Breaking news:Zenawi’s Court releases major newspaper publishers

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Ethio-Zagol | April 09, 2007

The court in charge of the treason and genocide trial of political dissidents today ordered the release of five major newspapers including Serkalem Fasil and her husband Eskinder Nega. The court also ordered the release of prominent journalists Sisay Agena, fasil yenealem and Dereje Habtewolde. Meanwhile, the court said the prosecutor didn’t show enough evidence proving the charges of attempted genocide and high treason(different from treason) against CUD leaders.(more on this and other ruling later)

  1. Debesay
    | #1

    Ok That is good news especially the case of Serkalem will be remembered by history .But the game is well done by the Enginner (Meles) as we can see from the comment of Attorney Alemayehu zemedekun
    “the existing penal code of Ethiopia , rigorious imprisonment in what ever yeares has aditional penality that is the defendant will be barred from National Rights , these include the right to elect and to be elected , from being a wittnes , from being a gardian etc .What one can infer from this is that the government is moving to dissociate these political prisoners from political scene in the name of criminal case judgement”.You see how much our tyrany is so evil?

    Rehus Awdaamet

  2. Arba Minch
    | #2

    This is an attempt by the Melles regime to show the world that the court is free and fair. It is an attempt to jail Kinijit leaders forever by claiming the court is free. It is amazing to see Tsegaye Tadesse of Rueters writing today when he thinks this is a good news for the regime while he was silent on Wednesday when the court ruled against our leaders. BBC is another image maker for Melles regime as well.

  3. Yehun
    | #3

    It is better to correct the title ” Melese Zenawi released major newspaper publishers” as we know it there is no free court in Ethiopia. Melese is playing the drama.

  4. j.p.h
    | #4

    I think this is a smart trick of the tyrant to divide and silently destroy “Kinijit’s” leadership Even if they release them from prison they will be at house arrests and harassed by his security,as we know it from their previous evil practices.
    And then they can re arrest them whenever they think to do so.The struggle should continue until all are released and the tyrant be brought to justice!
    By the way I read the following poem in some websits

    Blood money in blood
    How can one just smile by killing innocents?
    Civilian people, with out guns with out knifes?
    Look at the sharp shooter with his binoculars
    Ready to shoot children right on chests or some heads
    For he sees the payment the blood soaked dollars
    Blood money changed to blood when the people arise!

    Why “?army”? mass murders the people of his own?
    Securing a tyrant the evil soul of one?
    Why should you kill neighbors in a land of foreign?
    Would you kill your mother or a boy you call “son”??
    Lay your arms and deny the tyrant the Satan
    Or you turn your rifle on the blood sucker “man”?
    Only then you secure the dear life of your own
    When Ethiopia prevails with her gallant children!

    Army building was meant to secure the people
    Army building was meant to protect the mass’will
    Keep sovereignty and boarders reserved well
    To make children be fed and make them to smile
    Build roads and hospitals Bring rapists to the jail
    What happen now to you? Just blinded by evil?
    Stop atrocities reject tyrant’s hell
    Repent your sins right now Ethiopia should prevail!

    Our for fathers fought to make justice prevail
    Our kings fought for all the black people
    Against colonialism the fatal, the brutal
    With all the odds there,they were triumphant forreal
    They died a hero’s death with victory to us all
    Why you are at war now? fight of “Kael”?, “Abel”??

    What happened brothers,grand children of heroes?
    What happened sisters,grand children of heroines?
    Could Blood money buy you as if you were slaves?
    To be deceived by one who kill children in mass?
    Come back please to your selves,to the real consciousness
    Reject evil’s deeds and stand by people sides!

    Your modern time heroes the genuine scholars
    Who planned to raise the poor from misery and mess
    Against war, disease, poverty, sufferings
    Love being their motto, to heal the pain in us
    They are accused falsely to face death penalties
    The monster is there who caused atrocities
    Turn your gun on the one who allowed mass murders
    Ethiopia should prevail without any delays!

    (Anonymous Ethiopian 07/04/2007)

  5. fish
    | #5

    The heat is intensifying and tigree need some kind of air to breath and they let few of our heros to get free but not willingly. I guess this will continue and i am confident Meless can’t do anything on the jailed heros, of course during his coustody period he may bring and return them back to kality just to show that he is in charge but I dont think so, it the US and i hope they will let them go sooner when they get what they want and leave Meles to our ppl.


  6. Marishet
    | #6

    I compromise on nothing but acquittal on all counts. The prisoners of conscience has no case to defend or answer. They are as clean as crystal.

  7. death to meles & Kemal bedri
    | #7

    where is berhane, the ever stupid animal.
    I am eager what he will comment on this news….

    WOdo new,, gena gena…hulunim yifetal. Legna bilo sayihon, he knows what will happen on all his cadres and TPLF …

  8. Mesfin
    | #8

    It is great news that the free press journalists are released. If Judge believe that the journalists committed no crime what is so ever, and if that is why he decided to acquit them. Now, the question is should be are journalists going to be allowed to go out and do the job that they used to before they were jailed? Logically, they should be allowed, since the court let them go free. However, I doubt that would happen because the court let the free media journalists free because it wants to appear as legitimate before the international community. No matter what this court says or does as long as a dictator Meles Zenawi is running the whole show, the court system will keep continue to be an instrument for evil Meles Zenawi’s political agenda.

  9. cudlist
    | #9

    To all free press journalists this doesn’t mean you have free ride on our peace. you can’t decaler war on us and telling us it is freedom of speech. you can’t shout FIRE and telling us it is your freedom of speech..

    I hope you will wiseup this time around. if not you have only yourself to balame

  10. | #10

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