Resume of “˜Kangaroo’ Court “˜Mediocre’ Judges

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Kangaroo court judges: Mohammad Abdulsani, Leul Gebremariam and Adil Ahmed

Excerpted from of December 2006 Article titled “In the name of “¦Justice?”?

Judge Mohammad seems to have the least suspicious CV of the three and is generally considered apolitical. Currently in is his late-30s, he graduated in law from the Civil Service College in Addis Ababa and practiced as a prosecutor in the SNNPR region for years before being appointed as a federal high court judge.

Judge Leul, the eldest of the three, is a law graduate from the night school program at Addis Ababa University (which, by the way, awards diplomas, not degrees) and began working immediately as a prosecutor for the Ministry of Justice. Within this institution he quickly developed a reputation as the “˜right-hand-man’ of the EPRDF, and though he remained “officially”? outside the hierarchy of civil service, he was able to control and direct operations (even “˜influencing’ the Minister himself!) due to his known government affiliation. During the 2000 election, he publicly campaigned for the EPRDF and was later controversially appointed as a judge on the Second Criminal Division of the Federal High Court (the bench where political hearings are usually conducted. Strangely, this judge is also known for carrying his personal gun with him to every court session!)

The young Judge Adil, originally from the Harari region, also attended The Civil Service College. (It is important to note that during his time of study, the national education system was such that upon failure of the high-school national exam, entrance to public universities or colleges was denied–leaving the option of attending either a private college or The Civil Service College (widely-considered a pro-EPRDF, “˜cadre-development’ centre). Here he studied law and was appointed as a judge at the Harari Region High Court immediately upon graduation. Then (somewhat “˜miraculously’, considering his academic record!) he received a scholarship from the British Council to study at the esteemed Essex University, where he received his Masters degree in Human Rights Law. After returning from study, he was named President of the Harari Region Supreme Court, and was later appointed President of the Federal High Court (after the former president left for study abroad).

  1. Dinka
    | #1

    Thank you about the info over the resume of the Kangaroo court.This is the fundamental problem of this government, many of them are not really educated but drop outs who finally got degree from British council at A.A and elswhere for killing true Ethiopians that escaped from Mengistu’s brutal regime.The other true fact about this group of people who call themselves Harrari is, most of them believe that they are Arabs!if you remember
    when Meles told Gadafi that he is an Arab and the people who call themselves Black Lions(Africans) are Amharas, servants of Haile sellassie and the other black lion Mengistu the communist, Gadafi who call himself a panAfrican flipped overnight.This is an evident that all American&Briish embassies have in their hands they are quiet about it because it serves their agenda of controlling the Red Sea coastal line and the Nile water;but this hidden truth will come out just like some courageous TPLF members came out of their closet and spoke about the truth, As many informed professionals tell us the next war is “War of fresh water” all this group of idiots(Melles and his clans)are robbing and killing innocents and incarcerating CUD leaders is part of the above agenda.Why would you think Melles keeps Kemal Bedri(Harrari)?for the same evil reason. By the way I am not saying all Harrari’s are but “Woyanay Harraris” like Hodam Wyanay Amharas,Oromos…Soon Kinijit should form government in exile and the Shaleqa group should join Hebret and our leaders must be free to save our motherland from destruction.
    As Bob marly said “we do not have friends in the high society,we do not have friends in our identity”God save Ethiopia.

  2. | #2

    Ja Love bro! They will go soon ‘! They will go with out doubt!

  3. fish
    | #3

    Dinka You talked the truth!

  4. Debesay
    | #4

    Realy thank you for the info .I was always confused about how meles can use a judge as
    an instrument. Thanks bro now i dont want to hear any thing about this court issue
    i was eager with ahope that if they are real Law graduates one day they respect there
    profession and free theose prisoners of conscience. By the way i was a student for one year in that college before i leave to join AAU by my effort via ESLCE so dont hesitate to say civil service as
    “Cadre development service”may be better name is required ” Puppet duplicate center”. I was the only guy come from Woreda the remaining are generals, Colenel, Senior cadres , Wifes of minstres , i was demoralized after i see the entrance Exam which only 1-3 % of the candidates pass it was too elementary (a grade 6 or less student can answer)for your surprising most of the people told me they succeed after 3 and more trials.That is civil service college .Pls dont blame them they dont know nothing the lecture is in Amharic , studyis in Group and if you are not active in group study there is “Gemgema” “Gelegnet ” etc oh god save Ethiopia.Thank you any way for the bad aznd good news my hope is now gone dont excpect justice guys if you expect it from civil service graduates you dont know civil service .100% the justice is in the hand of Meles .I was in that college when Kinfe is killed by messenger of justice
    everybody support the fake news of ETV and those hesitate was never seen again in the college

    Let us give For God

  5. Debesay
    | #5

    up messenger of justice is by mistake iwanna say messenger of meles

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