Zimbabwe and Ethiopia: Any double standards?

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Accra Daily Mail | Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dear Editor,

Please kindly reproduce the following article in your popular paper to enable President. John Agyekum Kufuor, the distinguished current Chairman of the African Union, and the good Ghanaian public to have a clear picture of the current situation in Ethiopia under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. (more…)

Accra Daily Mail | Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dear Editor,

Please kindly reproduce the following article in your popular paper to enable President. John Agyekum Kufuor, the distinguished current Chairman of the African Union, and the good Ghanaian public to have a clear picture of the current situation in Ethiopia under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.
Almost all media in England carry Zimbabwe’s human rights abuses. They have stories about the brutal dictator and the world’s response to the recent violence. Morgan Tsvagari has been lionized in the media.
Since the violence, the BBC has opened most of its news with Zimbabwe, its top correspondent Orla Guerin reporting from South Africa. Other European media outlets have also extensively covered the story in hostile ways to Mugabe. The man has to go. He is a classic African dictator who has no regard for the wishes of the citizenry he is supposed to serve. He is corrupt and brutal.
Yet the same scrutiny which is accorded this liberation hero is not given to another dictator a few thousand miles north of Zimbabwe. Meles’ government has killed many people in recent years. His soldiers and policemen have tortured opposition activists.
He has imprisoned opponents. While in Zimbabwe, the opposition MDC has its offices all over the country, the main opposition in Ethiopia is unofficially outlawed. Mugabe’s three months ban on demonstrations was received with abhorrence by the west. In Ethiopia, demonstrations have been prohibited since May 2005.
Two striking issues differentiate Ethiopia from Zimbabwe. While Mugabe told the west to “go hang” long time ago, Meles has chosen to be the pawn in their hands. Mugabe’s defiance was met by sanctions from the furious West. Meles, an equally fierce dictator, is being showered with financial gifts from the World Bank and the West.
More importantly, there is “the white factor” which has made Europeans and Americans to act differently in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Meles government killed its own people. Mugabe’s dictatorship started to become unacceptable when he confiscated white-owned farms. When Mugabe murdered thousands of people in Ndebele in the 1980s, the opposition from the West was largely muted. The very least one could say about the reaction to Mugabe is hypocrisy.
When Ghana and Ghanaians under the able leadership of John Kufuor, are enjoying the rule of law, freedom of speech, respect for human rights and all other goodies that come with democracy after a long struggle, their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia are suffering under the firm grips of a tyrant, who is terrorizing, intimidating and torturing them.
In Ethiopia today, there is only one television station ““ government owned, no free press, no private radio stations (no phone-ins). Even family members are afraid of each other. The country is full of paid informants. In short, Ethiopia is a police state.
If you are defending the defenceless, and if you are the voice of the voiceless through the power of the pen, please reproduce the above and let the world know what is going on in far away Ethiopia. Thanking you for the cooperation and hoping to see the article in your next issue.

  1. Mimi
    | #1

    One big difference between Meles and Mugabe is that: Mugabe has a country and for good or bad he loves his country. Meles in other hand he is Eritrean who is committing unthinkable crime against Ethiopians as the Ethiopian leader. In my opinion Meles is much worst than Mugabe. He is a blood trusty tyrant and a treat for all human beings. He is a kind of person that makes Africa the miserable continent in the face of the world. For all Africans and human beings sake Meles has to go.

  2. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #2

    Mimiye, Ye Bole Konjitiye. This anti-Ethiopian Prime Minister hates Ethiopia so much that he keeps on elevating the economic growth of this country. What a hater. This hateful man builds roads, a magnificent airport near your place of residence (Bole), economic growth of over 10.1%, and a 40% decrease in child malnutrition (UN) in the past 11 yrs. What a hater. Oh I am sorry, I forgot, things like facts and figures are elements that you are allergic to. But hey, let us all disregard the World Bank, IMF, World Economists, and just believe my bole Konjite mimiye after she has a crossiant with her hot latte. ta ta sweetie.

  3. fish
    | #3

    I guess you just heard when westerns talk about economic growth and bla bla. You just have no idea about economics you uneducated woyanes. In addition it is a proven thing Meles and his party are liers and who ever associated with him alos is a liar. As they said guilty by asociation. And i don’t know why you gus make it only 10% why don’t say 50 or 60% growth do you think is there any body who buy your spite. As you mentioned they are just figures moron.

    Ethiopian and somalies will fight tigre regium untill they disapear!!!!!!

