Washington Post Equates Imus’s Racist Remarks with When He Called Cheney a “War Criminal”

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by Wayne Madsen | April 13, 2007

What the Post will not tell its readers is that Frazer is a known supporter of American dictator clients from Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, to Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, and Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi. (more…)

by Wayne Madsen | April 13, 2007

What the Post will not tell its readers is that Frazer is a known supporter of American dictator clients from Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, to Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, and Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi.

Washington Post goes from elitist paper to neo-con propaganda rag. Two editorials in yesterday’s Washington Post point to the slide of that paper into the realm of neo-con propaganda spinning. Although this web site has studiously avoided commenting on the Don Imus matter, the Post equated the radio host’s disparaging racist remarks about the Rutgers University Women’s Basketball team to his previous calling of Vice President Dick Cheney a “war criminal.”

Message to the Post: using racist and chauvinistic language in one case is not the same as referring to Cheney for what he and his ilk are — war criminals. This editor has called Cheney and Bush war criminals. To suggest that such a reference is the same as using racist comments is pure and utter nonsense, which is now the order of the day from the Post.
Nevertheless, Imus’s career and relevance has been over for some time. It should be remembered that the 66 year old deejay started out on radio in 1968. To put things in perspective, Imus’s radio contemporaries at that time included Arthur Godfrey, Wolfman Jack, Joe Pyne, Howard W. Morgan, Long John Nebel, Gene Burns, Jean Shepherd, Bill Ballance, Barry Farber, Barry Gray, and Morton Downey, Jr. Imus’s radio colleague at WNBC in New York was Soupy Sales. In other words, Imus should be stuffed and put into a radio museum.

The Post also lashes out at Eritrea for supporting Islamist “terrorists” in Somalia and lauds the efforts of Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer in threatening Eritrea with sanctions. What the Post will not tell its readers is that Frazer is a known supporter of American dictator clients from Rwanda’s Paul Kagame, to Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, and Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi.

The Post will not report that Frazer’s close colleague in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, is U.S. Army Col. Richard Orth, the U.S. Defense Attache, whose resume includes logistics support for Kagame in the shoot down of the Rwandan presidential aircraft in 1994 (which has now earned top Rwandan government officials a criminal indictment from France) and subsequent U.S. military aid for his multiple invasions of Zaire/Congo. Genocide resulted from these covert operations.

Orth was the Defense Attache in Rwanda during the onset of the Kagame regime and then he moved to Kampala, Uganda where he provided similar services for Museveni, including the destabilization of Sudan through support for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), which is now part of the coalition government in Khartoum under attack by U.S.-supported guerrillas operating from Ethiopia and Chad.

This is largely Orth’s and Frazer’s handiwork. Although Frazer was officially with the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard during most of the Clinton administration, she worked closely with Orth and the Pentagon’s and Defense Intelligence Agency’s Africa bureaus.

So too are the three U.S. secret concentration camps now in Ethiopia. According to our Ethiopian opposition sources, the main camp is located at the Ethiopian airbase at Debre Zeit, near Addis Ababa. The two others are in the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia and in Tigre Province, which borders Eritrea in the north. Tigre is the home of the Ethiopian dictator Meles. The camps are housing detainees from 19 countries, including Sweden, France, and Canada and a number of Ethiopian opposition members, including ethnic Oromos, Ogadenis, and other minority groups.

On November 17-19, 2006, WMR reported the following on U.S. arming of Somali Islamists and Ethiopia: “The arming by the U.S. of both the Ethiopians and Somalis in preparation for war is nothing new. In fact, WMR and this editor has reported extensively on the past and current covert intelligence activities of the U.S. Defense Attache in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, U.S. Army Colonel Richard Orth. Described as the ‘Oliver North of Africa’ by a high-ranking French military intelligence officer who has served in Africa, Orth has coddled a number of U.S. dictators in Africa.

