Hopes fade for Eritrea, Ethiopia, border deal

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Doha Time By Jack Kimball

ASMARA: Ethiopia and Eritrea’s entanglement in Somalia has added a dangerous new element to their already tense relationship and diminished hopes they may resolve a border dispute seen as vital for regional stability. (more…)

Doha Time By Jack Kimball

ASMARA: Ethiopia and Eritrea’s entanglement in Somalia has added a dangerous new element to their already tense relationship and diminished hopes they may resolve a border dispute seen as vital for regional stability.Analysts say tensions could further worsen in the countdown to a November deadline, set by an independent boundary commission, for both sides to demarcate their border. “The tragedy is that it’s gone well beyond the confines of the border dispute,”? said Patrick Smith, editor of the Africa Confidential newsletter.

“It’s now to a point where there can be no amelioration on the border issue until there is some resolution in Somalia,”? he said.
The neighbours have been locked in a bitter impasse over the border since the Hague-based commission issued its ruling on the 1,000km frontier in April 2002, as part of a peace deal ending Ethiopia and Eritrea’s 1998-2000 war.
The border ruling awarded a flashpoint town of Badme to Eritrea in a decision rejected by Ethiopia.
Diplomats accuse both sides of playing out their feud by supporting opposing parties in Somalia, saying the proxy conflict exacerbates the border row now in its fifth year.
Somalia and Ethiopia have accused Eritrea of undermining the interim Somali government by supplying weapons to insurgents involved in some of the worst fighting in Mogadishu for more than 15 years.
Asmara vehemently denies allegations it is funnelling arms to anti-government forces in Somalia and accuses Ethiopia of breaking international law by “invading”? Somalia and interfering with the country’s right to chose its own leaders.
“It’s fair to say their relations are at the lowest point since the fighting ended in 2000 … the Somali episode has brought it to a new low,”? said David Shinn, who was the US envoy to Ethiopia from 1996-1999.
“The more time that goes on the less likely that it will reach a mutually agreeable conclusion,”? he said.
Eritrea accuses the United Nations and United States of failing to do more to force Ethiopia to respect the border ruling.
“If you go to court and there is a decision, you’re not going to say again let’s sit back and review the whole thing,”? presidential adviser Yemane Ghebremeskel told reporters.
“I don’t think we can blame Ethiopia now. I think we should blame the Security Council,”? he said.
“If Ethiopia is refusing, then Ethiopia must be made to comply because if the Security Council is trying to force other governments that have defied Security Council resolutions, why is Ethiopia treated in a preferential, discriminatory way?”?
Analysts say a diplomatic solution seems unlikely since there is no credible third party to mediate.
“The situation is really overheated especially since there appears to be no honest broker. The US has seemed to go entirely over to Ethiopia,”? a British analyst said.
The United States tried to break the impasse last year, but failed with Eritrea accusing it of favouring Ethiopia.
“Dialogue is a recipe for complications,”? Yemane said.
Citing the intransigence of both nations, the boundary commission last year said it was up to Ethiopia and Eritrea to mark the border themselves. Analysts say the November deadline may heighten tensions and hand both sides a legal justification to forcibly take back occupied territory.
“It almost gives them a green light to possible military action. These things can take on an important symbolism that can be used by either side to justify their actions,”? said a British-based analyst, who declined to be named.
However, with so much at stake and both parties distracted by Somalia, analysts were divided as to whether there would be a military solution to the border dispute.
“It’s been going on like this for five years with no indication of a peaceful solution or a military solution to the problem and I think this will continue for some time to come,”? Shinn said.
“It may not come to a peaceful solution until there are literally governmental changes in both countries, but I don’t think one is close in either country,”? he added. ““ Reuters

  1. soloethio@yahoo.com
    | #1

    It’s has been going like this for the last five years with no induction of peaceful ofr war we did not get any peace since this war start . meles should deport all Eritrean from our country .

  2. j.p.h
    | #2

    I agree including himself and Bereket!

