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Ethiopian community in Europe | March 31, 2007

Dear Friends,

We have learnt that the European Liberal Parties Summit will be held in Dakar from 1 to 3 April. Prominent EU leaders such as Commissioner Louis Michel and the French presidential candidate François Bayrou will be guest speakers along side many African leaders, including Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. (more…)

Ethiopian community in Europe | March 31, 2007

Dear Friends,

We have learnt that the European Liberal Parties Summit will be held in Dakar from 1 to 3 April. Prominent EU leaders such as Commissioner Louis Michel and the French presidential candidate François Bayrou will be guest speakers along side many African leaders, including Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

Click to find out about the European Liberal Parties Summit

In their international relations, the EU liberal parties advocate promoting human rights throughout the world regardless of nationality as one of their top priorities. It is difficult to understand how the Liberals can reconcile their professed principles, with their practice inviting African leaders who are known for their dismal human records.

You may, by now, be familiar with the repression and serious human rights violation in Ethiopia that has intensified since the May 2005 Elections. If the magnitude and brutality of the human rights violations committed by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia were to be compared with that of Robert Mugabe , the latter would be a champion of human rights. While we believe human rights violations are just that and shall be condemned whether they are committed in Ethiopia or in Zimbabwe, it has been very frustrating to see that leading members of the international community, including the EU, have chosen to tolerate the abuses of Ethiopian regime while taking a series of measures against the regime in Harare .

To its credit, the European Parliament had passed several resolutions since the May 2005, calling, among others, for a just and fair resolution of the electoral dispute, the investigation and prosecution of the atrocities committed in June and November 2005 and the release of all political prisoners without any preconditions.
(See for example, European Parliament Resolution of 15 December 2005). The Parliament had also urged the Commission to take appropriate measures, including targeted sanctions against officials suspected of atrocities, in order to ensure that the Ethiopian government complies with the Parliament’s demands.

The European Commission, however, has persistently failed to follow up on the parliament’s recommendations. In fact, although the Commission had initially suspended the direct budgetary aid it used to provide to the Ethiopian government, it has found ways for diverting about half of the said aid and funnel it to a government that has shown no sign of improvement in its human rights records.

It is particularly disconcerting that the European Commissioner for Development Cooperation, Mr. Louis Michel, has failed to live up to the pro-human rights and pro-democracy rhetoric he has so forcefully and frequently expressed when he was Foreign Minister of Belgium. To cite few examples, Commissioner Michel has:
-Never issued official statements condemning the human rights abuses in Ethiopia and demanding that those responsible for the brutal killing of close two hundred innocent civilians be brought to justice. The only official condemnation issued by him over the past year was concerning the expulsion of two EU diplomats in October 2006 by the Ethiopian government.
-Honored Prime Minister Meles Zenawi with an invitation to speak, of all things, about “Good Governance” at the EU-Africa Development Days in Brussels , despite strong protests from the European Parliament and Ethiopians from around the world.
(See the Resolution of November 15, 2006).

-Authorized a 155 million euros grant to the Ethiopian government, ostensibly, for
road sector development.

-Opposed to make public a report prepared by an EU appointed legal expert who has observed the fake trials involving opposition leaders, MPs, human rights and civic activists and journalist, who have been unjustly detained for over a year and declared prisoners of conscience by AI .
In light of the above, we hope that you would help us promote the human rights cause in Ethiopia by asking your members and contacts to write to the Liberal parties in Europe, to the Commissioner Michel and to François Bayrou asking them to make their position clear and to stop employing double standards on human rights.

Concerned Ethiopians in Europe

To protest Prime Minister Meles’s Invitation to the Summit, click here, find the MEP you wish to contact — write or call


  1. fish
    | #1

    listen to this link please and comment on it


  2. Mimi
    | #2

    Here you go again take a look at the following news from http://allafrica.com. The news confirm that Meles is not only for Ethiopia. He is a treat for all human beings.

    The traditional elders of Hawiye, Somali’s powerful tribe Saturday appealed to the international community to intervene in the fighting raging in the Somalia capital Mogadishu.

    Ahmed Direi Ali, the spokesperson of Hawiye said the residents fled the capital while the bodies of innocent people scattered on the grounds.

    “What is happening in the city is total carnage against the civilians,” he said.

    Relevant Links

    East Africa
    Civil War and Communal Conflict
    International Organizations and Africa

    He accused the Ethiopian government of being responsible for what he called “the massacre on the people”.

    Dirie said they would not tolerate the attacks by Ethiopian forces in Mogadishu.

    He asked for the United Nations, Arab League, USA, EU and OIC to intervene in the war in Mogadishu and stop the Ethiopian aggression.

  3. Fekadu MUZU
    | #3

    The United states and EU are becoming a terrorist. The devil Meles is fully supported by EU and America. And the money from America make him a powerfull man in the East Africa. EU and America don’t care about African innocent life but only for their citizen. How selfish and ignorant are Bush and Tony Blair

  4. | #4

    The european union has invited this murder
    not only once but it is more than that.
    My point to you is please remove this dergeratory
    sentence of the prime minister of Ethiopia,
    He isnot an elected P.M AND just call him dectator meles zenawi
    and still he is a murder and a killer.
    Meles zenawi’s days are numbered not in months or years but it is counted
    in days. Our Almighty God will judge him soon.

