so that he can stay in power, and now when a picture of “dead Ethiopian soldier” appears in the media, all of a sudden the dead soldier is WOYANE or AGAZI. Either way, how can someone be happy with the death of his fellow country man???? I’ll tell you why, it’s because of the DEEP HATERADE AGAINEST TIGREWOCH, nothing more nothing less, the entire HOYA HOYE that we have witnessed after the election was about this and nothing else.

    Some people in this forum tries to blame EPRDF for the illitracy rate in ETHIOPIA, but the truth is EPRDF is educating those poor souls that most of you HODAMS in DC have robbed and abused for years before you fled to the states, We used to have two or three universities for a population of then 65,000,000 look where Ethiopia is now after just 16 years.

    But your DINKURINA specially those in DC is even becoming an issue for America, ENANTE YEHAGER SHEKIMOCH, AGERACHU EYALACHUM DENKORO NEBERACHU AHUN DEGMO YESEW HAGER SHEKIM. History will remember you for importing illitracy to the developed world, U.S.A

    About Eritrea, how can somebody compare Somalia with Eritrea??? Eritrea have one of the biggest army in Africa even more than us but we have seen what happened to them in the last war. It is against our culture to HIT A MAN WHO IS ALREADY DOWN!!!!!! the problem is what do you do with the 350,000 plus soldiers after you removed Issayas……..look what’s happening in Irak, so I completely agree with the Prime ministers aproach to this issue, Colin Paul once said just before the war in Irak…IF YOU BREAK IT YOU OWN IT so we don’t want to add another mouths to feed, we have enough problems to deal with.

    Once again Ethiopia will prevail in Mogadishu eventhough you wanted to see a non stop insurgency, the operation will be over soon before you even know it started in the first place.


  14. Muhamed al-irlandi
    | #14

    The Kafir-Tigree Militia in Soomaal are falling like flies.

    We make dua that the muslims in habasha/eritrea/somalia unite upon tawhid and shun tribalism and stand up to the tyranny of kuffar/munafiqs such as Abdullahi Yusuf, Ahmed Gedi, TFG, Meles et al.

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