Somali parliament fires 30 lawmakers

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MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) – Somalia’s transitional parliament fired its former speaker and 29 other lawmakers Tuesday for failing to attend sessions in recent months in what may be a government move to further consolidate its control of the legislature.In January, the government successfully removed then-Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheik Aden, seen as being too close to the government’s rivals in a radical Islamic group that had controlled most of southern Somalia, including the capital, for six months. Aden was among those ousted from parliament Tuesday.

Somali troops, backed by Ethiopian forces, ousted the Islamic movement in December from Mogadishu and its strongholds.

Aden’s replacement by a government loyalist elected speaker was condemned by key donors to Somalia — the United States and European Union — who said it was working against reconciliation in Somalia.

All lawmakers fired Tuesday are allied to Aden and a number of them are in Asmara, Eritrea, which has been accused of supporting Somalia’s Islamic movement.

About 150 lawmakers approved Tuesday’s decision by acclamation, said Mohamed Hassan Fiqi, one of those in favor of the move.

Those who voted for the ousters were “hostages and puppets of the Ethiopians so they have no legal authority to fire us,” said Omar Hafhi Aden, speaking on the phone from Asmara. Omar Hafhi Aden is not related to the former speaker.

The transitional parliament has 275 members.

Somalia has not had an effective national government since 1991, when warlords overthrew dictator Mohamed Siad Barre and then turned on one another, throwing the country into anarchy.

The transitional government was formed in 2004 with U.N. help, but has struggled to maintain control over the country.

  1. Saba
    | #1

    Vintage woyane modus operandi. Meles is advising
    those imbecils who call themselves the transitional
    government or whatever to do wht he did in Ethiopia.
    It is a recipe for disastee. Meles the menace keeps
    making a mess of everything. Hope those technicals
    snuff him out soon.

  2. nahomi
    | #2

    The terrorist attacks against Ethiopia, whose first and foremost agenda is fighting poverty and backwardness, have continued even after terrorism became an international challenge. In addition to this, years have been counted since the Shaebia government, the Eritrean government is infiltrating numerous terrorists trained in Eritrea or other places.

    It is widely known that the recent terrorist operation launched by the government of Eritrea has a network extending from Eritrea to Mogadishu. Through organizing anti-peace elements and using them as instruments for its terrorist mission, the Eritrean government has made desperate efforts to oust the internationally-recognized Transitional Government of Somalia and to disrupt Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, at large. Moreover, even after failing to succeed in its mission, the Eritrean government is yet attempting to achieve its evil objectives through various other vile means.

    As a result of the war waged by the joint forces of the Transitional Government of Somalia and Ethiopia, an important task has been accomplished in terminating the Eritrean government’s network of terrorism and in demonstrating the fact that Eritrea can never succeed in its intention to disrupt Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. During the operation, many suspected terrorists from numerous counties have been captured and are facing criminal charges, among whom the majority were freed. Moreover, the detention and the legal procedures being applied to the suspected terrorists are compatible to the country’s Constitution and international law.

    Be that as it may, there have been unfounded allegations forwarded from media outlets surrounding rumors about secret prisons where the detainees are tortured and inhumanely treated. However, these criticisms have been disproved by the detainees themselves. The government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has facilitated the condition and made all the necessary preparations for the proper trial of the suspected terrorists in accordance with Ethiopia’s Constitution and international conventions, and shall adhere to these standards until the final verdict is reached.

    Given all this, the struggle launched to defend the country’s national security from any form of terrorist attack, shall be further strengthened, in a similar manner of the successful efforts underway to overcome backwardness and poverty. To this end, the government of the FDRE would like to take this opportunity to call up on all the peoples to be vigilant and defensive, in collaboration with the police and security forces, against any attempt of terrorist attacks against our country

  3. Chaltu
    | #3


    What a joke! The terrorist is the the regime that has forced itself on the people of Ethiopia and the like of you. You have the audacity to talk about fighting poverty
    when you are creating more poverty by robbing the country and people blind. Please save your diatrabe to your bosses who are aware of what your doing but are allowing you to go on with your charade just because they need lackys like Melese and you to there dirty job. There is no difference between Melese and Issayas they are one and the same so your BS and your righteousness about Melese verse Issayas is as stated BS. Did you forget that you are using the wrong outlet to spread your BS, this is not WALTA buddy.

    The fact that you would parade victims of torture and rendition on your TV shows how calous and stupid you are what is sad you think everyone is as stupid as you are. The world is aware of what you are doing and like always the truth will come to light and all will come to know who the terrorist are, watch out.

    You and yours are the last people to talk about the national intrest of Ethiopia, you have raped the country, massacred the nation and denigrated its history,
    begged and pleaded for the secession of Eritera to Issayas now you are trying to tells us that you care about the intrest of Ethiopia. Shame on you. Liars are always known to forget their lies, but we are not ready and will never be ready to buy into your BS.

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