  4. Mimi
    | #4

    The 21-Century-Weyanne, what makes you think Eritrean such as Meles and Bereket Simone gives a dame about Tigray? Meles is Eritrean, but he is a leader of Tigray People Libration front. That gives only sense for feeble minded weyannes. Meles invaded a weak Somalia, but didn’t want to be strong on Issayas to resolve the Badma issue. All weyannes, if you have any normal brain left that thinks rationally I have one question for you. Meles decided to invade Somalia in the pre emptive attack, but yet he is so soft on Eritrean. Do you know why that is happening? It is just because Meles is an Eritrean. Now, if you need freedom, you need to stop running behind Meles’s behind. You need to stop supporting Meles. You just can’t fight with Issayas and at the same time expect another Eritrean to lead you for victory. Do you remember what Meles did to Siye Abrah and other TPLF top members right after the Badema war? Wake up Meles is all Ethiopians enemy. You need to join your other Ethiopians to get ride of evil Meles.

  5. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #5

    Mimiye, anchinese Makelle weseje newe yemagebashe. I love your Bole-Politica. Muche! Ababiye yemute. Anchi cuttie pie. Ke libishe enhehone yegebanale leza newe yemalinadedewe. Well, again, mimiye, allow me to shower your with, guess what, something you are allergic to, called FACTS. As a result of this Eritrea loving P.M., Eritreans are presently running for the border at the risk of death, all economic actgivities are essentially dead, factories are largely closed, the economy of eritrea is dead, people stand for 2hrs to get a piece of bread, the country is on the verge of collapse. The government has turned to robbing the citizens money. If that is Meles’ way of giving love to Eritrea, I gotta see what will happens when he begins to hate them. You see my Bole-Politician/model, you are the typical Ethiopian. No patience to see the evolution of a carefully calculated policy. You are like the little kid, you need to see a lot of lights and magic to conclude that things are moving. The PM has carefully disected the Eritean regime inot oblivion. If you can’t see that,well, sorry, we have no magic tricks for KIDS. Even Bole Kids.

  6. JAKOB
    | #6

    21-St Century I Wish you think harder than Advocating a blood thirsty Tyrrant Meles Zenawi and its financiers IMF/World Bank.

  7. | #7

    Really surprising 21-st. I like very much your jock, your uncles are making the same jock like your ugly one on our nation.You say, “carfully calculated policy”?? let we,… you and me replace this saying by “carfully calculated ignominy”. Is that right?

  8. Mimi
    | #8

    The 21-Centurey – Weyanne, I think you are the one that is keep deserved by an Eritrean guy, that is called Meles, as a little kid. If the Tigray people need libration, why is that some one who is full Tigra wouldn’t lead the TPLF? Why do you let an Eritrean lead TPLF? The 21-Centurey-Weyanne, you don’t need to answer this questions to me and embarrass your self as the whole world watches. Think about it a couple of times, and answer the questions to yourself. Keep in mind there are a couple of things that TPLF has accomplished so far. First, helped Shaabia to seceded Eritrea, second, try to destroy the Ethiopians nationalism using ethnocentric policy and keep Ethiopians busy with other problems so they would not raise the Assebe port issue.
    How does TPLF managed to do all these? First and for most TPLF was created by EPLF, and supported by Ethiopian historical enemies, second, the TPLF leader ,who is an Eritrean, Meles managed to deceive Ethiopians of Tigray region as if he cars for them. At one point he called them golden people, but the truth is any one that takes Meles seriously as an Ethiopian is not a golden person. Probably, the golden animal title would fit that person or group of people.

    Now tell me that I am a little kid?

    Mimi from Bole

  9. king david
    | #9

    i am the god and my african boyes let me tell you one thing most of you heat melese administration and you are speeking good and truth but let me put in this way
    1 mugabe love his country and has grate integration for africa devolopment and he is not ok for erope (england)and united state so he depart 5 of white eropian farmers that they taking over the land of the black popel they send the bill 580 on him this is shame for african
    2 melese is a good dog for england and america why not he kill thousend of popel they dont care becouse he is the only one that lead amreican and england plan for africa he is good for globalasation ,bla bla so my popel dont be full wast your time england and america is the historical enemy for africa

  10. | #10

    Meles zenawi’s days are numbered not in month’s or years.
    His days are numbered in days and will face justice.
    Death to the tryannt.

  11. casanova
    | #11


    “….EPLF….Ethiopian historical enemy…”So why is CUD,AFD,EPPF and OLF are currently working hand in glove with EPLF? If u answer me this question, no one can tell u that u r a little kid anymore. Thanks.

