The Terrorist and Cancerous Woyanne Group claims to have arrested ‘coup plotters’ – By Elizabeth Blunt (BBC News, Addis Ababa)

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Ethiopia’s authorities say they have arrested 35 people who were allegedly plotting to overthrow the government. (more…)

Ethiopia’s authorities say they have arrested 35 people who were allegedly plotting to overthrow the government.

All are said to be members of Ginbot 7 (May the 15th), an opposition group based outside Ethiopia and led by the self-exiled politician Berhanu Nega.

The Ethiopian government say the people arrested in Friday’s raids fall into two groups: some were soldiers and others civil servants.

A government spokesman said they would be charged in court early next week.

Ermias Legesse said the group was an illegal organisation because it had not been registered as a political party and because its leadership had made statements in the US, indicating that it wanted to overthrow the government by unconstitutional means.

Mr Ermias said that during raids on the homes of the suspects, weapons had been found, including land mines, as well as military uniforms and copies of the group’s future plans.

Berhanu Nega was one of the most charismatic opposition figures at the time of the last elections in Ethiopia in 2005 and if all had gone well he would have become mayor of Addis Ababa.

But he was arrested along with other prominent opposition figures and tried for treason, sentenced to life imprisonment, then pardoned and released.

Along with several of his colleagues he travelled abroad after his release, but while most of the others have returned to Ethiopia and are now organising themselves as a legitimate opposition party to fight next year’s elections, Dr Berhanu chose to stay in the US, saying that the situation in Ethiopia was such that the government could not be changed by constitutional means.

Press Release ini regard to the Woyanne Claim

  1. Arbex
    | #1


    Weyane still in business-as-usual act of drama production.

    When there is socio-economic unrest at home; and when it faces political and diplomatic tension oversea, TPLF revisited its failed tactic of fabricating cases, and accusing rivals of instigating unrest. Shame! I am sure no one will be fooled except the ignorant cliques of TPLF.

  2. ewnetu
    | #2

    who the hell is this ermias legesse (another Bereket Simon)?

  3. Aba Tatek
    | #3

    it is the new jungle tricks to close the mouth of the opposition inside the only peoples who believe this woyanne orchestered drama is either a fool or the 17 years of missery who still dont understand woyannes nature any way ethiopians has to continue the struggle till we get rid of this jungle monsters

  4. yikerbelen
    | #4


  5. Geremew
    | #5

    Out-dated Drama!!!

  6. Tigist
    | #6

    This is the same trick that Weyanne displayed time and time again against OLF. Now, weyanne turns it ugly face against Ginbot 7. It says a lot about the fear of Meles Zenawi. Once again the evil (Meles) Zenawi is trying to picture him self as god for his moron followers. I am still puzzled by, not Meles Zenawi’s evil characteristics, but his followers stupidity. For how long these idiots keep following this monster?

  7. Ms, Ethiopia Tenur
    | #7

    We, Ethiopian who live in a diaspora should organize ourself, and redeam these wealth that has been stolen from Ethiopian people.This should be done by contacting the bank’s that these crooks have used,let them know that these stolen illegaly from the Ethiopian people.And should be a frozen assets.These stolen blood money should be return to the Ethiopian People as soon as possible.And these crooks should be tried and put in jail ,for the rest of thier life. I hope its soon.

  8. T. Goshu
    | #8

    It is a world-wide and an open secret that Meles and his cronies are at the verge of their demise as the result of the heinous crime against humanity they have committed in the last 18 years. Nobody in her/his right mind can believe the continuation of their dirty and bloody drama.

    Dear AND HONEST ETHIOPIANS, this is the very critical moment to move forward with more united, practical and determined struggle before this ill-minded and destructive elites accomplish their evil mission – destroying our beloved country unprecedentedly.

  9. yikerbelen
    | #9

    TPLF has been beaing the same drum as before . When they wanted to arrest Oromogna speakers,loot their properties and kill those who have refused to cooperate with this terrorists club [TPLF] and kill their people as Girma Biru has been doing , TPLF associates them with OLF and gives them different names. Now another TPLF’s nightmare came up with strong publice support and with a bright mission. That is G-7. This terrorists group has already started barking and biting ethiopians , TPLF is trying to terrrorizse the army’s memebers especially those who are non tegeians and eritreans, they will arrestmore generals from other ethnice groups to quite and divide others from the army camp, and from cilians to loot their properties and take their business companies and give for those who borned from the “golden’s people ” and to terrorize other non tegeres all over ethiopia. as they accused CUDP’s supportters as banks looters and killed them , they will do the same thing with other ethiopians.The solution is one and one.Other ethiopians must united and take action against those criminals jointly by any means. No one will be freed untill we will free together. God bless ethiopia . down with narrow minded, vissionless criminals and looters. amen

  10. yikerbelen
    | #10

    The term “coup” works only for legally elected governments, not for illegal terrorists group like TPLF. TPLF is an illegal and criminal gruop under the directleadership of ethiopia’s borned eritreans by their origin.So these illegals and criminals should be thrown by any means and they must be taken to court and must be punished.

