Press Release – The launching of the Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP)

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This first communiqué announces the launching of the Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP.) We are freely associated, non-partisan, non-profit civil society organizations (CSOs,) and individuals, that have been deliberating for over a year, with the initiative and support of the Ethiopian National Congress (ENC,) in order to forge genuine partnership, and unity of purpose and action. The objective of this new initiative is to achieve a coordinated effort by CSOs and civic minded individuals that advocate and promote the rule of law, democratic governance, and respect for civil and political rights in Ethiopia. For ENPCP’s vision, mission, structure and expected outcome, please visit or

Sustained resistance by Ethiopians from all walks of life against oppression and division has not produced the desired outcome of freedom and democracy, largely due to an unresponsive government but also from lack of unity amongst political and civic leaders that spearheaded the struggle. Promising democratic gains in the beginning were not sustained and often failed to grow and mature. Frustrations have often led to either complete abandonment of the struggle for democracy, or the proliferation of individual and small group efforts that often duplicated one another and proved ineffective in the end. The ENPCP concept was, therefore, first initiated by the Ethiopian National Congress ( in 2007, and since then a number of civil society organizations, eminent individuals, scholars, career diplomats and former international civil servants came together to form a constituent body for the new initiative to be known as ENPCP. One of its objectives is to form a global network of Ethiopian civil society organizations.

CSOs currently participating in the ENPCP are the Anuak Justice council, Dejen Le Democracy (Constituents for Democracy-Dallas, Fort Worth), Ethiopian Forum for Peace, Democracy and Development (EFPDD,) Ethiopian National Congress (ENC) and Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners–Canada (SOCEPP-CAN.) Clear criteria have been established for those CSOs and individuals who wish to participate in ENPCP’s endeavors. What makes the new initiative unique is the fact that it facilitates partnership among CSOs and interested individuals without requiring them to lose their identity or special focus. In fact, if a particular skill or specialization is determined to be very important, the CSO or/and the individual with the best experience and knowledge could be tapped to take the lead by the collective ENPCP.

Since its inception, the ENPCP has been deliberating, through a series of intensive and constructive consultation among its members, on various issues affecting Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region. ENPCP’s General Assembly has established an interim leadership Core Group and various Task Forces to achieve its objectives. Issues Identification and Prioritization Task Force has outlined key issues to be the national priorities of Ethiopia:

* The role of traditional and modern civil society organizations
* Conflict prevention and resolution
* Accountability, governance and sovereignty.

The initiative has been and continues to be open, and the priority issues identification process as well as the nature and shape of the network, are evolving. It is by no means final.

ENPCP’s Convention and Logistics Task Force will arrange a preliminary meeting in July 2009 as well as a major convention a few months after that, to address major issues of importance regarding Ethiopia. The background documents are available for review. In the next weeks and months, the leadership will start issuing a series of statements and concept papers that provide information about the initiative and the national priority issues through its Public Relations and Outreach Task Force. Current and past leaders, members and supporters of civil society organizations inside Ethiopia and in the Diaspora that agree with the mission of ENPCP are kindly requested to join and support this important initiative.

This is a new beginning. The ENPCP aims to be a forum and a network of Ethiopians. We in the ENPCP believe that if we work together, it would not be far before we sing the songs of freedom. We will not be far from seeing a government that is installed through the free will of the people. It will not be far before we see the Ethiopian Diaspora making significant contributions to making changes that affect the livelihood of Ethiopians. It will not be far before we see the promulgation of laws that open sufficient space for civil society organizations to realize their full potential. We, therefore, call upon all Ethiopian civil society organizations and individuals to join hands in this new and bold initiative.

Let civil societies join hands, and speak and act in unison!

May God Bless Ethiopia!

For further information contact the ENPCP Secretariat at or visit our web site,

  1. Sishaw
    | #1

    Organization, organization, organization!

    Why they do not work with the organizations we have!!!!

    It looks like someones want to be called president, vise presidant bla bla bla

    It is not orgnazation number that will unroot woyane (Enemy of Ethiopia)

    Instead of trying to become another boss or chairman whatever you call it, join the ones we have!

    After all we have already seen ENC before and it was not functioning healthy. Thanks

  2. Lisan
    | #2

    Let me qote from your writing

    “Sustained resistance by Ethiopians from all walks of life against oppression and division has not produced the desired outcome of freedom and democracy, largely due to an unresponsive government but also from lack of unity amongst political and civic leaders that spearheaded the struggle”

    I cannot believe this coming from ENC! Do you understand who the major causes of lack of unity are? Those ridged people who wants to control every thing under the sun and were using ENC as a cover. We know now who they are. Now you coming chaning your name like a chamelon.

