Gem Legem Abro Yazgem! By Yilma Bekele

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A very crude translation will be ‘trash finds its own kind’. That is what went in my mind when I heard the butcher of Darfur met the butcher of Mogadisho, Gambella, Ogaden, Awasa and many other sites of atrocity in Ethiopia. (more…)

A very crude translation will be ‘trash finds its own kind’. That is what went in my mind when I heard the butcher of Darfur met the butcher of Mogadisho, Gambella, Ogaden, Awasa and many other sites of atrocity in Ethiopia. ‘Gem legem abro yazem is what my mother used to say when she sees us with unsavory characters. It describes the situation in our capital city.

It is another low point in our current history of degradation. The Ethiopia we knew and the Ethiopia the whole world look at is not the same. The name Ethiopia plays prominent role in the Bible. Ethiopia is revered in the Quoran. The early Greek civilizations wrote about Ethiopia. Our name carried a lot of weight.

Our history is nothing but spectacular. We kept to our selves. We were insulated. We did not desire what was not ours. We defended what belonged to us. Surrounded by our mountainous terrain, cut of by our rift valley and our fierce lowlands we escaped from the world. The world forgot about us.

The League of Nations was the first worldwide organization to try to bring order to a chaotic planet. The year was 1919. There were fifty-eight members and our Ethiopia was one of them. We knew the supremacy of the law was our interest.

Our Emperor went in front of the League of Nations to appeal to the organization to stop Italian aggression. In a speech in Geneva in 1936 he said ‘I pray to Almighty God that He may spare nations the terrible sufferings that have just been inflicted on my people.’ They did not listen to him and suffered the consequences.

When the United Nations was founded in 1945 after World War II on the ruins of the League of Nations, Ethiopia was there.

When Africa was emerging from the yoke of colonialism Ethiopia facilitated the formation of Organization of African Union. Our country was chosen to be the seat of black power because of our independent and proud history. It was not an accident. It was well deserved due to the sacrifice and hard work of our ancestors.

Where do we place the illegal visit by the indicted Sudanese dictator to our country? Where does this shameful act fit in our honorable and righteous history?

The International Criminal Court was created by the United Nations that we are a founding member of. As a small developing country it is our interest to support and uphold the rule of law. In this day and age when a few countries have the power to inflict heavy damage on the small and weak shouldn’t we be clamoring for stricter safeguards and protection?

The ICC indicted General bashir after a lengthy period of investigation and fact finding. No body denies the atrocities committed against the people of Darfur. Darfur is a province of Sudan General Bashir is the de facto President and strong man of Sudan. He controls the army, security force and police of Sudan. By all accounts the General aided and abetted the perpetrators of this crime against the people of Darfur. He has been indicted. He is free to hire lawyers and argue his case in front of a court of justice. The people of Darfur were never given that chance. The General is lucky.

What is perplexing is why is Ethiopia entertaining an indicted criminal? Why is Ethiopia breaking the law that has been set up to protect the weak and poor?

May be the Ethiopian leaders are afraid of ‘neg be ne.’ That is what the Hard Talk interviewer sad to Ato Meles. She said to him are you supporting bashir because you now you are the next inline to be indicted? It seems she was right.

But what a feeble attempt if any. His coming to Addis only exposed the minority government to further humiliation. It is a stupid gesture of solidarity. It is further proof that the regime is neither responsive to International law nor to the sensibilities of its citizens. To expose one’s country to such ridicule in the international arena is madness.

This hollow attempt to show independence and national self-esteem is laughable and very weak. The Ethiopian people laughed about it. The foreign diplomats ignored it. The only ones who paid attention are the criminals themselves. So they wined and dined each other with our money to make the point that around his neighborhood Bashir is safe. Makes you wonder if Bashir will be as generous towards Meles when his time comes. I doubt we will get to see that. His own people will hand him over to ICC within a short time. Meles is on his own.

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    WEGENOCHE….EBAKACHU HULACHENEM TIGLACHENEN ENKETEL …KE TIGEL YERAKUTEN ENDIJEMRU ENABERETATA….WE WILL SOON REMOVE TPLF the anti ethiopian devil group.all rounded struggle to remove tplf.they are on the way to destroy ethiopia..lets remove them before they finish killing ethiopia.LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. አንበሴ
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    ንግግርና ጽሁፍ ብቻ ሳይሆን በትግሉ ጎራ ሁሉም እንዲሰለፍ የተኛውን ሁሉ እንቀስቅስ::
    ተቺዎችና ተስፋ አስቆራጭ ንግግሮችና ጽሁፎችን የሚጽፉትን ዘግተን ትግሉን ከግንቦት7 አባሎች ጋር እንቀጥል::

    የወያኔውም ሆነ የሱዳኑ መሪ አንድ አይነት(የሰው ዘርን በማጥፋት ወንጀል)ጥፋት ውስጥ ያሉ ስለሆነ በቅርቡ አለም ፍርድ በት ይቀርባሉ

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    it is a shame to see the criminal sudanise prisident is welcome in ethiopia.the TPLF LEADER melesse zenawi recived this criminal knowing he is secound in line may be to be served with an arrest warrant by the intrnational criminal court for the killing of inocent ethiopian in GAMBELA PROVINCE in ethiopia and for the killing of peaceful protesters in addis ababa.the TPLF leader is well aware of this that is why is inetrtaining his friend criminal sudanise prisident.

