Ethiopia begin readmission bid – BBC

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Ethiopia begin their bid for readmission to world football by holding a meeting that Fifa has been recommending should be held for more than a year.

At Saturday’s meeting the Ethiopia Football Federation president Ashebir Woldegiorgis faces a ‘motion of dismissal.’

Fifa has told the BBC that the meeting is part of the roadmap it approved at its Executive Committee meeting on 20 March.

“The decision was taken by the government. They supported the (Fifa) roadmap, and it will be implemented on Saturday,” Ashebir said.

Under the plan, Ashebir will face immediate dismissal if two-thirds of an assembly vote against him.

However he will remain in his position until elections are held later this year if the count goes in his favour.

There will be a three-man delegation from football’s world governing body and the Confederation of African Football monitoring the vote of no confidence.

The next Fifa Executive Committee on the 30-31 May will then discuss the issue of the possible readmission of the Ethiopia Football Federation.

In July Fifa’s Emergency Committee suspended the EFF after it failed to comply with a roadmap agreed in February 2008 aimed at normalising the situation of the federation.

The EFF problems began in January 2008 when its general assembly fired the federation’s president Dr Ashebir.

The assembly decided to get rid of the president for what they said was the “dismal” record of Ethiopian football and elected Ahmed Yasin to replace him.

However, the January meeting was not recognised by Fifa, who have been trying to find a solution ever since.

  1. Abebe
    | #1

    This is a very sad feud in the Ethiopian football federation that is going on for the past two years. Dr Ashebir may not be a good leader, or tactful or charismatic, I can’t comment on that. But he has strived a lot and was such a persistent and persevering man. This is the second time he came out victorious.

    What is surprising that how Ato Abinet is trying to act as a powerful and heavyhanded artistocrat. He even tried to brush aside the decision of FIFA. But Dr Ashebir, knowing FIFA’s power and determination, stick to the rule and kept his recognition till this time.

    Anyway it is good that it is going to be settled in the end though this feud has injured the Ethiopian football severely. As I see it, Ato Abinet’s side is the culprit in the process since FIFA stands by the side of Dr Ashebir.

  2. ከEthiopia
    | #2

    በወያኔ አስትሳሰብ ቢሆን ኑሮ ዶ/ር አሽብር እንደተባረረ ይቀር ነበር. ነገር ግን FIFA’s power ዲሞክራሲ እና ህግ ምን እንደሚመስል አስተማራቸው::ወያኔዎች ነገባቸው በአወጡት ህግ መመራት እንዲህ ነው::

  3. ከEthiopia
    | #3

    በወያኔ አስትሳሰብ ቢሆን ኑሮ ዶ/ር አሽብር እንደተባረረ ይቀር ነበር. ነገር ግን FIFA’s power ዲሞክራሲ እና ህግ ምን እንደሚመስል አስተማራቸው::ወያኔዎች ከገባቸው በአወጡት ህግ መመራት እንዲህ ነው::

  4. One Ethio
    | #4

    This must be the work of meles zerkawi, putting on power his clicks. Thanx FIFA. meles zerkawi leave our beloved Ethiopia now!!!

  5. yikerbelen
    | #5

    Ethiopia must fire all the damn foot ballers and start to feed it’s starved children instead of feeding those bloody hodams whohave never won any significant game . they are the parasatise of our country. weyanes should not use the readmission as their poor and empty propoganda. the ethiopia’speople need freedom ,democracy and enough food, not football.

  6. Mamo
    | #6

    Let me tell you what the outcome will be – Ato Asheber will be voted out. By now, Abnet and Alamudi, thru their connection with Weyanes, have intimidated all the members, and have threatned Ato Asheber himself. Ato Asheber has already said he will resign even if he wins this round. The point here is, a view of the interworking of how everything work in Ethiopia. Even such events as sports are controlled and manipulated to the whim of the “chosen citizens”. FIFA maybe fooled with the staged game – but we konw the real drama behind. Abenet is a typical hodam who has sold his sould to the devil! Ethiopia will rise again – all this gife is being recorded by those in the know.

  7. Guest
    | #7


    Your comment is intent on down playing what is going in the football federation. You seem to cover up by mentioning our poverty, the poor performance of the national team, democracy, and freedom. All this are true, but that was not the issue raised here. I know who would like to make such kinds of rhetoric when they run out of good arguments.

  8. Mamo
    | #8

    I told you so! Dr. Asheber didn’t want to be part of the shenanigans. He resigned…..I’d bet he was threatned if he wouldn’t. What sham…

    FIFA should keep the imbagro on. Abnet should be banned from football, if ehtiopia is admited back ….

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