The Kangaroo Court got the order of months mixed up: Is November before October ?

April 6th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

By Ethio-zagol | April 05, 2007

Bedru Adem, Kinijit council member, has been under EPRDF custody since 31 October 2005. Nonetheless, the court today decided that he had led a stone-throwing protest in Addis Ketema area on the 1 Nov 2005, the day after he landed at the Maekelawi prison where he stayed the next four weeks and then transferred to Kaliti. What do you call this?

The international media have been silent about the decision of the court. AP’s new reporter Anita Powell hasn’t yet arrived here. I can’t criticize an international news outlet with no correspondent (temporarily) in the country for not reporting the trial. But where is the BBC? Will Amber Henshaw please stand up?

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