Stopping Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes: “Going Beyond Tribalism”

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The public is invited to come to a public forum in Dallas TX, on Sunday May 30, 2009 at 3pm, at the Radisson Hotel, 1981 North Central and Campbell Road, to hear an update on the status of Genocide Watch President Greg Stanton’s April letter to the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights and other aspects of the human rights legal case against Meles Zenawi and other officials in the EPRDF government of Ethiopia. Ato Obang Metho, Executive Director of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia will be summarizing the status of both after just returning from Washington D.C. where he met with the lawyers who submitted the case of the Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity to the ICC.

Pursuing legal justice is only one aspect of dealing with such serious human rights crimes and usually occurs after the fact. It is equally, if not more important to stop the human rights abuses now going on in Ethiopia and to prevent further crimes in the future. Such crimes do not occur in a vacuum, but instead, the seeds of violence, evil and suffering exist far before the actual perpetration begins such as in the case of Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Yugoslavia and elsewhere. How can we as a society act now to overcome the environment that leads to such crimes?

• If you are an Ethiopia who does not speak to another Ethiopian because they are not of your ethnicity, you need to come to this talk.
• If you are an Ethiopian who is worried that Ethiopia as a nation will not survive as a country or if you think the only solution is separation, you need to come to this talk.
• If you are an Ethiopian who thinks our nation’s identity is exclusively determined by whichever tribe dominates the government, you need to come to this talk.
• If you oppose the intentional fomenting of religious divisions among people who used to live in harmony with each other, you need to come to this talk.
• If you think we have become a society who devalues the humanity of others, creating the foundation for inhumane acts against each other, you need to come and listen.

Obang will challenge us to re-examine the tribalistic attitudes “gone wrong” and the ego-based competition for dominance that prevents from moving ahead, both of which must be changed if we are to stop genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Ethiopia.

  1. the actor
    | #1

    the fact is not preaching rather acting directly. Tired of the fuss both from the pro and anti gov`t. I personally think there is much occuring in relation to violating human rights in different parts of the country.So please those of u can do somethig coz of ur power and position u need to do something since moral value is far important than legal one. The real actor is the one who changes the thin paper into thick action. So would u be the one of the real actor for recognition of justice and humanity desperate Ethiopia?

  2. Aba Jaffar Aba Gobbu
    | #2

    Hellow Ethiopian Friends,

    It is very, very importandfor the sake of the survival of Ethiopia and Ethiopians all diaspora Ethiopians must support this great idea, Ato Obang Mehto, alone is not …………All Ethiopians must stand with this genuine Ethiopian.

    Woyane/TPLF must erazed from the face of the earth.

    Thank you


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