Ethiopia – Disgusting Cry on Behalf of Issayas Afeworki‏ – By Mintesinot Haile

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The Ethiopian Review (ER) editor Elias Kifle has been accused several times as a well-paid “Shaabia” agent and for his persisting stand on the side of Shaabia to date. There is no doubt that Elias Kifle has given clear evidence by his repeated deeds that he is a 100% Shaabia stooge among us who dares to tell us that the Issayas Afeworki we know of is a rational man that hosts LFits and opposition leaders in a more friendly manner. As I write Elias Kifle’s video has not yet been aired; but we have no doubt Elias Kifle is trying to twist Diaspora Ethiopian arms with his “make believe story from Asmara” that the Asmara man who recently labeled as the piracy phantom and as the tyrant of Asmara is actually an other person whom Elias has discovered for us as being actually the most friendly comrade of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

In the name of “free media” Elias kifle has been muddling around Ethiopian issues as it befits his egoistic world outlook. Elias lacks the professional quality to rationalize between the type of news he aught to bring to the attention of the Ethiopian audience and the action he took to make business out of an interview session with the man in Asmara who boasts of land-locking Ethiopia from her access to the see and for keeping Ethiopia in check with his venomous ethnic feud that will continue to disintegrate the country further. If we don’t keenly become protectionist to such ill-devised propagation it is easier to become futile and give leeway to intriguers who wish to soft-land on national matters of high importance.

Let bygones be bygones Elias Kifle should go and tell such factious story to those ill-informed followers of his and not to us who know Elias Kifle already as the wolf hidden in a sheep skin pretending to be the most innocent Ethiopian fighting for Ethiopia. Suffice to say that his ER-journalistic card has burnt away for his repeated mockery on Ethiopian Diaspora by contempt and hypocrisy. Elias has no heart nor the sympathy for what happens to or on Ethiopians; for as long as he popularizes his ER sites with anything he sees fit as ER’s-sensational breaking news no matter if it has nationally sensitive repercussions or not. Rationalizing is neither in his dictionary nor does he give a damn if it hurts others’ feelings or not. To add salt into an injury he made on the eve of the New Year (2009) Elias has dared to exhibit himself as a one hundred percent loyalist to Issayas Afeworki. Elias adores the Eritrean tyrant who is isolated largely by world leaders for his piracy and for war mongering with all neighboring states indiscriminately; and the man who humiliated Eritrean people speechlessly to date.

Obviously, Al Jazera has the right to interview Issaias Afeworki as it is neutral to either the Eritrean or the Ethiopian side of incidences to talk about. In fact it becomes a medium for both parties to air out their feelings on each other. But when this is done by Elias Kifle, the man who claims to be an ER editor, the man standing for Ethiopia’s causes, then it shows insensitivity cowardice to sensitive national issues; unless he is a sold-out journalist who does his earnings by giving a damn to national feelings and the pain it leaves on those of us who love Ethiopia dearly.

As a journalist, there is no one who knows better Issayas Afeworki than Elias Kifle. Already years back while in California in the 1980s Elias knows well that Issayas Afeworki is the man who raised all kinds of ethnically affiliated politicians at his “baby-boom factory” of the Horn of Africa located in the outskirts of Asmara. Afeworki trained these die-hard egoists to build and flax their muscles and carry out their fight on Afeworki’s blessings and green signals – be it as regards arms trafficking, money launderings, piracy or what have you; so that we don’t hold Afeworki accountable for the take-away of Assab Port; on which Elias’s ER is 100% mute or silent.

Having known quite well that Issayas Afeworki is continuing to hatch his venomous egg inside Ethiopia with its well-orchestrated agents including OLF, ONLF, EPPF and recently breezed pro-Afeworki-egoists, Elias Kifle washed his eyes with salt and dares to tell the Ethiopian Diaspora that Afeworki is Ethiopia’s well-wishing man who deserves to get our standing ovation as the “man of the year”; and as the man helping “build democratic opposition forces” achieve their disintegration agendas respectively within the region.