He was present in Rwanda the day after U.S.-supplied surface-to-air missiles struck the Rwandan presidential aircraft on April 6, 1994, assassinating the Hutu presidents of Rwanda and Burundi and triggering Rwandan and Zairian/Congolese civil wars that took the lives of over 5 million Africans. Orth, as Defense Attache in Kigali, Rwanda, lorded over the transformation of that country from a French-speaking nation to a U.S. client state with English-speaking refugees from Uganda put in charge.

Orth then proceeded to take over as U.S. Defense Attache in Uganda where he cemented the U.S. military presence in that nation. He then moved on to Addis Ababa where, as Defense Attache, he coddled the Meles dictatorship and helped prepare Ethiopia’s incursion into Somalia, bolstered the U.S. military positions in Djibouti and Somaliland, tilted U.S. policy to favor Ethiopia in its border war with Eritrea, coordinated Horn of Africa intelligence activities with his Israeli counterpart in Addis Ababa, and helped plan past Ugandan military forays into the Democratic Republic of the Congo, southern Sudan, and the Central African Republic.

The Post’s deputy foreign editor Peter Eisner has just co-written a book, “The Italian Letter,” about the forged Niger documents that were used to lead the U.S. to war in Iraq. In the book, Eisner gives a virtual free pass to arch-neocon Michael Ledeen and his dealings with Iranian con man Manucher Ghorbanifar in helping to cook up the scheme.

Eisner also suggests that the U.S. ambassador to Italy at the time, Mel Sembler, was out of the loop on the Ledeen-Ghorbanifar meetings. In fact, Sembler, as much a neocon as Ledeen, was not only aware of the meetings, according to our sources, but helped set them up. Eisner quotes an unnamed U.S. embassy source in Rome as stating that Sembler “blew a gasket” when he found out about Ledeen’s meetings in Rome.

Sembler more likely blew a gasket when the details of the Niger forgeries and the role played by the neocon cabal in the Bush administration, a grouping that includes Ledeen, the Pentagon’s Harold Rhode, and Sembler as charter members, became public.

  1. Zagwe
    | #1

    Dear Now you are defending the un defendable.. Thanks for African American for fighting for human right now you are enjoying their their struggle… but you will not get it… you think you are better then those Afircan American… beause a Monarchs of Ethiopia who descendant come blood line of Solomonic..

    You insult Ethipian court system as Meles’s kangaroo court… you call our beloved PM Meles Zenawi dictator… instead of presenting fact you are hiding behind freedom of speech… as we know from IMUS case their is limitation for freedom of speech… you can’t call our court system a kangaroo court without a prove…

    Let’s break down and analysis our court system..

    CASE infont of us:- TREASON charage

    Now ask who will have done other ruler of Ethiopia would have done in place of Meles:-

    1. TEWODROS (1855-1868)

    Tewodros will put all suspect in hut and burn burn the hut… those suspect will be burn alife..

    2. MENELIK II (1889-1913)

    Menelike will cut suspect left hand… guess what if they talk back he will cut their left foot.

    3. Halie Selassie I (1930-1974)

    Halie Sellasie pay ransom money to who ever bring the neck of those sale out.

    4. Mengistu (1974-1991)

    Mengistu will personly kill all of them one by one without hesitation… even without remorse or any kind of emotion for Mengistu it is like killing chicken for meet… nothing special.

    5. Now Meles (1991-1920)

    Meles first time in history of Ethiopia he freed people who are accuse of treason… Can you imagine what those cudist would have done to him if they were succesful overthrow him… this is like president Bush capturing Osman Bin Laden and then free him. I think saddam hussein would have perfered Ethiopian court system better then American run Iraq court system… I am taking to far but I hope you getting the idea… for those who are free from Ethiopian jail it is not a joking matter ask those who are free from so called kangaroo I think they would perfered this kangaroo court system better then any court under any leader in Ethiopia…

    You might say because you and other pressure the goverment in given in… that might be right but look wher are those Marxist-Leninist Darg prisoner? they are alive and kicking in their rightful place jail… Nothing happend to them…

    In all this what did we learn here even in America there is a limition where freedom of speech can’t save you. therefor you learn your and stop calling Ethiopian court system a kangaroo court because it is not… prove it to me other

    Yes you might delet this input but you can’t delet it from my mind and millin people like me think this way… I myself perefre Ethipian court system under Meles then any ruler in Ethiopia… in Haile time you will die before you see justic… All those RAS and royle family who are above the law can’t take us back…


  2. j.p.h
    | #2

    I have read the following poem kind of entertainment
    in some web sites and found a lot of truth in the conversation between the “Kangaroo court “? and the “Dracula”?!

