Woyanne’s Miscommunications minister Bereket Simon Denies Coup Plot, Calls 40 Detainees ‘Desperadoes’ – By Peter Heinlein (VOA)

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Woyane officials say 40 people arrested over the past week had been plotting a campaign of assassinations and strategic bombings aimed at disrupting public order. Most of the suspects are said to be current or former army officers. (more…)

Woyane officials say 40 people arrested over the past week had been plotting a campaign of assassinations and strategic bombings aimed at disrupting public order. Most of the suspects are said to be current or former army officers.

Ethiopia’s communications minister Bereket Simon Friday attempted to reverse earlier claims that the government had foiled an attempted coup led by an exiled political leader living in the United States.

Speaking to foreign journalists, Bereket denied the suspects were part of a coup plot. He described those arrested as ‘desperadoes” intent on creating havoc.

The intention of these people was not to conduct coup d’etats. We’re not implicating them (in) coup d’ etats. We know this desperado group was intending to assassinate people and demolish public utilities and that was intended to attack, the attack was intended on the government.

The initial statement announcing the arrest of the first 35 suspects in the case identified them as members of ‘Ginbot 7′, or ‘May 15th’, the date of Ethiopia’s disputed 2005 election. Ginbot 7 was founded by Berhanu Nega, who was elected mayor of Addis in that election, but later convicted of treason and sentenced to life in prison along with more than 100 other opposition leaders in connection with post-election violence.

Berhanu fled Ethiopia after the opposition leaders were pardoned in 2007. He currently is an economics professor in the U..S state of Pennsylvania. In a VOA interview this week, he reaffirmed Ginbot 7′s commitment to removing Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government by any means necessary.

He also accused the government of attempting to punish him and other exiled Ginbot 7 leaders by harassing and arresting their relatives still living in Ethiopia.

Communications Minister Bereket Friday suggested the plot was mainly the work of disgruntled current and former military officers, led by an active duty army general. He said the plot was aimed at creating havoc by assassinating government officials and blowing up power plants and other strategic installations as a means of paving the way for ‘street actions’ such as those that broke out following the 2005 elections.

“Berhanu Nega had been engaged in such activities after the May election. They are also thinking if they know they cannot use the army to conduct coups, but they think they can repeat the street actions we have seen in 2005, so taking a series of assassination attempts, they were attempting to create a favorable ground for such street actions,” he said.

Bereket described the tactic as ‘terror politics’. While rejecting the use of the term ‘coup’, he described the goal as the violent overthrow of the government. “They have tried the constitutional means, they failed, and yet they didn’t get satisfied with that, and they went out and started declaring armed struggle as a way of overthrowing the constitutionally formed government. So yes, it is terrorist politics, that is not deniable I think,” he said.

Bereket said the government would consider asking for the extradition of Berhanu Nega and other exiled Ginbot 7 leaders. Failing that, they might be tried in absentia.

A U.S. embassy spokesperson called the question of extradition ‘hypothetical’, noting that the United States does not have an extradition treaty with Ethiopia.

Former Ethiopian president Negaso Gidada, now an opposition member of parliament, said regardless of whether or not there was a plot to overthrow the government, the arrests expose widespread public skepticism that elections can express the will of the voters.

“For sure there is not a democratic opening. There is suffocation politically, there will be people who are fed up of the situation and choose to go in a different way, either to armed resistance or coup d’etat and so forth, and as long as the political atmosphere is not open , not democratic there will always be an possibility they will try to solve the situation through armed struggle,” he said.

Identities of most of those arrested have not been made public, with the exception of the army general said to have been the head of Ginbot 7′s military wing, and a mid-level opposition political activist who was among those imprisoned following the 2005 protests. Authorities say all the accused were brought before a judge over the past week, and were remanded to custody for another 14 days to give prosecutors time to formulate charges against them.

