China condemns Ethiopia oil field attack

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ADDIS ABABA, April 25, 2007 (AP) – Ethiopian troops searched for a rebel group on Wednesday that attacked a Chinese-run oil exploration facility, killing 74 people and taking at least six Chinese workers prisoner, the first such attack against a foreign company in the Horn of Africa nation. (more…)

ADDIS ABABA, April 25, 2007 (AP) – Ethiopian troops searched for a rebel group on Wednesday that attacked a Chinese-run oil exploration facility, killing 74 people and taking at least six Chinese workers prisoner, the first such attack against a foreign company in the Horn of Africa nation.

China also condemned the attack, which took place early Tuesday in Abole, a small town 310 miles east of Addis Ababa, close to the Somali border. Bereket Simone, special adviser to the prime minister, said a rescue operation was under way.

“The army is pursuing them. We will track them down dead or alive. We will make sure these people will be hunted and be brought to justice,” he said late Tuesday.

Tuesday’s attack by more than 200 rebel fighters lasted about an hour, and followed a warning the rebel Ogaden National Liberation Front made last year against any investment in eastern Ethiopia’s Ogaden area.

In recent years, the front has only made occasional hit-and-run attacks against government troops, making Tuesday’s attack its most significant. Formed from Ethiopia’s minority Somalis, some members of the group have fought alongside insurgents in Somalia and have fought for the secession of the Ogaden region – an area the size of Britain with 4 million people – since the early 1990s.

The volatile Somali Regional State, as the Ogaden is known, “is not a safe environment for any oil exploration to occur. We urge all international oil companies to refrain from entering into agreements with the Ethiopian government,” the group said in a statement sent to The Associated Press.

Xu Shuang, the general manager of Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau’s Ethiopia operation, said nine Chinese oil workers and 65 locals were killed and that seven Chinese workers were kidnapped. But the group said it is only holding six Chinese workers.

“ONLF forces rounding up Ethiopian military prisoners following the battle came across six Chinese workers. They have been removed from the battlefield for their own safety and are being treated well,” the group said in an e-mailed statement.

Ethiopia is not an oil-producing country. But companies such as the Chinese one and Malaysia’s state-owned oil giant Petronas have signed exploration deals.

“The Chinese government strongly condemns this atrocious armed attack, mourns for the Chinese and Ethiopian victims and expresses deep sympathies to their families and those injured in the attack,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said in a statement posted on the ministry’s Web site.

Liu said China had asked Ethiopia to work for the safe return of the kidnapped workers. He said the ministry, the Ministry of Commerce and the Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa had formed an emergency team to deal with the incident.

Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau is a division of the giant state-owned China Petroleum and Chemical Corp. that began its operations in Ethiopia in May 2004, according to its Web site. It began work in the volatile Somali Regional State last year.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front described Tuesday’s attack as “military operations against units of the Ethiopian armed forces guarding an oil exploration site,” in the east of the country.

It did not give any details of casualties, but said they had “wiped out” three Ethiopian military units.

Bereket said the Ogaden National Liberation Front was also linked to the Eritrean government, which Ethiopia has repeatedly accused of waging terror attacks. Eritrea denies the claims.

The two countries fought a bloody border war that ended in 2000 and are accused of backing rival sides in the conflict in Somalia, where Ethiopian troops helped the government topple a militant Islamic group late last year and continue to battle remnants of the Islamic group and Somali warlords.

  1. Ato Belete
    | #1

    It sends a messege that TPLF will not rob the nation alone, because the people will not let it!! A genuin democracy is the answer for the crises facing Ethiopia.

    Dear Meles,
    If you think you are going in the right direction, you have lost your senses! If you think this attack is damgaing, the worst is yet to come and recovery from that is nearly impossible!!! Think brighter, there are 70 million people in Ethiopia who will not let you own them!! Your own devilish quest will own you soon!!

  2. Chaltu
    | #2

    The Melese regime is beginning to sound like a broken tape. It sounds pretty pathetic, every challenge to this regime in the Horn is seen as an influence of Eritrea. To Melese Eritrea has become its nemesis, he feels he has failed his big boss Issayas and now wants all to believe that he is being victimized by him undermining the struggle of the Ethiopian people . Ato Melese maybe your nightmare is Issayas but realize
    you are the creator of your own nightmare. You and your boss are one and the same and you may be able to sell your fear to the Frazier’s of the world. We Ethiopian’s know the truth although you keep denying that you and your thugs have been voted out and that no one wants you even the Hodam’s around you are just there for the little crumbs that you trickle down to them.

