Breaking News: Death sentence beckons our heroes

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April 4 2007 EZ . The court in charge of treason and genocide trial of kinijit leaders, civil society members and independent journalists has today rules that all council members of kinijit including Hailu Shawel, Brehanu Nega and Birtukan Mideksa should defend their case in the treason charge. (more…)

April 4 2007 EZ . The court in charge of treason and genocide trial of kinijit leaders, civil society members and independent journalists has today rules that all council members of kinijit including Hailu Shawel, Brehanu Nega and Birtukan Mideksa should defend their case in the treason charge.The court ruled that the council’s decision has a direct cause and effect relationship with the June 8 and November one disturbances. It also ruled that the prosecutor has produced sufficient evidence to prove that they have committed treason.

The leaders have previously decided not to defend the case. If they stick to their previous decision, it means they will be sentenced for committing treason soon The crime of treason carries a death sentence or severe imprisonment in Ethiopian law.

The following are ordered to defend themselves
Ato Hailu Shawel, Chairman
Wzr Birtukan Mideksa, Vice-Chair
Ato Muluneh Eyuel, CUD Secretary General
Dr Befekadu Degifie, Head of Finance
Dr Yacob Hailemariam, Head of External Affairs
Ato Gizachew Shiferaw, Head of Public Relations
Ato Sileshi Tena
Ato Abayneh Berhanu

Ato Andualem Aragie
Ato Aschalew Ketema
Ato Assefa Habteweld
Dr Berhanu Nega, Mayor of Addis Ababa
Ato Brook Kebede
Ato Bedru Adem, Member of Parliament
Ato Debebe Eshetu
Dr Hailu Araya, Member of Parliament
Ato Gebretsadik Hailemariam
Shaleqa Getachew Mengiste
Wzr Nigist G/Hiwot
Dr Tadios Bogale, Member of Parliament
Ato Tamrat Tarekegn
Ato Yeneneh Mulat
Ato Mesfin Aman

  1. dani
    | #1

    Its a VERY sad day, what goes around its comes around. let us not give up, our God is with us. It’s near for tplf to take their turn. The truth is always the winner. The liers will come to juectice.
    God Bless Ethiopia.

  2. aberashe
    | #2


  3. mirt habesha
    | #3

    dedebu birhane
    tembara weyane
    adegegna bozene
    moteh laynew bayne
    teftafa kewlala
    yetelage tawla
    anten bilo konjo
    yeferese gojo
    bekisit yekome
    indete tameme
    bemeles melata
    temerteh sitweta
    timeslaleh tota::

  4. Etibilitika
    | #4

    Yemiyasazin dirgit new! Woyane mabedu new! Ere egziabheren ayiferum enezih sewoch!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #5

    Ethiopians, let us not be so dramatic. If you think sentencing the CUD leaders on treason is the worst thing that has happened in Ethiopia and that this will lead to some kind of a problem, you say that because you are BIASED. Worst things have happened. It is just that it didn’t happen to a certain CLASS of people. So please, don’t make yourselves more important than you are. Imprisonment? Many Oromos were imprisoned for being OLF supporters. Many Sidamas imprisoned for their kilil status. Many Tigrayans imprisoned for sympathizing with the Siye group. Many Somalis for links to Islamic fundamentalist. Many Eritreans for being Shabiyah. And the list goes on and on. PM Meles Zenawi is still here, in fact, he grows in strength and stature every minute. I understand that you think you are that important. Maybe you were raised with an over-inflated sense of yourself. The reality is, When the PM wishes, he will send them to jail, you will cry your eyes out, and life will go on as it did when the thousands of Oromos were in jail, thousands of Sidamas and Tigrayans, Somalis, e.t.c..Another day in the land of the blessed or is it cursed. Life goes on folks. As the verdict is being READ INVESTORS ARE FIGHTING EACHOTHER TO INVEST IN ETHIOPIA. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE THEY LACK CONFIDENCE IN THE PRIME MINISTER. Kenyan flower industry is threatening to move ENTIRELY to Ethiopia. Lack of confidence? I don’t think so. You might say, and you have every right to say, that the CUD leaders were Falsely charged and convicted. But to conclude that problems will come from them is a fairy tale. Even your very actions says that. THAT IS WHY 20,000 ETHIOPIANS IN THE U.S. HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED TICKEST TO PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A LACK OF CONFIDENCE? But like you, I do urge the PM to free the CUD leaders and the Oromos, Sidamas, Tigrayans(Siye). ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE FREED.