  1. DT
    | #1

    The funniest News I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Woyane asking for Ginbot 7 leaders to be extradited
    Does Woyane know it is illegitimate government that steals on a day light? It ordered Every tigrian associated to it to steal a car from the government ministries and drive it to Mekelle. I remember every store in a place called industry, Mekelle, was full of stolen Toyota cursers. For your surprise even a famous Tigrian singer who abandoned the TPLF long time ago was asked to steal cars. Weyane dismantled generators from Bahirdar and transported them to Mekelle. Woyane stole Coffee from Ethiopia and hide it in Zalambassa. The funny thing is Shaebia knew that and captured the coffee and exported it. Woyane stole Arms from stores in Addis Ababa and buried it in Endayesus Mekelle. Woyane is the cruelest and hated government in Ethiopia. Look what it did to the Somalis. It turned its Army base to burial ground of young innocent Somalis. What did those young and innocent Somalis did to deserve this. They never killed even one Ethiopian. The answer is Woyane did not care about them. It was looking at the donation it was going to receive as a reward for being a messenger. Woyane was created by Shabia. Rember what it did to Eritreans who used to live in Ethiopia for generations? First it used them to establish itself in Addis Ababa. They were asked to vote as Tigrians. Later it deported them without a night cloth. It sold their property and used it for its narrow objective. Somalis fed Meles during his difficult time and gave him a passport. Look now what it is doing to them. What about what it did to SPLM. Do you know the history of the lost boys of sudan. They were the reminants of Weyane Massacer of South Sudanese nationals at the hand of Woyane. Weyane killed women childern and the rest made them drawn in rivers. Weyane is inhuman whose objective is just to establish greater tigrai at any cost. It took land from wello, Gonder and Afar. It tried to do the same with Eritrea and it did not fare well. Weyane thought by blocking Eritrea from the Ethiopian Market and replicating Eritrea’s Manufacturing in Tigrai it will achieve its narrow objective. The factories in Tigrai that were established without plan and detailed feasibility study are now useless. Woyane’s objective it to use Ethiopian resources to establish Tgrai republic. Prior to 1998 woyane’s stealing corridor was Massawa. Heavy equipment was unloaded in Massawa and transported directly to Tigrai. This was done without the knowledge of Ethiopians. The machines were so big and the massawa road had to be modified so that it would accommodate them. Currently the stealing corridor is Port Sudan. Coffee is stolen from central Ethiopia and exported through Port Sudan. Don’t be fooled when weyane tells the coffee traders they are hoarding coffee. It is a distraction. Other goods that are specifically ordered for Tigrai are imported through Port Sudan. Don’t you get surprised when Meles imprisoned Tamrat for corruption? It is like “saikedmeng Libelew Leba”. That is why Weyane never been and will not be an Ethiopian. How can an Ethiopian kills young kids whose only crime was telling wayane you stole our parents vote. Woyane is insecure and it will fight hard to stay in power. It will kill anyone who dares to tell the truth. However its destiny is already determined. It is not going to be long to see wayane being History. There is one card left to play with though. Open war against Eritrea and Use Oromo and Amhara kids as a cannon fodder. That way it will control every movement in Ethiopia like derg did in the name of national security. Given the weak economy and the dwindling foreign support that will buy woyane only a short survival time. Yet the end result is elimination of Woyane from Ethiopia for good. It is time for the people of Tigrai to come to their senses and tell Wayane it does not represent them.

  2. for weyanne berket
    | #2


  3. ኢሳያስ
    | #3

    this is the taktik to cover what they did and what they will did

  4. Jungle Boy
    | #4

    The funny thing about this whole statement by bereket is that he seems to have forgotten who he is. Free nations recognize the rights of people who live in dictatorships and tyrannies to fight for freedom and democracy. If Bereket and his boss can offer those conditions(freedom and democracy,) there won’t be no need for extradition; we will extradite ourselves back to our country. Bereket and Meles will be extradited to Hague for sure though, because they committed crimes against humnity. That is for sure.

  5. Tefera Mammo
    | #5

    Bereket is an idiot blatant weak person to mention Dr Berhanu and proponents of democracy

  6. abebe
    | #6

    Why they limited the number only to 40,
    Ethiopia has more than 70milion people!!!
    The difference is these 40 people take the 1st class prison!!!!!!

  7. yikerbelen
    | #7

    This stupid and idiot man should be punish by any means avialble .This ugly [ madiyatam] man deported even eritreans.shame . ethiopia is under the ugliest [ most probabaly ] from monkey’s breeds . both bereket and melese are very uglies.compare IsaYAS AND with bereket and melese.

  8. Rasta
    | #8


    This is good information. We knew they are ugly thieves. Yet organized information is always a power. One more information. Becareful of Ethiomedia. At the end of the day Abraha Belay will join his ugly thieves.