    The kangaroo Court & The Dracula drama:

    The kangaroo court:
    What to do my master? We’re ridiculed those days?
    Can’t we totally drop the charge of genocides?
    Cause “Jakob”? was involved with the UN missions
    As honorable attorney on the Rwandan case
    Your camouflage example of “?Interhamways”?
    Now completely denied by EU leaders
    It was stopped by lady, honorable “Gomez”?

    The Dracula
    You’re right just omit the genocide charge
    But leave the treason card without any change
    Immediate incentives for you the right judge!
    Land, cars, jewelries, whatever the exchange
    You get them right at hand what comes in your image
    Should you keep the power without any damage!

    The Kangaroo court
    But the world says – “no justice”? in our land
    Human right accused you of murder with demand
    Asking you to release all prisoners indeed
    What can I say to them your human right records?
    Our friends the judges have gone to exile
    With all the documents the facts and the file
    Can we deny that on the open trial?

    The Dracula
    Be careful “Mr. Judge”? for your foul words
    Don’t try to cross “red light”?the land’s regulations
    Full stop they’re guilty let us close these cases
    If you can’t do the job there are lots of others
    Who can do it for you without any delays?

    The Kangaroo court
    Pardon me my master for I had just bad day
    Despite the complains of the human right’s way
    All the facts in US, in Europe, Sidney
    I’m the judge of the land I will pass it today

    (Anonymous Ethiopian 07/04/2007)

  3. Zagwe
    | #3

    j.p.h Says:

    You try to make fun of our court system.

    You will not make this kind of joke if person in jail his your father.

    My question is if your father is in Ethiopian jail would you want

    1. TEWODROS (1855-1868)

    2. MENELIK II (1889-1913)

    3. Halie Selassie I (1930-1974)

    4. Mengistu (1974-1991)
    5. Now Meles (1991-1920)

    I understand what you are saying Ethiopian court system under world eye and they back down… that is how court work… in fact I don’t care how why the reason why the free those jailed as long as they are free can you imagne what those cudlist would have done to meles if they were in power?

    Look Racist Imus’s fire after people force the net work… without people out cry Imus would have not fired I can give you million of case like this but the point is respecting other people feeling one of the best thing that is going for Meles and his govt. We are part of the world family going against world is not in our best interest…

    Guess what is those freed so called press people can’t play luck of freedom from now on.. if they found shoutting FIRE without fire they will be sent back this time around they will be forgton in jail.

    good luck man

  4. mesfin
    | #4

    zagwe – you are too illiterate to responed to. you must be from civil service college , also known as stone production company.

    It is better to ignore embecils like you than to entertaining absolute fabricated moronic lies.

  5. Moss
    | #5

    Zagwe:- You can talk, but you can not think,see and hear what 70 million peoples are saying and want. What the current political situation has got to do with the previous leaders of Ethiopia? Every one is judge by their own time for what they have done. You are talking rubbish, so called intelectual. If we start talking about the bad thing Meles done to my beloved people and country the story will never finished untill the generation to come. You yourself Know it in your heart,unfortunately you are blind eithre by narrow tribalism or the flood of money you get from your dictator master Meles. Dont wory the Ethiopian people time come soon then we will see you which you will stand. I will guss you will be number one accusier of your current master Meles.

    God bless our Ethiopia, AND THEIR ONLY ONE LEADERS(CUD)

  6. bala bultuma
    | #6

    zewge,, you said “Thanks for African American for fighting for human right now you are enjoying their their struggle” what is that has to do with an Ethiopian oposition issue. R u trying to get the African american’s attention. They already know who is kissing ass.kkkkkkkk
    kagnew Mekonen

  7. zagwe
    | #7

    Moss Sayed:

    What 70 million peoples are saying and want.