Well informed by his mere residence at the capital of the USA, it is absolutely clear that Elias Kifle is well informed and well aware of the fact that Issaias Afeworki has been recently accused by the Obama administration for supporting the Islamic extremists in Somalia; and by the UN-for arms shipment into this troubled nation for quite sometime. Furthermore, Elias knows well that few concerned citizens have even gone to the extent of renewing the Eritrean call for a regime change in Asmara due merely to the hardship of living conditions in the entire parts of Eritrea.

At the cost of informing to the grave digger, Elias Kifle knows well the inhuman atrocities taking place among the Kunama and other minority ethnic groups in Eritrea as well as the slavery SAWA camps where Issayas Afeworki is confining the Eritrean youth. But does it matter to him a bit for as long as his interviews are broadcasted on air and on websites to legitimize his sinister missions? Not at all; in fact, amidst all these, Elias Kifle is trying to preach the good side of Tyrant Issayas Afeworki although well aware of the fact that many army officers who defected in support of the ongoing clandestine or underground operations for what is known as “ethnic alliance” have now made Eritrea their “safe” heaven; from where they complot on how to advance ethnic self-determination and mini-states building as their money making business. This atrocity stretches itself as far out as Darfur in Sudan, Al Shibab’s bases in Somalia, and attacks complotted on the Afar population within Djibouti. So it is easier to tell his story and convince the already converted pro-Shaabia opposition leadership who tell us to keep soft hearted attitude towards Shaabia; but not the majority Diaspora Ethiopians who already know the Tyrant of Asmara for decades.

Knowing that those who lined up behind him are making empty noise by masking colorful masks labeled as freedom, democracy Elias Kifle once again traveled all the way to Asmara to confer with and interview the man that keeps on boasting for having given Ethiopia an “ethnic-venom” puzzle that would take a century to solve; and yet calls himself a true Ethiopian that has passed the litmus test for being an “Ethiopian” not only by declaring the globally known pirate phantom Issayas Afeworki as ER’s “Man of the Year” for 2008 but also dared to hold an interview session with him as recent as last week.

Well, Elias may claim that an imbecile has been crowned an emperor, a fool has become a president and a womanizer has been made an archbishop; why should it be unusual for a bloodthirsty dictator, a sworn enemy of Ethiopia to be called “person of the year? Our reply is simple. For as long as there are foot-lickers and sell-outs that are ready to sell their country and serve their masters for the sake of personal gains, it may not matter. We do accuse Meles Zenawi for betraying Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s vested national interests; but we hate and despise Issayas Afeworki because this tyrannical dictator is always ready to kill Ethiopia if he could. He is the mastermind for all the pains Ethiopia is suffering today. Afeworki is a dangerous bandit who is waiting for the day when the wounded Ethiopia falls apart so that he can tear it apart into smaller pieces and dine it too. We hate those fools who try to tell us that, in order to bring down a regime, it is quite OK and necessary to destroy the country first and then try to build it up all over again. We should realize the expertise that one should not burn his house down in order to eliminate the unwanted cockroaches.

No matter how hard Elias may give it a try, Issayas Afeworki is a die hard old fashioned communist still wearing the old political mantle and acts as the ‘God father of all troubles infested in contemporary Eastern Africa: starting from Sudan in the North down to Somalia in South East, South Sudan and Northern Uganda in Central; and Rwanda and Burundi in Southern Africa. To say the least, Afeworki is the mother of all troubles and trouble breeding terrorists including Al Shibab, regional piracy and money laundering Indeed, Afeworki is the mastermind responsible for what is negatively unfolding in today’s Ethiopia. Afeworki’s master plan that are eventually put into action while we keep on witnessing ethnically organized groups running around to create smaller ethnic enclaves like the outdated Bantustan system in Apartheid South Africa in order to benefit Eritrea’s 3 million populations at the expense of Ethiopia’s landlocked 80 million populations. Without wasting time, Eritrea should get rid of this power mongering regional bandit and Eritrean tyrant once and for all; and Elias Kifle better shut his advocacy for a tyrannical regime of Asmara.

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  1. Agere Aleme
    | #1

    Dear Mintesinot!
    You hit the snake right on the center of its rotten venomous head indeed! And you killed it instantly too. I am proud of you! A saying goes: “Fools rush-in where angels fear to walk by.” Without patriotic Ethiopians of your kind there would be no Ethiopia on the face of the Earth. Thanks be to some boot-lickers like Elias Kifle and Sileshi the bigoted tyrant Issayas Afeworki’s dream remains somehow alive not yet totally dead. Sell-outs like Elias Kifle are trying to do everything to see the piracy phantom survive and continue his arms trafficking for fueling ethnic feud among Ethiopians of all walks of life. Shame on Elias Kifle and death to the Asmara tyrant! Long live Ethiopia!