  11. leaders meles
    | #11


    | #12

    WOH is real Ethiopian???? Tigray or anty Tigrayan group??? GOD KNOWS the reallity Down with narrow and Shabian agent midian.

  13. wolkaite
    | #13

    It is shame to see that the people of Gondar, so quite when the Welqait-Tegede, are losing their land again to Sudan. They have already lost most of their land such as Humera to Woyanie-Tigraians and now to Sudan!!

    They given away Ethiopian region is not just a loss of vital and fertile land; it is also an area that is strategically important in the long-term interest of Ethiopia.

    More than 200,000 Ethiopians from their farmlands Humera and Wolkaite-Tegede has displaced the government forced their land which handed to his own ethnic (Tgirian) today there are about 2700,000 Tigrian seattled in the city of Humera.

    They have killed so many innocent people of wolkite most of them are young adults and elders also many innocents they lifted their body for wild animals. Many of them been vanished, until now we do not know where they are I am sure they were brutally murdered by Tgirian war lords. So many Gonderoch from Welkait-Tegede, Tselemt, Beyeda, Janamora, Kola-wegera, and Armachiho were killed by Tigrian war lord inhumanly because of they happen to be Amhars. The crime the Tigrian war lords committed against the people of Gondar is comparable to the crime of Nazi against the Jewish.
    The Wolqait-Tegede, people have specially been victimed of carefully strategized plan to eradicate them from their native land. Woyane’s strategy dates more than two and three decades ago but the brave people of this region have defended their land and kept the proud Ethiopian identity for a long time.

    Since the Woyane regime climbed to power the atrocities committed against these people have been going on in the open air and their conflict for help has been silenced by Woyane and its band-wagon or ‘achebchabiwoch’. So that no one expose the atrocities of the Woyane regime against to the innocent people of Wolqait-Tegede.I believe that the concerns and thirst for unity, democracy, and peace of Wolqait Tegede would be answered as the general concerns of the Ethiopian people are fulfilled. My intention in focusing in this particular region is in order to show the rest of the world and especially my Ethiopian brothers and sisters of what is going on in the other corner of Ethiopia.

    Here are names of the people of Wolqait, Tegede and Tselemt who have been victimized by the brutal regime of Meles Zenawi and Co. For the past 20 some years the TPLF has been arresting, torturing and killing thousands upon thousand of innocent citizens for the main purpose of Tireanization of the Wolqait, Tegede and Tselemt lands and people. Especially, those have resisted the Tigreanization have been savagely tortured to death. In fact, TPLF would rather capture this people and torture them in an underground cave known as “06,” rather than killing them immediately. Not only have this but they also worked hard to destroy the culture and identity of these people. For instance, they are forced to learn Tigrigna and all other communications are forced to be conducted in this language. These are despite that Amharic being the native language. All of these are just some of the many atrocities the TPLF has committed on the people of Wolqait, Tegede and Tselemt. Click on the following link to listen to an interview of two natives of Wolqait Tegede about the atrocities of TPLF.

    1.Girazmach Woldie Yenehun (an 84 years old elder, former Left Wing Brigadier-General)
    2. Kegnazimach Sisay Abera (Former Right Wing Brigadier-General) and his son
    3. Mr. Woldie Yenehun (dragged by car and killed)
    4. Mr. Mamo Desta (savagely beaten to death)
    5. Mr. Lijalem Taye and his son Adissey
    6. Mr. Alene Kindishih
    7. Mr. Ayalew Semu
    8. Mr. Mered G/Mikael
    9. Mr. Mulu Atalay
    10. Mr. Endishaw Tafere
    11. Mr. Mamo Zewdie
    12. Mr. Getew Tamre
    13. Mr. Fetene Gebrey
    14. Mr. BeIdu Wondemagegnehu
    15. Mr. Asamerew Melese
    16. Mr. Abebe Yirga
    17. Mr. Alebel Yirga
    18. Mr. Guoy Mebirahtu
    19. Mr. Nega Tebeje
    20. Mr. Nega Aseres
    21. Mr. Hagos Gebrey
    22. Mr. Nigusu Abirha
    23. Mr. Abeje Kifley
    24. Mr. Gifachew Dagnew
    25. Mr. Malefia Guoy
    26. Mr. Tesfay Hailu
    27. Mr. Kinfe Kebede
    28. Guoy Mebrahtou

