Tayitu Entertainment Coming to Dallas

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  1. Geremew
    | #1


    I had the privilege of attending their show in Boston. I liked most of their acting but some of them were really offending…

    Among other things, it was said in one of their acts – “Kinjit destroyed themselves and Ethiopia”. This is such irresponsible statement. Kinijit, whatever the outcome is, is not a party to be ridiculed in such manner. Many people died in the name of kinijit – …
    On the contrary, I haven’t heard much jokes about woaynne……why is that?

    I was expecting they would say something or a prayer about our hero “Teddy Afro” since they are in the same profession but there was no mention of his name in their more than three hours show. I talked to one of the organizers – the response I got was “Oh no! We don’t want to mix politics here”. Politics my a** ! This is not politics ….Teddy was framed for something he never did.

    Customers Beware ! If these people come to your town – Please confront them on these issues.

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