  2. Lamrot Temeche
    | #2

    Dear al,

    As far as Elias Kifle is concerned we have been observing and noting the following traits of him all along with his ER-tabloid:
    1) Any person or group that has different views and positions on the form, place, type, and time of the struggle for democracy and justice from his is labeled and becomes the primary target of Elias Kifle’s malicious attack. Please see the recent articles about the formation of UDJ and its leaders.
    2) Elias Kifle flip-flops on many issues along with any emerging political movement.
    3) Elias Kifle’s unwavering support for the other ‘Pinochet of Eritrea,’ Mr. Issayas Afewerki, who was the God father of the dictator in Ethiopia is manifested on many occasions. No one believes Issayas Afeworki will be the reliable friend and neighbor of Ethiopia who loves to see a strong Ethiopia next door. Otherwise, he would not have fought for 30 years to separate the ancient and historical province, Bahre Negash (Eritrea) from Ethiopia.
    4) Elias Kifle’s unsubstantiated support for ethnic-based armed struggle is so astounding that it does not seem that he has understood the consequence of it unless he has a dream of seeing a dismantled Ethiopia. Again, it should be clear that no form of atrocity and genocide is acceptable no matter which side did it. The argument is that the support that is (to be) given to ethnic-based oppositions that bear arms should be based on their strong position for the establishment of a democratic society in that country and on defending the territorial integrity of the country.
    5) The soldiers that are killed in Somalia by the order of their brutal leader are called ‘woyane mercenaries,’ as if they are not sons and daughters of Ethiopia. Elias Kifle is extremely happy with their horrific death. The news he wrote about the headless bodies of the Ethiopian soldiers being dragged in the streets of Mogadishu was too clear he lacked the minimal sympathy for those poor Ethiopians who are obviously the victims of the enemies in power in Ethiopia. This position is similar to the position of TPLF that disarmed, dismantled and demoralized what was one of the most professional armies on the continent. The enemy regime has even sentenced members of the Black Eagle of the former Ethiopian Air Force pilots to death. What did they do other than obeying orders? Here, it should be clear that it doesn’t mean there were no specialized forces, who like ‘Agazi,’ were trained and equipped to harass, kidnap, torture, and kill citizens of the country.
    6) Although we understand the situation of the country under mercenary Meles, Elias Kifle is obsessed with his own idea of having a government in exile, and now an opposition in exile, and once again a government on exile under the leadership of Ginbot-7; with Birhanu Nega and Andargachew as likely candidates to lead us through. The question is who is paying the utmost sacrifice at home? What are his historical and current references that justify his argument? Was Mandela in Europe when his country was liberated from apartheid? Is Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in exile when fighting for democracy in her country – Burma? Where is Morgan Tsyangirai of Zimbabwe? Where is Birtukan Mideksa? Elias Kifle must be ready to review his stand and stance along with improving his ER-tabloid once and for all. How long can Elias Kifle remain to be the boot-licker of Tyrant Afeworki unless he is a paid agent?

  3. Ewinetu Ashenafi
    | #3

    Thank you Mr. Msentesinot Haile
    Wonderful Writting .Elias Kifle is Insulting our intellegence again and again and ofcourse he only do it up to we let him.He wanted us to belive Aforki the Strong man of Eritrea as a democratic and ratioinal person and a friend of Ethiopia ….the fact of the matter is Aforki like Zenawi is hates Ethiopia And Ethiopianess with passion -And they only Compete Each other and differ Each other on the mission of WHO CAN HURT AND DAMAGE ETHIOPIA MORE …and yet Elias kifle a paid agaent of Shabya trying to convince us other wise ,As the saying goes “you fool me once Shame on you , and you fool me twice Shame on me ” Elias Kifle can not fool any one any more but him self