  12. Mimi
    | #12

    Ato Casanova, first of all I am a CUD supporter. CUD has a policy to work with any political party that has a will to present its case to the Ethiopian people and accept the majority of the Ethiopian people’s verdict. CUD gets into the AFD under this very basic democratic principle. What the CUD saying is that the Ethiopia people should be the one to be the judge of political parties in very peaceful and civil manner. That is called a free and transparent election. From this CUD principle, bringing all the political parties under AFD is a positive step forward. If any of the AFD political parties has some serious problems in their baggage, we just need the Ethiopia people know about them and the people will reject them on the Election Day. Second, non of the AFD party members are lead by an Eritrean guy, non of the AFD political parties worked with Shabia to seceded Eritrean or give back Badema to shabia after thousands and thousands of Ethiopians perish for it. It is only TPLF that has been lead by an Eritrean guy called Meles. Meles has long history of working for his mother country Eritrea instead of Ethiopia. That is why I believe TPLF doesn’t represent Tigray. Tigray is the origin of Ethiopia. That is the historical fact. Unfortunately, Shabia has been using the very Ethiopians from Tigray region to dismantle Ethiopia. How does shabia managed to do that? Well, Shabia managed to insert Meles (Eritrean) as a leader of Tigray libration front leader. Does Issayas cares about the well being of Tigray people? I don’t think so. He just wants to use you for his own purpose.
    One final point Ato Casanova, if woyanne concern about what the AFD is up to, Weyanne should start to dialog with them around the table? The other burning question that sill pending in my mind is why is that an Eritrean guy lead TPLF with no strong objection from Tigray people? Ato Casanova, I presume to believe that you are from Tigray region of north Ethiopia and you may think yourself as a golden person. But, you don’t mind an Eritrean person lead you in a war against Eritrea. What kind of courageous and golden are you man? Be honest to yourself and ask this question to your self and have your own mind peace first. In my opinion most of the guys that joined TPLF from Tigray region may had a cause that push them to straggle, but obviously, TPLF has no genuine and compassionate purpose any more. If it had, it wouldn’t have a problem to have an honest round table discussion with other Ethiopian political parties. That is additional evidence that shows TPLF is hijacked by a foreigner who has deep hat for Ethiopia. That is Meles. It is so sad to see no single Tigrayian come out against Meles yet. He has been running the whole show for so long. At one point Siye challenged him, and Meles put him in jail and that is the end of the story. It is shame! I am sure there are fully Tigraian Ethiopians who are equipped to lead TPLF, if TPLF has a genuine cause. There is no need in a good faith to let an Eritrean lead TPLF. That smells fish to me.

  13. casanova
    | #13


    Let us bring them to the round table even if they are working with Shabia and let the people decide on them is much more beyond recognizing and working in alliance together.

    If CUD is working with those parties in alliance, it means it has has accepted those parties. Period. There is no other definition of alliance.

    There is no need to form an alliance to bring those parties on election day. There is no such kind of thing in our planet where we are leaving. If they want to come on the election they can come. But alliance is another thing. After all they are working with Shabia. So clear your point, my dear.

  14. Mimi
    | #14

    Well, that is your opinion that AFD is working with Shabia. Now, as much as you have an opinion the rest of the Ethiopian people also have opinion. Weyanne just has to respect the majority of the Ethiopian people opinion. Now, it sounds like you are so concerned about Shabia. That is right! You should concern about Shabia, but I don’t want you to tell me that Shabia is Ethiopian enemy. The whole Ethiopia knows that…We fought against Shabia for 30 years and again in Bademe. TPLF is the one that fought Ethiopians a long side of Shabia, and agreed to let Badema go. Still you are crying wolf about Shabia, but you don’t mind to have an Eritrean man to lead the Tigrayan Libration Front.

  15. kill zenawi
    | #15


    Would you explain why TPLF formed alliance with EPLF”¦.”Ethiopian historical enemy” and let Ethiopia remain without a single port ?

    I know you always don’t make sense…but let me give you one more chance.

  16. fish
    | #16

    Mr Casa nova as your sugested that yo have that inferiority to ward Eritrean that is why you adopt the nick name usually they like touse. Lets go to your point and tt is woyane who fight beside the Eritrean and killed his own ppls before and now. the question is why and you ask us back why CUD is collaborating with them evenbased on your fear and speculation. We belive that most ppls are capable of changing for good except the mehayem woyanes.

    best regard,


  17. fish
    | #17

    Mr Casa nova as your sugested that yo have that inferiority to ward Eritrean that is why you adopt the nick name usually they like to use.Now lets go to your point, It is woyane who fight beside the Eritrean and killed his own ppls before they come to the city and now after they are here. The question is why do you question us back “why CUD is collaborating with them” even based on your fear and speculation. We belive that most ppls are capable of changing for good except the mehayem woyanes and even if we collaborate with Eritrean as long as for the good of our country it is ok. i guess are afraid of them for some reason.

    best regard,


  18. casanova
    | #18

    Kill Zenawi:

    For the first time, u came up with something that makes sense. I am impressed.

