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His Excellency Luis Moreno-Ocampo-Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) (more…)

His Excellency Luis Moreno-Ocampo-Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Information and Evidence Unit Office of the Prosecutor Post Office Box 19519 2500 CM The Hague The Netherlands Fax: +31 70 515 8555 Email:

May 1, 2009

Dear Chief Prosecutor,

I am writing this letter to underline the fears urgency in the Horn of Africa specifically Ethiopia; a country that has become a haven for a State-sponsored Terror, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity by a regime on innocent civilians that the government reputed to protect.

Dear Chief Prosecutor,

On March 23, 2009, Dr Gregory Stanton President of Genocide Watch has called upon the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Justice to initiate an investigation against Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s regime for the atrocities committed in Gambella against the Anuaks and ethnic Somalis in the Ogaden region. ( .) The heroic move by Dr. Gregory Stanton fueled by a worldwide support from Ethiopians and the global community for the long awaited justice has placed the regime in a state of paranoia and terror against its citizens and Western countries specifically the United Sates, Canada and Great Britain.

On April 21,2009 as a show of defiance despite a repeated warning from Western diplomats in Ethiopia, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi hosted a two days lavish dinner reception and entrainment honoring President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir who is under international arrest warrant for war crimes against civilian population of Darfur, Sudan. Western diplomats and representatives boycotted the dinner party denouncing the official visit to Ethiopia by the most wanted criminal in the world. Yet, diplomats from China, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea attended “The Last Supper” for dictators and criminals.

On April 24, 2009, the distressed regime arrested over 35 citizens primarily old men and women as punitive measure against helpless citizens following the intensified call from the international community to indict Prime Minster Meles Zenawi and his collaborators for the gruesome Crimes Against Humanity. Among the civilians who were beaten and taken to jail without any evidence was an 80 year old man Mr. Tsige Habtemariam a senior citizen who is suffering from diabetic and recently had a heart bypass surgery and the entire family of Doctor Berhanu Nega a prominent figure for a pro-democracy movement; whose entire family was surrounded by mercenary soldiers and placed under House Arrest after some of the family members were beaten and personal belongings were confiscated without warrant or just cause.

Dear Chief Prosecutor,

The current regime in Ethiopia once a self proclaimed Tigri Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel faction was classified as a terrorist group by the NATIONAL MEMORIAL INSTITUTE FOR THE PREVENTION OF TERRORISM (MIPT) and the group has proven its unwillingness to rehabilitate in spite of becoming a government by force. Rather, the group led by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has amplified systematic ethnic cleansing by killing women, children, torturing and burning villages while facilitating tribal and ethnic conflicts in neighboring countries such as Sudan and Somali. Thus, transforming the entire region of Horn of Africa into a fertile recruiting ground for Al Qaeda, Piracy and Extremist criminal elements.

Dear Chief Prosecutor,

The current regime of Ethiopian illicit activities is not a coincidence rather, deep-rooted history of extremist militant professional bandits in kidnapping, Hijacking, Bank robbery, Armed ambush on UN and Red Cross officials for a ransom prior to coming to power without a single vote by the people Ethiopia.

If I may, the following criminal activities of the group are documented facts by the NATIONAL MEMORIAL INSTITUTE FOR THE PREVENTION OF TERRORISM (MIPT):

1. February 17, 1988, ETHIOPIA. Six European aid workers were abducted by Meles Zenawi rebel group. The victims were three Irish nuns, two Belgian doctors and a Dutch nun.

2. October 1, 1987 ETHIOPIA. A French nurse, Sophie Bedon, was kidnapped. The woman was taken hostage after an attack on an Ethiopian garrison in Rama by Meles Zenawi led rebel group.

3. May 8, 1986 ETHIOPIA. Two employees of the American relief agency World Vision were shot to death in the dining room of their residence compound in the northern town of Alamata by Meles Zenawi rebel group. The victims were both Ethiopian nationals.

4. May 2, 1985, Lalibela, ETHIOPIA. The rebel group led by Meles Zenawi seized a French disaster-relief aircraft, its five crew members and four medical staff members in the northern town of Lalibela. The plane had been flying supplies for Ethiopian villagers as part of the international effort to relieve the disastrous drought and famine.

5. October 17, 1984 Lalibela, ETHIOPIA. Ten foreigners, including two American tourists, were seized by Meles Zenawi led rebel group. The captured include two Britons, an Australian, a Finn, three West German medics and a Swiss International Red Cross Representatives.

6. April 22, 1983 Korem, ETHIOPIA. The rebel group led by Meles Zenawi kidnapped 10 foreign relief workers, including an American, diplomats in Addis Ababa. Seven of them women, were taken in a raid in a place called Korem by rebel group. The hostages included four Britons, an Indian, two Irish nurses, an American priest and nuns from Italy and Ethiopia.

7. June 1, 1976 ETHIOPIA. Jon Swain, British correspondent for the Sunday Times of London, was captured by Meles Zenawi rebel group.

8. May 1, 1976 Axum, ETHIOPIA. A British veterinarian, Dr. Lindsey Tyler, his wife and two children were kidnapped in Ethiopia’s Tigri Province by Meles Zenawi rebel group.

