Gunmen Kill at Least 69 in Attack on Oilfield in Ethiopia

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By Edward Cody Washington Post Foreign Service

BEIJING, April 24
– Gunmen attacked a Chinese-run oilfield in Ethiopia early Tuesday, killing at least nine Chinese and more than 60 Ethiopian workers, according to the New China News Agency. (more…)

By Edward Cody Washington Post Foreign Service

BEIJING, April 24
– Gunmen attacked a Chinese-run oilfield in Ethiopia early Tuesday, killing at least nine Chinese and more than 60 Ethiopian workers, according to the New China News Agency.

The official agency, in a dispatch it said was confirmed by the Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, reported more than 100 Ethiopian soldiers beat back the attackers in nearly an hour of shooting. The battle took place just after dawn in an oilfield at Abole, a small town the agency said lies 90 miles from Jijiga in Ethiopia’s Somali State near the border with Somalia.Xu Shuang, acting manager of the Zongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau of the China Petroleum and Chemical Corp., told the agency that, in addition to the fatalities, seven Chinese employees were believed kidnapped by the withdrawing assailants. He did not provide any casualty estimates for the Ethiopian soldiers guarding the oilfield.

Neither Xu nor the Ethiopian government immediately identified the attackers. The area, known as the Ogaden, was the site of a secessionist war by ethnic Somalis in the late 1970s. More recently, Ethiopian troops invaded Somalia earlier this year and occupied Mogadishu, the capital, in support of a U.S.-backed government that had been toppled by Islamic militia leaders.

Fighting has raged in Mogadishu in recent days between troops of the Ethiopian-installed government and a variety of militias reluctant to cede authority to the government and its Ethiopian backers.

China, which has not played a visible role in that conflict, has established oil exploration and production missions across Africa in recent years, seeking to meet a swiftly rising demand for energy in an economy that is growing more than 9 percent a year. The China Petroleum and Chemical Corp. is one of the country’s large state-owned oil firms.

There was no immediate comment from the government in Beijing.

  1. TATEK
    | #1

    Abugida Info the PRIDE and VISION of SCABIYA like you put it above under The Ethiopian Flag , are to fast to tell the misery of that coutry .
    It is perverse to see the ethiopian Flag at this page.Do´t you like your new eritrian Flag or what ?

  2. sholla
    | #2



  3. Ewnetu
    | #3


    Do you remember thosends of Woyne Tigray died on the mauntains of Eritrea for their independance and Most of TPLF leadership are either Eritrean or half. Now you pretend here as you are Patriotic Ethiopian and blame Abugida. Friend go and collect your brothers bone in the mountains of Eritrea and the plain of Somalia.

    Good Luck.

    Ethiopia will survive

  4. Reppi
    | #4


    Your banda woyane leader meles is eritrian.
    Woyane fought alongside shabia.
    Save your crocodile tears for yourself.

  5. Guta
    | #5

    Well done Ewunet

    Some people form Tigraye don’t understand things easily. As you said, it is Tigres who died for Ertrean independence,not Ertreans. It is Tigreans who made Ethiopian Land Locked. Now they cry to us for help whenever Esayas shows them his fist as usual. He wants to ride them with out saddle as he did for 17 years in the past.

  6. | #6

    That is waht I expect . Is this brutual and deef regime learn a bit? Ppl,I want only to know, What this son of a bich got is really doing in Somalia by paying Ethiopians in musilm country? His subject of Millenium is just start!! VERY SHAMFULL!!

  7. | #7

    That is Good News Woyane must die but i am sorry chinese engineers.

  8. j.p.h
    | #8

    Sorry for the killed innocent Ethiopians and Chinese, but if we are talking about the pure “woyane” and what the Chinese government is concerned, they have got their lessons in a way, that it is better to deal with the people and their legitimately elected leaders than a tyrant. Can you imagine a “Shaebia” agent Bereket Simon commenting on this subject?
    I caught “žThis is a cold blooded murder”?
    What about the daily massacre they are continuing to commit in the whole country?
    Is that an excusable murder?

  9. fish
    | #9

    No need to be sorry for both chinese and the so called Ethiopian who are killed by the freedom fighters. The fact is,they are killed by their own greed, they want to benefit out of the suffering of the others and they got the right price. Those tigree leaders are in paranoia now.This shameless tigree have the odasity to talk about cold blooded murder. The irony is that they can’t live each and every day with out killing or assist to killing of human being.I guess this thing has to continue in tigree stone land. They always talking about Eritrea becasue they know they inferior to them.


  10. Gabi & Naomi
    | #10

    We feel sorry for most of you who are suporting the death of any Ethiopian.
    Shame on you.
    Is it wrong to try to use our natural wealth?
    Is it wrong to fight against insurgent who hate our country?
    Is it wrong to selebrate one and special year once in every one hundred years?
    Please don’t be sily.
    Whatever thought you have it is idiotic.
    Remember, When we talk about Ethiopia, It doesn’t exclude Tigre,Oromo,Afar etc..
    Your idiotic writing shows that the death of Tigre or any employee who works for a leaving makes you happy.
    Please stop eritting garbage.

  11. Reppi
    | #11

    Gabi & Naomi
    But it does exclude woyannes and bandas.
    Do not try to hide behind the Tigre people.

    | #12

    By the way Tigre IS Part of Ethiopia . as i told you you guys Ertrian and Some other Banda Bring this all problem .

  13. Gabi & Naomi
    | #13

    Let’s not open any hole to any one who could penetrate and distroy the unity.
    Let’t give priority to educate the followers of the current govt. before excluding them and making the the tool for govt.
    By magnifyng all the possible problems we might end up loosing the unity of the people.

  14. fish
    | #14

    you premitie tigree don’t be hipocrat. becasue you are born liers and just lie street. where the hell you get this names i don’t think it is tigrees name “Gabi & Naomi”

  15. Gabi & Naomi
    | #15

    Fessehaye (fish):I think your name is fishy than our names. Anyway there is nothing wrong by being Tegree. Birth is not a choise. Don’t be sily. We learned more about you from words that you use to denouns anybody.
    It’s betterr to be premitive than stupid. We wonder why people choose to live with their idiotic thoughts.
    Wake up dude, time is changed. As you called your name fish be stup. and follow the other fishes because you have no other way exept following dummies like you.
    You better wake up befor the shark spit your skiny bone.

  16. dinka
    | #16

    You guys out there (Gabi,Naomi,fish…)in Oromifa we say “afan chufee”there are the rest of us Ethiopians who want to use this forum stop capitalizing on every issue as if the only people that are oppressed are tigrians and eritreans!!!the whole gadamn place(Ethiopia)is about to blow up!!!!because of such trashy alligation you guys are contributing be constructive we have a lot of young people out there who want to make a difference but they are repulsed by such kind of remarks that u guys post.

  17. Kabede
    | #17

    AFD masacared 75 Ethiopians in Ogadane region. ONLF,CUD,EPPF belong to this so called opposition group. The people who died are not soliders they are civilans, they are construction workers. sooo kINIJIT is responsible for the masacared of 75 Ethiopians.

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