Reactions of Ethiopians in Diaspora to the Kangaroo Court Decision

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Reactions of Ethiopians in Diaspora to the Kangaroo Court Decision
“If we followed the court cases of Professor Asrat, Dr. Taye, Ato Seye Abraha, and hundreds of other politically motivated court cases in the last 15 years we see a pattern of the Zenawi regime’s vindictive nature of trying to crush and humiliate individuals that oppose the regime by using the Ethiopian court system.”
Meron Ahadu


Reactions of Ethiopians in Diaspora to the Kangaroo Court Decision
“If we followed the court cases of Professor Asrat, Dr. Taye, Ato Seye Abraha, and hundreds of other politically motivated court cases in the last 15 years we see a pattern of the Zenawi regime’s vindictive nature of trying to crush and humiliate individuals that oppose the regime by using the Ethiopian court system.”
Meron Ahadu

Meron Ahadu

There is nothing surprising about the ruling of the Kangaroo Court.  We have known for the last 15 years that there is no independent Judiciary system in Ethiopia. If we followed the court cases of Professor Asrat, Dr. Taye, Ato Seye Abraha, and hundreds of other politically motivated court cases in the last 15 years we see a pattern of the Zenawi regime’s vindictive nature of trying to crush and humiliate individuals that oppose the regime by using the Ethiopian court system.

The imprisoned Kinijit leaders had it right when they refused to defend themselves because they understood from the inception they would not get a fair trial and it was all a charade to impress the Donor nations. Zenawi’s regime would jump for joy if the Kinijit leaders changed their minds and started defending themselves in Zenawi’s court system. It would give&nbsp Zenawi’s Kangaroo court the legitimacy that it craves in front of the  international community.
All the charade that we have been seeing for the last year and in the years before that with the other politically motivated trials has been for the benefit of the international community. Because there is nothing surprising in the Kangroo Court’s ruling, the Ethiopian people have to continue to struggle to liberate themselves from the tyrannical rule of the Zenawi regime.The good news is that nothing lasts forever and Zenawi and his cohorts will bite the dust sooner than later.  It is unfortunate for them that history will remember them as those that have brought on so much  misery and destruction to Ethiopia and its people.
Meron Ahadu


Prof. Al Mariam

I have said all along that the outcome of this kangaroo trial is a foregone conclusion. But the aim of the so-called trial was not to serve the ends of justice. Zenawi wanted to put up a theatrical production for his Western aid donors and show them that he abides by the rule of law.

Over the past year and half, Zenawi has managed only to put on a circus freak show on the stage of justice. He has exhibited hundreds of perjurers and lairs in his kangaroo court, and caused the presentation of fabricated evidence against the prisoners of conscience. But on the stage of his kangaroo court, he has managed to display for the world to see his own depravity and the monstrosity of his crimes. Zenawi should know no one is duped by his trickery. No one is fooled.

But we should be vigilant against the master of diversion and deception. He is always hard at work on his smoke and mirrors show. By dragging out this laughable criminal case against the prisoners of conscience and by keeping our eyes fixed on the stage of his kangaroo court, Zenawi thinks he can divert attention from his continued gross violations of human rights in Ethiopia, the hyperinflation in the Ethiopian economy, his crimes in Somalia and his repression of all dissent in the country. But Zenawi should know no one is duped by his trickery. No one is fooled.

Zenawi is between the devil and the deep blue sea (no pun intended) on the prisoners of conscience issue. If he exonerates them for lack of evidence, he will have to face questions about their imprisonment in the first place. If he convicts them for the laughable offenses, he’d have to face two to other issues. Will he impose long prison sentences or even capital punishment? How will he explain the conviction and long sentences to his aid donors — his lifeline — who are secretly urging him to release the prisoners and bring stability to the country. Zenawi’s only option out of the mess he has created may be to "convict" the prisoners of conscience and say he has pardoned them for the good of the country or some such bogus reason.

So, if I were a betting man, I’d say Zenawi will drag out the kangaroo court case for as long as he can because it is a great diversionary trick for him. But he has played that old game so long, nobody really cares what he does or does not do. He is irrelevant to the cause of justice in Ethiopia.

I am often inspired by words in the Scriptures: "For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be
measured to you again." Many a petty tyrant has learned this divine lesson the hard way.

I invite all to read my 32-page analysis of the kangaroo court proceedings at:



Aklog Limeneh
Chairman KNAASO

“The bad news of the ruling of the kangaroo court in
Ethiopia was a shock to all inDiaspora and in the country. Of course, this was not something that was unexpected. Based on the selection of loyalist cadres to the bench, the lack of neutrality and neglect of defendants’ petitions regarding abuses they suffered from, as well as thecourt’s manifestation beyond its judicial role as public prosecutor, it was, even from the outset, abundantly clear what the ruling was likely to be.