The above crimes against innocent civilians doesn’t include the Genocide and gruesome Crimes Against Humanity carried out for the past 18 years by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and his collaborators on innocent civilians: They are;

1. December 13, 2003, with a marching order given by the regime as “TARGETING THE ANUAK” in Anuak capital city of Gambella, 425 Anuak tribe children, men and women were massacred, burnt their villages and drove 10,000 of Anuak tribe into exile in Sudan and Kenya. Numbering only 100,000 together. ( )

2. Following the 2005 fraudulent election of Ethiopia, a total of 193 unarmed civilians were shot execution style at a close range, beaten and strangled to death, thousands taken to unidentified prisons throughout the country and thousands fled the country in search of a save heaven; as the entire world turned a blind-eye on 21st Century Genocide of Ethiopia. ( )

3. During the 1999 proxy war with a neighboring country Eritrea, a total of 100,000 Ethiopians lost their lives within days. The majority of the causalities were form Oromo, Amhara, Gurage, Afar, Somali, Sidama, Hadiya, and Walayita ethnic groups; a systematic elimination of segments of the society considered a “threat” by the regime. ( )

4. December 29, 2008, The heroine Judge Birtukan Mideksa the only female leader of a main opposition party in Africa; was picked up by civilian clothed security forces and taken to a solitary confinement and sentenced to life in prison without formal charges or a hearing before a court. As we speak, Judge Birtukan Mideksa is in a solitary confinement isolated not only from the outside world but also from her five-year-old daughter.

5. March 31, 2008, Georgette Gagnon, Director of the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch report before the United Nations Security Council indicated detailed account of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity and the displacement of 700,000 civilians in Ogaden area of Somali region. ( ( )

6. April 17, 2008 the renowned Ethiopian artist Tewodros Kassahun was detained and sentenced to Six years without a just cause using government paid informants as credible witnesses. Primarily the young artist was a labeled as “threat to the regime” for his famous melodies that united the nation and gave hope in a country where there is no hope and citizens are, tortured ,incarcerated or killed as a punitive measure based on their ethnic, religion, social and political views.

7. The US State Department report on the government of Ethiopia Human Rights abuse provides a solid evidence of Crimes Against Humanity i.e. unlawful killings, torture, beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees and opposition supporters by security forces, poor prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly of suspected sympathizers or members of opposition groups; police and judicial corruption; detention without charge and illegal searches. (

The above repulsive Crimes against Humanity are simply a portion of the crimes against humanity committed by Prime Minster Meles Zenawi and his collaborators for the past 18 years. These atrocities are being carried out in the name of “REVOLUTIONARY DEMOCRACY POLICY”. A crafty policy designed and enforced by handful family members of the regime from a single ethnic group to dictate the country’s military, civic, government, and financial infrastructures and eradicates individuals, ethnic or national groups alleged as a “threat” to the absolute power of the regime. These documents are a living testament; that the current regime in Ethiopia is nothing more than a group of fanatic warlords disguised in Armani suit to blend with a civilized world.

Dear Chief Prosecutor,

As I am address this appeal letter to Your Excellency for the sake of humanity, I would like highlight that there are 82,544,840 VOICELESS ETHIOPIANS living under a deliberate and systematic elimination of certain ethnics, race, religion and cultural groups; forcing the entire country to reside under subhuman conditions by a signal dictator namely Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia. Who is never challenged or held accountable for the gruesome Crimes against Humanity.

Dear Chief Prosecutor,

On March 4, 2009, The International Criminal Court at The Hague issued an arrest warrant on Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for a five-year campaign of violence in Darfur. Such a decision is constant reminder of the Purpose, Core values and the Sacred duty of The International Criminal Court (ICC) to end Genocide and Crimes against Humanity. Today the world community firmly believes the time has come for Ethiopia, a county that endured gruesome Crimes against Humanity by a tyrant regime deserves justice and a lasting peace.

My appeal to your Excellency is not driven by politics, hate or vengeance against anyone. Yet, I have the moral obligation to speak out for the tortured, displaced, dead and above of all for the voiceless motherland Ethiopia.

Therefore, I strongly urge your Excellency to review all the facts at your disposal and initiate an investigation into the Genocide and Crimes against Humanity in Ethiopia using the Proprio Motu Power of The Prosecutor under Article 15 (ICC) and leveraging United Nations Security Council Article 13 to proceed with necessary measures in accordance with the statute of The International Criminal Court (ICC).

May God bring an end and a lasting peace for the suffering people of Ethiopia!

Respectfully yours,


A Concerned Ethiopian


H.E. Navanethem Pillay- United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Dr. Gregory Stanton-President Genocide Watch

Philippe Kirsch -President The International Criminal Court (ICC)

Doctor Susan E. Rice -U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Hillary Rodham Clinton -Secretary of State

Senator Feingold, Russell D, Chairman of Subcommittee on African Affairs Congressman, Donald Payne, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Africa,

Ambassador Johnnie Carson

Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE)

Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy (EACA)

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