    Mr. Meles the people of Ethiopia have been more than patient but that patience is running out and you will reap what you have sowed. We know the truth and your friends also know it, so crying wolf about Eritrea is not going to save your behind you can tell your masters whatever you want. Your days are numbered, Ethiopians of every walk of life cannot stand you anymore. you have even topped Mengestu in your carnage
    and mayhem and the time for you to go is over due.

    One may sell there soul to the devil as you have done and get but to a certain point. You have done that from your youth and your cup has overflowed with first the blood of the youth of Tigria, than the Youth of Addis, Jimma, Dimbidelo, Nazerth, Awasa, Gonder, and every city and principality in Ethiopia. Having no shame and your gluttonous for more blood has taken you to Somalia but like all evil you will be consumed by what you have consumed because your father Satan does not like to be out done.

    So if you want to delude yourself by fearing your godfather Issayas and blaming Eritera for Woes we say keep going at it. The people of Ethiopia and the Horn will overcome and Win against tyrants like you and your godfather.

  3. fish
    | #3

    You have said every thing clearly and presicely but the problem is that the tigree thugs don’t have brain and the only thing they understand is a sledge hammer on their basalt stone head. Any way thank you Chaltu it is a well written article.


  4. | #4

    I think this is what wayane desserved ,the gangster wayane will suffer mor than this unless they stop kiling and masacre of poor Ethiopian people and free prisnores that held in Karchale by this hunger tugs , those who still runing her and their to full thier poket with aid money from west.

    This is not the end ,but it is the beging, Until this tugs removed from the power.

  5. ONLF
    | #5

    Let me ask just one question to those Ogaden National Liberation Front you might have all the right reasoning in this world to protect your right and fight for your freedom but why in hell KILL THOSE UNARMED AND DEFENDLESS PEOPLE you could have keednap fee of them and you could have make the same point that you try to make..

    In other had if you think Ogaden resource belong to YOU then why are you destorying your own proporty which is the oil company?

  6. fish
    | #6

    we can’t interpret in woyane language or lie for the sake of you. The news said after 50 minuite fightiing with 100 tigree soldures the ONLF crashed them and destroyed the illegal oil field.I don’t know where you get the unurmed news or what you are trying to say is that they didn’t have the US navy beside them like the case of the somalia. The chinees died during cross-fire according to the news and the reamining are treated humanly. China also learned its leson in a hard way.
    “Tigreen yamenena gum yezegene andenew”

  7. fish
    | #7

    I guess because they like us to prosper more than tigree. hahahah

  8. fish
    | #8


    correction add not

    i got comment from reader thank you.

  9. ONLF
    | #9


    In your understanding all development must stop in Ogaden because ONLF have claim on it in this case all devolpment in Addis Ababa and Amhara region must stop becuse CUD have claim on it… you see how foolish it is to stop development just because cud want power or onlf want power..

    Second I telling you the oil company how ever build it still belong to the Ogaden people therefore why destory it?

    You see the ONLF fought war with MELES army inside the oil company but I don’t see any prove of that but still why fight armed army inside oil company? if you have the intrest of Ogaden people at heart this is like fighting inside Addis Ababa Airport and destory the Airport or fighting inside Orthodox Tewahedo Church and destoy the church in the process… what kind of Development Ogaden have? the answer is only Oil company even that there is no oil to show for it.

    About expolited by other we all are expolited you are working as paking lot attendance or at donut shop in fact we all are expolited… yes if you are racist then you might hate meles otherwise you have no reason to hate Meles he is doing favor for you for 3000 years you have no Development to that area thanks for Meles no you have big company

  10. nahomi
    | #10


  11. kuadu
    | #11

    check this out Man! This is the fruits of our beloved insightful ‘crime minister’ hard line. He always understands the languge of forces. Now the somalias are giving him a taste of what it is! Bravo Keeep it up ONLF! Go get secure ur land. TPLF is running to get the oil not to for the people of ogaden or ethiopia it is only for his termite tigre and tigray. God Job, show the world that it is impossible to to rule by force. Telll the world Meles is a dictator, monster.
    Once again congragulations ONLF

  12. Solomon
    | #12

    Mr. Meles,

    This is the time to cleanse your sin that you are not an Eritrean b@nda. You remember in 2000? When the Ethiopian troops were tearing every banda village apart? When our soldiers were roaring through the Barentu, Tesseney, Adikuala, Mendefera, and were zooming in on shitting Asmara? This is the time to reclaim your Ethiopians and liberate the Italian askaris dying like flies in the hand of their lunatic Pharoan.