There would be no more reliable testimony than the exiled prominent judicial administration officials who told the world how Meles Zenawi personally and his lieutenants interfere in the decision making of other organs by threatening of those who dare to make decision contrary to their wishes. The kangaroo court has once again proved its subservience to the will of the executive organ. It lost once and for all the very slim credibility it had as an independent judicial organ. It was exactly for the maintenance of the independence of the judiciary that the leaders of CUD fought for and became victims of the anti-democratic dictatorial regime. More shocking and disappointing to Ethiopians was the failure of the judiciary to assert its independence as well as playing role as an instrument of repression to authoritarian regime.

If our heroic leaders stand by their earlier declaration not defend themselves before a kangaroo court that was not independent enough to adjudicate justice, it is likely that the merciless cadres of Meles would sentence them severe penalty unless Ethiopians on all walk of life and international community put pressure to the regime. It is not secret that the ruthless regime in Addis Ababa acts aggressively when it is aware that we are divided and not united; I feel that we are partially responsible for not acting more in unison in opposition of the aggression of human and political rights, in defense of the prisoners of conscience at Kaliti, and the very basic democratic principles that brought about the illegal imprisonment of our heroic leaders. Leaving aside our minor differences, it is high time we stand together in opposition to the so called “court ruling”?, which is in fact the decision of a core of the ruling party. We have to use all avenues to put pressure on the government of Melese to release the most innocent, peaceful and law abiding citizens who are languishing in jail simply for political reasons. “

Aklog Limeneh
Chairman KNAASO

Alemayehu Zemedkun
I have read the sad storey from Ethio-Zagol , Woyanya’s carefully designed plan is to maintain the countries internal discontent to this court litigation level , if the prisoners of concise released from prison , the
agenda will be changed to election misrepresentation & human right attrocities which was comitted by the government.

Moreover, Everybody should know that pursuant to the existing penal code of Ethiopia , rigorious imprisonment in what ever yeares has aditional penality that is the defendant will be barred from National Rights , these include the right to elect and to be elected , from being a wittnes , from being a gardian etc .What one can infer from this is that the government is moving to dissociate these political prisoners from political scene in the name of criminal case judgement.We have to work together to find the possible alternatives to bring out our country from this dangerous situation.Alemayehu Z.

Lulit Mesfin

“Ayzuachehu! Ayzuachehu!”?
The comforting words of brave warriors. I heard the news of Zenawi’s ruling at the ungodly hour of 3:00am on April 4, 2007. As my head hit my pillow around midnight, I had hoped for the best but prepared for the worst, for the enemy is like none we have ever faced.

Throughout the day, anger mixed with outrage incapacitated me. I felt bitter, hateful and vindictive- raw, negative emotions that were turning my stomach inside out. At the same time, in a very strange way I felt totally liberated and somewhat thankful that Meles did us all a favor, by giving us the perfect opportunity, to declare total war on him and his thugs who are holding our people and our country hostage. Now all bets are off. Once my anger subsided, I went to my computer to check out one of my favorite ferenji blogger, Lewit. Sure enough, never one to disappoint, I came across the above words he/she had written. The men in black, the forces of darkness, who live to eat rather than eat to live had just finished reading their diktat from the capo di tutti, when Kinijit leaders turned towards their shell shocked family members and uttered the uplifting words— “Ayzuachehu! Ayzuachehu”? God bless them all, even in the face of evil they never fail to inspire us and comfort us.

I sat there motionless imagining that scene. I could just see the defiant Hailu Shawel nodding at his brave son, Shawel Hailu and urging him to carry on; I could see my beautiful heroine, Bertukan Mideksa flashing that beautiful smile at her mother and telling her not to worry, I could also see our knight in shining armor, Berhanu Nega, glancing towards “his rock of Gibraltar”? his wife Nardos, and urging her to hang tough. All the true sons and daughters of Mother Ethiopia, in their own unique way telling their loved ones that they will never, ever, surrender to evil. My fearsome frown turned into a bright smile allowing me to renew my solemn promise that I’ll fight the righteous fight until my last gasp of breath.

The struggle continues!
Lulit Mesfin

Tedla Asfaw

I wake up early around 6AM and was surfing the web and got the news and I posted my opinion on many of the Ethiopian web sites immediately and send it also to the pro government web sites like Aiga.
The decision was not unexpected but the delaying drama for the last month and days make me believe that may be the so called elderly and prominent Ethiopians might have convinced the regime to think twice before putting itself in a difficult situation and the miscalculation that might bring the Ethiopian people on a street and force the release of our leaders and also the end of the regime. The Western countries especially USA and Britain  have not understood the anger in ordinary Ethiopians and are now telling us to go through the quick "legal process" that will reach a verdict before the end of the Ethiopian year. The sad thing is that all this is happening at a time the world attention is in Mogadishu bloodshed another iillegal adventure by the regime and the beating of war drum against the Eritrean regime and its so called home grown terrorists.

