Bashir experienced ‘severe panic’ in Ethiopia by the sight of chartered plane with a US flag – Sudan Tribune

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The Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir went through thirty minutes of panic at an airport in northern Tigray region during an official visit last month, an Ethiopian news paper reported today.

‘The Reporter’ independent daily which is published in native Amharic language said that the Sudanese delegation headed by Bashir was stuck in the presidential jet at Mekele Airport waiting for the boarding ladder.

Al-Bashir had arrived to lead Sudan at the meetings of the supreme joint committee co-chaired by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The Sudanese head of state visit to Ethiopia was the latest in a series of trips abroad in a show of defiance to the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for him in March in connection with war crimes committed in the Darfur region.

However all the countries he visited were non-parties to the Rome Statute which is the founding text of the ICC, which means they have no legal obligation to apprehend Al-Bashir on their territory.

The newspaper said that the delay by airport authorities in bringing the boarding ladder caused “severe panic” among the embattled president and his entourage.

Quoting eyewitnesses, the newspaper said the panic was exacerbated by the sight of chartered plane with a US flag close to Al-Bashir’s plane.

Prior to the Bashir’s trips abroad since the arrest warrant, Sudanese officials have expressed fears that a Western power would attempt an operation to arrest him through military bases in Africa.

US, France are two countries that have military presence in the region.

Airport officials told the newspaper that the incident was caused by the absence of the duty official at the time.

Sources told the paper that as a result, the Sudanese president returned to Khartoum “without visiting all the places he had intended to”.

An Ethiopian official contacted by the paper declined to comment on the issue, although he did not deny that the incident took place.

At a press conference in Addis Ababa during his visit, president Bashir dismissed the notion that the arrest warrant by ICC could restrict his travel and create negative influence in his country.

“We went to this summit to show those who said we couldn’t travel out side Sudan that we can travel outside Sudan” he said adding “nothing can intermediate us into stopping traveling”.

Sudan along with African and Arab countries have rejected the arrest warrant and vowed not to cooperate with the ICC in the execution of the warrant.

  1. al-Busji Criminal
    | #1

    He is a criminal because more than 470,000 civilans have been killed in Darfur. Wherever he go or whatever he said he is a criminal.

    | #2


    ICC is an institution organized internationally except some Governments.
    Its aim is positive to any country, since its aims are to save citizens from brutal criminals and against horrendous crimes committed in any country. If is it so, why shouldn’t all countries signed this sacred institution’s agreement? I think it will be illogical to any Government to deny signing this agreement! I also think that Governments lead by brutal tyrants like PM Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia should have been urged by the UN,EU, USA & Canada to be part of the ICC which could have prevented from the suffering of millions of East Africans, who lead life of misery due to horrendous human right violation of genocide proportions committed upon them, in front of the eyes of the World and with impunity! Those Governments who allowed President Al Bashir of Sudan to officially visit their countries, despite the ICC’s arrest warrant and despite the fact that they have not signed the agreement should have been labeled as collaborators of criminals and their legitimacy should have been rejected internationally. No Government in the World should be ruled by criminals! And the decision of the respected institution (ICC) should have been respected, otherwise it will be considered as toothless institution which can’t stop the beasts by biting. The other point is, institutions like Human Right groups, “Genocide Watch”, Red Cross, UN etc. should work together so that they stand on the side of the poor masses who suffered a lot and who still are suffering in front of their eyes. Take example of the institution “Genocide watch”, it some time ago sent a timely letter (too late but still relevant) to the UN, asking it to investigate the PM of Ethiopia’s crime against Humanity, which is reported more than enough time in the past by many Human right organization. Still we haven’t heard even a statement from the UN concerning the horrendous Human right violation which took place in Gambela (Ethiopia) in 1983 (does the UN and all similar institutions need full 26 years to investigate such important duties?) or the Genocide which took place recently in Ogaden (Ethiopia)? Now these institutions are silent and the brutal dictator of East Africa continued to mass murder throughout Ethiopia and Somalia! What is happening in our common World?
    Why do we need the UN, REDCROSS…fore, when Dictators deny human lives in masses? with impunity? Shame on us all. Our planet is really dying. Please think over this positive criticism and correct our weaknesses to build a better World!

    Thank you

  3. JIGSA
    | #3

    next recipient of the international criminal court arrest warrant hope fully will be the TPLF leader melesse zenawi of ethiopia.the TPLF leader and his group are responsible for many killings in addis ababa and else where in ethiopia like his friend the sudanise president al bashir.

  4. Truth~
    | #4

    No substance to the News.

    The News of lavish reception to the “war criminal” in Addis doesn’t resonate well. TPLF supporters project their own imagination to confuse us and the world by this trash News.

  5. Yenegus medosha
    | #5

    What ever the TPLF leader melese and the Sdanise president al-besher are the same in the criminal court as soon as, they will arrest.

  6. Yenegus medosha
    | #6

    I don’t know how i have to explain about afreican dictaters seacial east Africans i wish to them DEATH with his addminstation.

  7. atuba dolla
    | #7

    Al-Bahir had been a special guest to the house of crimefamily, and wined and dinned and made a business deal.This time,it might have been his last time and chance to visit members of the crimefamily mainly because he is wanted for committing crimes aginst humanity;so are members of the crimefamily.Well,it is that hing called first-come-first-go.Al-Bashir is well aware of his partner in crime that Meles Naziawi and members of the crimefamily are not too far from having similar fate;he knows too,it is just a matter of time that the fugitives will be captured and be sent to jail for life.

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