  14. demqorow politikeNa
    | #14

    I don’t think this is the usual melesas drama. It’s something to do with the world around wake up of peace loving forces and international organizations pressure on melesas. The army can sense what’s going on. Something might be cooking up in the army. The melesas might have killed it before it develops fullfledgingly.
    The inclusion of ginbot 7 might be a far fetched one.
    Let’s wait to see how things develop.

  15. simon
    | #15

    The gambelers group of TPLF began to other new drama to teriorised the ethiopian people that they did in 1992 by proffesor Asrat and OLF group. please stand up to grave this tereroist Woyane and head of Genocide on ethiopian people.

  16. Denden
    | #16

    Woyane is in crisis. Now it is trying to make Ginbot 7 a scape got. Historically Woyane is self serving and narrow minded tribe. Let’s see what it did when it controlled Addis Ababa with the help of the EPLF. It ordered Every tigrian associated to it to steal a car from the government ministries and drive it to Mekelle. I remember every store in a place called industry, Mekelle, was full of stolen Toyota cursers. For your surprise even a famous Tigrian singer who abandoned the TPLF long time ago was asked to steal cars. Weyane dismantled generators from Bahirdar and transported them to Mekelle. Woyane stole Coffee from Ethiopia and hide it in Zalambassa. The funny thing is Shaebia knew that and captured the coffee and exported it. Woyane stole Arms from stores in Addis Ababa and buried it in Endayesus Mekelle. Woyane is the cruelest and hated government in Ethiopia. Look what it did to the Somalis. It turned its Army base to burial ground of young innocent Somalis. What did those young and innocent Somalis did to deserve this. They never killed even one Ethiopian. The answer is Woyane did not care about them. It was looking at the donation it was going to receive as a reward for being a messenger. Woyane was created by Shabia. Rember what it did to Eritreans who used to live in Ethiopia for generations? First it used them to establish itself in Addis Ababa. They were asked to vote as Tigrians. Later it deported them without a night cloth. It sold their property and used it for its narrow objective. Somalis fed Meles during his difficult time and gave him a passport. Look now what it is doing to them. What about what it did to SPLM. Do you know the history of the lost boys of sudan. They were the reminants of Weyane Massacer of South Sudanese nationals at the hand of Woyane. Weyane killed women childern and the rest made them drawn in rivers. Weyane is inhuman whose objective is just to establish greater tigrai at any cost. It took land from wello, Gonder and Afar. It tried to do the same with Eritrea and it did not fare well. Weyane thought by blocking Eritrea from the Ethiopian Market and replicating Eritrea’s Manufacturing in Tigrai it will achieve its narrow objective. The factories in Tigrai that were established without plan and detailed feasibility study are now useless. Woyane has to come to its senses and recognize the right of others to live in peace. If not the fate of those who wield power and do not use it in a very responsible way will eventually lose it.

  17. Tiret
    | #17

    Woyane was not and will never be an Ethiopian,
    Denden you are right. Woyane’s first objective was to establish Tigrai state. However last minute it changed its idea. It changed its cover and started stealing the whole Ethiopia and transporting it to Tigrai at night. Prior to 1998 woyane’s stealing corridor was Massawa. Heavy equipment was unloaded in Massawa and transported directly to Tigrai. This was done without the knowledge of Ethiopians. The machines were so big and the massawa road had to be modified so that it would accommodate them. Currently the stealing corridor is Port Sudan. Coffee is stolen from central Ethiopia and exported through Port Sudan. Don’t be fooled when weyane tells the coffee traders they are hoarding coffee. It is a distraction. Other goods that are specifically ordered for Tigrai are imported through Port Sudan. Don’t you get surprised when Meles imprisoned Tamrat for corruption? It is like “saikedmeng Libelew Leba”. That is why Weyane never been and will not be an Ethiopian. How can an Ethiopian kills young kids whose only crime was telling wayane you stole our parents vote. Woyane is insecure and it will fight hard to stay in power. It will kill anyone who dares to tell the truth. However its destiny is already determined. It is not going to be long to see wayane being History. There is one card left to play with though. Open war against Eritrea and Use Oromo and Amhara kids as a cannon fodder. That way it will control every movement in Ethiopia like derg did in the name of national security. Given the weak economy and the dwindling foreign support that will buy woyane only a short survival time. Yet the end result is elimination of Woyane from Ethiopia for good. It is time for the people of Tigrai to come to their senses and tell Wayane it does not represent them. By the way it has already started in Aiga.

