Meles Zenawi’s Regime Recent Panic Is Not Without Cause. – G7 Press release

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The recent accusation by Meles Zenawi ‘s clique of an alleged “coup” attempt led by Ginbot 7, which in a matter of days, was revised and heralded as an “assassination” attempt is a vivid indication of a very serious internal danger that the regime has begun to face. (more…)

The recent accusation by Meles Zenawi ‘s clique of an alleged “coup” attempt led by Ginbot 7, which in a matter of days, was revised and heralded as an “assassination” attempt is a vivid indication of a very serious internal danger that the regime has begun to face. The only objective of the confusing and the constantly changing statements coming from the Prime Minster’s office is to distract Ethiopians and the international community from seeing the real crisis engulfing the regime.

For a long time, high military positions and exclusive military training and educational opportunities both at home and abroad have been monopolized by ethnic Tigrean officers; and this has created immeasurable discontent in the highly polarized Ethiopian army. Officers affiliated with the ruling Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF) routinely disobey their superiors from other ethnic groups ignoring military codes of conduct and discipline. For example, a major affiliated with the TPLF scolds a General from other ethnic group in a breach of strict military protocol. The absolute majority of the Ethiopian army is composed of non Tigreans; however, most of the high ranking commanding officers, including the Army Chief of Staff are from the ruling Tigrean ethnic clique. In addition, 22 of the 23 Army Divisions and all of the five Regional Army Commands are headed by ethnic minority Tigrean commanders.

Such disproportionate Tigrean domination is not limited to the military, it encompasses the Police Forces, Intelligence services as well as the political and economic spheres of the country. Moreover, almost all important civilian assignments within the government and key posts in the economic and social sectors are occupied by a small group of loyal ethnic Tigreans affiliated to the TPLF. The recent uproar in the military was to challenge the inequity and the injustice inherent in the system. General Kemal Gelchu from Oromo ethnic was the first high ranking officer to officially break rank with the ethno-racist politico-military rule of Meles Zenawi.

General Tefera Mamo, the recent victim of the brutal regime, has been a long time outspoken opponent of the ethno racist policies of Zenawi’s regime. The view of this courageous general is shared by tens of thousands in the highly politicized and polarized members of the Ethiopian Armed Forces.

Ginbot 7 is acutely aware of the simmering discontent within the army and defense forces, shares their solemn belief that only a genuinely democratic Ethiopia will remove the scourge of preferential treatment and nepotism in the army and in the country at large.

What shook Meles Zenawi’s regime to its core is the realization that the Army has now joined the civilian population in concluding that Meles and his band of ethno-racists are the main impediments to Ethiopia’s peace, stability, economic prosperity and forming a truly democratic government accountable to its citizenry. This is the frightening fact Meles and Bereket want to hide underneath the confusing allegations and denials of the last few days.

Meles and his colleagues are failing to understand that the problem they are facing now is of greater magnitude than anything they have faced in the last 18 years. The festering problem will not disappear just because the regime clumsily accuses and imprisons a handful of officers and a motley crew of alleged collaborators — including an eighty year old senior citizen. Ginbot 7 would like to inform Ethiopians at large, and the international community in general, the simple truth behind the smoke screen of alleged “coups”, “plots” and “assassination” attempts concotted by the Zenawi regime.

The primary link between Ginbot 7 and General Tefera Mamo as well the civilian prisoners of the brutal regime is our shared vision of creating a democratic Ethiopia where citizenship and merit, rather than blood line will become the route to high office and wealth and where civil liberties and the rule of law will flourish in every corner and every hamlet of our proud and ancient land.

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy

May 7, 2009

የግንቦት 7፤ የፍትሕ፣ የነፃነትና የዴሞክራሲ ንቅናቄ
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  1. Teklu
    | #1

    Well, Well, Well! Well come to earth my brothers and Sisters Ethiopians. I do not understand why it took 19 years to realize Woyane (TPLF) never mean Ethiopian Liberation Front. It is, and it was “Tigrian Liberation Front” from day one. They fought for Seventeen years to empower Tigrians not Berhanu Nega nor Bertukan Mekdesa or any other who believe in one Ethiopia and democracy.
    VIVA G-7

  2. baroklove
    | #2


  3. samson
    | #3

    it is really hard for him to resist this all confusion,pressure,good timing,i wish i could come and raise my hand with you guys,i will be with you in sprite, supporting the protest. and i will pray for my people of sweet ethiopia to have the blessed one(start and finish) without missing any one or seeing any blood. God, please give us the right justice, merry, mother of jusus please look down and see how my people are suffering and cry for us,God be with yoo!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chris Delia
    | #4

    It makes sense for Meles Zenawi to fear his military. Traditionaly much of the current Ethiopian governments strength has been derived from its support from the United States and other western allies.