    Please enough is enough! It is time to defeat woyane without any shreud work.

  3. ewunetu tulema
    | #3

    Duplication of efforts can take us nowhere.

  4. Tenkir
    | #4

    Exactly! The biggest problem with the so called Ethiopian elites is that eveyone wants to be President and CEO boost their ego. That their end and the beginning. What the hell does this ogn make it any different from the other civic orgn lead by Obang Motho?

  5. Roman
    | #5

    Why another organization? Do not you guys want to work with our fighters Obang Metho and Alemayehu Gebremariam. Unless you become the organizers or bosses it looks you do not want to participate.

    Did I hear ENC? Again HaileGiorgies Chernet and Getachew Haile who destroyed Kinijit?

    Things do not smell good!

  6. Zeleke Mergia
    | #6

    Yibalal Engidih

    It looks like someone is saying ” I am a better organizer and you should follow me!”. There are some who thinks unless they lead the world will go to cliff.

    That what the dedebit gangs need! Many fragmented organizations and too many greedy bosses.

    And who are you the nameless people any way?

  7. Selechen!
    | #7

    Do you remember that during Derg’s time… “committeen lemekenes lela committee maquaquam”? Our problem is not a shortage of organization, its a shortage of UNITY!!!! Don’t just waste your time by creating un-neccessary group! Please join one of the organizations that meet your interest and good for Ethiopia.

    Selam lehulachin!

  8. Wase
    | #8

    እስካሁን የተጻፉት አስተያየቶች አዲስ የተቁዋቁዋመውን ድርጅት አላማ ባለመረዳት ይመስላል:: በመጀመሪያ መገንዘብ የሚያስፈልገው አሁን የተቁዋቁዋመው አካል የተለመደውን ኣይነት ድርጅት አይደለም:: ሒደት ነው:: መሰረታዊ አላማውም በብዛት የተቁዋቁዋሙት የሰብአዊ መብት ድርጅቶች ሕብረት ፈጥረው በአንድነት አንዲንቀሳቀሱ ለማድረግ ነው::

    አንደሚታወቀው ባሁኑ ጊዜ ክተክሰቱት አሳዛኝና በኢትዮጵያ ዲሞክራሲና የሕግ የበላይነት ለማስገኘት የሚደረገውን ጥረት አያሽመደመደ ያለው ዋናው ጠንቀኛ ምክንያት የሰብአዊ መብትና የፖለቲካ ድርጅቶች በየፊናቸው አየተንቀሳቀሱ የነጠላ ጥረታቸው ደካማ ሆኖ መገኘቱ ነው:: “የኢትዮጵያ ኣበይት ጉዳዮች መወያያ ሒደት” ለማክናወን የተነሳሳበት ዋነኛው ቅዱስ ሐሳብ አነዚህን የተለያዩ የሰብአዊ መብት ድርጅቶች አቀራርቦና አወያይቶ አንድ ወጥ በሆነ ስልት ወይም ስትራተጂ; አቅድና ፕሮግራም በሕብረት ተንቀሳቅሰው ለሐገራችን የሚያስፈልገውን ዲሞክራሲ ለማስገኘት ነው::

    ከላይ በተገለጸው ምክንያት አዲስ ለተጀመረው ሒደት የተነሳሳበት ዓላማ አንዲሳካለት ያለኝን ቅን አስተያየትና መልካም ምኞት መግለጽ አወዳለሁ::

  9. ተስፋ
    | #9

    Action NOW ::

  10. Mekdi
    | #10

    I agree with most of the opinions mentioned above. It looks like some people are saying all the organizations we have right now are trash because they (whatever their name is in this ENPCP) are not leading them. Who said you are the best organizers? May be you are given from God?

    Anget kazene Emba Ayigedim. If you really want to contribute join the movements lead by Obang Metho and Al Mariam (genuine people who have zero lust for power, money or any other hidden agenda) and instead of making your ladder to be a boss.