  4. Tamirat Muluneh
    | #4

    Actually, who and what does Elias Kifle support? I will try to answer this questions by pointing out two critical factors: Firstly, in his attempt to see the end of the UDJ before it even begun, he tried to portray himself as the supporter of Ginbot-7 and demands the leaders of the former that they free their support organizations across the world from their obligations so that they could support the latter. He also calls upon them to close down all operations and join Ginbot-7, which has forged clear solidarity and loyalty with Issayas Afeworki and his Shaabia Regime. Aside his close affinity to Berhanu Nega he really isn’t that serious supporter of the Ginbot-7 either. Look, just weeks before Ginbot-7 was suspected by TPLF for plotting a coup, Elias was giving them an ultimatum to “prove themselves in six months” and among the list of demands he was making was embracing armed struggle and cooperating with the Eritrean government. Looking at all the “recommendations” and demands he made thus far, the issue of armed struggle, and thus, cooperation with Eritrea seems to stand out. It seems to be the standard with which he judges all groups. What this means is that if Ginbot-7 does not hold water wit their loyalty to Shaabia, then they are really one because seeking Eritrean support is almost a must if you are pursuing armed struggle. Indeed we should expect Elias to attack the G-7 soon and degrade its leaders, call them names, etc…Therefore; we can establish here that he is no genuine supporter of Ginbot-7. He is a supporter of what they can be if they follow his advices, with no room for disagreement, of course. The rule here is: Showing loyalty to Issayas Afeworki; or else, one should be crushed by all means.

  5. séquelles
    | #5

    eri hopeful :
    Greatful for the Ethiopiareview journalists,,,,,,,atuba dolla and other ignorants
    it is very amazing some write seem to be interested only in dishing out your anger and blaming shabiyaa (for what ethiopia is today) and as for the bad-goingto-worst relationship between ETHIO and ERI it has its roots back to what had happened over fifty years ago, that is the illegal annexiation of my contry (eritrea) and what followed the brutal and and inhumane acts of ethiopian leaders from H.sellassie to mengistu towards Eritrea and Eritreans.
    The big lesson must be :if we all learned from history and stopped blaming each other we will be somewhere indeed and atleast will be on a speaking terms wayforward to building trust again.
    it is important that you get your facts right to start with because Ethiopias worst enemy is, misinformation, twsiting facts by some minority folowed by inaction and passiveness of the massess .
    the least you can do for your country must be TELL IT AS IT IS!!
    it is mine deepest belief that we need more intelligent people writting and informing people about both countries, and generally we all could do without hate propoganda, or haven’t we had enough of haters???

    Who here has not been telling it as it is in regards to the situation in Ethiopia? Who amongst the commenters aside from the few TPLF cadres who try to spread their disinformation? This website in particular is one of the most popular opposition-centric places. While I agree many Ethiopians are unfortunately ignorant of the mess created in the 1950s and 1960s of the Eritrean issue, you would be wise to remember that the annexation was not simply the result of a Monarchy which could not fathom control (real or percieved) outside of its hands, but that there were countless overly zealous Eritreans who were very pro-active in their assistance to that process as well. The brutality and neglect for the rights and lives of citizens by the Kommandos and the Army should be highlighted, as well.

    So, yes, I agree we need to build relationships; I agree we both need to educate one another on the tragedies that have occurred for six decades. However, I do not agree we should do so with or at the initiative of dictatorships & their propagandists (always masters of the misinformation that you claim to be against). How astonishing that you would even bother invoking the name of Haile Selassie & Mengistu, yet ignore the actions of your own tyrant. A truly phenomenal display of hypocrisy if I’ve ever seen one. You should ask yourself if what Isayas has created today in Eritrea were what some exceptionally genuine leaders of the Independence movement such as Weldeab Weldemaryam fought for half a century ago.

    To Mintesinot: thank you for taking the time to write this article.

  6. Danny
    | #6

    I just came back from Ethiopia. I have never felt bad in my life as I did while I was there.

    You will be surprised guys how people are mistreated because of their racial backgrounds. One has to be a Tigre to be simply treated like a human being. I was walking around Meske square with my old friends and suddenly noticed a group of police officers (probably solders, because they all had AK 47’s) hitting a man. The worst part was – the guy was crying and asking them in Amharic why they were hitting him, but they were talking to each other in Tigrigna. I asked my friends what was going on and they told me that they were the Agazi killers and it was all normal. My friends urged me, while pulling me back, not to say a word, but to leave the area. It was at that moment that one of the Agazie animals turned his face towards us and started shouting in Tigrigna. None of us understood what he had said, but my friends assumed that he was telling us to disappear.

