Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of April 5, 2007

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April 5, 2007

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  1. Ato Mamo
    | #1

    hi yemiserach abebe you are great . i just want to comment about your hair
    if it is ok . that is you make it good to day but some times it looks funny and it seems you have just fight with some one and start to read . but today it is very good .

  2. Samuel Dagne
    | #2

    Tadesse Alemu’s Mishamiso indulged me to an irrisistable nostalgic feeling. Yemisirach, Asnake, Rahel and all of you…I like your passion. I would like to assure you that you are doing something great. It is obvious that the task takes away your time and energy but you are doing something to Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    Apart from EPRDF regime’s tyranny the greatest danger Ethiopia is facing is a cultural collapse. Yet, it seems that it is not realized. Had it not been for the strength of our culture, the destructive project of EPRDF would have been successful years ago. Still, our culture is a strong input in the struggle against woyane. Have you noticed that the EPRDF regime is increasingly identifying with the west both in style and in belief? And a culture of individualism is in the making. The issue is far more deeper and I can not address it here. I am just trying to bring to your attention if you can prepare a program on this issue by contacting intellectuals. As far as you are concerned the flavour of your program is Ethiopian and stick to it. should you need any clarification, let me know please



  3. teklalaw-hizb-Ethiopiana
    | #3

    MIngizem ashuna abugedawoch…..good job-keep it up, abugidas!!!!

  4. casanova
    | #4


    I am really sorry for all the things I said. Sorry for my being really stupid.

  5. kassyy
    | #5

    ashu you damm stupid here you go now you dont even know how to readdd must be some one hand wrighting ha ashiker neh give up neftegaa we will kill all neftega cuds soonnn okkkkkkkkk

  6. kolew
    | #6

    good job abugidawoch bertu dont even listen thise banda casanova he is paid for what is saying here big mouth agamme soon you all die i swear a god gimoch the funny thing about thise tigres iko kkk ligentelu kkkkk ere motiku inante litigenetelu min eyebelachiu oh my bad belless litibelu kkkk dingayochhhhh

  7. kasse
    | #7

    thise how you call it free mediaaaa long live with ma mn mellesse death for neftegas cudsssssssss

  8. Dimetros Birku
    | #8

    Your program is getting better. Keep it up!

  9. Kill Zenawi
    | #9

    Why is it that all woyanaes do not know how to end a sentence?

    Then it was berhane and now it is kassy or kasse.

    Dumb ass woyane.
    Sid Adeg hulu.

  10. Reppi
    | #10

    Thanks Abugida for all the things you are doing.Keep it up!!!!!!

    Ashkerochu ante ena bandaow legesse ena tplf/eprdf nachehu.
    Ymanem nech yazezachun lemefetsem seteshdademu enyaychuhalen.
    yale western digaf wede limenah temelesaleh.
    kulkal lekame agame.

    You too Kasse

  11. | #11

    aye asheber…..u are good for nothing brother. keep talk and we do da job.w4life.

  12. Tigist
    | #12

    Good job the abugida guys! You are the reflection of good Ethiopia. On weekly basis you demonstrate the significance of our culture, the power of peaceful struggle and the importance of constancy. Keep it up!

    All of you: Ashibir, Yemisrach, Asnake, Rahale, Mengistu and the other girl, you are so beautiful, and I love all of you so much! I can’t wait to see you next week.

  13. defachew
    | #13

    the end of woyane regime era is coming very soon.

  14. defachew
    | #14

    you can kill and put ethiopians in prison but you can not kill their spirit for democracy.stupid woyane and banda HULA.WOYANES,YE-TARIK ATELA NACHEW.

  15. bethlhem
    | #15

    For all Abugida staff I love you sooooooooo much you guys are the voice of Ethiopian people. Keep up the good work

  16. Tesfa
    | #16

    You know what! my whole body is smelling the freedom odour coming soon. Those in support of the deadly regime please feel regret at this very last moment.


  17. hassen
    | #17

    For all Abugida staff I love you so much you guys are the true voice of Ethiopian people. Keep up the good work

  18. Genuine
    | #18

    Hi Abugida,

    I believe your programme is quite interesting, and in holistic view I would like to comment some points
    1. As a media don’t reflect ideas like supporting any political party even CUD.
    2. Don’t create name for the leaders of the current ruling party in Ethiopia just say Prime Minister, Ethiopian court and ….What you have to do is just reveal their deeds.
    3. Plz, think about a sustainable media.
    4. Hoping you are digging to know more in regard to education and research papers…

    Next time I will comment only on the content of the programme you have released on the specific day

    I always appreciate your strength in doing such a good work,

  19. Roses
    | #19

    I appreciate your effort and dedication. I wish you success in all your endeavors.

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