  18. Bekele
    | #18

    We shall meet Berhanu Nega Bunger at Mariot Hotel next Sunday, May 3 2009. We shall see how strong he stands that day. Yitayal Gudu… Time for action! G-7 and we will show wrestling by then.

  19. ታዲዮስ
    | #19

    የት ሄጄ ልከራይ የወያኔ ውሸት እንዳልሰማ

  20. Hafashi
    | #20


    Don’t forget that you and the rest of Ethiopians are left with 100 years of homework to resolve assigned by our galant leader Issayas Afeworki. Among you we have comarads who believ in liberty of nationalities for all. Berhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsigie and G-7 members, Elias Kifle, Ethiopian Review members are all comarades who stand for Eritrea, Oromia and Ogadenia. Long live our comaradship with Berhanu and Andargachew. Long live Issayas

  21. TM
    | #21

    Denden and Tiret,

    It seems you guys know woyane very well. One thing that I want to add is Meless will stay in power and will never leave office. Do you know what the trick he is trying play? He is going to say he is not going to run for office. However EPRDF is going ask Meless to run. Then Meless is going to say well I said no but my party asked me to continue as PM. I am committed to my party and I can not say no. It is the old game. Please don’t foget I told you this and remember this when it happens. By the way this is one of the factors that will speed up weyane downfall.

  22. Aba Doyo
    | #22

    I think TPLF did this to intimidate other oppposition members for the purpose of divide and conquer. The question is will UJP leaders attempt to distance themselves even though one of the person arrested is their member according to the new story above or show solidarity with those arrested with fabricated plots? I suspect they would opt for the former because of their desire to show that they operate “legally”. TPLF security people are trying to exploit the mistrust that has surfaced among members of UJP. It is to be recalled that some youth supporters of the party were complaiing that they were accused by leaders of UJP as radicals and clandestine Ginbot & members. TPLF security is jumping on that so that one member of UJP would cough up the group they accuse as radicals. Typical divide and conquer. TPLF is using the same method it had used before the 2005 election. The then alleged master plotter from abroad was Dr. Negede Gobezie. The irony is, the currently accused Dr. Berhanu Nega & his colleagues at KINJIT at the time were quick in distancing themselves from Dr. Negede’s group or the young demonstrators which they suspect were “radicalised” followers of Dr. Negede & UEDF in diaspora.

  23. for abougida
    | #23

    what about (nazi weyanne hitler meles)this one is good name for meles
    please abougida what about (kedamawit weyanne hitler azeb mesfin) pictures ???……..

  24. Aba Doyo
    | #24

    Correction: I thought I have seen in the above BBC story that UDJ member Ato Melaku Tefera are among those arrested. I have seen the story somewhere else not here. Apologies for the error.
    I hope UDJ leaders would take their cue from Ato Bulcha Demeksa who stood in solidarity with the member of his party when Ato Bekele Jirata was arrested and charged with working with terrorist group. Ato Bulcha did not distance himself from his colleague. Instead he accused the TPLF-led regime for intimidation and harassment of his party members. UDJ leaders and other oppposition members should shave the gut to say this is all about intimidation. They should remind the international community and media that Ato Bekele and some other OLF members were arrested with the same kind of fanfare. However, none of the charges stuck and Ato Bekele and most of the people arrested then are freed by now. Opposition leaders should take this opportunity, to remind international community/media that the measures taken by TPLF are usual attempts to arrest the gathering storm of people’s discontent with the regime and intimidate some members of the opposition.

  25. selomone
    | #25

    meles the terroriste…….

  26. Mulat
    | #26

    It looks like this website is serving Eritreans as majority of the suggestion are from the dead eritreans(Shabeas).
    No problem as ther are already in a ditch that they can revover it.