    I was not ready to die in light of such cruelty, so were my friends. So, we left. We left the poor guy unto the hands of those animals who were already dismantling his flash from his soul.

    That was not the only occasion when I felt like a second class citizen in my own country. At the airport custom’s too. The two guys, presumably custom officials, were loudly talking Tigrigna when I arrived there. I have no problem with Tigrigna, in fact Tigrigna music was my favorite music prior to these animals changed my life. Anyway, I waited until they finished talking and then I tried to talk to them. They just stared at me – they stared at me for so long as if I was a fool. Then they continued talking in Tigrigna. After a little while I interrupted them and asked if I was at the right place, only to be shouted at and to be told to disappear…………

    I felt bad to the mainstream Ethiopian brothers and sisters who had to face this every day. As far as me, I cut my vacation (well if it was) short and came back home; to my real home! I promised myself that I will never go back until the racists go to hell.

  7. One Ethio
    | #7 is the difference between Melez doma ras and Afeworki the Tyrnat?? I do believe both are the same. The enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. when did weyanes start caring for Ethiopia and Ethiopians? When did weyans start saying they are Ethiopians? I really need an asnswer…Who gave Aseb to Afeworki? Meles Mother F**ker. Get lost every weyanes and bandas! leave Ethiopia for Ethiopians!

  8. TM
    | #8

    Meless has never taken arms let alone lead war.Interesting.

    Asked to comment on a question that there are parties which claim that “the existing situation between Eritrea and Ethiopia has been aggravated due to personal problems between President Isaias and Premier Meles since the days of the armed struggle,” the President indicated that in the days of the armed struggle he did not even know as an individual the person presently in power in Addis Ababa through the joint sacrifice of both the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples, nor did he see him in the battlefield. “If you had participated together in the battlefield, you become closer to each other; but this person has never taken up arms, let alone lead war,” President Isaias stated.

  9. mimi
    | #9

    danny ….. well said ….they treat in us like second citzen becouse we are not tigra ….sham on u melas ….ginbot 7 are on the way soon u will dig your grave.

  10. Anonymous 007
    | #10

    Elias Kifle of the Eritrean Review is giving unlimited servitiude to his master Tyrant Issayas Afeworki. Soon I would not be surprised if Elias Kifle joins the piracy camp along with Afeworki’s and Al-Shibab’s arms smuggling and piracy campaigns on the Horn of Africa.

  11. አንዳይናማው
    | #11

    Why didn’t you shoot it with your camera?
    You said “…I will never go back until the racists go to hell.”
    How is it goning to happen? Don’t you feel guilty for not uttering a word against the action of these people?

  12. Tazabi
    | #12

    It is about time, this zombie fellow by the name of Elias Kifle get his own pills of vilification from the very public he patronized for quite a while thus far. I never took Elias to be a journalist. He has always been a cheap tool who provided easy access to the enemies of Ethiopia for earning money. For me this development was long overdue, so, I say no surprise that the rest of you found out about this despicable individual now. Rest in peace, Elias Kifle. I hope you learn something or just wither away where you belong… outside, the Ethiopian polity. Your Eritrean Review is tasteless.

  13. Tedi
    | #13

    Like any other leader Isaias May have his shortcomings. For instance he is ruthless to his enemies and I believe sometimes he should be forgiving. However I do not think even Meless doubts Isaias’s War heroism. Isaias started his struggle as a fighter. Later he become the commander of one of the three Hisbawi Hailtat Birgades. Remebber that means he was one of the three known military leaders in the Hisbawi Hiltat. Many will tell you Isaias never look back during war and he had to be reminded that he should not do that. Actually all shaebia leaders except few had to prove themselves in a battle field before they climb to any leadership position. As to Melles do you know the history how he betrayed his friends when they were preparing to go from Asmara to the Battle field? He told them to go and he would follow them in a couple of days. Finally he ended up in Adi quala also Eritrea. When his friends worried and came back to know what happened to him they found him in a Bar in Adiquala and they had to take him with them. So Meless could be politically flexible and ready to serve others as long as they are ready to protect him but I do not think he is a war hero. By the way it is difficult to compare Meless and Isaias. While meless uses Ethiopian aid money to get his children educated in the Goregetown University Isaias sends his children to Sawa like any other Eritrean. While Meless squanders Ethiopian money to European banks and establishing private printing press in Kampala Isaias and his family live in a small Villa in Asmara.What about what Azeb Mesfin is doing? I should not talk about it in here because it is widely known by Ethiopians. Let me tell you what they do in Uganda. All spouses of the president and minsters have private business. When someone wants to bribe the president or ministers he/she has to meet the presidents and minsters spouses. That is how africa is governed, how is Ethiopia different form this?