    Answer:- Mengistu used to say 99.9% of Ethiopian people support him… You know how to tell dictator is very simple they are saying they are supported by 99.9% of the people… saddam husan also voted by 99.9% vote…

    Now compare this whith Meles saying he only have 60% of the vote.. he give 40% of the vote to opp. Meles also give total control of Addis Ababa to cud but the cud choice power over democracy… you are elected to sit in parliament not to take over the whole country under them… you see cud doesn’t believe in parliament system what they want is total control that is why they are saying they have the support of 70million people… it is an insult and should be ban to say we have the support of 70 million of people. This like holocaust denying more then 6million Ethiopian died to get to this stage and now they are denying their right by saying 70million of people supporting us them who are those people fighting Mengistu for the last 40 years? who are those people who one million of Ethiopian are out of Ethiopia? who million people died hunger and war? all those people died to get to this stage now our beloved Moss telling us

    “What the current political situation has got to do with the previous leaders of Ethiopia? Every one is judge by their own time for what they have done.”

    Then why are those cud trying hard to take us back to the old day? you see you must not forget your history you must learn from it Ethiopian ruled by bad ruler unitl Meles come we have to tell you million time unitl you understand this..

    Dear bala bultuma,

    First I want igoner for missing my point then agian I know most cudlist doesn’t know the connation between African America and our being here therefore here is why

    40years, this not far black and white American doesn’t have equal right… hence as black Ethiopian or Africa we can’t come to America and enjoy freedom..

    Dear bala bultuma would you go to South Africa during apartheid regime? but after apartheid their are many Ethiopan who call South Afirca home…

    Bala bultuma said:

    “what is that has to do with an Ethiopian oposition issue”

    You see Abugida info trying their hard to make it an issue..

    Imus called those Afircan American girl name… as black person any one should be offeded by it but abugida trying their hard trying to discriedt another African American woman who is working hard to halp our beloved country…

    What abugid saying is Imus can insult any one as long as he is not supporting Meles it is okay… do you think Ameircan people care what Imus said about Eritrea or Ethiopia.. you must be so fool think even that.

    Second Imus case work against you because there limitation to freedom of speech you can’t shout fire without fire… calling Ethiopian court system is name is show that abugida have one side agada hence they might be hard core activist for Ethiopa cause but one should not call them journalist.

    A jornalist doesn’t put his bias he should only report what is going on end of story.

  8. fish
    | #8

    Mr. Zagmwe it is not only your name but your thinking also stil stuck in the zagwe time.You have tried to look like an educated or some one who is speaking his owen openion but that is not the case as i read your post. let me qout
    “Now compare this whith Meles saying he only have 60% of the vote.. he give 40% of the vote to opp. Meles also give total control of Addis Ababa to cud but the cud choice power over democracy”¦” this shows you have no idea about what your are talking or democracy. No one is going to give or take the ppls human right. My god it a right it is not a previlage, but you are talking as if it is money or bread. Meles is the Most hated person in Ethiopia but ppls of addis ababa showed their disaproval for ilitrates and premitives infront of observers while the rural ppls were gun dawn by the Meles dogs. He can’t give and take ppls right. ” Gize yestew kell dengay yesebral” this is the situation. Don’t be ignorant open your mind and use it.


  9. fish
    | #9

    If this Frazer is a product of Harvard university political school either this school is garbage or the education is not realistic. Like the Amsterdam University where Meles bought his bachlor degree.

    Shame on American Universties i am glad i am studying in Canada


  10. zagwe
    | #10


    “Meles is the Most hated person in Ethiopia but ppls of addis ababa showed their disaproval for ilitrates and premitives infront of observers while the rural ppls were gun dawn by the Meles dogs. He can’t give and take ppls right”

    In your admition the rural ppls were gundawn therefore they voted for Meles… at gun point hence term Meles given away 40% of the vote come… you see in your admition Meles use force hence he could have said I win 99.9% of the vote just like cudlis saying cudlist doesn’t have gun but no one stop them from sayigng they have 99.9% vote…

    Meles doesn’t saying it he offering 40% of the total vote.. and total control of Addis Ababa..


