Candle Light Vigil – Seattle

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  1. YeBirtukan Ferie
    | #1

    Patriotic Ethiopians in Seattle continues their civic engagement! Proud of you. Right policy, Dedication and Comitment leads to Victory. Woyane will go, Birtukan and Patriotic Ethiopians will get their right place, the good days will come and we shall do whatever it takes to make it happen…so you all know that for the record…

  2. Girum
    | #2

    I was wondering this to myself eversince this famous picture spread to the world after that unfortunate day. Does anyone know if the media got ahold of the crying lady in the pink. Did anyone interview her? If anyone knows please direct me to her interview. Thank you.

  3. Jungle Boy
    | #3

    I have her sticker, exactly as it appears on this picture, on the rear of my truck. Whenever I pull over to park, people come over and ask me about her. I tell them the story. I tell them the brutality going on in our country. Her tears are reaching beyond she might have imagined it. Yes, I would like to know more about her.

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