  13. flat noise
    | #13

    Abugida why it take you so long let me know if you are deleting or not deleitng let me know where I stand face… let it do it

  14. shark
    | #14

    Mrs. fish say:-


    1. Then it is easy let’s stop all kind of devolompent in Addis Ababa and Amhara region because those region claimed by cud and olf

    2. I till doesn’t get any prove that the inside oil company their were armed yes it might be armed gard but not armed army. therefore it is not fair to kill all those people just to make a point.

    3. Now whatever point you make it is lost because you killed.

    4. To all onlf out there I will tell you one thing you started a war you better finished it otherwise if you lose this war you lose all right and freedom that you might have before you started this war.

    5. Just look what happpend to Amhara 3000 years rule they lose the war and they lost their rule they can’t life with it then they have only one choice die no one going to give the power to them to rule us as their personl slave… those old day are gone because Meles win the war.

    6. Eritrea win the war and they got their country. if Eritrea had lost the war they would be slave by now..just look what happend to the loser Amhara they loset their belove Assab they might have all the right in this world but when they lose war they lose it all…

    7. This like going to Gamabling if you beat all your money and lost you can’t come back and say that was my money… they will think you are carzy…. you can’t come back and say give me even a taxi fair because you lose every thing yes you might allowed to say but if you start demanding they will kick you out as fast as you say Ethiopia have 3000 years an colonzed rule.

  15. Gabi & Naomi
    | #15

    Dear Abugida
    Are you deliting some comments. Why is taking long to post our comment?

  16. Gabi & Naomi
    | #16

    Shame on you Abugida!
    We thought you are nutral. It’s just B/S.
    You are one of the worhtless brainwashed separatist who creat useless comment site to recrute dummies like you.
    Hell with you

  17. EPRP
    | #17

    Gabi & Naomi

    ABUGIDA also deleting my post. anyhow what I am trying to say is now the war broken out Meles and ONLF should fight it out and the winer will take ogadan… just like Eritrea who win the war and got their country. Just like Mele who will the war and ruling the country… Just like the Amhara who lost the war and become slave to Meles… in war it is the winer take all their is no right for the loser hence ogadan will be lost forever if onlf lost this war that they started.

  18. dinka
    | #18

    Gabi &Naomi
    Can you please be clear about your grievances
    I do not think ABUGIDA is wortheless brainwashed …let the discussion flow.

  19. amanu
    | #19

    I am sorry our people died, however, meless and his hateful Organization TPLF are responsible. WE do not care if Eritrea is responsible. Meless created and build Eritrea and let him worry abou it. NO ETHIOPINS WILL FIGHT SIDE BY SIDE with AGAZIS.

    Woyanes hateful, and selfish poleticsñ our turn to rule, divide and rule is a cause of this..let him solve it with its Article 39…let woyane fight it out

  20. fish
    | #20

    Woyanes what Abugida is doing is simply giveing equal voice for all even for those who dominated the ethiopain media 100%. If you premitive woyanes has a problem about that then go back to you alike in walta, aiga and so on. live this forum for For ppls who want to say what they feel and if you want tosay some thing say it to the ppls who wrote and live the admin. If you can discredit the writer by providing an evidence. That is the way to chalenge otherwise forget this crying about the admin. In the contrary you suppose to be e greatfull for the admin becasue he let you write here and true Ethiopians can read your tigree point of view becasue no body other than yourself visited your rotten site.

  21. peteros
    | #21

    hey! be careful Melse is doing a right job against terrorist , If you support any terrorist activities you are useless and you don’t have moral or ethics ,Mr Melse is a wonderful leader of the country against the terrorist. your web site should be closed and investigated.

    we stand against terrorist!

  22. Chaltu
    | #22

    Nahomi; what happened to your lucidity, you sound like an ignoramuses that cannot express himself today. Are the lies shocking you that you are stumped to express yourself. A few days ago you knew how to spell and was eloquently trying to tell us that your miserable half developed embryo was doing the right thing.