This verdict is a test for the Ethiopian people and the Diaspora Ethiopians and we have to pass the test because failure means a new century with a regime that will never accept the rule of law, peoples verdict and the existence of  united Ethiopia.


Tedla Asfaw

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    Dear Brothers and siters,

    As all of us anticipating, the fate of our heroes could be devastating but one thing I could assure you that heroes never live instead leave history. I encourage to every true Ethiopian, let us follow the foot path of our heroes and make their dream up.

    God bless Ethiopia
    Hell to Woyane.

  2. Tigist
    | #2

    God of Birtukan’s daughter , God of Serkalem’s son , God of children will judge this.

    Zenawi time is running out!!

  3. Tilahun
    | #3

    Mariah Carey – Hero lyrics for our hero’s journey In Kality

    “There’s a hero If you look inside your heart You don’t have to be afraid Of what you are There’s an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away

    And then a hero comes along With the strength to carry on And you cast your fears aside And you know you can survive So when you feel like hope is gone Look inside you and be strong And you’ll finally see the truth That a hero lies in you

    It’s a long road When you face the world alone No one reaches out a hand For you to hold You can find love If you search within yourself And the emptiness you felt Will disappear

    Lord knows Dreams are hard to follow But don’t let anyone Tear them away Hold on There will be tomorrow In time You’ll find the way”

    Hero’s story should arouse fear and empathy.let there be no doubt justice will be served.Ethiopian Hero’s a leader of men, a King is in the making.Tyrant will be remembered no more. Keep up the fight

  4. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #4

    Tigist, do you think Meles Zenawi has a different God and the opposition members a different God. God of EPRDF, God of Kinijit, God of OLF, man you folks are hilarious.

    Tilahun, weye gude, Maria Carey? What happened to Abarehe Belewe yanene wenbede? You folks are getting too soft. Soon you will start all Kinijit meeting with R. Kelly’s Jam, I BELIEVE I CAN FLY. Your’e gonna fly alright, all the way to Addis, to celebrate the millenium. Weslata weregna hulu. I feel a lot of sympathy for the Prime Minister because he actually has to govern vagabonds like yourselves. Maria Cary my foot. It is not your fault, it is just that your parents left you completely unprepared for the 21st century with their Gura of we are this and that. Maria carey? What happened to Wedefite belulete yeleyelete man. Weregna mekegna hulu. Oh by the way, I do have one good news for you. Maria Carey is scheduled to perform in Addis for the millenium. Maybe she will sing that hero song for the TPLF fighters.:) With a little bit of Kebero of cousre. Maria Carey Shuruba Aseretegne newe yemenelekate. Weregna hulu.

  5. sholla
    | #5

    Fiirst A Happy Ester to all Ethiopians and to all abugida crews!

    Those of you who have expressed your anger by the shame court decsion can play a big role after this, by coordinating the opposition or the diaspora struggle in my opinion.The only possible way is if you ,who are in the above list,can call a conference to all political,civic and humanright activists. I think you are able to do ths becouse every body knows what you have done and can be trusted by all. Most political organizations have no trust among themselves and hence can never build national front.

    I belive we can force EPRDF to come to the table only if we make a united front or by Gun.
    In order to give the peace a last chance today is on your hands prof Al,Aklok,Meron and all
    others. We beg you to think on this idea and give it a try pls pls pls.

  6. fish
    | #6

    Wow Wow i think we pressed the wrong button this 21 Century dog.Now you came to your true behaviour insulting and defending.
    You little insecure street dog.


  7. Ethio and Public Opinion
    | #7

    Happy Easter to all of you and Abugida Television media staff. As there is trial and challenge, there shall also be Berhane Tensae in truth.

    Dear Meron Ahadu,
    Cogratulations on your recent recognition as Woman of the year by American community representatives of the state. Best wishes for the future.
    You reflected on the regime’s record on justice the last 15 years and mentioned a few names. The May election and its aftermath, however its victory and disappointment, is changing the collective participation of Ethiopians, and that it itself is some progress, as much starts from AWARENESS. This trial is, to quote Attorney Birtukan Demeksa’s phrase, ” wukelegnachin ke Ethiopia hizib gar niw…”?. True, professor Asrat’s case is a sad memory and a lesson, and the foundation is built by great heroes like him to build on it. So the sadness was changed into progress. These elected leaders are asked to defend against treason and one questions who will be challenged with the burden of proof?.