    “No one is going to give or take the ppls human right. My god it a right it is not a previlage, but you are talking as if it is money or bread. ”

    IF THAT IS THE CASE where were those right for the last 3000years of cudlist(so called Ethiopian) rule?

    Thanks for Meles he give you human right that was denid by your ruler.. thanks for Meles know you know it is a human right God given right thanks for Meles… Now instead of spilting the hair tell me who are those 70million people who are supporting cud?

    break it down for me who I know 90% Addis supprtting you know tell which other region supporting you and give me the % if you know and let us add up all the number to come up to 70 million people.

    I hope you will not give me all around the bush answer

  11. Mimi
    | #11

    zagwe, if you support Meles and his Nazi style rule, you don’t need to explain anything. The whole world knows that Meles made Ethiopia a police state of almost 80 million people. Pretty much all the prestigious international organizations know that Meles is a tyrant. Now, stupid like you are trying to explain why Meles keep killing innocent civilians and jailed his descents. You also expect us to accept Meles’s brutal regime. No serious person would buy your bull crap.

  12. zagwe
    | #12

    Mimi Says:

    The whole world knows that Meles made Ethiopia a police state of almost 80 million people.

    Mimi I am dying to know who are those 80million people.. just break it down for me… the whole day I was trying to say there is no such thing as saying 80million people supporting us kind of foolishness now you came again using diff name saying the same thing cud say they have the support of 99.9% people then who are those people…

    I know you don’t like counting by people ethnic groups therefore use the old province system.

    Let’s their are 13 provence if want you can inculd 14 province.

    Now tell me out of 13 provence who doesn’t support cud since more then 90% support cud it will not be hard name two or one provence that doesn’t support cudlist.

    To make it easy if a provence support Meles 51% then we will call it bule state.

    ON the same token if any provence support 51% cudlist then we will call it red state

    This way we easily add up who support who and we should come up with 80million people supporting cud.

    if one cudlist there is harara it doesn’t mean harara is supporting cudlist the same goes to Meles if one guy form Gojjam support Meles it doesn’t mean Meles have supporter in Gojjam.

    I hope it is cear and I am hopping to get your answer.

  13. j.p.h
    | #13

    Please read the following poem which is running in some web sits, again it is based on facts.May be you come will to your true consciousness some days.
    Let God help you!

    Dictator’s Curriculum vitae

    What is the wealth for? and all ground forces?
    When you are always in fear,
    tremor, and sleeplessness?
    Not trusting ones shadow, hated by the masses?
    Far from loved once hiding from place to place?
    That is not life at all call it hell “Ayte”? please.

    Robbing the whole country massacring people,
    Dividing, deceiving, lying to no avail
    For just keeping power by any means evil
    Against once conscious if he has got at all
    To imprison justice was not the way to heal.

    With blood bath of the young, old, even children,
    How can one feel just free, and enjoy daily sun?
    The nightmare in the dark and nicest blue moon,
    Trembling day and night with your future unknown,
    Don’t think you jailed people you are one in prison.

    The innocent leaders who languish for a cause,
    Despite physically suffering in dungeons,
    It is meant for liberty and freedom to millions,
    Feeling warm by spirit crystal clear consciousness,
    Sleeping well without fear and terrible nightmares,
    Contrary to you they share love with masses.

    What is life after all when you can’t see people?
    Deprived from “?Timket, Genna”?, and the rest “BeAl”??
    Fearing once body guard who holds the best rifle,
    Hero on the outside but known coward for real,
    Believing in the gun will not save you from hell.

    The lives you took by force from Amhara and Tigre,
    Oromo slaughters and the Somali war,
    The Sidamo killings and Anuak massacre,
    Christians Muslim brothers who lived together,
    Deliberately made to hate each other,
    But world knows the hyena, the ruthless dictator
    Your evil plans have failed truth will rule for ever.