  9. yikerbelen
    | #9

    bereket looks like bekakayi

  10. mateos
    | #10

    Well! people of Ethiopia MUST REALIZE as to who the prime misery and the prime YugoEthiopia makers are: Legesse Zenawi, Bereket Simon, Azeb Mesfin, Seyoum Mesfin, his traitors/opportunists Eritrean cousins, and the rest of the weyane mafia family. All these people know is kill,kill,hate,hate, incite,incite, and confused the average of Ethiopian for their own survival. Legesse and his weyane mafia family must be brought to the court of the Ethiopian people and Bereket Simon must be brought to the court of law of Eritrean people and there will be peace between the brotherly/sisterly people of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia; until then whatever weyane and their mafia families do and act is for their own survival but at the cost of the entire Ethiopia population. LETS STOP NOW THE PRIME MISERY OF ETHIOPIA LEGESSE AND HIS MASTER BEREKET SIMON!

  11. mm
    | #11

    Bereket simon iscreminal and morderd.He is not ethiopia he must go to Eitrea.

  12. Ghebremariam
    | #12

    Please answer the following questions.

    Do you know how many tongues these guys like Meles and Bereket have?????
    a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four e) none

    The answer is e) none because the right answer is “INFINITE”

    Which one of the following is true about the hearts of these guys?

    a) as straight as number one b) more or less straight c) none of the above

    The answer is C) none of the above. The correct answer is as complicated as the road down to Keren in Eritrea which has been called for century by Eritrean as “YETIGRAY LIB”.

    Any way the point is DON’T EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER trust the crocked lier “WEYANE”.

    Ethiopia will definitely prevail soon
    The dream of Abay Tigray will fade away

  13. gurezza
    | #13

    ethiopia hagere mongh nessh tella, ye motelisch kerto ye gedelesh bela. This one is good for Bereket,Ertiryan born father and mother.We ethiopian’ve to live in exil while the ertiryan(meles,bereket etc)live in our beloved country ethiopia.

  14. tarik
    | #14

    The barbaric, jungle men are organized criminals. As any organized mafia, it is attacking the nation, the military and the civil society while serving outsiders, stealing and providing the country resources.

    Tplf organized criminals will be stopped and abolished soon. Let this cursed man fool himself as if he represents anything.

  15. antiweyane
    | #15

    Would you please get rid of this bastard’s picture from this site.
    I would not consider him like a human being. I don’t think that he has a human brain.

  16. በለው
    | #16

    “አሉት በረከት ስምኦን
    መልከ ጥፉ በስም ይደግፉ እንዲሆን”
    አወይ አማካሪ ድንቄም ግንኙነት
    ሣዳም ተነሳ ወይ ከተቀበረበት ?
    የባርኔጣው ማማር አመለካከቱ
    ደም የለመደ ነው ሲጨማደድ ፊቱ
    አወይ ባለ ማዕረግ የእኛ ባለ ኮከብ
    እናቱን የበላ የመሰለ አሮጌ ድብ
    የዓይኖቹ መጉረጥረጥ የአፍንጫው ማበጥ
    ትከሻው ተንጋዶ ከንፈሩ መለጠጥ
    ከቶ የመሰለ የመገዘዝ አይጥ
    ከቶ የመሰለ ትርፍ ያጣ ቸርቻሪ
    እምነት የጎደለው ቦቅቧቃ ፈሪ
    ሽማግሌና ሴት ያለፍትሕ አሳሪ
    የነጭ አሽከር ዘረኛ መሰሪ
    በቅን መች ተነስቶ ታጠቀና ሱሪ
    የሁለት ቢላዋ ልጅ አሽሙረኛ
    ዘረ-ቢስ ከፋፋይ ምንደኛ
    ሥጋውን ለአዛው የለወጠ
    የወገኑን የድሀ ልጅ ደም የመጠጠ
    ዘር ማንዘርህ ይበተን ይፈንዳ
    የእናት ጡት ነካሽ የጣሊያን ባንዳ
    አወይ! እትዮጵያዊን አለማወቅህ
    ጊዜ ምስክር ነው ታምር ነው ላይንህ
    ከቶ አንተ ማንህ ብለህ አትጠይቀኝ
    ዘራችሁ ይመተር ዘር አታስቆጥሩኝ
    ቀብራራው አበሻ ኢትዮጵያዊው ነኝ!!!
    ብሔር-ብሔረሰብ ሁሉ የእንጀራ ልጅ
    ኅብረ-ብሔር ይስፈን ኢትዮጵያ እንድትደረጅ!!
    (ከምድር ካናዳ ምስልዎን አይቼ በሳቅ ልፈነዳ)