  5. geremew
    | #5

    Mimi, Jyigzaw, Fekadu

    You are always looking for anything negative about Meles and if you are looking for witches you will find them. Meles too smart to be criticized by people like you.

    The people in the EU or other organizations are not using ALUBALTA to judge Meles because if they were, he wouldn’t be invited anywehere right???. Surely the Europeans are reading from a different page. For the first time in our history, we are now confident to talk about growth and development. There is still alot to be done but wheter you like it or not, Meles will be rememberd as the leader who set the corner stone for the development of Ethiopia, it is proven from time to time that when peoples life is improved and if they are always belly full, they see things better and think positive.

    You are millions of miles far away from the burning issue of your fellow citizenes, the garbage that you guys post here in the name of “SEFIW HIZB” is like an insult to them because their priority is not who is on the driving seat.

    It surely gives joy to see Meles proving you guys wrong time and time again, honestly, why is this man is building the infrastructure of the country from scratch if he hates Ethiopia???? Tell me a single thing that the Diaspora has done to help for example the coffee farmers in Ethiopia against their fight with Starbucks??? when the government raised the issue for the first time in Ethiopian history, you were shouting GENZEBUN LIZERFUT NEW……WEY ATSERU WEY ATASERU.

    I’ll leave you with the beautiful words of the guy that you want so much to return to power said just before the last flight out of Addis……,


  6. fish
    | #6

    Ewenetem Geremew:Your name fits your thinking. In th epast,Can you ever ever recall that europians stand for the beterment of our country? In the contrary they invade us again and angin e.g Italy, britain. So if they invite Meles that means it is a confirms that Meles’s intention fits their interest, which is distablizing the country through ideological and economical warfare from out side. Where as by instoling traitors like meles they can torure and kill nationalists who love their country and in th eprocess who may come accros the europian interest. The main problem with woyanes and their suporters is tha tyou forget history very quickly and need a quick fix for every problem with out addresing the root cause.
    Meles didn’t full Europian and Americans they know his brutality and his infriority and they are exploiting that very succesfully. They definily know he has a mental problem. Look at those who were suported by the west Meles, Saddam, Mobuto, Botha General Pinoche and so on. What did thsi ppls do? They masacar millions not hundreds.

    YIHE HIZB WERK BIANETIFULET FANDIYA NEW YEMIL HIZB NEW Kibur Mengistu Hailemariam when he refered to you Woyanes. I guess he is a prophet.

  7. geremew
    | #7


    The difference between EPRDF and you people is, you would like to live in the past when Ethiopia was glorious and bla bla….that is history. Opposite to that, EPRDF lives in the present time, talking about our past glory or trying to blame it on YE TALIAN…ENGLIZ WERERA is not gonne put food on the tables of the poor.

    One thing that makes me lough about you people is when anybody or any organisation supports your case, you would go out of your way to appriciate it or even give people YE AMARA SIM like HANA GOBEZE.

    Thanks to Meles, We Ethiopians are for the first time able to add new words to our dictionary like ECONOMIC GROWTH…..and so on.

    The Europeans and Americans are not getting their information from ETHIOPIAN REVIEW or ABUGIDA.

    About the words of Mengistu, you know who he was taling about because at that time WOYANE was called TEGENTAY WENBEDE not HIZB….so KEEP ON DREAMING BUT MENGE AIN’T COMMING BACK, INFACT HE HAVE TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER meteleya BECAUSE MUGABE WILL NOT BE THERE FOREVER.

  8. fish
    | #8

    Hi Geremew: You forget the other word that you added to Ethiopian dictionaries INTERHAMUWE and “Bandira Cherke New”. Please don’t be hipocrat or if it is your job just let us now in some way and we leave you alone. I wana remind you some thing If we forget history it has a tendacy of reapiting it self and remeber wfhat happned to BANDAS.

    best regard

  9. Kill Zenawi
    | #9


    In the first place I do not like to call this fascist organization EPRDF but TPLF. The difference between you and my people:

    You are from the stone age …we are not
    Your brain has frozen since the beginning of time …ours not
    You choose to be ruled by someone from your clan or village…we want to be ruled by someone who has principle.

    When you disagree you kill….we try to compromise

    YOU ARE TENGETAY WONBEDE…..we are patriotic ethiopians

    You are myopic, short sighted fools….we are visionaries.

    You call Ethiopian Flag just an ordinary sheet …we believe Ethiopian flag is a symbol of Love, Unity and Liberty.

    You flirt with whomever wants to be your lover….We stand for our principle.

    You like to call yourselves “Ye Adwa Lijoch” … We say you are a disgrace to your forefathers and foremothers. “Adwa” is a place with a lot of history. It should not be called by you

    The list goes on….

    Kill Zenawi aka “Zenawi must die”

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