    The lives of hundred thousand soldiers
    University students the brave martyrs
    “Etenesh’s”? tow children innocent youngsters,
    “ShiBire Desalegn”? who paid ultimate price,
    “Yalem Zuria’s”? mother was murdered in her house
    Those are some to mention about atrocities.
    No way you can go free by-passing these dear souls

    Curriculum vitae of Ruthless tyrant and tell
    The pain inflicted on the country and its people
    Let God give his verdict it’s beyond us all
    Dictator’s time is up, Ethiopia should prevail!

    (19/02/2007 Anonymous Ethiopian)

  14. Reppi
    | #14

    Meles is despised along with his woyane stooges.
    There is a difference between being despised and being hated.Why don’t you use your single brain cell to figure it out if it is not too much for you.
    No banda has ever had support from ethiopians.
    “Jib yemayawkoot ager hedo koda antifulign ale” sibal teteretal.
    We know who you are.
    Take your percentages and woyane propoganda and tell it to your masters.
    The woyane bandas might be armed to their teeth, but still they are the beggars of the world.

  15. Mimi
    | #15

    zagwe,I think you are a fucked up moron. I have no respect for moron and weyanne like you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t value civil and decent dialog, but you are smart ass weyanne and it is not even in your vocabulary to have some decent argument. All what you do on this site is spreading your stupid propaganda. Who do you think is your audience on this site? As long as you don’t come up with some reasonable points, I don’t think any one should treat you with respect here. We have no value for traitor like you. We all know, the whole world knows that Ethiopians to day are prevented from changing their government in a peaceful way using the ballot box. That is why an Eritrean man that goes by Meles Zenawi has been leading Ethiopia for so long. He is the most hated person in Ethiopia, but he has been on power for more than 16 years. How does he do it? He kills or jails any one that dares to challenge him. The opposition party leaders are in jail after they won the national election. In Africa’s second most populous nation, there is no free and independent media: The combination of all these makes Ethiopia a police state of almost 80 million people. However, there is no way Meles can manage to run a police state of 80 million for so long. He will fall down soon with his dark vision that sheds the blood of thousands and thousands of people over the years.

  16. Geremew
    | #16

    To all Loosers up in thi forum,

    Who was begging the “kangaroo” court for mercy???????????? If the court wether it’s “kangaroo or walibi” is not allowed to do what it is supposed to do, then how do you see improvement in the judiciary system???????? and most of you DEDEBOCH are probably not more than high school graduates, does any of you have a clue about court system??????

    The “kangaroo” court and “KE CHAKA YEMETAW” mengist has showen how civilised they are, if it was CUD sitting on the chair of the “kangaroo” court, the story would have been different.

    After toppeling the king, members of DERG have arrested the members of cabinet but didn’t know at that time what to do with them so they turned to the reasonably educated man back then PROF. MESFIN WOLDEMARIAM and asked him what to do with them and he said,,,”BIRETU YALEW BEJACHU ENEN MIN ARG TILUGNALACHU” this guy is now YE SEBAWI MEBT TEKERAKARI……SEBAWI MY ASS……

    Show respect to your country man who are much more educated that you are and who are still living and working in Ethiopia to make a difference………..what are you doing individualy for your country?????????????????????????

    Were Bitcha.

  17. j.p.h
    | #17

    How much have you been paid for such a garbage?
    Remember the money you are earning was looted from the poor Ethiopian masses and is soaked with blood!
    Deep in your conscious you know whatever you eat or drink smells and tests like blood “dem dem yilal”.
    What you feel and smell is innocent Ethiopian’s blood Which your master spills every day.
    Let me tell you brother, there is no judiciary system at all in Ethiopia today. The brave and competent lawyers and judges have left the country.
    Nowadays Law in Ethiopia has become Meles and the only loyal “judges” left are Kemal Bedri and Adil,
    hence the court has got the name “Kangaroo”, because the above mentioned 3 people only jump there -
    the exact word in amharic “Eskista yiwerdubetal”
    You can go to the KANGAROO COURTand join the ‘skista
    And one more thing, Leave professor Mesfin Woldeyes-
    The hero of Ethiopia, alon. He is voiceless for now.
    Don’t ever call his name with your filthy mouth!
    Finally I advice you to come to your consciousness and jump from the sinking ship.