  17. atuba dolla
    | #17

    Demoralized by losing of the 2005 election to Ethiopians,the tplfwoyane invaders went into a killing rampage resulting in the killing of a lot of Ethiopians in Addis;in addition to this insanity,the random and targeted-killings of the rest of Ethiopians in other parts of the country was carried on in parallel.

    when they came into Ethiopia via invasion,the invaders were broke and barefoot but had a lot of guns and bullets to loot and kill Ethiopians.As soon as they moved into the city,they began killing national heroes;roamed around the city and killed many more Ethiopians.They immediately moved into the neighbourhoods,broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families and destroyed basic life and made little children parentless and homeless.

    Unlimited accumelation of wealth and the murdering of Ethiopians is their primary goal.They built the court system around themselves and turned the country they invaded into a business empire, made and created money,economics,and wealth for themselves and their extended families and relatives.Today,members of the crimefamily and their extended families and close relatives are the sole owners of everything below and above the land they invaded twenty years ago.

    House of blood is a home for members of the crimefamily;crime,crime,crime that they are totally devoted to;murder,murder,murder that they are killing citizens at random and targeted-killings.

    while ignoring the health of the environment and the people of Ethiopia,the invaders’ GDP exceeded that of the country year after year.Lakes and rivers are contaminated and lives in them are perishing,farmlands and the people on it are leased to the highest bidders,children are exported to the custmers in the middle east,and millions of dollars is leaving the country through bankers and agents.What will be left for homeless children is little,at most or nothing,at all.

    For the past years where Ethiopians were held at gun point by the invaders,the well-being of the households went from bad to worse;now declined to the worst.When preagnants women and their unborn babies always have a 5o-fifty chance either the babies or the mothers come out of the hospital alive or dead or both come out the hospital dead;only a few leave the hospitals alive to live short because in the tplfwoyane cruel regime,nothing is invested on the people.

    At the beginning,national treasures and documents were stolen;now,shoolgirls are disappearing from homes and schools.In the past and shockingly,to this darkday,the demand for grils by the customers in the middle east had risen high and high and was equally met by the supply by tplfagents and millions of dollar was made in profit.

    There is nothing in common between members of the crimefamily and Ethiopians.Very recently Meles Naziawi flew to London representing the secret society that has been in the making to transorm it into the wealthy middle class for the last twenty years;he spoke and wrote lies.

    For many years,he had the life of a beast and was a fugitive as he is today.He lived in the cave called Nakfa where the twin enemies of Ethiopia lived and bread and lost all contacts with the ouside world.

    A picture speaks more than a thousand words;the moment of his life in the G20 was captured in the living picture depicting the dead deep inside his sole.He was nummed inside-out and was disturbed on the head.What he is in the picture was what he was in the wild;he was ignored by all and was unaccounted.He deserve it.

    Today,for fear of losing the upcoming 2010 election,members of the crimefamily through the mouth of Bereket simon spoke lies and spread faulty rumours accross the globe;first, unfounded coup rumours, now cheap lies that have been manufactured and assembled defective and brought to market.Noooobody bus it.

  18. yikerbelen
    | #18

    One cannot “foil” Ginbot 7. Because I am Ginbot 7, and I am as alive and free as ever. When you arrest me in Addis, I will be free in Gambella. When you kill me in Gondar, I will be alive in Wollega. I am whispering the message of freedom in the ears of young people in Welqitte; while you toil to find me in Adama. That is the same whisper that wakes you up abruptly at night. You may rape my sisters and burn our village in the Ogaden, but I am eating at what you claim to be the basis of your existence in Tigray. If I am a Shemane from Dorze by the day, I am a bar tender in Arada in the evening. I speak several languages, and I send your faxes and take the minutes at your meetings. You will be defeated by me. I am Ginbot 7, and I stand for unity, justice and freedom. And I am everywhere.

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