    Dear Professor Al Mariam,
    You are a big wealth of presence in legal matters and especially the way you apply the scripture as it is the foundation of wisdom and even law. HR 5680 could be commendable, except at times questionable of its name, the word “freedom”? in it for Ethiopians asking intervention and change from American system. That is one face of the journey that shows the “arrival”? of Ethiopians after thirty years of immigrant life in America. It will take a lot, but the future might be to have more Ethiopians in America’s power seats and have them as decision makers. As far as the accused behind Kaliti jails, Kerchelle and other places, justice in Ethiopia is about to be tested. Ultimately, “one who has the gold makes the rules”? and leadership achieved through the blessing of the people in Ethiopia will make the changes. Opposition parties are faced with dilemma, political obstacles and challenges, but to focus on future elections and transfer some of the energy for the future is as much important in my humble opinion. We hope more legal scholars will speak and debate on this case. You are a tireless and giving energy…..

    Dear Ato Alemayehu Zemedhun,
    The complaint about lack of openness from Ethiopian legal community is about this trial and it might be too soon to do that?. As far as THE INQUIRY COMMISSION you have done your share along with other legal experts, in informing and sharing your accounts as witnesses and authorities in decision making.
    Thank you

    The kind of legal implications of the charges you mentioned here is exactly what the public including myself, law students and the world needs to know. It is as if the JUDICIARY CAN BE A TOOL to trap you for life and KILL you alive politically and reduce your citizenship second to none. It is a sad game IF NOT WELL JUSTIFIED.

    Dear Lulit Mesfin,
    We came to know of you recently from your articles on Ethio and one of them stands out to suggest PEACE AND RECONCILATION. It is good to find another female journalist joining the ranks of Meron Ahadu.


  8. geremew
    | #8


    Stay tuned bro, the FUKERA re-mix fet. Selemon Deneke will follow….or YE KINIJIT MENFESAWI BETE DENAKURT MEZMUR……it’s rally a wonder that Meles still have some hair left after all this years as a leader of Ethiopia.

  9. fish
    | #9

    He is a leader for the tigree not for Ethiopian. For us he is the same KIMALM lemagn banda tigree new.

  10. fish
  11. Gembero
    | #11

    Dear fellow Ethiopians,

    Don’t forget that Ethiopia will extend her hands to All Mighty God. God is patient dispite all ills. Do we remember a very recent episode of Sadam Hussein? He was the modern history Hammurabi of the Biblical time. As god said to him that he would go to the woods and graze the grass like a wild beast until he becomes creature rather a human being. I am not daring to preach but, I like to remind my people to not be ahead of All Mighty God. Vengence is Only His. I understand it is some times impossible to be patient. We need to bear in mind that we had gone through.So please let us unite and pray to God that we would be forgiven from this evile spirited time. May God blessus Ethiopians.

  12. curu
    | #12

    Dear Ethiopians your time is now.What we will do?Who we are? All we are one to treat this worste wound.GOD bless ETHIOPIANS.

  13. Shumet Menywab
    | #13

    Invading Somalia is yet another political dirty game action by you, Mr. Meles. Get out of Somalia now and make peace on your own land first. It is very disturbing to watch people after they died being dragged on public streets as a parade. I watched the U.S.A Marines corpses on TV news more than a decade ago and this time it is the Ethiopians and the Somalis themselves on internet vedeos. WHERE YOU ARE IS IN THE HIGHEST CRIME OF ALL BOTH INTERMS OF VAST HUMAN LIVES VIOLATIONS AND SUFFERAGES AND THE FUTURE ETHIOPIAN STATE SECURITY.

    On Western news medias, it is the Zimbabuie Opposition arrests taking more attention than the Ethiopian and the Somalis human crisis because of double standards. If African countries or any other country for that matter are not as worthy as the West can take any advantage, they are either bought with money through dictoterial regimes orelse they will be put in a box of unfriendly countries. So dictoterial governments know how to survive their power by taking this advantage too. Case in point is people dragging dead people as a parade is not an Al Qieda’s action on the Somali streets it is by people’s anger over these cruel political games by the West’s support to the dictotorial regimes. It was done before the International Terrorism acts. The West’s double standard is that no matter how dictotor any regime can be, it will be tolerated and supported as long as it Is behaving friendly to the West. For example, Mr. Meles of Ethiopia is a nuterious dictoter but he gets support from the West whereas Mobutu of Zimbabuie is also a nutorious dictoter but he does not get support from the West because he thinks he can manage to opperess his own people with out a support from the West.

    To find a political solution in Somalia is not to invade the country unless it is to make Somalia a more War zone place for outsiders like you that is to create terrorism for seeking more help from the West and to divert a home grown political opposition at the expense of the Somali people. Mr. Meles, it is your action’s result of these inhuman draggings now. You tried it on your own cities to creat this kind of situations but the people of Ethiopia denied your in human demand TO GO INTO CHAOS by chosing a peaceful struggle instead. You jailed publicly elected officials including mass arrest and killings of their supporters to materialze chaos, yet the Ethiopian people could not come to your evil trap to come to your demand.