  18. Gudu kassa
    | #18

    So many things have changed and are still changing constantly at least in the past 30 or more yrs in Ethiopian politics. Amazingly one thing constant and repeat itself over and over again is the mind of THE BANDA or THE APOLOGIST. This scum of the earth individuals has no morals or courage of their own. They live of off other peoples’ misery by praising and worshiping dictators who has no morals and courage themselves to do the right thing. BANDAS and APOLOGISTS share the same DNA;they lie,murder,betray their own people etc,etc. Responding,or trying to reason is an exercise in futilty. The best detergent for these kinds of dirt is not to lower oneself to their lowest denominator. So I strongly ADVISE TO IGNORE THEM without violating their right to open their filthy mouth.

  19. ZIMITA
    | #19

    I’m stuffed up wid all ur lies n arguments.U fucken all buggers , whatever u wrote in dis forum is all crap.One last advice 4 all u buggers :- “It’s better 2 keep ur mouth shut n appear stupid dan 2 open it n remove all doubts.”

    Zimita from down under, dream land ,OZ

  20. fish
    | #20

    Geremew your rebutal very childish and refers to events and wrong evidence so please at list talk about facts and ideas. What diffrent thing did meles do than Mengistu? Mengistu imprisoned his pre decessors and Melese also did the same, he attacked the educated and univrsity students this Doma tigree did the same but Melse goes far and arrested 50000 innicent civilian. Mengistu defended Ethiopia from Somalia, when Meles and woyane were in somalia and fight us beside the invaders. Meles invade somali as agressor. Mengistu fighted for unity of ethiopia but meles is fighting to disintegrate ethiopia.Mengistu killed EPRP but Meles killed the whole ethiopians. Ethiopians thought Mengistu was worest on huma right but the worest of worst the unimaginable tigree came. Meles talks about Genocide becouse he is afraid he will be tried by genocide and for the charge will not be dropped becouse there is real evidence.

    shame on them thiese hated creatures.

  21. Reppi
    | #21

    It was your western masters who were begging The banda court to Release the Elected leaders of Ethiopia.
    They had to beg because their buchila, the banda they are supporting is making them look bad in the eyes of the whole world.
    The accused,on the other habd, the true leaders do not recognize the ashangulit court.And Ethiopians are demanding the unconditional release of all political prisoners.
    “Ayen awta leba meleso leb yaderk” yebalal.Not only are you woyane bandas professional beggars you are also incompetent theives.
    Please tell us where your country is. It is certainly not Ethiopia.
    Before spewing your agame propoganda,know who you are addressing on this forum.

  22. Geremew
    | #22

    Fish, Reppi,


    I don’t blame you for missing Menge, cuz ANTE YEMTIWEDEW ENDE AHIYA EYEKETEKETE YEMIGEZAHIN NEW, he might come back tough since Mugabes’ dayz are numberd, I hope he will make it on time before his dinosor buddies in Kaliti are dead or before Hailu shawel become blind.

    Menge is the reason why your sorry ass is doing dishes for life BESIDET, he single handedly raped and abused the future of Ethiopia, what the government doing now is building the country from scratch since it was robbed for years by the present day ARBEGNOCH & YE KURT KEN LIJOCH specially in DC area. It shows that your mind is as narrow as your as*#$%&!!!! by trying to compare Meles and Mengistu, about the genocide stuff, I doubt the public would have allowed them to do it but one thing I know for sure is that THEY HATE TIGRE, AND THEY HAVE SAID IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN, let say they have managed to take power, what do you think that they will do to Tigrewoch????


    Hhhhmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! who was begging the westerners in all major cities in the world?????? but your CHUHET was YEKURA CHUHET because they know damn well who you guys are.