  6. Tunga Tujare
    | #6


    I understand your position. You are one of “Gudits” that ethiopia will have in its own history. Your end will arrive soon whether you like it or not. Have you seen Sadam being supported by West and later got his price? You don’t exist to that long.

    Anyways, you are working on your Shifta plan in close collaboration with Issayas. You think no body understands your connection with Issayas at this point of time. It will not work. It is already directed reversely to the right direction. You don’t have those groups that will work for you. You have some people that will die wrongly for you.

    Giziehen Tebik,

  7. aberashe
    | #7

    Hi Friends!!!!!!!!!!
    Doctors,Proff.are juged by persons that didn’t complete his high school very well.
    It is really ashaming and Surprising.Ok,Who contribute for the development of a country with out Doctors and Proff.?
    Ethiopia will going from the bad to the worst,and to an endless fight and war.
    I am really very sorry for this sitution.Ay woyanne!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What they are thinking!! are they normal!!!!!

  8. Mimi
    | #8

    We are under apartheid rule. Come on people! There is no way we let these sons of bitches run as slaves. What Meles is trying to do is running an apartheid state against 80 million Ethiopians. Come on let us rally bind organized political organizations and do some thing. It is better than to die instead of being slave for these moron sons of bitches. I call all the political organizations such as CUD, UDEF and OLF and others to call some king of movement. Come on it is time…

  9. ET_hagere
    | #9

    No Surprise at all. The surprising part is our reaction to it. Are we new to Woyanne’s strategy? Hello! does the name Prof. Asrat, Dr. Taye ring a bell, to name a few. Meles has been on power for 15 years. Can’t we know by now his psychic make up.

    On the other hand, I can understand Woyanne’s next move than us, the opposition camp. Here is my reason: “When something sad like this happens we come out of our box in thousands and spark, when things get tougher, we leave the struggle to few people and the family of those got hurt, and get back to our box.”? Hello! Again, this is struggle against tyranny! this struggle for freedom! this is struggle against minority rule! We all should know what it takes to fight than short lived sorrow. I am tired of yzihon emba! If we have the courage, let us stand together! If this outrageous act can’t bring us together, what should?

  10. Tigist
    | #10

    I agree to what Mimi said, there is no way we let these idiots sons of bitches do what ever they want to do in our country. If that is what they need, they can go to their fucked up stony land Tigray. These primitive and backwards are like cancer any way. I don’t see any longer how we can live with them peacefully. I hat them so much and thinking something I never thought before. I am sure I share that feeling with millions and millions of Ethiopians these days.

  11. kill zenawi
    | #11

    I agree with Tigist. However, I hate more of the Non-Tigreans who connive in the face of such travesty of justice, my friends who ask me if will go to Addis for the Ethiopian Millennium to pary, people who became a conduit for woyanae propaganda and the westerners who tell me there is democracy in Ethiopia.

    I guess we should enrage ourselves and do whatever is necessary.

  12. | #12

    kkkkk…weye diaspora. by the way thank’s berhan for hold me down agenst those NEFT..dispora i told u befor don’t ever play with fire u mighet get heart did u blive me now? diaspora do u think we give a F*** about those retarded plp? no. that’s why u rong we don’t give a crap about u and u leder’s period.we payd huge price for this shett. there is no free ride u know that. did u think ABATEH YESETUN WERS MESELH? pls put up or shut up.GOD BLESS MELES-Z. DA KING OF ALL SHABYA and NEFTGHENA.opps.

  13. Abebe
    | #13

    All I will say is What goes around comes around.

  14. Jomo
    | #14

    Today, for the first time ever in my life, questioned my stance over armed struggle. Although this could just be me “biased” with my grief. I hope I am right! What about the rest of you?

  15. B
    | #15

    As the saying goes, ” Evil triumphs when good people do nothing”.

  16. ethio
    | #16

    Time to fight Woyane and adere

  17. m
    | #17

    I think the Editor(s) of Abugida (and other websites) are making enormous blunder in presenting as statement of fact that death penalty is awaiting Opposition leaders. An astute observer would not have been taken in by such rhetoric. The ruling party has once again shown that it is better at setting the agenda than the disorganized Diaspora.

    How can you not suspect that the ruling party is trying to demoralize the Opposition and its followers? Just last week we were informed that PM Meles made a statement to the effect that “fingers” of “some” will be chopped. Even though that was a hyperbole, some went ahead to portray the PM as threatening to de-limb opposition leaders, etc. Bad politics cannot substitute for intellectual laziness.

