Ethiopia in Somali ‘genocide’ row

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April 13, 2007 | BBC

A member of Somalia’s transitional government has accused Ethiopian troops in the capital Mogadishu of committing genocide since arriving in December.

The accusatons came from Hussein Aideed – a former Somali warlord who is the deputy prime minister of the transitional government.

Ethiopia dismissed Mr Aideed’s comments as an absolute fabrication.

Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands forced to flee since Ethiopian troops arrived in Mogadishu.

The Ethiopians arrived at the request of the transitional government, to oust the Islamist militia that was then in control.

Swelling ranks

The comments of Hussein Aideed underline not only the deep divisions within Somalia’s transitional government but also the strength of opposition in the Somali capital to the Ethiopian forces backing it.

Mr Aideed is a former warlord and an influential member of the Hawiye clan – the dominant clan in Mogadishu.

His comments calling on the Ethiopians to leave signal his effective defection from the government to join the swelling ranks of the opposition.

Ethiopia sent its troops into Somalia last year to help the interim government drive out the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) – the Islamist movement that had taken control of the capital and much of the south of Somalia.

But the armed opposition to Ethiopian forces now goes beyond the remnants of the UIC.

It includes militias from the Hawiye clan – and they are supported by a groundswell of popular anger towards the Ethiopians.

Many in Mogadishu are opposed to any foreign military presence – and view neighbouring Ethiopia in particular as a longstanding rival.

An offensive by Ethiopian troops in Mogadishu last month has only increased that opposition.

Hundreds were killed and tens of thousands more were forced to flee in some of the heaviest fighting since the central government collapsed 16 years ago.

  1. Tigist
    | #1

    Here you go again! Mr Aideed’s allegation against Meles’s weyanne army is one more testimony of the nature of TPLF. TPLF which is lead by an Eritrean guy called Meles Zenawi has been slaughtering innocent Ethiopians over the years. What TPLF did to peaceful Ethiopians after it lost the May 2005 national election exposed the essence of this organization to the whole world. Now, the evil TPLF arm is in Somalia and causing another blood shied. I just pray and hope that Meles Zenawi and Co. will face justice for the horrific crimes that they committed against humanity.

  2. Geremew
    | #2


    First you guys was saying that Meles is sending non-Tigreans to the front line to do the dirty job for him, and these days you call them “TPLF or weyane army” pure flip flopping.

    Whatever you call them, they are Ethiopians just like you but the difference is they are brave and ready to die for their country, as we speak, they are getting rid off those terorists who you guys wanted so bad to hurt Ethiopia. True, innocent people will get cought in the cross fire but don’t make a full of your self by accusing te government of genocide..try to visit more sites than abugida cuz WUSHET SIDEGAGEM…….what the so called NETSA PRESS like abugida can’t provide is CREDIBLE EVIDENCE……not like…”MINCHOCHACHIN ENDALUT”…type of report.

    You know damn well who we are fighting in somalia and our next stop will be Asmara to deal with Arbegnoch Ginbar (a.k.a by Shabia YE AMAROCH GINBAR) and their sponser.

  3. tewodros
    | #3

    keep quite every body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!let`s see what will happen ?
    let`s wait until the true day comes ……if you don`t need to keep quite ,pick up guns and fight your enemy .Don`t write a lot here,you know that the problem is in Africa.You can get peace in africa by picking up gun and by becoming a warrior ,not by writting a lot.If you are not coward ,keep quite and pray.

  4. fish
    | #4

    Tewodros the solution is easy don’t come and read hear if you truely mean it what you wrote above and let those who want to write keep writting compromise is the key to democracy and that is one of the element that you tigres lack.


  5. Mimi
    | #5

    Geremew, the way I see weyanne solders is that they are a bunch of farmers from Tigray which don’t even know that the Tigray Libration Front leader is from Eritrea. I am sure if we ask them what they are doing in Somalia, they would tell us something else that we have never heard of. Ethiopia it self is a poor, undemocratic police state under the brutal rule of Meles Zenawi. Any serious Ethiopian should focuses on his countries big chunk problems before jumping into another country’s problem. Meles Zenwi has nothing good to offer to Somalia. He is one evil blood sucker. Where ever he goes, what ever he does, every thing that he touches causes chaos and blood shed.
    But, Geremew, you are a stupid weyanne that doesn’t believe in a real democracy. Stupid like you are the reasons for all the turmoil that Africa getting used to.

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