    The accused didn’t recognize the court because of their AGE OLD TIMKIHT & KENE BELAY LASAR mentality, we are begging today because you guys stripped the country to her bones before you left for SIDET, how come there was no DUDI left in the MENGIST KAZNA?????????? when Menge left???
    we are begging now to feed people and to give them better future.



  23. fish
    | #23

    Geremew don’t be ashamed of your name and take amhara name you can use your own agame name we still talk to you but at your own level though.We don’t care to call you gidey or legese what ever your lemagn mother gave you. you inferior and premitive woyane.


  24. Reppi
    | #24

    It appears you have a linguistic handicap.
    Why don’t you have someone else read to you what I wrote and then reply.

    btw! You can not reduce yourself to any level because you are at the bottom of the level.But don’t despair you are not alone there are a lot of bandas all over the world.Do not forget you beg because it is the nature of woyanes to beg.

  25. Warka007
    | #25

    One thing for sure. Meles and his cronies do not represent the Ethiopian people and the government they claim to run is illegitimate. This is well known by the Ethiopian people and the rest of the world. This group was not accepted by our people, including the people of Tigrai, right from the beginning and this was made clear without any doubt in the May 2005 election which the regime lost decisively. The group was able to take power and stay in it only because it has been cultivated and well assisted by foreign governments (particularly US and UK), who have a plan of their own to keep the country under their control for whatever malicious motives. In fact, many believe that Meles is an agent of a foreign organization(s), working at the back of his own country/people and fellow Africans in order to stay in power and/or save himself from being persecuted for the many crimes he has committed against humanity and a sovereign nation for more than 3 decades. So, in short, since 1991, Ethiopia has been illegally controlled by a group of traitors led by Meles who work to fulfill their own personal interests and the interests of their foreign masters at the expense of the Ethiopian people and fellow-Africans. This group is proved to be dangerous not on for Ethiopian but also other Africans. As a result, our people and, now those of others (Eg., Somalia) are suffering from all sorts of destructive calamities the world has ever seen. The Ethiopian people have been struggling and will continue to struggle to stop this. Other Africans realizing the dangers coming to them through Meles need to support this struggle of the Ethiopian people. What is written in the above article by Wayne Madsen is true and quite alarming. I thank him for doing this and encourage him to do so in the future too. History will take note of his work. The Meles regime by itself is not strong; it is only a regime gifted with the ability (or may be trained so)to fabricate avalanches of lies and to betray and sell one own soul and country instantaneously. If it was not for the foreign masters, Meles and his regime would have gone long time ago and Ethiopia would have been a free, democratic and prosperous nation. Given its history and the early civilization of its people, Ethiopia has the potential to be a role model for the rest of Africa. The Ethiopian people realize this and are deterimed to get to it.

  26. zagwe
    | #26

    Warka007 Says:

    “One thing for sure. Meles and his cronies do not represent the Ethiopian people and the government they claim to run is illegitimate”

    Wark000, You are right Meles doesn’t represent Ethiopia. The Ethiopia that we used to know before 1991. The Ethiopia before 1991 is dead and finished Meles can’t represent a dead issue what Meles reperesent is the New Ethiopia that inculd everyone and each and every ethinc group..

    If you sitll could understand the diff b/w Ethiopia before 1991 and after 1991

    Who do say South Afirca are the same before and after Apartheid? This is just like saying Meles doesn’t repesent Apartheid South Africa Yes Meles doesn’t repespent Apartheid but don’t make mistake about it Meles repersent the new and free South Afirca…

    I am telling Ethiopia were under black Apartheid before Meles come in free all of us inculding the Amhara people… the diff b/w South Afirca Apartheid and Ethiopia Apartheid the rest of the world can see South African black suffering because the white were the one who do the oppressing in Ethiopia case the oppressing done by black people and the suffering of other ethnic was not easy to be seen..

    That is why the world doesn’t understand the hiden agada of cud they were black apartheid for the last 100years the sad thing is they are trying to bring back the old system back and know body can stop them because oppressing is done by the same pepople and same skin color no boby can spoit them their evil dead…

    Hopefully Meles will stop them and the oromo understand the Meles fight against those black apartheid lover and stop them in their track.

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