  27. wendataw
    | #27

    I am Sick of tierd talking about TPLF.They are not Ethiopians.The most ethno centric,Narrow minded,Mafi and TERRORIST organaization on earth,but you will see time is running for them and there supporteres.WE will see who cries for them.I dont think the rest of Ethiopian will ever forget the crime commited by these Tigrians who were created to work for there master EPLF:For as long as our mother land is invaided they do what ever they want.Peopel will reise eventually and send them to DEDEBIT BERHA:God bless ETHIOPIA:DEATH for TPLF:

  28. sharki
    | #28

    Ginbot 7! what an interstig turn of event. You see people the tricky weyane done it again. While most Ethiopians grive on the death of their beloved son Mr. Telahun Gessese, they are bussy rounding up fake ploters to again disband any credible opesition. No one knows the tegaru bettern than the Eritrean. I am repiting my self again, the only way to get ride the cancerous weyane is by the only means they understand which is power. Those who come by sowerd die by sowerd. Only caword tererize people. Since wayene is a caword beast they comute all sort of atrocities fearning their victome will not come to hunt them again. However, they forget one thing and that is they touch the bee heives that concived them Eritrea. Again, mark my word Ertitrean all over the world will quitly and tenesously work for the demize of weyane in order peace to rain in the horn of Africa. Who ever wants to join hand on these nobole effert should be commended. My Ethiopian friends stop whining tieghten your belts and save Ethiopia before it gets fragmented. The narow minded gange is sowing seeds of hate, discord to prolong their stay in power and they will continou to sell them selfe to the highest bider. They are not for Ethiopia they are there only for them selves. The perseption out there on Ethiopians is “they only know zeraf, zeraf and do nothing”. Everyone knows perseption is wrong it is like a stigma, please my dear friends you have all the means, talent and prsivrance to overcome any hardship. Just stay the cource and struggle untill the wayne is on the dust ban.

  29. Tazabi
    | #29

    It is good busines for us, Ginbot7. Weyane dissiminate information for us

  30. yikerbelen
    | #30

    Do not jumsecertary. The worst and bloody dictator on earth is melese zenawi [p here and there mr east africa's adolf].USA must support the struggle for democracy and freedom in ethiopia toprotect it’s natinal interest in along run. we, ethiopians will never let down our country under the leadership of anti ethiopia’s group like melese, bereket and sebhat.For westren countries, there is only one option to protect your national interset in Africa as a whole. You must reject all greedy dictators, you must bring all criminals who have been committed a genocide aganist innocent Africans. You must use all your power and force all the criminal and dictators to accept the decision of the people during an election time.I think USA must an honest and open secretary for Africans like congressman Donale payne OR congressman chris smith .I do see some un fair reprot from the newly assigned Africa’s secertary. There are only two democratically eleceted leaders in Africa. but this man is trying to tell us that they are 23 out of 48 countries in the process . How long should the Ethiopia’s people wait for the end of “democratical process” weyanes have already told us democracy is a process which can be built over night. But weyanes are killing, arresting in the darkest palce on earth , firing citezens from their job because their political attitude in ethiopia. These are happening after 18 years of weyanes dancing with westren countries. Especially the USA’s ambassador like yammamoto and other staffers like jandoye frazeer,vicky are the shameless human creatures who have been betraying and stealing the ethiopia’s people vote for democracy in support of dictator melese zenawi. The above staffers have sold their conscience and got millions of dollars from dictator melese for their hidding his crimes . So the Obama admn should come up with the clear stand to defend the democarcy in ethiopia. otherwise there is the high possibilities more people will be aganist USA’s interst in Africa. Unjustice any where unjustice everywhere. We will not allow you to associate your self with dictator and kill our people and our country. Ethiopians have un limited right to have their own elected leaders as USA’s people. USA should stop dancing with Dictators.

  31. atuba dolla
    | #31

    Ugly and cheap;what a losers,those members of the crimefamily!!!

    Ethiopians are famous and praised for defeating known historical enemeies.Today,the number one enemy of Ethiopia is the invading,tplfwoyane forces and soon will be removed from the land they invaded twenty years ago.Their time wrapped with a sour fate is around the corner;it is true,that bitter fate of theirs is finally here comes.

    It is true all members of the crimefamily are in a complete shock induced by the inevitable defeat that awited them in the coming election; it is why and that is why,they have to start manufacturing rumours and faulty stories that Ethiopians have planned to coup them.There is always synergy in the unity of power;hence,it is this huge power that overwhelmed them to the point where they began to assemble faulty parts and make a whole disfunctional reality.

    The invaders time is nearly up!!!

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