Scores of Ethiopian troops flee Somalia to Yemen: report

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Deutsche Presse-Agentur | Apr 18, 2007 : Sana’a – Scores of Ethiopian army troops have arrived off the coast of Yemen onboard two boats belonging to smugglers after they fled fighting with Islamic insurgents in Somalia, a press report said on Tuesday. (more…)

Deutsche Presse-Agentur | Apr 18, 2007 : Sana’a – Scores of Ethiopian army troops have arrived off the coast of Yemen onboard two boats belonging to smugglers after they fled fighting with Islamic insurgents in Somalia, a press report said on Tuesday.

Some 89 Ethiopian soldiers arrived in the Arqa area in southern Yemen after crossing the Gulf of Aden from Bosaso city in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland in northeast Somalia, the al-Ayyam daily newspaper said in a report on its website.

The paper said 49 Somali refugees were aboard the boats that carried the soldiers, who were wearing civilian clothes.

An Ethiopian army officer was quoted as saying that he and his comrades had fled the ranks of Ethiopian troops in Somalia after a dramatic escalation in fierce fighting with Somali Islamic insurgents.

‘I am a member of the Ethiopian army and I took part in toppling the rule of the Islamic courts (in Somalia),’ said the officer, identified as Muhammad Hassan.

‘We did not expect the fighting to reach this level of fiercity or that it could turn into a guerrilla war,’ he said.

The officer added that many other Ethiopian troops had decided to flee Somalia after they found themselves stuck amid a ‘flaming hell.’

A police official in Arqa, about 600 kilometres from Sana’a, said that 10 Ethiopian women and seven civilian men were among the group that reached the shores of Arqa on Sunday.

The official, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that the soldiers were transferred by military truck to the southern Yemeni port city of Aden on Monday.

Ethiopia sent army forces into Somalia last December to back the country’s interim government to drive out forces from the Union of Islamic Courts that controlled most of central and southern Somalia for nearly six months last year.

  1. j.p.h
    | #1

    The ruthless tyrant has changed Ethiopia into Africa’s Guantanamo: he has murdered tens of thousands in the last 16 years and beyond, he has murdered not only Ethiopians but Somalis as well.
    Now he is preparing to dance for-
    “Ethiopian millennium” to celebrate his kills of both Ethiopians & Somalis.
    It is good news that Weyane army started to stop disobeying their evil leader! It seems the downfall of Meles is near. It is good news for Ethiopia it is good news for Somalia,it is good news for the whole World!

  2. ewnetu
    | #2

    The coming Ethiopian milllinium is only a change in number for most of Ethiopians at home. But it is a great festive for the TPLF cliques and for some innocent Ethiopians abroad who are misleaded by the TPLF regime. Ethiopians at home donnot think a person at good mental health will dance with this regime on the blood of its father, mothers, siters and brothers. We are therefore calling all Ethiopians abroad who planned to come here to stay there and help the Ethiopian people struggle.The discount you will get from the airline and the receptions here should not tempt you to dance with the regime.

  3. Ye-Ethiopia-lij
    | #3

    I think a millinium without in the lives of the Ethiopian peare ople change is just another day, but now even a new day or a new chapter in the lives of the Ethiopian people, therefore, this millinium could be celebrated in dc withoutwithout fear of any torture or without helping a dying regime to accumulate money so that Meles can oppress our people more. Our leaders are in jail, over two hundred people have been shot dead by TPLF over the last year alone – so are we just going to forget all that, throw away our people’s blood in vain and go dance with the killers? TPLF and Meles have not done anything to reconcile with them and move forward. Infact,they have spread betheir terror more amongst out people and have better torture chambers.

  4. ewnetu
    | #4

    Ethiopians abroad should use the occasion to show the brutuality of the TPLF regime. The TPLF regime and its cliques are praparing to misdirect the attention of the International community. So Ethipopian abroad should do their level best to to show the repression Ethiopian at home are facing.

  5. geremew
    | #5

    Ye Ethiopia lij,

    I think you can’t travel to Ethiopia and that’s why you are calling others to celebrate the millenium in DC,

    Hell no!!!!!! we are going to kick it in ADDIS!

    Ewnetu, J.P.h,


    I know it’s your wildest dream but it’s not happening and it ain’t gonne happen, the fighting is only in one or two neigbourhoods in the capital why?? because of the weapons supplied by Eritrea just before the fall of Mogadishu, soon WOYANE will deal with ISAYAS and after that we will see what ABUGIDA will report.


  6. j.p.h
    | #6

    The question, is why to invade another country in the first place? I have one question to you though, why do you believe Weyany should deal with Isayas after they fought hard to deliver Eritrea to Shaebia and then after the victory Ethiopia had got over Shaebia(2000) converted otherwise?

  7. Reppi
    | #7


    So you think you are going to kick it in Addis?
    Nobody wants you in addis,you know that for sure.
    Woyane was totally rejected that includes you too,not only in addis put pretty much everywhere in the country except maybe in adowa.
    Your people have a word for your kind.That word is Loqmatse.
    Do you not have any self respect?
    Do you think so little of Mekele that you prefer to go where you are despised?

  8. Gabi and Naomi
    | #8

    We thought the Ethiopian government support to somalians intrim governement could be seen as one posetive major dicision taken by Ethiopia. But their stay in there couldn’t.
    Don’t forget history. Somalia authored jihad on ethiopia.
    Don’t haleluya because the soldiers betraial to the Ethiopian army in somalia.
    They are deserters. They left their brothers in the war in the middle of nowhere. This is deplorable. They could have left while they were in Ethiopia.
    Don’t forget, The army is not our enemy. They only follow the order.

  9. Geremew
    | #9


    Keep haiting you TEBAB DEKORO, you can’t take it you do you, promise to post you z pictures though I know u will still be here. I guess your hate is kind of SIR YESEDEDE Addis is not for you or me it’s for all and WEYANE IS BUILDING IT while you guys are still day dreamin’ , you are going to need a guid as a tourist do if you ever set foot again in Addis again, the nation has moved on…….keep shouting fom far far away.

  10. Reppi
    | #10

    There you go again!You are a woyanne you have no place in ethiopia except maybe adowa.
    You seem to have forgotten woyanne fought alongside shabia.
    Woyane is not builing addis nor ethiopia.Woyane is looting the whole country
    including the people of Tigre, whom thay cliam to represent.
    Without your western masters where do you think you and you banda woyanes will be?
    Or maybe you really believe what you are writing.If that is the case I hope your god,if you believe in one,shows you the light.
    You keep on dreaming wedi wherever you are from.

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