    It was not me who said that EPLF is historic enemy of Ethiopia. That was Mimi.

    Anyways so much has been said about TPLF and Zenawi for being half Eritrea. It has been said as if he was working to make a separated into many peases and very weak Ethiopia and to create a very strong independent empire of Tigrai and Eritrea. Derg has been saying that thing for the 17 years. After the fall of Derg, your current leaders continue to say the same thing. They tried to discredit Woeyanes as if they were sucking other Ethiopian blood to create a very strong Tigrai and Eritrea.

    That did`t happened at all. Everybody can c that. Know Ethiopia is a very strong country both economically, military and diplomatically, specially if we compare it with the Eritreans. None of the things that has been said happened at all. Tigrai is just developing equally like the other part of Ethiopia.No one can deny the current status of Ethiopia. A very strong country. So is Zenawi working for Ethiopia or Eritrea?

    So your current leaders shifted to another strategy to discredit the Woeyanes. That is human right. They tried all their best to create the thing that happened after the last election. Partially they succeeded. Know they got an issue.

    By the way even Zenawi has done some fouls regarding Ethio-Eriteria issue but not from an intention to strengthen Eriteria. Everybody makes a mistake. Even the US made mistakes not alone a poor country`s leader like Ethiopia. So that is the case. My friend.

    And finally i would like to let u know that we never fought with the Shabians over Badme. They wanted to be superior over Ethiopia and depend on our economy. They wanted to leave on our shoulder. But Zenawi did`t let them. That is why they start to work with AFD. They think that it will be easier for them to full fill their wishes that Zenawi made it their dream.

  19. Mimi
    | #19

    Casanova, go a head keep deserve yourself and have an Eritrean man lead you to victory against Eritrea.
    A couple of things that I noticed from your argument is that you are either very weak to stand up against the idea of having an Eritrean guy as a leader of TPLF or you are scared to raise the question as an important issue. You even admit that Meles made a mistake in the Badema war. Well, that war coasted us 70 thousands of Ethiopian life. Meles should be held responsible for the (mistake) treason he committed. Obviously, you Casanova don’t think like that out loud just because the above two reasons.

  20. casanova
    | #20


    We never fought for Badme. We fought to let the Shabians know that they can not leave on our shoulders and that has been achieved, thanks to our hero Ethiopian brothers.

  21. Tigist
    | #21

    Casanova, after thousands and thousands Ethiopians died on the Badema war, are you telling me that we never fought for badme? Your answer, isn’t not a typical weyane respond? What a crazy way of seeing things? What do they feed you to screw your brain like that? Beside, you didn’t answer mimi’s question about an Eritrean being a leader of TPLF. Come on Casanova! Are you a man? Face the reality!

  22. casanova
    | #22


    Mimi`s question is well explained. Mele`s mother is from Eritrea. So what? Know Ethiopia is a very strong country. It is not even possible to compare Ethiopia with Shabian led Eritrea. Anybody can tell that. So did that happened b/c Ethiopia is ruled by an Eritrean guy?

    Speaking of Bademe, Shabians issue was much more beyond border. I don`t need to explain about this. Everybody knows that. So they are no more major threats. They will try different things to destabilize our country. But Meles is acting accordingly. To go into full scale war and eradicate Shabia for once and all is not economical, practical and not even internationally acceptable. That`s it.

  23. Mimi
    | #23

    Wow, you went to Somalia full scale and put Ethiopia on the terrorists’ hit list and you don’t want to settle the Badema issue with the same attitude you got for Somalia. The only logical explanation to this craziness is that Meles is an Eritrean, you weyannes neither capable nor have the will to deal with that…

  24. casanova
    | #24


    Going into a full scale war with the Shabians to settle Badme`s case is not practical, affordable(from the balance of it`s cost and gain) and acceptable. But fighting against the UIC in Somalia was practical, affordable and acceptable. Can u tell me any single African country who was against Ethiopians interference in Somalia except Eritrea?

  25. Mimi
    | #25

    casanova, if you are Meles or Bereket, what you are saying would give a sense as a smart ass. If you are tera weyanne, well all I can say is your dumped once more. But, what is dumped for weyanne? You just don’t even get it. Do you?

  26. casanova
    | #26


    Know u have nothing to say. That is why u start to write something that does`t make a sense at all. Sorry 4 u.

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