    You are no peace maker but for sure you are an attacker. You never have an Ethiopian patriotism to begin with. You attacked the very Ethiopian Patriotic individuals in Assimba that intended to seek a radical political change in Ethiopia by chosing armed struggle against the military junta in the country at the time radicalism reigned in the Ethiopian diaspora and almost all intelectuals and students in the country.

    You fought for Eritrean Independence and finally you succeeded to let Eritrea go without any discussion and border demarcation. You chose this to fasilitate Eritrea to stand on its feet first with your help but the competetion between you and Mr. Afeworki could not hold petience. One more thing though, in the mean time you were busy of deminizing Ethiopia and its history by your claim of 100 years old history and the country’s flag is a piece of rug. The real patriotic Ethiopians could not hold your dirty political propoganda so they spoke up peacefully against your cheep political skill but you still attacked them one by one with your personal shooting squad killers.

    You chose to build your army from a scratch rather than to reorganize the Ethiopian long experienced military deffence system. You created new regional governments based on fragmented ethnicity rather than unity. You thought your political cadres to teach Ethiopians to listen to you rather than to use their consciece. You chose to land locked Ethiopia by signing Eritrea of the Ethiopian map without real agreements. Yet you chose to stay Eritrea and Ethiopia un setteled and at the consequence of this the Badime War took thousands of patriotic Ethiopian lives. And yet you stoped the Ethiopian armed force from defeating Mr. Afeworki by a direct order from you just because you know the next one will be you. Yet you still left Ethiopians for another bled shed by not creating peace settlement with Eritea just for your future political entertainment.

    You became more loyal to your outside supporters rather than the Ethiopian people that your government power lives on. You thought yourself on how to cheat on the name of democracy but your dirty democracy game is to trap your oppotions. You oppened up an open election by any cheating cofidence that your game will always work, but on May 2005, when you found out you lost the election, you declared yourself a winner and jailed the winners. Then to get out of your own political mess, you invaded Somalia by taking your war like pride to extend your war zone and put the Ethiopian people on another war game. You know Mr. Afeworki is working hard to get rid of you because of your power competetion with him. You decided to fight with a proxy war rather than another Bademe just because you know another Bademe will be your political end not that I mean Mr. Afeworki will win but because both of you will be loosers this time around. Somalia is an easy political entertainment for both of you to stay in power because you cruelly saw your political advantage to get Mr. Bush’s help by invading. a ‘haven place for terrorists’ that is Somalia beyond the West’s reach.

    You know Mr. Meles, your political victory arrived at the fall of the Mengist’s Army disintegration at the whilm of demoralization with Mengistu’s lack of leadership. Your fall will be at the fall of Your Army too. If you are to follow a different lagacy, you better get out of Somalia now and find a political solution instead of military solution including Ethiopia.

    You know, we all were in the same cause of struggle for the search of better governmen system back in the student movement up until some of us like you decided to betray by chosing a different path that is you devated from the unity by integrity to ethnic liberity. I know many of us were in different political directions but yours is a run away from the whole Ethiopian movement of class struggle to form a separatist and ethnisist party that is Tigray Libration Movement to librate the very Ethiopian Tigray from Ethiopia. As the going gets tough, the country’s popular student movement began disintegrated by its own internal political crisis and your political mercineries on the top leadership of EPRP. When you invited a group of former EPRP comrades like Bereket Simon, Tefera Walwa, Adisu Legese, Tamrat Lyne and many others and turned them to one of your today’s evil political instruments, the armaments they brought with them to join your separatist armed force were earned by the very honost young patriotic fighter’s blood shed, though un fortunately both the killed and the killers did it on the name of Ethiopia regardless of their political differences that was caused by then nuterous and ignorant dictator of all by any standard in Ethiopian history that was Mengistu except until you become the most dangerous of all the ods after you replaced him. Some of the like patriotic fighters like Kobelew and Kibebew were made a ‘burning wood to cook your food’ after disievingly joined you, may God forgive their soul.

    When many of the supposedly part of the Bereket group decided to leave you, you pleaded them by sheding a crocodile tear for not leaving their comrades behind as if you were fighting for freedom. From the begining to where you are now, you are a well trained political deciever. The Bereket group, then and now the ‘Amhara ethnic defenders by fake’, knew very well what they were going to do with you. They did not joined to change your ethnic phylosophy but they did to aploud you. Today like yesterday, these people are your political back bones. You knew then whom to eject and whom to atract and that for sure these people were your true political mercenaries in the EPRP’s liquidation in the Eighties.

    So many of your political cheatings will one day be cheating you too but I pray to God that the next one to be just to get rid of you and to surrender the power to the Ethiopian people. If you don’t listen to your people to get out of Somalia and release the Ethiopian people elected leaders and ask for reconsilation, at least that is what will hapen if not the end of you at the arrival of true democracy. Or else, after all these did in deed of your faults, let mercy whisper in your ear to confirm your demand of being remembered ‘as a starter of democratic process in Ethiopia’ to let the democracy go by releasing the truely people’s elected leaders and other political prisoners and restore their names as patriots instead of trators.

