Fresh fatalities in Somali clash

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BBC | April 18 2007

Fresh clashes between Woyane troops and insurgents have left seven people dead and more than 50 injured in the Somali capital, hospital sources say.

A spokesman for Mogadishu’s dominant Hawiye clan said tension is high but the ceasefire agreement still holds.

The cabinet is meeting to discuss security and may approve the sacking of ministers opposed to the government.

Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Aideed says the [Woyane] have committed genocide since arriving in December.

Zenawi had dismissed Mr Aideed’s comments as absolute fabrication.

[Woyane Soldiers] arrived at the request of the transitional government, to oust the Union of Islamic Courts that was then in control.

The UN refugee agency says hundreds of residents have been killed and some 200,000 others have fled Mogadishu as government and Woyane soldiers battle insurgents – both Islamists and Hawiye fighters.

Sharp divisions

Heavy shelling and mortars landed on residential areas in the south of Mogadishu on Tuesday night as Woyane-backed government forces battled with militants.

I saw three bodies pulled out of a house,? Abdirahman Bile, a resident of Towfiq neighbourhood told Reuters news Agency.

Hawiye clan elders and commanders from [Woyane forces] agreed a tentative ceasefire earlier this month.

Mr Aideed, a former war lord and an influential member of the Hawiye clan, has called on Woyane forces to leave Somalia signalling sharp divisions within the interim administration.

On Tuesday, a meeting of the Somali parliament in Baidoa voted to expel 31 members of parliament.

Among them was the former parliament speaker, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan.

He, along with Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, is staying in neighbouring Eritrea – Ethiopia’s regional rival.

Mr Adan opposed Ethiopia’s intervention and has called for peace talks with the Islamists.

Zenawi says it has started to withdraw some of its troops from Somalia and will gradually handover responsibilities to the African Union force.

So far only 1,200 Ugandans have arrived, of the planned 8,000-strong force.

  1. nahomi
    | #1

    wayan is the great army ever in ethiopia dont think that when you say wayan that make differt army than ethiopian army that is ethiopian army ok you dont now nathing or you are cud or shabia ,olf. and others or you are not ethiopian ok

  2. nahomi
    | #2

    Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Aideed says the [Woyane] have committed genocide since arriving in December.

    if you rember this gay say in decembre he call usa army to come to somalia
    now whan TFG control the city and thay make him deputy prime minister but he dont now nothing abut poltice just he is usa marinth only than eritean essas
    thak him to asmer and now he cant do any thing just eat what shabia give and slip in asmera same like dog .

  3. nahomi
    | #3

    When Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia there was mixed feelings among Ethiopians at the beginning. Some vehemently opposed to it and some supported it which is perfectly natural. But in the end, given the blood and cultural ties that existed between the two people I believe majority of Ethiopians felt that we can always be good neighbors. And I also believed that Eritreans would have felt the same way. Indeed, there were ample opportunities for the two countries to establish close diplomatic, economic and cultural ties and move foreword putting their past behind.

    For Eritrea, as a newly autonomous country, the expectation of Eritreans would have been for Essayas to move on immediately to draft a constitution and start setting up the social, economic and administrative infrastructures that are necessary for a speedy process of nation building and it would have been quiet logical to do so. On the other hand given the undemocratic nature of the Eritrean Liberation Front or Shabia as is commonly known by the Arabic word for people, many have seriously doubted that the newly created Eritrea would be a democratic state.

    Contrary to the great expectations of the Eritrean people and perfectly congruent with the concerns and doubts of many political observers, the Eritrean leader has come up with a different theory of nation building. For Issayas, unless Ethiopia is destroyed as a nation, an independent Eritrea would be unthinkable. Driven by this erroneous political doctrine since the inception of the struggle for independence and to accomplish his grandiose plan of creating a greater nation Eritrea at the expense of a peaceful yet a strong nation Ethiopia, Issayas used the boarder issue as a pretext, and waged unprovoked aggression against Ethiopia, the bloodiest war in which the Eritrean army was decimated in a matter of few days. In effect, what Issayas is telling the Eritrean people is that Eritrea can not stand by itself without amassing the resources from Ethiopia. If this true why have Eritreans fought for over thirty years?