  11. Nigatu
    | #11

    Ato Wase

    Whenever new groups come that is what they say “this one is different”. We know nothing has been different. When ENC comes that is what it said. We all know what happened later! Certain groups of people wanted to dictate anything what is happening in the country. ENC has been stigmatizied with arrogant and dictator groups of people like H/G Cherinet. I assure you anything that originate from ENC will not be successful. Do not waste your time. Join other genuine Ethiopians like Alemayehu Gebremariam. Thanks

  12. Qestu
    | #12

    Shame on us! Some of us Ethiopians have the unfortunate habit of condemning every initiative even prior to understanding what it’s all about! Or with a deliberate ill intention!

    It is very clear from the statement by the Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Priorities (ENPCP)that it is NOT presenting itself as yet another organization to compete for power. It is NOT! What it is attempting, which no one else has been successful in achieving so far, is simply to facilitate a cohesion among civic society organizations that are fighting for democracy, rule of law, and respect for human rights in Ethiopia. This objective is obviously important as the current efforts by the numerous civic society organizations is not achieving the required result because they run a divided house.

    One wonders why there is so much skepticism and objection in some of the responses posted so far in the face of the ENPCP’s clear objectives. The reason must be that those with such negative ideas are supporters of the brutal Ethiopian regime which is worried about the unity that would develop as a result of the ENPCP process.

    What is urgently needed at this stage of the desperate struggle against corruption, abuse of power, a continued grinding poverty, and the prevalence of worsening endemic diseases in Ethiopia is for civic society organizations to form a workable partnership among themselves through a process of consultation to be facilitated by ENPCP and to proceed with their objectives in a holistic, and an integrated manner.

    Forget the usual nay-sayers and the doubting Thomases.

  13. Jemal
    | #13


    I can see you are typical ENC. The part of the group I know very well. Typical feature of ENC people is labelling anyone who negates their backward feudalistic idea woyane. You are saying the same thing. The group who is acting like devilish woyane is ENC which says do it my way.

    Let me ask you this? What is your problem working with Obang Metho, Alemeayehu Gebremariam and other organizations who are doing the same thing you claim to do? You do not want to be organized by others, right?

  14. BetreAmora
    | #14


    I have been aware of the effort for sometime. Out of respect for genuine people who expressed reservations, believing that it could be yet another duplication, let me share some of my personal reflections to help purge your concerns.

    - the initiative is inclusive. It does not rival any good inititives out there. In fact, it suppliments and complimens existing efforts. Some of the good groups mentioned, like Obang’s Solidarity are already part of the inititive. Other will join soon. The ENC is just one of many organizations there. If you go into, it lists civic organizations already member of initiative.

    - please read the name of the inititive carefully. It is named a process on purpose. It did not say it is an organization. It is a process. Once all concened engage themselves in the process to compliment and supplement each other, with Ethiopia and Ethiopa’s interest in mind, agree to coordinate their activities and have a coordinating body, etc in due course, they could an change it to whatever form they want, including evolving it to an organization or keep it at a coordinating level. What is most important is to work under joint ownership umbrella.

    - It is important to realize that there are many civic organizations. Some are specialized civic organizations, Example: Women organizations; organizations to promote voter education; a civic organization that calls for apology from Italy for its atrocities in Ethiopia, to mention a few. There are also organizations like the new Solidairity Movement, the ENC, the Civic advocay group, etc., again to mention some. To efficiently use resources, maximimize mobilizatin capabilities, avoid duplication of efforts, all need to come together, to work on jointly agreed national priorities.

    - Ethiopia’s burning issues are many. We don’t have the means to tackle them all at the same time. We need to sit down and prioritize the most urgent, the most strategic, the most important to focus our activities.
    Bringing the diverse groups under the intiative is a step. Once priorty issues are identified, everyone in the intitive, to the rank and file level would be mobilized to focus and invest them. For instance, if it is decided to work on an important advocacy issue like lobbying for HR2003, all activities would be focused on that. Specialized groups like the new advocacy group would be designated to lead the effort and all associate civic organizations would be asked to support the effort in every way possible.

    It is understandable if some express skepticism. I can’t claim I know all about ENPCP. I hope some of what I know and shared would help address some of the concerns. With time, hopefully the decent people that commented would take some time to visit the website and follow progress reports to form a learned opinion. The world respects us when we stand together.

    PS: for those who mentioned about ENC, please visit the ENC website: how much it has changed. It’s constitution has changed long time ago. So also it’s leadership. It had made it’s share of mistakes, but it one organization that continued to contribute its share to Ethiopia’s causes. Genuine people have the legitimate right to criticise. Detractors too can say what they want. It is a public space.