  4. Harry Endelbu
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    That is right, “gem legem abro yazegem”. This is what I am talking about. Funy and Sataric and laughable. As I said before, I do not like to see mutulated face, that makes me shiver my spinal. Yes the Two Criminals will be brought to justice very, very soon. “Eyiterf Gif leze Edmiehu Gondeye, Isral leFeron esme atsorwo mye.” Which means for anyone who would have time(Longivity), cruelity will not be suspended, even Isrealies have made Pharon carry water in his back. Time will tell, justice will not be denied. We will see that the Criminals of Ethiopia and the Criminals of Sudan will be in ICC. And of Course all the Criminals of Africa who kills innocent people for the sake of staying on power. Let us hope, standup and fight for Justice. We have the Money and the Vote to Influence the Policy of this United States of America. Letus work together hand in hand, and be united in Words and Deeds. My fellow Ethiopians, Ethiopian-Americans, Letus work tirelessly, since election is every year in this country. You see we can talk untill the hell freez, but letus show action in time. Because action speaks louder than words.

  5. Teme
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    Gem Legem Abro Yazgem! By Yilma Bekele

  6. Taglo
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    Dear Ethiopians!

    I am not that much illiterate to understand many things,
    but our country´s political situation is becoming for me like
    a comlicated mathematics. That is we all Ethiopians who are in
    Ethiopian born and our parents and ancestors were also born in
    Ethiopian. Due to this back ground how can one believe
    that some Ethiopians do not think or struggle for the
    Ethiopian people and its souvereignity? Until now I did not
    read such complicated history about any country. If there
    is I am ready to read that. Here the main point is that
    one person can have such enemity about his people and
    homeland but how can it be true that one grou/party agrees to
    stand against the favour of his people and country????

  7. gone
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    ሁለት የአፍሪካ አደገኝአ bozene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. gone
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    hulatu gegnoch

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    Thank you Mr. Yilma Bekele,it is a timely article!
    I second your article by commenting on the recent “crocodile cry” of Meles.Though it might be out of the topic, it shows the trickery and deception of the criminal evil.Please read under and I think every Ethiopian should give his opinion:

    Meles Zenawi’s “condolences”

    From the Prime MR office:
    Hereby I forward my condolences to the family of Dr.Tilahun Gessese with great honor and feeling of deepest sorrow. Artist Dr. Tilahun Gessese has contributed a lot in introducing Ethiopian music to the World by using his talent during his entire life.He will be remembered as one of the best musician every Ethiopian should be proud of….
    I wish courage to his family.
    With Greetings,
    Meles Zenaw
    Personal signature

    I have read the above mentioned condolences of “Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi” directed to the passing away of every Ethiopian’s beloved Artist Dr.Tilahun Gesesse. Indeed let his soul rest in peace, I as an individual Ethiopian who was raised and grown listening his heart touching and sweet songs also wish to his closest relatives and friends & most of all to the entire Ethiopian people courage on this big lose to all of us! In addition to this I appreciate the gesture of Mr. Prime minister for his “touchy’ condolences expressed by the highest government personnel and I truly believe that such kind of gesture leads the country to reconciliation and healing of deep wounds! If one notices this kind of behavior of the PM, it is happening for the first time and even it might raise questions why now? Is it meant to win the Ethiopian peoples hearts and minds after so many atrocities have been committed? Or is it a political smart move before the coming “election”, in order to show that the present Government and specially Mr. PM really care for Ethiopian people? If this gesture is genuine then the PM will have to go much further than that, since this action is just the iceberg compared to the brutal destruction and hurt perpetrated on the people of Ethiopia! Dr.Tilahun Gessese was a true son of Ethiopia and a good gesture towards his passing away means winning of Ethiopian’s people hearts. Giving condolences to Dr.Tilahun Gessese’s sudden death means showing good gesture to Ethiopia, as the good Artist was one of the best symbols of Ethiopian ness, On the other hand Ethiopia has been bleeding in the past and is continued to bleed up to near death. Due to this the condolences expressed by enemies of Ethiopia is not genuine and rather it is an insult to the Ethiopian people rather than honor! Questions which could be raised to the good PM would include, if you really wanted to be good to the Ethiopian people, then why didn’t you show even a simple regret on the massacre of over 100,000 young Ethiopian soldiers who have shade their blood on the border war of the 1998-2000? Why is it not investigated till now? Why didn’t you allow the investigation of the Anuak massacre?, Beddeno Massacre? Gonder, Addis, Awassa, Ogaden,Tigray, AU massacres. What about the Somalia massacre? What about the 40,000 still imprisoned Ethiopians kept in inhuman conditions, including innocent individuals like Birtukan and “Tedy Afro”? What about mothers who don’t even still know whereabouts of their beloved children? Refugees around the world who lead life of misery? Is the PM having any moral value to write a letter of condolences? Or we take this as just “crocodile’s tears”? Is this not

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    Is the PM having any moral value to write a letter of condolences? Or we take this as just “crocodile’s tears”? Is this not laughable in front of the Ethiopian people?

  11. Anonymous
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    WE LOST ONE OF OUR NATIONAL TREASURE, not just a musician as cm puts it.
    It is a crocodile tear. Not only YEAZO ENBA NEW, it is A BIG INSULT.

    We lost OUR NATIONAL TREASURES in Somalia and Ertrea for nothing. Didn’t he tell us, as the nation doesn’t deserve to know as NOT IMPORTANT how many of our national treasures we have lost? WHY THEY ARE NOT IMPORTANT?

    The criminal doesn’t have moral for anything. It is a big insult.

  12. Anonymous
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    መለስ የምእራባውያንን ቆሽት ማሳረር የፈለገ ይመስል አልበሽርን መጋበዙ የሚገርም ነው :: ያም ሆነ ይህ አልበሽር ኢትዮጵያን መጎብኘቱ እኔን ቅር አላሰኘኝም :: ይህ ደግሞ ከመለስ ጋር ስላለን ችግር ምንም ግንኙነት የለውም :: ስለዚህ በሌላ ጉዳይ ላይ ብናተኩር የተሻለ ነው ባይ ነኝ ::

  13. miki
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