Zenawi admits terror detentions

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BBC | April 10, 2007

Ethiopia’s government has admitted that it detained 41 “terror suspects” who were captured in neighbouring Somalia. The ministry of foreign affairs said the detainees were from 17 countries including America, Canada and Sweden. (more…)

BBC | April 10, 2007

Ethiopia’s government has admitted that it detained 41 “terror suspects” who were captured in neighbouring Somalia. The ministry of foreign affairs said the detainees were from 17 countries including America, Canada and Sweden.

It is the first time the government has admitted that it is holding the foreigners, defending the action as part of the “global war on terror”. Ethiopia denied the detainees had been held incommunicado. It says five have been released, with 24 more to follow.

US ally

Some of the detainees were picked up in Somalia by Ethiopian troops fighting alongside Somalia’s transitional government against a radical Islamist group at the end of last year.

Others were deported from Kenya, where many Somalis have fled continued fighting.
“This real and concrete struggle is being conducted against local and international terrorism in Somalia… in the course of this confrontation, suspected international terrorists have been and are still being captured by the joint forces of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and Ethiopia,” the ministry said in a statement.

Last month, Human Rights Watch accused Kenya of secretly expelling people, Ethiopia of making dozens “disappear” and US security agents of routinely interrogating people held incommunicado.

In recent years, Ethiopia has been a key American ally in the fight against al-Qaeda, which has been trying to sink roots among Muslims in the Horn of Africa. In a statement, the Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs said 12 of the 41 people would remain in custody and would appear before court on 13 April.

Human rights fears

One of those is a 24-year-old American, Amir Meshal. His lawyer, Jonathan Hafetz, told the BBC Mr Meshal had not had access to legal advice in Ethiopia. He is concerned about Mr Meshal facing court in Ethiopia, which he said had a horrific human rights record. Mr Hafetz said his client should be freed and sent home immediately. The International Committee of the Red Cross in Ethiopia said it had not been granted access to any of the detainees, despite having tried for the last month. The Ethiopian government denied that any of the people had been held in secret jails or incommunicado.

“Nothing has been done in secret,” the statement said. “All legal procedures are being followed, and the suspected terrorists have been allowed to appear before the relevant court of law.”

  1. fish
    | #1

    This is Ethiopia under woyane admistration.Woyanes are above the law.


  2. Tigist
    | #2

    Meles Zenawi is running a Nazi style rule in Ethiopia by terrorizing the Ethiopian people. There is no independent court system in Ethiopia. The Kangaroo court only serves Meles Zenawi’s political purpose. Meles has been using the Kangaroo court to silence his opponents. The international community shouldn’t expect a fair trial for the jailed feigners in Ethiopia. I love my country, and I regret that a tyrant is running it for the time being, and bringing unwanted attention to our country. Now, this tyrant has become a dangerous liability not only for Ethiopians for all human beings. It is time to deal with him. He has been on power for more than 16 years any way. It is time for Nazi Meles to go. As long as he is there, there is going to be more blood shied in East Africa, in Ethiopia in particular.

  3. Mimi
    | #3

    Hi everyone! would you check this out? It tells more about weyanne.


  4. j.p.h
    | #4

    I have read the folowing in some web sites and found a lot of truth in the conversation between the “Kangaroo court ” and the “Dracula”!

    The kangaroo Court & The Dracula drama:

    The kangaroo court:
    What to do my master? We’re ridiculed those days?
    Can’t we totally drop the charge of genocides?
    Cause “Jakob”? was involved with the UN missions
    As honorable attorney on the Rwandan case
    Your camouflage example of “?Interhamways”?
    Now completely denied by EU leaders
    It was stopped by lady, honorable “Gomez”?

    The Dracula
    You’re right just omit the genocide charge
    But leave the treason card without any change
    Immediate incentives for you the right judge!
    Land, cars, jewelries, whatever the exchange
    You get them right at hand what comes in your image
    Should you keep the power without any damage!

    The Kangaroo court
    But the world says – “no justice” in our land
    Human right accused you of murder with demand
    Asking you to release all prisoners indeed
    What can I say to them your human right records?
    Our friends the judges have gone to exile
    With all the documents the facts and the file
    Can we deny that on the open trial?

    The Dracula
    Be careful “Mr. Judge”? for your foul words
    Don’t try to cross “red light”?the land’s regulations
    Full stop they’re guilty let us close these cases
    If you can’t do the job there are lots of others
    Who can do it for you without any delays?

    The Kangaroo court
    Pardon me my master for I had just bad day
    Despite the complains of the human right’s way
    All the facts in US, in Europe, Sidney
    I’m the judge of the land I will pass it today

    (Anonymous Ethiopian 07/04/2007)

  5. Wedi-Adwa
    | #5

    The terror suspects are a lot more than 41. The Eritrean terrorists are not accounted for. Furthermore, the declaration of the 41 terrorists is mainly to respond to the outcry by bleeding liberals who do not know how to deal with an Islamic-Terrorist. The Ethiopian government does. It kills them. There are no negotiations with the Islamic fascists. The only solution is death or imprisonment. The Ethiopian government should not go out of its way to make their lives comfortable. We can’t afford it.

  6. fish
    | #6

    Who is we? Wedi Minitis: Dogs, iliterates, hated creatures only then you are write. Have you read the book, sorry did some body read for you “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. Woyanes are just like that. I need the opinion of those who read or watched the movie.


  7. Geremew
    | #7


    Here is my opinion about the movie,

    You probably understand only those types of movies cuz it shows the level of your IQ,

    what the hell was the government supposed to do??? put them in KALITI too????. This guys are sworn enemies of our country, as far as I’m concerned, they don’t deserve a detention centre, they should have been killed where they were found becaue they were aiming to kill us.

    You guys was blaming the government without a shame on the bombings that we have seen in ADDIS, but we knew all along who was behined it, if the terrorists got it their way, they would have been able to bomb ADDIS again, if that was the case, you would have been the first one to blame the government for not protecting the public.

    You may call the government whatever you like but they know how to deal with TEBABOCH LIKE YOU and that’s why we are sitting back and enjoying the show, don’t try to put the Ethiopian public into this, it was your mess and you are going to pay for it.

    Where is the ELKIT & DEM MEFASES that you guys were bluffing about if CUD leaders were convicted??????? FESAM HULA, Ethiopia lost so many precious people, this by far are the worst ones so your cover is busted, no more games in the name of EMIYE ETHIOPIA.

    KE CHAKA YEMETUT saved you ass from hiding under your bed and behind closet from BIHERAWI WITIDIRINA, where were you loosers all this time???????

    The farmers are now in a better possition than they were when HILU SHAWEL WAS MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE FOR 10 OUT OF THE 17 YEARS DERG WAS IN POWER, TWO MAJOR DROUGHTS HIT OUR COUNTRY ON HIS WATCH…. who is the animal now???????? For the first time in our history, we are starting to see ECONOMIC GROWTH which is a pain in the ass for TEBABOCH LIKE YOU because you are not part of it.

    Ethiopia doesn’t have time for you types anymore, you are like the station we have passed 16 years ago……

    Keep souting my CYBER JEGNOCH!!!!!!!!

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