    Oh, how I wish we could find seasoned editors, analysts and investigative reporters instead of mere propagandists and demagogues!

  18. berhane
    | #18

    I am really very stupid!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please excuse me all Ethiopians people by what I wrote in this forum.
    Sorry Again please excuse me!!
    I am really very stupid Dengay erase negn.
    Mene meselacheu woyane new endezeh adergo minden doma yadergew!!!!!!

  19. Kebena
    | #19

    This is a Holy week. We have to pray for our leader to be strong, ask God for mercy. our prayer will be answered if we belive in God. let God be with CUD leaders and their family.
    Wey Hagere
    As far as Andargachew Tsige, Berhane Mewa they are a bunch of moron. the only thing they know divde and rule. They were both in EPRDF camp. When the going get thoght they run away to US and UK.Don’t expect anything from these people.


  20. Amhara
    | #20

    Some one from Ethiopia told me educated person have a right to kill poor people in Addis Ababa? I could not belive it therefore I want you guys to answer my question fast.

    the same guy told me the reason is Ethiopia have short supply of educated peopel therefore it can’t affored to put those educated people in jail or kill them for crime the commit. It look like good reason but I want to know from you guys.

  21. Dinka
    | #21

    Did the crusification of Jesus stopped us from believing?No
    Did the Sacrifice of Martin Luther King,Malcom X stopped Black America?NO
    Did the execution of Abuna Petros with about 100 bulletes by Mussolini stopped our people of Ethiopia!?No
    Did the Turkey invasion&Mohammed Grang madness stopped us from beliving!?No
    Did Mandella gave up fighting for justice even while he was in prison!?No
    Did Mohatema Gandi give up for peace and non violence struggle!?No
    Did CUD leaders gave up on Ethiopia!?No.NO NO.
    God is great and powerful!!! as Jesus carried the cross for us sinners CUD has carried the torch of freedom for all Ethiopians every where!!!!!So by any means neccessary we will have them out from the Devil’s hand! There is no stopping us.NO NO NO No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

  22. kill zenawi
    | #22

    This is to the person who called himself/herself Amhara and talk garbage.

    You’re stupid and retarded. You better call yourself “woyanae”.

  23. A
    | #23

    Almost every Ethiopian living outside the country is always consumed by anger and frustration when he or she observes the situation back home. Given the opportunity, all would like to play some part in alleviating the dire conditions the country finds itself in. This may range from being actively involved in the political struggle to bring about a democratic government to the most trivial one of giving the occasional helping hand to family members and acquaintances back home.

    In the struggle that is waged, and going on for what seems forever now, to form a democratic society, many have taken part with great passion and determination. Every fund raising, protest march, vigil, lobby etc., is taken up by thousands throughout the world and these activities have served in, at least, keeping the spirit of Ethiopianess alive and also, rightly or wrongly, giving false hope against hope for millions who are inside the country.

    This short article is aimed at, not so much as a response, but rather as an additional input to the important issues flagged by Ato Assefa Tola and followed by Ato Y H.Meskel as they appeared on

    When we think of Ethiopians living outside the country as a unit, however amorphous it may be, and their endeavor to bring about the political change the mass always dream of, we would do a lot worse than to distinguish between those who lead the struggle and those who passively follow in the hope of paying their due to their beloved Ethiopia.

    As with any other human societal activity, the political activities in the Ethiopian Diaspora is organised around the few who lead the pack. They set the trend, define the path, and lead the way or try to do all these and more at any rate. Whether they have succeeded in any thing is there for everyone to see.

    The issues raised in the articles by Mr Tola and Mr H.Meskel states that, Diaspora Ethiopians’ political activities have contributed to the failure in achieving a better political system and to the detriment of the struggle that is waged at home. I happen to share this sentiment. I think the Diaspora Ethiopians’ immense wealth, be it in terms of educated manpower, finance and other resources, has not been used wisely so far to support the struggle inside the country.

    Politics of the Diaspora Ethiopians have historically kept the glimmer of hope in the general population at home. But this is mainly due to the lack of any other hope; “KENA SITATA YIMELEMELAL GOBATA” sort of thing. If there was a viable entity nearer home, Ethiopians within the country would pin their hope on it. They did exactly that when some were available.