  3. Ewnetu
    | #3

    Thanks j.p.h for reminding solo about the Devills.

    Thanks again

  4. Tigist
    | #4

    Meles is using the Eritrea game to fool the stupid Tigrayans. He never wants to deal with Eritrea case in any way. He doesn’t want to touch or hurt his mother land Eritrea at all. What he does is whenever he got a problem with Tigrayans; he would raise the Eritrea issue and run a couple of days propaganda in every media out let he got access to. Well, so far Meles strategy is working to wash his moron supporters’ brain. In short Meles is using the Eritrea case as a remote control to shape up Tigrayans the way he wants them to be. That explains the fact that he decided to invade Somalia, when Ethiopia’s real enemy is Eritrea. Just think about it!

  5. honeyban
    | #5

    i went to response to this person that he/she who all eritrean most deport from ethiopia. their are not enemy they our brothers and sisters ethiopia who can some say such think like this. the only enemys is for ethiopian and eritrean people meles and isaias those to dectator. we all one people we will life togther. disagree with person please use your brain before you say somthing like this. other

    peace democracy for both country

  6. | #6

    Goodday friends,

    Ethiopia without eritrean is not Ethiopia. Eritrean paid their dire soul to protect Ethiopia from enemy such as Zerai deres and Aman Andom. However the new generation whom has little knowledge always point their fingers to hard workers Eritrean instead of faceing the reality.

    The very important issue or target in E. Africa is to eradicate famine and Pandemic diseases which is running under high speed to extinct humankind.
    I am afraid to say this but I have to point it out, every segment of Ethiopian community, proudly express they are real Ethiopian when the issue of Eritrea bring up, on the other hand if you go a bite deeper and see their attribute, no one seem to alayasis the fact at hand except pointing your finger on other segement of the community and put yourself more Ethiopian.

    Dear friends, I have seen war and was victime of war, war in the feild is the most horrific game than war on the internet with a cup of coffee on the side. Eritrean and Ethiopian are mixed like water and milk, if one is trying to barak for war, he/she is conflicting with himself/herself that is way the war between two brothers has not brought win situation.

    The best strategy for this two people, I firmly beleive, being an Ambassador for peace and develop a good norm that would be left as a LEGACY
    for the comming generation. A blood shed legacy has notthig to reap than hatred.

    Peace prevail with peace Ambassadors

  7. Temelkach
    | #7

    Isayasi and the company were fighting for more than thirty years for independence of Erteria. Eventually, they achieved their ill-goals when Weyanna deafeted Derg. Now almost fifteen years, does Isayasi heading to the direct direction ? What was Ertrian’s major problem ? Freedom ? Independence ? Although our stupid leader, Melese, gave his witness in his book as if Ethiopia colonized Erteria, it wasn’t supported by sufficient evidence. He just did it to being helped by Isayasi and the company. Now who knows, he might write as if Ethiopia were colonized by Erteria because it is easy for him to flip-flop. We have to do research to reach the right conclusion. However, my common sense tell me that Isayasi and Melese fought for themselves instead of their people freedom. Look at what is going on in Erteria and Ethiopia right now. Both are becomes the best modern dectatores we never had before. They put a lot of people beyond bar. They killed their citezens on the name of democracy. Moreover they did the most they could both peoples to see each others as enemy. We should recognize that both leaders are our enemies. Dectatore goes and comes but we are remain as brothers. I wish a good for both peoples.

  8. TGW
    | #8

    People of Eritrea, stil in bed! sorry for U. No sorry for the Eritrean Mafia Governement; it is time to go!enough with fiction writing

  9. soloethio@yahoo.com
    | #9

    honeyban you are so kind but please be understand how they tend for there country . do you think this people stay as ethiopian ? do’t be full we are very kind to them but if you see them out side they even forget us . wake up . you full

  10. soloethio@yahoo.com
    | #10

    do you know how many people did not get job there own country Because of ertrian they take all bussness. we don’t need them . you fucken bastard .

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