  15. Tenkir
    | #15

    Qestu, we share your visions….but there are similar orgns with similar vision up and running and the comments you read here are doubting the requirement for a new org; as opposed to strengthening those already functioning……

  16. jj
    | #16

    Why did you guys won’t work with SMNE, Solidarity Movement for New Ethiopia. Is that super ego or is there compelling reason?

  17. BetreAmora
    | #17

    JJ – May be you posted before you read the comments I made. FYI, ENPCP is working with SMNE. Please read website close.

    Tenkir – same as JJ. It is not a new organization. Please read comment # 14. It compliments and strengthens exiting efforts. FYI, based on the press release, the initiative was under careful consideration for more than a year.


  18. Selamu
    | #18

    Tenkir and jj deserve appreciation for taking time to leave their comments about which they are kindly requested to visit ENPCP’s website: where they will discover that SMNE is participating in the process. They would also discover that ENPCP is merely a process in which all civic society organizations such as SMNE,etc will come together to decide on the priorities and formulate strategies for achieving the important objectives of democracy, respect for human rights, rule of law, and an accelerated socio-economic development in Ethiopia.

    Please note the important point: ENPCP is not an organization. It’s merely a process which is intended to facilitate a collaboration among civic society organizations.

  19. Sultan
    | #19


    That is what people with super ego says. “My group is more inclusive and wide minded”. “I am a better inclusive person than so and so”! Which means the others are a kind of narrrow. Who said the solidary or other movements are not not inclusive? Tell me where the narrowness of the other organization lies? Thank you!

  20. Shegaw
    | #20


    What do you mean it is a process? It is made of groups of people, right? If it is made of groups of individuals it is called organization. Why are you trying to cheat by calling it a process? Madenageria- to look different?

  21. BetreAmora
    | #21


    With all due respect, I think your characterization is unfair. No one said other civic orgs are not inclusive. In fact, one good thing going for Ethiopians is that almost all major civic and political groups are organized with Ethiopia and Ethiopians in mind. This means they are inclusive. What was initiated was to bring the diverse civic groups under one tent so they would work together. I hope you have read enough from the Press release and the discussion here the rationales why the initiative has been necessary. All civic groups have been participating willingly. This continues to be the case.

  22. Hibret
    | #22

    Thank you, Shegaw and Sultan, for raising your queries which would help others in gaining a deeper understanding of the ENPCP concept. In response to your queries:

    (a)ENPCP is, as the name clearly states, a process which means that it merely facilitates the coming together of all rights based civic society organizations to discuss and determine the priorities as well as formulate the appropriate strategies and respective roles. In orther words, it is meant to facilitate a partnership among civic society organizations at a convention being organized within the ENPCP process. Once the civic societies get together and determine the priorities and the required strategies, the action they would decide to take would be upto them. It should be emphasized, again and again, that ENPCP is not an organization! It’s merely a facilitator of collaboration among CSO’s.

  23. Afralehu Berase
    | #23

    A lost Generation. I am Ashamed to my self to be a part of this lost Generation . Do u think Is woyane Our Enemy ? We are the Enemy Of ourselves. Do U think is the lack of organization or declaration is the obstacle of our opposition movement? No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!

    WE have so many Organizations , Declarations, Chairmen and Presidents. More than enough !No mutual trust ! Every body wants to be a leader ! a president ! a chairman and Kommander inchieves of armed groups ! Oh Almighty God what is wrong with us ? It this Country Cursed?
    One thing now clear more than ever. You the so called Chairmen, Presidents of our currently exsisting or Up coming Organizations , Fronts, Parties , Movements ETC….You have killed our past, Present and busy Killing our Future ! Ye agere Gobez Aleka is better than your Sinkisars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mizanawi
    | #24

    Dear Afralehu,

    Here are the facts. There are too many Ethiopia related civic society and political organizations. There is no mechanism at present that facilitates consultation among civic society organizations. This is of critical importance in order to ensure that a concerted effort will be exerted instead of the current disjointed, weak attempts. ENPCP (Ethiopian Naional Priorities Consultative Process) is merely a strategy or process that is aimed at fostering a partnership among civic society organizations.

    Instead of indulging into a self-imposed shame, you should ask yourself as to how you could contribute to the process of enhancing collaboration and integratiocn among the disparate CSO’s.

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