    If we look at our recent history, the nearest the Ethiopian people got to freedom was during the recent May/05 election. The forces that brought about that situation were none other than strictly home-grown political organisations, only a couple of them at that. Those parties worked so hard for years shaping the political landscape and engaging the people in the struggle. Over the years, they knocked everyone’s door, reminded all, that freedom only comes through nothing other than hard, hard, hard work. The monumental achievement of those parties, who stood against EPRDF, was that, they re-kindled the spirit of demanding freedom as opposed to expecting it as a gift from afar. They made it possible and normal for Ethiopians to believe that freedom is in their grasp. It emboldened Ethiopians by asserting the profound truth that help from others such as the Diaspora and even further afield such as the so called “International Community” is really a secondary recourse. People were reminded that, it is their duty to stand up and be counted.

    This galvanized the spirit of freedom and encouraged everyone to rise up and take part, vote and expect that whomever they voted for would represent their aspiration. Of course, the rest is history, a very recent history at that.

    In contrast to the home-grown one, the Diaspora Ethiopians’ political movement in its entire history has hardly been able to affect any change in Ethiopia worth a mention, i.e. positive ones. In fact, with regard to the most recent drama, for the most part, the Diaspora was vehemently against standing for the election. And participation in the election was the primary measure that took the Ethiopian people nearest to being in charge of their destiny. When, despite their best effort, the Diaspora failed to prevent the participation, intrigue ruled the day. Although the Diaspora Ethiopians are not to blame for the entire failure of the political process at home, it is obvious that in the ensuing confusion some leading actors played a major role in undermining the domestic struggle.

    Fantasy and Reality in the Diaspora Ethiopians’ Political Life:
    The burning desire to uproot Weyane and form a just society is the sole driving power which keeps the ordinary Habesha immigrant community everywhere. They almost always follow and support the parties, organisations or support groups existing in their locality. However, for those who take the leading roles in these entities, the strategy followed to lead the struggle and the organisational efficiencies to hold a coherent path leaves a lot to be desired.

    Their passionate speeches and Press Releases, promising a unified effort to unseat Weyane at various conferences, are much romanticized bordering fantasy. Soon after building up expectations, they falter on many fronts. They overestimate their own capacity to influence the course of events at home and elsewhere. They depend too much on closed circle consultations of dangerously like-minded long standing friends, thereby depriving their organisations and institutions the benefit of useful inputs from the vast pool of the Diaspora. Factions are formed with astonishing speed in these rather small entities, making them even more fragmented. Then, of course, intrigue becomes the next logical step to annihilate each other. This path invariably leads the Diaspora elites working day and night for the survival of their little fiefdoms i.e. Support Groups, Branch Offices, Parties etc. and the bigger picture of liberating and democratizing Ethiopia is set aside altogether.

    May be not in so many words, but in all they do they advocate political struggle by remote control. They fail to realise that, everywhere in the world political victory for the masses is achieved solely by the shear force of local grass root politics. It always takes blood and sweat; and bearing the full brunt of the atrocities committed by the dictators. It involves getting crushed almost to extinction and evolving again painfully, slowly and methodically. It involves fighting the apathy of millions, apathy borne of despair, from decades of repression. These features don’t seem to have crossed the minds of those who tried to pass orders to the home-grown activists and their leaders. Of course, understandably, those back home tried their best to stand their ground and not be bullied. But circumstances at times were tricky. The flow of finance, or mostly the lure of it, must have tied some hands and silenced some mouths. Some must have genuinely thought that the Diaspora Ethiopians are a formidable political force. But more importantly the image of the Diaspora Politicians and the weight they carry in the minds of many at home has been a reason preventing many to state the fact that those outside the country can do very little to topple dictatorship at home. It was hard to dismiss them when the situation called for it. For decades now, the idea of liberating Ethiopia and Ethiopians by controlling the politics from thousands of miles away remained an abject failure. Not so surprising though.

    Those who advocate the remote control of politics may be driven by their fervent passion to contribute towards the good of our country. But, of course, success and failure are not measured by how good the intention is but rather by the quality of the plan laid out, the efficiency of execution that followed and the result at hand.

    The experience so far should teach everyone a lesson in many fronts. Those who played leading roles in Diaspora Ethiopians’ overall activities towards bringing about change in Ethiopia would be well advised to reflect and take a deep breath. They need to examine their contribution as well as their failures. They should look at their achievements for what they are, face to face, and be honest with themselves. Instead of trying to take control, they need to find ways of empowering the activists at home.

