UN urges donors to boost aid to Horn of Africa – GENEVA (AFP)

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The United Nations on Tuesday appealed for donors to step up aid to Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, where more than 19 million people are in urgent need of food. (more…)

The United Nations on Tuesday appealed for donors to step up aid to Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, where more than 19 million people are in urgent need of food.

Drought and high food prices were hurting whole populations, said John Holmes, the UN’s top humanitarian official.

“Overall, more than 19 million people… in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are in urgent need of food or humanitarian assistance,” he told reporters in Geneva, adding that “significant resources” were needed this year to help these countries cope.

Mark Bowden, UN humanitarian coordinator for Somalia, said the response to an aid appeal for 984 million dollars for Somalia has been “disappointing,” with only 35 percent of the appeal met so far.

Similarly, only a quarter of an appeal for 578 million dollars for Kenya had been met, said the UN humanitarian coordinator for Kenya Aeneas Chuma

Meanwhile, in Ethiopia, the World Food Programme has said it needs an additional 236 million dollars this year.

Holmes acknowledged that donors may find it harder to give funds during the current economic slowdown, but stressed that “the seriousness of the situation warrant” the extra effort.

  1. gondere
    | #1

    How long can a country blessed with resources live by the begging bowl. Woyane must go. Death to melessini.

  2. ጼጋየ ሙሉሸዋ
    | #2

    ሞቶአል ባልባልም-ሞቶአለ በርግጡ:
    ከሞትኩ ሰንብቻለሁ እንዳትደነግጡ:
    አልቅሸ አይወጣልኝ ምን እንባ አለኝና:
    አልገጥመው ጠላቴን ምን አቅም አለኝና:
    አልጠራበት ፖሊስ አልከሰው በዳኛ:
    አገሩ ብልሹ መንግስቱ ቀማኛ:
    ተርቤ ደህይቸ ረዳት አጥቸ:
    `ማበላው የሌለኝ ለህጻን ልጆቸ:
    ቆሜ ብተክዘው መሬት እየረገጥሁ:
    እጀን ብዘረጋ ሰማዩን እያየሁ:
    በርከክ ብዬ ባዝን ምድሪቱን እየጫርሁ:
    ሁሉንም ላንዳፍታ ተኝቸ ባሰላው:
    ሞቸ እያለሁኝ ነው ኖረ የምባለው::

  3. atuba dolla
    | #3

    While millions of Ethiopians are suffering from the lack of basic and concrete needs,members of the crimefamily,their close relatives and associates have their ill-gotten wealth and capital,in different forms and shapes continued to accumelate in foreign banks.

    Today,the socio-economic situation of the citizens has gone from bad to worse and to worst because the invaders built the court system around themselves and took everything for themselves.Children,environment,rivers and lakes and lives in them are perishing from hunger and toxic chemicals.

    For the last twenty years,the illegal regime and the elements who operate this giant have not only looted the resources of the land,they have wasted the life capital of Ethiopia.School girls are missing from homes and schools,capital is outsourced to off-shore banks,intellectuals are driven out of the country,democratic leaders are in jail,and citizens are oppressed and suppressed;yet,the GDP of members of the crimefaily is exceeding that of communities in Ethiopia year after year.

    Guns and bullets don’t vote;people do.It was why the illegal regime lost the election to Ethiopians,in 2005.Victory for all Ethiopians.

  4. T_Frewoini
    | #4

    TPLF’ites took their born with Skill-BEGGING to the World arena at large -we MUST free Ethiopia from this ppl and their mentality,BEGGING. They base and depend their wealth and laughable “Economic growth” as suggested by BANDA ZENAWI. How long do we have to measure Ethiopias Economic growth by how much we beg and donated by the forign wealthy coutries ???? begging and donations Oriented mentality of TPLF must be abolished from Ethiopia .

  5. ZION
    | #5

    Enough begging,let us work.

  6. Sharki
    | #6

    A country endowed with 7 lakes with fresh drinkable water and 14 rivers that flow throughout the years to beg for alms of the west that is a reall shame. It makes me sick to my stomach. OK. Thirteen million are at risk of starvetion. How about the hajomony of Ethiopian national coexistance. Ethiopians wake up and reclaim your country from the cancerous weyane. The wayene are the main source of instability in the horn of Africa. They never served for the interest of their citizen only to that of the highest bider mainly the west. Ethiopians and Eritreas can co-exist peacefuly with much respect and harmoney. Only if this meness is out of the way. Eritrea have saved Ethiopia twice before only this time the Ethiopian have to do it on their own. Case in point of the midgit wizard the bustard child from Harare who distorted the history of Ethiopia by hoodwinkig or decieving people of his gineology to the desendnts of the judia tribe and the bloodiest thug mengistu. Each one of them work their level best to distroy Eritrea and ended becoming their demise. Here comes another midgit the agliest of the two started to mess around with Eritrea and I gurantee it will be his detrmental demise. Now for starter work on your unity. People who are united can achieve anything disiered. Eritrean are few in numbers but gaint when it comes to their nation. Quanity means nothing if it is not utiliezed and harnessed well. Yes, Ethiopia is the second most popules country in the sub-seharan Africa. With all the resouce if chanelled properly it can feed Africa let alone it self. Peace to all!

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