    In a bid to retaliate his humiliating defeat that exposed Issyas’s military myth into a mere fiasco and blinded with hatred for Ethiopians and their country, Issayas who was once revered and worshipped by his people as a leader of liberation has turned himself into a terrorist leader and Eritrea as the main terrorist out post and a safe heaven for the most wanted world terrorists such as Daher Aways of Somalia, and other Al quayda fugitives. All this is to destabilize Ethiopia. On the other hand, making a direct military confrontation with Ethiopia seems to be very difficult for Issayas as he is perfectly aware of the lessons learned from his first encounter and the recent destruction of the Jihadists Islamist court in Somalia where he played a leading role in providing army and logistics. But, this doesn’t seem to deter Issayas from organizing and conducting terrorist acts against Ethiopia. The recent abduction of eight Ethiopians and five British nationals from within Ethiopia and the subsequent immediate release of the five British nationals while holding the eight Ethiopians is a case in point.

    Issayas is also trying to portray the conflict between the two countries as a boarder issue and win sympathy from other countries, especially from Arab countries with which he has common interest to destabilize Ethiopia. But, even if it were, terrorism can not and should not be used as a means to resolve boarder conflict nor to achieve a political objective of any sort. Boarder conflicts exist any time and anywhere and the means of resolving them have been through either the International Court of Justice or Court of arbitration in which case both process culminate in peaceful dialogue between the parties involved. But the behavior of the Eritrean leader and his domestic and foreign policies defy all international laws, norms and standards. Therefore, the nature and cause of the conflict of between Ethiopia and Eritrea goes well beyond claiming a piece of land.

    Issayas is committing crimes after crimes against innocent people of Ethiopia and everything has a limit to it. The Ethiopian government and its people are running out of patience. Prime Minister Meles in his recent address to the House of Parliament has warned Issayas either to put up or shut up. If I were Issayas, I would take the Premier’s statement very seriously and completely refrain from any provocation against Ethiopia. Otherwise, the consequences will be grave for Issayas and his party, sha’bia.

  4. j.p.h
    | #4

    Thank you for the long lecture,but I add some comments to your points:
    1) There is no “Ethiopian army” in the country since 16years.I don’t want to compare Mengist with Meles-it is like the saying in amharic-
    “Kezinjero konjo min jimeraritu?”,the are both kilrs
    they were(are)both evils. but in a sense the Mengistu army was Ethiopian,not like today led only by one man. So now if you don’t like them to be called “Weyane army” ok call them “AGAZI” or
    “Melese private army” but never “Ethiopian Army”
    2) There is no difference between Isayas and Meles.
    They both are ruthless tyrants who seek court charges at Hague. They are both enemies of Ethiopian
    and Eritrean people! Their policy of genocide has brought misery, poverty, disease and grief in both countries and now in neighboring Somalia.
    The solution is to remove them both!

    See you for now

  5. Chaltu
    | #5


    You have a right to your opinion, but save us from your half cooked sermons of something you do not seem to have an understanding of. Melese and his thugs do not represent Ethiopia they are forcing themselves on the Ethiopians by force militarly. Unless you are an orphan and have no family anyone will tell you Ethiopia and Ethiopians are under seige by a private army of Melese paid by Aid money and loans that are being robbed from the coffers of Ethiopia. What they are doing in Somalia
    is not in the intrest of Somalia or Ethiopia. As mafiosos they are trying to maintian power at any cost in the region by handing their behind to the Bush Doctrine which is not for the benfit of the Horn or in fact the World.
    So either you are naive which I very much doubt or you are being paid to say half cooked junk as I stated in an earlier post you would have better followership at Walta, please stop poluting us with your diaterabe.

    By the way evil is evil, so your crap that Issays is worse than Melese logic does not work they are both cut from the same cloth both are crimnals who finally fought each other becuause they did not know how to share their loots so get a life and move on.

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