    More importantly, those in the Diaspora who, for the most part, engage in participating to pay their due to Ethiopia, by taking part in various activities called for the various organisations, also need to examine and reassess their role. This is because ultimately, the achievement of the Diaspora Ethiopians is also the achievement of all – leaders and followers. So it goes with out saying that if we fail it will be the failure of everyone. In fact one can safely go a bit further and assert that the failure will be more ours than it is for the leading actors. Because whatever they came up with and however they behaved, they relied on our support. Therefore, we have to stop being taken for granted. There is also a need for a critical analysis of the organisations formed to lead the Diaspora struggle. Track records of leaders, validity of reasons why a faction or a splinter is formed, and other pertinent factors need to be seriously examined. Obviously, it is proper to pay credit where it is due. To that extent the hard working and tireless individuals and groups in the Diaspora whose passion and commitment perturbs the dictators at home needs to be praised. But this article is really not about them, rather why efforts like theirs remained to be much less fruitful than they ought to be.

    All the above may sound disheartening and divisive for many. But look at it this way. With respect to what needs to be achieved, where we are is at the pit bottom. So it can only get better. A proper reflection and critical appraisal of all our activities so far can only be a stepping stone for a successful future. In this regard, I think the issue raised by Ato Assefa Tola and Ato Y H. Meskel is very useful in initiating the discourse for critical reflection and appraisal, to chart the right course of action and clarify a number of issues. So I say, take the bull by the horn.

  24. chellataw
    | #24

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    I am quiet sure the peron writing with the nick name berhane is not an Ethiopian and these days i am observing that Eritreans are playing negative role to deepen the current Ethiopian political problems.As to my analysis of the current political situatiion in Ethiopia will be resolved soon as the government will be relasing them on the occassion of millenium after the verdict is given by the court.
    The question that remians to be entertained is will we be ready to work together if the CUD leaders will be released?

    | #25


    ‘tigist firhat ayidelem….’YICHALLAL!! LET’S FOCUS ON HOW TO ACT, NOW.


  26. Reppi
    | #26


    Berhane and Mamo are mentally wounded just like the woyannes.It does not matter if they are erits,woyane,or hodaderes.They will always suffer from their belief that somehow tigres are inferior,they can not help but hate everybody else.That is why it is easy for the west to use such people.”Doron siyataleluat be mechagna talwat” belwal abeou siteretu.

    When you ask will we be ready to work together if the CUD leaders will be released? do you mean work with tplf/eprdf? or do mean all oppossion groups work together?
    The answer to this question will show where you are coming from and where you are going.

  27. fish
    | #27

    ” Denkoro mehonihe endet tadilehal”. You don’t feel pain if your stomach is full.


  28. gadion w/m
    | #28

    this is the time to standup and focus on our country
    problem.especialy all opposition parties you have to
    come up with one voice( ETHIOPIA)

  29. | #29

    My dear Ethiopian brothers and sisters.I can’t express the felling going through in me right now.If you ask me now why people go to chaka? or if you ask me why people get a courage to hurt the one’s hurts them ?,I might say,I understand them.I’m shocked, sad and outrageous right now.I have no words to express the woyane’s tenkol and ketefet,which is obvious like dark and light.

    Though the woyaness and their supporters feast on this news, millions of young,old hearts are bleeding out from pain. We all know what all this leads us to if we all take it the way it is supposed to be taken.”Tagay Yemotal, Tegel aymotem”. Woyanee is multipliying his enemys in millions of people by doing this. We all know Meles and his friends have been bathing with their people’s blood for so many years.I can hear them laughing in wherever they are about our pain.They are pushing the people of Ethiopia to go to chaka, and talk to us in the only language they can speak/Tornet/ since the matured mind of the Ethiopians is above their stupidity, they are pushing us to the edge to use our mucsels than our minds. They know that we don’t want them, that is why they are trying to avoid anybody at any cost, who is an obstacle for thier exsistance.We all know those heros are too precious to be an eastern sheep to this blood suckers.I don’t even want to belive that is happening.All what I can do this week is praying to allmighty god just to save the life of this heros for whatever time it takes, so that God and time make them free and great like they are allways.

    God bless Ethiopia!!

    Ayzon! god is allways on the right side.

