Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of April 15, 2007

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April 15, 2007

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. Engdih
    | #1

    Hey guys,

    Why you repeat the word Engidhe

  2. kolew
    | #2

    what happend to that bastard bandda cassanova

  3. Tasew
    | #3

    Yemisrach’s report was conclusive and touching. Excellent work.

    Keep it up!

  4. Tigist
    | #4

    What a lovely show the abugida guys. You are so decent, natural and beautiful. Keep the good job rolling! I can’t wait until next week.

  5. e
    | #5


  6. Samuel Dagne
    | #6


    Ye Tilahunen interview eyeqotebachihu newu ?!Your progam is entertaining. As one of your view commented, it is natural and that is the beauty of your program.


    | #7

    HI abogida how’r u doin’ guys i realy like u’r TV session my advice is that u MUST change some of u’re reading style on NEWS .

  8. | #8

    myname is tasefaya megresa adresse addis abeba wareda3 kebala 11

  9. Takela
    | #9

    Hi Ashebir, Please let her know for your work partner to wear professional cloth.

  10. Ato Belete
    | #10

    I know Yemisrach is always wearing NOTHING!!! I know u guys are young but u need to professionalize!

  11. DIDIER
    | #11

    guys how are u? pls change ur reading style
    & make it profesional.

  12. regi
    | #12

    i think its enough to hear amharic news from america. keep doin` ashebir and yemisrach. one day u guys will be a profetional. who knows????

  13. | #13

    Dear Abugida,
    I like your program. You are doing a great job exposing the crime of Crime Meles and his eritrian advisor. Eritrea’s leader and its people are great enymies of etiopia and etiopians we see it every day.Keep your good work.

  14. | #14

    Hello, people of Abugida

    congradulation for your start but you will be congradulated at the end when your voice help your mother, father, brother-sister and soon killed, suffering, torturing, and your country of birth sold for western by the mindless, Encephalopathy TPLF and the Bandas.

    it is tme to put all our efforts to save our country.


  15. Gabi and Naomi
    | #15

    We weren’t able to watch your TV program.
    What are we missing or what kind of soft were do we need
    to open it?
    Help me?

    Thank you

  16. Rastaman yoni
    | #16

    Yo, Ash yous ma dog kid, representing Boston 2 da fullest, Yous lookn ill kid, just popn by 2 show mad lov fa all ya’ll fm da dutty south u kno who dis b! Im out!!!!!!!!
    1 love

  17. Chaltu
    | #17

    Are you guys watching another TV Channels? Please learn at least how to dress up… especially the girls. You look like you are going to the Bar or Clubbing. Please change you style. If you need help I can donate some.

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