    Your order of the specially trained political court system to kill the carougious political prisoners will be yet at your highest crime of all because that for sure will put the country on the brick of hoplessness and could cause irriverseable chaos. If by your case the worst yet hapens, you should know that at the end though you will be like Sadam Husien infact yours will be only by patriotic Ethiopians without the foreign superior force involvement.

    Let mercy also whisper to all opposition parties too to drop their political competetion against each other and join hand in hand to get rid of tyranny and save the country by creating one democracy for one Ethiopia. Then only then will be freedom and peace lovers will be free at last!! S. Menywab

  14. | #14

    we do not expect from good things from weyane.every body hears the information that was given from one of weyane agent about professor Asrat.
    the weyane works
    1.allowed Eriteria to separat from ethiopia.
    2′killed the university student
    3.allawed to be throwen into deep holes
    4.the monkes of church were killed
    5 many fights were made so many times.b/n nation and natonality
    6.many times direct killing were made
    7.heavy fighiting b/n Eriteria and Ethiopia
    8.fighiting b/n Somalia and ethiopia are some
    how all Ethiopia come together io avoid such crimenals.

  15. Michael Moore
    | #15

    Emm what can I say. It is really so shame and also very dangerous to those who live for their belly (HODE). Tomorrow it is gone be another day HODE ZAREM BELITO NEGEM AMITU MALETU AYKERIM but the truth always stays there. Just forget about Ethiopianism how come you don’t even think Afrikanism? Don’t you see how European helps each other but you guys are used for western or your ZER GIND interest but not African or as an African? We all know you guys come to destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopianism once and for all. Also we are writing as record what you do today time will tell. Those Judge specially! how come you don’t take a lesson or learn from the brave judges who refuse to cooperate for the fake decision? How come you don’t think by your brain instead of by your stomach? I don’t think we will be distracted by any anymore. The truth is out every where. The time is coming closer. Only ignorant does not see the reality because they want to see what they want to see. However, their days are in numbers. These people are in Jail because they want freedom for Ethiopian people. They want freedom in Tigray, and all other part of Ethiopia.

  16. Geremew
    | #16

    To Shumet Minyewab,

    What can I say, you must have spent alot of time writing this desperate words of the dying “TIGIL”, I feel you desperation and frustration but let it go….

    You can’t decieve people anymore how ever you try to dramatize things, you guys lost big time and everybody knows now wat this “GIRR GIRR”.

    Some where in your post, you said “You know Mr. Meles, your political victory arrived at the fall of the Mengist’s Army disintegration at the whilm of demoralization with Mengistu’s lack of leadership. Your fall will be at the fall of Your Army too”.

    How dare you!!!, People like Meles were not “FESAMOCH” like you who run away to save their own lives, they have sacrified their youth, their own future, and most importantly they paid the ultimate price to get us where we are now, they are not men of words, their work speaks for it self.

    They were able to get rid of one of the gaint army in Africa because they had GOALS and something they call “TSINAT” which “FESAMOCH” like you lack badely.

    Meles is now feeding the poor farmers who were neglected and left to their lot by Hailu Shawel who was the minister of AGRICULTURE for 10 out of 17 years that DERG was in power…….incase your mind needs some refreshment, people were dieing in their thousends from droughts while “Your leaders were siping whisky on every “YE ABYOT BEAL”.

    You need to see filth in your own eyes before you comment on others, and only after that will you be open for “true reconciliation”.


  17. Shumet Menywab
    | #17

    To Geremew,

    First of all, I did not insult on your TSINAT that you fought hard for your ethinicity in Tigray rather than for all types of ethnicity as one integrated society in Ethiopia. Only you were awake of the oportunity to grab power in the whole Ethiopia when Mengistu’s power was not supported by Soviet Union and he began loosing his military power that was not being supported by his own people. Then and that is only then you declare yourself to march to Addis Ababa. Don’t get me wrong Addis Ababa is not your part of country but you were fighting to librate Tigray from its own that is Ethiopia. I am also willing to give credit to Mr. Meles to be remembered as a starter of democratic process in Ethiopia as he said if he let the democratic process go by releasing all political prisoners and ask for reconsilation. If you use your mind for good will, listen to your people other wise you will be like Mengistu. Mengistu chose to brag on his Military mighty and diminized all Ethiopians to kneel to his power and at last his fall opened a gate of ethnic division rather than ethnic integration. A government without its people support will not last for long, that is a fact.
    I am glad I run away instead of joining your mess. If you brag feeding your people, make peace, work with your people. Your long fifteen year in power have been making you reacher and more powerful. You did not feed your people yet. Insulting shows your frastration. Come to reality before it is too late brother!

