Sarah – 2009 Germany`s Next Top Model

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  1. ወያኔ መንፈራፈር ጀመረ
    | #1

    wooooow በጣም ያስደስታል ጀርመን ካሉት ውስጥ የእንኛዋ በማሸነፍዋ አኮራችን, ወያኔ ግን አዋረደከን we love you longlive sara

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    Sara Wir sind stolse auf dich!!!! o god du hast geschaft,
    Wir lieben disch

  3. Abush
  4. Jungle Boy
    | #4

    She seems to be so brave. Proud of you, sis. You are beautiful. Standing out among so many pretty girls is simply amazing.

  5. lemlem
    | #5

    bravo Sara,we are proud of you.God bless you.

  6. solomon
    | #6

    Hi sara Im happy for you.

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