    So know the Agazi’s or the private army of Melese are our “brothers” and we should feel sorry for them, Yeh! well could you pray tell us how our “brothers” could go out and kill their own brothers, sisters, mothers, and Grandmother in Addis, Jimma, Dimbedollo and anywhere in Ethiopia and it’s okay but when they are attacked and killed we have to feel sorry for them. What is it about you guy’s that you cannot see beyond your nose and that brain yayek! I do not have the words to express how anal retentive you are.

    You and your boss were the ones on the pulpet preaching about the 32 year struggle or did you forget!!!! Get your own house clean before you talk about others. Our interest is not Eritera it is ETHIOPIA get that into your thick scull so stop sound bitting your boss and start thinking for yourself. The boogieman is the one in Menlik palace who is creating the mayhem and the bloodshed.

  23. Chaltu
    | #23

    Plese go back to school and learn how to spell begining with your name. Do you even know the meaning of terrorist? : Webster defines it as the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion – which is what your wonderful master has been known to do from his days in the feild to present day Ethiopia and Somalia. Your tolerance level shows what a doofus you are, can’t take but is always ready to shove it all copy cats of your master,
    monkey say,s monkey do’s

  24. Chaltu
    | #24

    Plese go back to school and learn how to spell begining with your name. Do you even know the meaning of terrorist? : Webster defines it as the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion – which is what your wonderful master has been known to do from his days in the feild to present day Ethiopia and Somalia. Your tolerance level shows what a doofus you are, can’t take it but is always ready to shove it, all copy cats of your master, monkey say’s monkey do.

  25. fish
    | #25

    Dear chaltu as you said this premitives tigre don’t even know what is the defeinition of terorism they are spiting what ever they heard from cnn.

  26. Dave
    | #26

    Thanks 2 the likes of Solmon and d enemy in d South, TPLF, Eritreans r more dan cautious n awake 2day.Don’t try 2 shift blames and accusations 2 Eritrea.Ur lack of couarge 2 topple ur tribal leaders is ur own undoing.Winning d artificial war on d internet doesn’t make sense.If u reckon dat Eritreans have different opinion regarding d enemy in South( TPLF), u r totally mistaken.Eritreans never asleep while TPLF is alive.Is Eritrea responsible 4 d flood in Eastern part of Ethiopia ( Dire Dawa )? TPLF is mentally sick n sufferring from delusion of persecution.

    Beware d internet heroes, d likes of Solomon

  27. | #27

    I was responding /sharing my thoughts with one of the guys who wrotte some unacceptable opinion.
    When I submitted my comment, It wasn’t posted.
    I felt angree. Thinking they (Abugida)deleted my message. I wasn’t sure If it was done on perpose. I felt sorry after I wrote what I wrotte.
    Any way they deserve an apology. I would like to say sorry to Abugida for rushing to judge you.

  28. fish
    | #28

    Gabi: Dont’t wory you primitive tigres are always like that you start to think after you get mad and kill.You always think some one is conspiaring agianst you and you never had and will have inner peace in that matter. Every body knows this and no bad fealing to ward you because that is the way all of you ppls are created. I guess you ppls are not evolved fully to the level of modern. Therefore it is not your fault we know.when we come back to you please on’t come back and say the Eritrean makes you to write what you wrote before.

  29. Gabi & Naomi
    | #29

    Fish:-why are you barking like a sick dog.
    My respond was for Dinka not for you.
    You are not standing anywhere, just hanging like your tiny balls. I don’t think If you have your own opinion, except repeating somones.
    You are not learning from the past. Don’t call anyone premitive. Don’t you know your ancecters were primitive. It was there idia which developed and reached to the level where it stands now. If you don’t know the past you won’t be nothing in the future.
    your sily thoughts are not realy funny. you better change your approch before commenting or trying to correct anyone.


  30. fish
    | #30

    For Gabi:
    because i am gaurding dog and when you hayena comes i have to bark to let the others know your presence.You see, you don’t understand what is written.I said you didn’t evolve fully to our level but i didn’t denay my ancestors were primitive. To simplfy for you, you stoped where my ansestors were, they were canibals,but the other ethiopians evolved to the present day human being.Did you get it?

  31. Geremew
    | #31

    Most of my post deleted again….Free press ABUGIDA STYLE.

  32. Gabi & Naomi
    | #32

    Gadamn fish

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