  18. geremew
    | #18

    Shumet Menywab,

    Excuse my rough languadge but a political party that doesn’t adjust it self with the current situation is not a political party.
    Yes they started their strugle to liberate Tigrai because of the pain and misery inflicted on them both by Haileselasie and Mengistu. I completely understand why they feelt that way and why Meles once made that famous comment about the FLAG, because those people were being killed and bombed by their own government under the FLAG.

    “YEMAIKEYER DINGAY NEW ENDEMIBALEW” every rebel goup (by the way WOYANE means rebel) changes it’s tactic from time to time, so when they realize that their strugle doesn’t mean anything if the rest of the country is not involved in it besides if you want to kill a snake you have to cut his head off right?

    Why is everybody turning a blind eye to what those people has gone through???? afterall they are also (“ETHIOPIANS”) right?.

    Every Ethnic problem that you see in Ethiopia today is not a new fenomenon, I hope you know how the name calling begun…… know Tigre this….Gala this…..Welona Dirk…….the list is long, people were made to feel worthless and less Ethiopians than the people in power, this will take Generations to heal. In a country which have more than 80 Ethnic groups, tentions will always be there and who ever comes to power will be automatically rejected by the other.

    The only way to solve this is when you start to see your fellow citizens first as Ethiopians than their Ethinic background. We all want the best for our country but what happend in the past two years HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO THE PEOPLE……IT WAS HATE AND DISCOMFORT OF SOME GROUPS WITH THE RULING PARTY.


  19. Shumet Menywab
    | #19

    Geremew, the political party you proud of being a member is changing itself from ethnic libration to ethnic domination. This party is commiting more than the told human sufferages and killings so far just to maintain itself on power for ever by cheating, shooting and out lieing to farther continue human misery. Regardless of ethnic targets, the past governments in Ethiopia before you opperessed their people for centuries as one under the ruler and ruled. That was why the 1974 revolution witnessed in our generation every where in the country. My point here is you run away from the whole Ethiopian people movement and killed the people who were in the front line to fight for all ethnicity as one opperessed people.

    If you believe your political party is adjusting itself as time goes on, this is the time the Ethiopian people are begging you to come to have your credit for fighting Mengistu’s military regime and replace it with civilian government. My problem now is not why you started your struggle that way but how you started and how you end your political jeourny. Don’t compare your government system human records to the solution of ethnic problems in Ethiopia. You are creating Ethnic problems and on top of this your, you are on the making of terrorism in Somalia by invading the country just to expand your power entertainment.

    You can not find solutions by devide and rule. The world and the Ethiopian people know Ethiopia never had in its history your kind of problem the people to be administered in Ethnically divided regions except the Italy and British colonizers attempted to do so just to divide and rule.

    Geremew, whoever you are, what the Meles regime doing right now is not doing what you are telling me at the end.

  20. Geremew
    | #20


    Just to make things clear I’m not a member of any party, but if you ask me if I support the government, YES I DO and I do that based on principles and facts. As an Ethiopian, I do belive that the ongoing political and democratic change should be supported WITH ALL ITS SHORT COMINGS because that is the only way we can overcome our problems. We need to stop the vicious cycle of POLITICAL PARTIES ELIMINATING ONE ANOTHER TO COME TO POWER, BY DOING THIS, THEY HAVE AUTOMATICALY CREATED THEIR ENEMY BEFORE THEY EVEN STARTED TO ENJOY POWER.

    Please don’t make this look like the whole Ethiopia is againest the government, because if that was the case, EPRDF would have been gone by now, ofcourse if you consider Addis as the whole Ethiopia you are right.

    As any Ethiopian, I morne the death of those people who died in the violence in Addis, It was simply not acceptable and tragic. But how much do you know about the conspiracy behined that “hizbawi amets”???? I sure you are familier with the words of Hailu Shawel “10 to 15 thousend people will die but…….”.

    My question is, why would an “educated” man who lived in the states for so long wishes to achieve his goal on the dead bodies of Ethiopians???

    How much do you know about the weapons that were bieng smuggled into the capital just before the election??? the name callings and all the other things…why is nobody questioning that?????

    Where was the “YE KURT KEN LIJOCH” all this years?????? and why do people try to split the church now???? where were they all this time?????

    And about Somalia, what was the government supposed to do??? wait until the Islamists come to Addis and play Iraqi style bombings???? what about the claim they were making about OGADEN isn’t that part of Ethiopia??? this people were openly saying all this things…it’s not something made up by the government, besides the UN and the international comunity showed evidence about the kind of support Eritrea was giving them….what do you think Eritrea will do to our country if they had it their way????? and was the alliance of CUD with Shabia a wise thing to do???? don’t you think that this will give the government a good argument to do whatever they like with CUD leaders in prison??