  14. የቆአራው ካሳ
    | #14

    Bring Meles Zenawi and Issayas Afwerki to justice. Unite Eritrea with Ethiopia. Control the Red Sea and target Efypt as the enemy number one for Africa and Europe. Ethiopia with Red Sea the best garauntee for peace for all christian countries in the world, specially Europe, Russia, USA and Latin America. Liberal muslim countries like Turkey, Indonesia etc wiil benefit from a united Ethiopia. A democratic united Ethiopia is the only choice for strengthening Africa Union.

    Eritreans made a big mistake Issayas and Meles. Elias Kifle is a stooge of Issayas and Meles. He is an enemy for the Ethiopian Nation. Ethiopian patriots should make sure that he is brought to justice like Meles and Issayas.

  15. BIRI
    | #15


    “The notion that Eritrea was or is part of Ethiopia is without historical merit, and one that remains a fairy tale.” 1987 [My translation from the Amharic]
    Meles (Legese) Zenawi, Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) capo in his political tract on behalf of EPLF: The struggle of the Eritrean people, from where to where! 1987, Page 8.

  16. Tinbitu Derese
    | #16


    Out of curiosity I dogged deep into Elias Kifle’s workmanship in his Eritrean Review diatribe. The key findings are as follows:

    In a 4 hours interview with the paid agent Elias Kifle of Eritrean Review (cunningly what claims to be an Ethiopian website) Tyrant Issayas Afeworki mockingly portrays himself as a defender of what he calls “Ethiopian unity”.

    We all clearly know well that this interview is intended to cover-up and deceive Ethiopians to give support to Ginbot-7 and appears designed to allow Tyrant Issayas Afeworki appear in disguise. The truth of the matter is that no other person has worked so tirelessly for the demise of Ethiopia as Issayas Afeworki. Tyrant Issayas Afeworki has never been supportive of Ethiopian unity as his current efforts at destabilization make all too clear. We are well aware of what he has been saying about Ethiopia all along and well privy of that. (1) Does he forget what he said of Ethiopia as “… there is no such thing as Ethiopia and what there is, is no more than a shadow of a country – a country that cannot be taken seriously as a state.” (2) Does Afeworki forget what he to the American, Paul Henze, on 11th March 1991, before he entered Asmara stating: “The only reason that there is an Ethiopia is that the US needed it for the Cold War, and recreated it, otherwise it would have disappeared at the end of World War II.”

    Well now that he is caught red-handed as the ring-leader of arms trafficking and piracy operations to create stronger bandits against the world community that he portrays as undemocratic, imperialist, and biased toward “Eritrea”.

    Elias Kifle of the Eritrean Review is working hard to legitimize this very reality and trying to come up with more of write-ups that reflect what I have summarized above.

  17. Geda
  18. almaz
    | #18

    weyane problem is reaching all over the horn

  19. ab
    | #19

    You are taking Elias seriously. He is simply trying to make money selling yellow journalism. The way to punish him for such unruly behavior is by NOT clicking on his website for a month. That ought to teach him a lesson!!

  20. Hafashi
    | #20

    እሊያስ የአፎርኪ ኪትረግና ባርያ ነው:: የሱን: ወረ: መተው: ቢች: ዪስሃላል:: ዪሀ: ሃድጊ::

  21. awate
    | #21

    አንደኛ፡ ኤርትራ አገር መሆኗንና በምንም መልኩ የኤርትራን ሉአላዊነት እንደማናሰጋ ቃል መግባት።

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