    It is in the United States interest to have a strong Ethiopian military to secure peace and stability in the region. However, the US and its allies do not need the Zenawi dictatorship. The paranoid, anti-democratic actions his government have taken demonstrate a dangerous instability.

  5. atuba dolla
    | #5

    Clearly,the tplfwoyane regime is drenched in sweat from the nightmare it has had for years mainly because it is losing the war it launched against Ethiopians.Guns and bullets don’t vote;people do.In 2005 the invading forces lost the election to Ethiopians.

    This fear has become pandemic in the house of members of the crimefamily and must be confined to where it should be.There is no second chance;a fire eventually will break out and the invading forces will lose.Today,the invading tplfwoyane forces are crawling on their weak knees towards their ultimate fate;night and days passed by,now is coming the 2010 election and Ethiopians will repeat the same victory over the invading forces.

  6. abr
    | #6

    jerk, you are the same man but repeated comments

  7. Amde Stsion
    | #7

    Zenawi has disease like that of Hitler, he ethicize everything, of course the problem started while he was young .sncice he grew up in small dusty and remote town Adwa. He knows only Tigray people, for him people out side Tigray are his enemies , let us take him to court, believe me it is possible but we have to be ready to pay some cost .

  8. yikerbelen
    | #8

    LISTS OF CRIMINALS WHO HAVE BEEN INVOLVING IN GENOCIDE ethiopianIn gambella genocide against s
    1..Abay Tsehaye
    2.melese naziyawi
    3.D/r Geberab Barnabas
    4.Colonel Tsegaye
    5.Umete obang
    6.sebhat nega
    7. mis-information minister bereket simon
    IN addis ababa,s genocide against ethiopians
    1.wodiyi Leggesse zenawi [ melese zenawi]
    2.Getachew Assefa
    3.Abay tsehaye
    4.”General” ato samorawu yenose
    5.Addisu Leggesse
    6. mr lair Berekete simon
    7..weyanes police commisionar worekeneh gebeyehu
    8. weyane’s lucy sebhat nega
    In ogaden genocide against ethiopians
    1.M/G Aberaha w/mariam
    2.B/G Mullugeta Berehe
    3.Colonel W/Geberiel Babe
    4.wodi aneteru
    5.Colonel Tsegaye
    6.Conole Tsehaye Menguse
    7.B/G Yohanse
    8 .melese naziyawiyi
    9.weyane’s evile advisor lucy sebhat nega

    10..Colonel Aster [ the actor in ogaden's genocide against ethiopians]
    In Somalia’s genocide against innocent somalians in their own village ]
    1. B./G Seyum Hagos
    2.B/G Mullugeta Berhe
    3.B/G Gebere Adehana
    4.Colonel G/Yohanse Abate
    5.Colonel aster [ the main actor in ogaden's genocide against ethiopians in ogaden]
    6.melese zenawiyi
    7.the actor of all evil doing aboyi sebhat nega [ eritreawi in both his mother and father originally]
    8. misinformation minister bereket simon[ eritreawi in both his mother and father]
    9.Lucy sebhat nega

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    Once Zenawi rule the country for 18 years He can not be a democratic. A democratic leader can not say more than 4 years on power. Any way right now We Ethiopia lack of some thing. That is trust. We don’t trust eacn other.Amaraw fight on Oromo language, Oromow fight Amaras past history. This kind of gap gave Zenawi to relax and stay. So if we come together, leave back all triabal issue and fight this narrow minded regim we may over come. Remeber all language in the country is Ethiopians, just thik that way and respect all spoken language in the country and come together to lebrate Ethiopians from this killers regim.

    Malkaa Falaa

    | #10

    MELES YOU are evile and you will be for ever
    you cowed
    god is wacthing you
    one day you will face gustice

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