    I don’t expect you to answer me for all this questions, I just want you to give it an honest tought by bieng just an Ethiopian.

    Whether we like it or not, our country has changed for the better and will never go back to those dark days, I know it will take time to let go but this is the reality in Ethiopia today.

  21. Shumet Menywab
    | #21

    Geremew, if you are one of the government supporter or government member, you are repeating all the lies by the government to confuse just some of the people who are not using their concience. your problem with Hailu Showel is because he is determined to get you out of the dark days. He is not taking you and I in the dark days infact he is begging you to come to serve the Ethiopian people at most. His commitment to the Ethiopian people is to die in your cruel jail instead of spoon feeding your dictator. Why are you hating a person who chose to serve the Ethiopian people instead of enjoying his wealth at 67 years old. Please stop your campign of ‘wushet sidegagem ewnet yimeslal’. For all the problems that you can not understand why the churches are being divided and why people are not seeing the problems with Kinijit is your crying to the people of Ethiopia to forget what your government did to them and their love ones what the church leader in the country is doing at most. Hailu Showel is determined to die in the service of his people instead of siting in the dictator Meles parlament just to spoon feed your ‘ethnic hero’.

    Like your government dislike the Ethiopian people to live without ethnic bias, Meles is trying to change the whole region by supporting the Somali ethnic war lords. The Islamic leaders have done much better job than the war lords for the Somalis. As far as the Islamic leaders were a threat to the Ethiopian security as a reason to invade the country, that is also a lie after a lie. People that could not stand for their country at united way do the most risk at their own for get to be a threat to claim Ogaden. That is rediculous. Untill you understand why Hailu Showel is in jail, Asta lavista!

  22. geremew
    | #22


    You sound like a cornered muis,

    No personal problem here but what is the problem with criticizing Hailu Shawel??? You guys do that to Meles 24/7 right? , isn’t that the beauty of “democracy”? I don’t follow Meles blindly, as any politician and human bieng he has his own strong and weak point, don’t follow anybody like “yekebt menga”, try to have your own point of view.

    You said that Hailu Shawel is here to take us out of the dark days…..HA HA HA HA…..!!!! Where was he all this years????????? I tell you where, he have his own business in ADDIS and he is also A DIRECT “TETEKAMI” OF THE OPPORTUNITY CREATED BY THE GOVERNMENT, IF HE BELIEVES THAT WE ARE LIVING IN DARKNESS, WHY DID HE CAME BACK TO HAVE HIS OWN BUILDING AND BUSINESS????

    I do agree with some of the things he said like, the people should have more to say about their country and the need for improvement in all government and civic sectors. But instead of dismanteling what is already built, you should work on it. ANESEM BEZAM we have our own constitution and that constitution gave them the right to participate in the election with all their KOSHASHA past.

    Your knowledge about Somalia is based on what your read on this website so I’m not gonne waste my time commenting on that but the truth is out there if you want it.

    Hailu Shawel and the others are in jail because they underestimated the power of government, they had no respect at all to the LAW OF THE COUNTRY WHICH THEY ACCEPTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ELECTION and they wanted to take power at the cost of anything.

    About the Church, the people who are now shouting “BE PAPAS LAI PAPAS” were one of those who ELECTED THE PAPAS “BE DIMTS BILCHA” WHY ALL THIS HOYA HOYE AFTER ALL THIS YEARS???? I TELL YOU WHY……..”YE TIGRE TILACHA”!!!!!!!


  23. Shumet Menywab
    | #23

    Once again,
    I don’t think ethnicity is the Ethiopian people’s problem if it was another ruwanda would have been here fifteen years ago as the TPLF’s hard effort to make it from its start to where we are now. ‘Ketafin ketafi silut aiwodem kal hone beker’. What about your ethnic member’s opposition to you, is that ‘ye Tigrye tilacha too? That is why yours is more dangerous than Mengestu’s. I asure you the Ethiopian people are very aware of your ‘atabkign tactic especially to the Tigrians that you think will be frightened to side with the very people of their own other ethnic Ethiopians. Good bye again.

  24. Geremew
    | #24


    The first line victims of the governments bad policies specially towards Eritrea is the people of Tigrai, and the Tigreans in Addis were also expressing their discomfort with the short commings of the government not as Tigreans but as ETHIOPIANS but you guys blew it up by showing your true colour and chanting TIGRE WEDE MEKELE, by doing this, you gave EPRDF the supporters it lost.

    Woyane is a product of ethnic discrimination by the past government so I can never believe that they will repeat the same mistake but I give them credit for being brave enough to raise the ethnic issue in our country which was a TABOO and which you are now denying that it existed before woyane came to power. Ethnic tensions doesn’t happen overnight, it’s the sum of years and years of negligence and deliberate abuse of a certain group.

  25. Deed Of Surrender
    | #25

    Hello, This is just what I was looking for!

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