  30. king david
    | #30

    my popel as i tolde you when this weyane and shabeya lover governmental popoel they are ready to liquidating this international hero of the cud liders one by one and i dont know whay you are gaitng blind day by day as i told you last time when they are ready to do some thing aginst ethiopian heros leaders they bend the world out loking of the situwation like invation somilya then making confution and they make a new game they are prepare for united state C.I.A and F.B.I intellegents to interogate the inocent muslim and arebe citezens in the cover of alqaida sespecters now the world meaida is working on this to investigate and the weyane leders they assuming that they are bending the world comunitey to the other side rather than giving attention to the poletical leaders in jail and one thing is surely that weyane is ready to eliminate this outstanding leaders one for all becouse he can not doing his 100 yaer programe on ethiopia and finaly this leaders they are ready to fase any problem for us what about us are we ready to sfase any problem to them .

  31. berhane
    | #31

    Please excuse me all Ethiopians people by what I wrote in this forum.
    Sorry Again please excuse me!!
    I am really very stupid Dengay erase negn.
    Mene meselacheu woyane new endezeh adergo minden doma yadergew!!!!!!

  32. geremew
    | #32

    As a human being and Ethiopian, I wouldn’t want any Ethiopian to be in jail, but the case of this people was supposed to be closed 16 years ago, we all knew what kind of people they were and what there intention was, so they needed to be dealt so that Ethiopia can go further.


  33. kebede Ahemed Areru Megerssa
    | #33

    First all I have to say something about my name I am of course with my newly adopted name an Amhara Christian born from a Muslim father welayta grand father, Oromo great grand father married to a Gurage (based on love not benefits as the woyane stooges do it) it goes on to — if you get me.
    Coming to the point of our national heroes suffering for over 520 days in meles zenawi prison I heard the accusation which is fake false and fabricated with lies. For those of you speculating your views and angers what the sentence will be by the fake court of organized criminals called judges please you better refrain from such suggestion as there is no any crime committed by our leaders. As an insider I like to inform you that the plan of the head of the gang meles zenawi, he is going to imprison bereket simon,addisu leggse and their subordinates for misleading him to murder of innocent civilians and imprisoning innocent popular leaders and god fearing opposition party members, reporters and human right activists. So please wait and see as it is (muya bleb new).
    For the person who wrote about the population of tigray being 7 million does he mean including Eritrea or try to dwarf the other ethnic groups with lies, as you are accustomed. Yes indeed I know that you are in the policy of land grabbing from the neighbouring provinces (what ever name you gave them know). But be reminded during the colonial era of Africa there were lots of land acts introduced by the colonizers to snatch land from the natives so when the days of true peace loving Ethiopian who respect the rule of law come to power this kind of robbery will be stopped for good and the whole of the country’s population will be governed in the way they like by freely elected leaders.

    soon we will be free do doubt about it

  34. S A
    | #34

    Dear Brothers and sisters, there are lots of ignorant people stating despicable comments regarding to out remarkable leaders. Please do not respond to those close minded people. There is no point of writing back and forth with these cowards!! I guarantee you what goes around comes around!!

    . “¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦..Please mark my word; Woyane’s are thinking of securing power 50 and 100+ years from now. Only if you people know what they are doing”¦”¦”¦”¦.
    One example is that “our government “is investing in many Tigrian High Scholl students in the US. Does this mean anything???

    CUD: God bless them!!! These people didn’t have to go through this. But they were willing to change our country, willing to get rid of the dictatorship era. They were not fighting for themselves; they were fighting for you and me, for the poor Ethiopians. Greater passion ( Patriotism) = Responsibility.

    Death Penalty??? I bet you if these people are sentenced to death and get killed, they die happily. There is nothing more satisfying than dying for the reason you believe in. What Woyane need to know is that these people are our HEROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But it will leave a great sore in every Ethiopians that will never go away.

  35. wegen wedade
    | #35

    this is for berhane
    zerenoche yezerachew edef nachew enateh sewelduhe semehen berhane belewekale ante gene yemitaye berhane yalehe aymeselem mikinyatum yemtezifachew hulu betame yesewe lejje yemayaregewen new asebebet egzihabehere kantega yehune ye zion mariame selethen tismaleh.

  36. | #36

    it is sad why melse is doing this to our leaders

  37. Korugyendo Patrick
    | #37

    This sort of thing is not for the Millenium. Opposition is healthy and the prime minister should know that whatever happens, one time he will be answerable. Actually it is criminal to charge these pple!

  38. afree
    | #38

    hey u stonehead brihane i think kenih siledere new endezih yemiyamotamutih don’t worry it’s not far u all woyane yejachihun ke egziyabiher tagegnalachiw the inocence blood follow u where ever u are.

    we will see it soon.

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